The Chosen Bride

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Katherine never dreamed of meeting anyone of great importance, but with a twist of fate, she is faced with an important decision. Katharine was a peasant girl, living in the streets of Paris when the Lady Eleanor found her and turned her into a rich aristocrat. Posing as her cousin, she goes around to different parties enjoying the life of the rich. Everything was simple and free. Until she met Drake. Overprotective and wanting, he claims her and seduces her into becoming his wife. And suddenly her life is a fairytale. He gives her everything she had ever wanted. He made sure she was worshipped by all and never treated any worse than a Queen would. But unlike her life with Lady Eleanor, though, she has limits. There's no conversing with other men without her husband's permission. No surprises. No lies. Even with all these restrictions, Katharine is still happy. But what is the cost of it all?

Romance / Fantasy
Jess Sanders
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A Lady Isn't Born but Made

“Stop, thief!” The loud guard’s deep voice jump started Katherine into a full run, clutching the bread in one hand and her rugged skirts in the other.

Mud and other things that lined the streets splashed on to her bare feet as the slapped across the road, hoping to get away from the guards.

With a small, quick glance over her shoulder, she saw at least five of the guards chasing after her.

“Mademoiselle! Stop in the name of the-” Katherine didn’t hear them, though.

Instead, she heard the thundering of the hooves that echoed towards her.

A small gasp escaped her lips as she fell to the ground and rolled out of the way of the speeding carriage that was coming to a stop.

A guard came up behind her and yanked her up, making her dropped the ruined piece of bread.

It was one piece of bread!

“You, little missy, are in a large heap of trouble. Enjoy your time in jail.” The guard started to carry her off, when a voice called out, “Wait.”

The guard stopped and turned her, “Mademoiselle, I promise she will be punished for what she did.”

The guard pulled her behind him as the aristocrat continued to speak, “Do not worry about what she has done for she is hungry. You would be in the same position if you were in the streets.”

The guard opened and shut his mouth again.

“What is your name, child?” The lady, wearing her rich-lady clothing.

Katherine looked up from behind the tall guard at the aristocrat looking down at her, “I asked you name, my darling.”

Her voice was too rich and soft, while she stood tall and proud staring down at the peasant they called Katherine.

“Katherine, Mademoiselle.” She replied.

The Lady nodded her head slightly and kept taken in her appearance, “Let her go.”

The other guard sputtered, “Excuse my hearing, but did you say ‘let her go’? Mademoiselle, this young lady just stole bread from the baker, she is not deemed innocent.”

The woman’s eyes narrowed as she said, “I said let her go, please. I will take matters into my own hands.”

The guard pushed her forward towards the aristocrat, “Better not see you again on my street, rat.” He spat before leaving her.

The aristocrat turned and climbed back into her carriage, “Come along, Katherine. Join me.”

Katherine gingerly climbed into the carriage after the aristocrat and sat down on the plush seats, “If this is about the bread...”

The aristocrat held up her hand, “Were you a prostitute at any time in your life?”

“Excuse me?” Katherine questioned, surprise framing her face.

“Answer the question.” She snapped.

“No I haven’t been one of those things before. Why does it matter to you anyways? My past-”

“No longer matters to me, Katherine. What matters to me now is your future. Your beauty is undeniable and I am in need of a new accomplice and you, my darling, fit the missing piece.”

Katherine’s mouth fell open, “Me? But I am a peasant girl!”

“Well, yes, a Lady is not born but made. Are we good now? Good, we will start tomorrow, Katherine.” The woman replied, “Oh, and one more thing, you may address me as Eleanor. Lady Eleanor.”

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