Heal My Broken heart

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A model and a normal girl meet in the school and fall in love with each other but their parents are against them. Will, their love will blossom? There is someone who cares for her, protect her from her so-called mother abused her and student who bullied her in the school, loves her as a friend. Both of them were always happy together. Years past and they both get graduates. He becomes a top model in New York and Japan. She was always with him and support him. The was the valuable person for him the friend he loves the most until she falls in love with him. He gets engaged to someone chosen by his parents. Because of it, she hides her feeling to her, only her friend knows about it. One day after the concert they both get drunk and something happens between them. After that night she confesses her feelings for him but he refused to her. Next day he leaves to new york with his fiancee and leaves her heartbroken. Her heart was broken but her friend Megna was always with her. Two months later she found out she was pregnant while he was enjoying his successful life. She suffered almost died and after one year of suffering, she changes everything. She becomes the Goddess of the night, a dancer on the biggest and classic club in Japan and he comes back to Japan. What will happen when they face each other again.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Third P.O.V

“Are you ready for the first day of your school” Luke's mother ask him with a smile on her face?

“Yes mom,” Luke said while keeping his books on his blue and green bag-pack

“And please be nice with your friend dear remember this is for your career,” she said while packing lunch for him

“Tsk.. don’t treat me like a kid will you,” Luke said irritated by his mother behavior

“Ok ok I’m sorry honey please don’t be grumpy I just want to remind you,” she said while smiling at him.

“Hmh whatever!!!!!” Luke said.

Later he reaches the school at 7:10 am. He parks his BMW on the right side of the gate and starts walking toward class.

“ALISHA!!!” someone shouting from behind and he turned to see who was it.

“What is it Mega” asks Alisha and bump into the luke hard chest and get shocked. Mega look at Luke and shout OMG~~ L-Luke Marshal is here.

“Are you stupid!!!! u don’t know how to look around you” Luke said with anger. Alisha moves back from him with a sad face and sad eyes.

“I...I’m sorry,” Alisha said with a sad face, Luke ignore her and walk’s out.

“A-Alisha are you okay” mega said shock by Luke’s outburst.

“Let’s go, Mega before we got late for class,” Alisha said while leaving with a sad face.

“o-ok” replied mega. When luke enter the class the student started staring at him.

“Is that Luke Marshal the very young model at new york what is he doing here?” said one of the students. Luke keep walking and ignore them.

“tch... pathetic,” said luke irritated.

“ok class like I told u yesterday about a new student he is here now coming Mr. Marshal,” said teacher Mr. Smith. Luke walks inside the class. The whole class got surprised.

Girl’s: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! the top model in New York is here. OMG!!!

“Girls will u please quite; I guess u don’t need to introduce yourself or morgan. They already know you” said Mr. Smith.

“Hmph, then can I sit now,” Luke ask Mr. Smith.

“oh yeah sure go and chose where ever u want to sit, “Mr. Smith said to luke. Luke gives thanks to Mr. Smith and takes a sit.


I was walking in the hallway when I heart some of the student talking about the girl I bumped with before class. “hey guys have you heart about pathetic Alisha” said student no 1

“oh yeah she got the highest grade again from the exam yesterday,” said student no 2

“I’m sure she has done something to our principle,” said student no 3

“Yeah that’s what I am thinking too, but what if we give her a lesson,” said student no 2

“sound good yup I want to do that too,” said the student no 3.Then he walks to the cafeteria and takes a seat at the table.

GIRLS: Oh god, he is really hot! so handsome oh my god!!!!!!” luke stand-up and walk out to the school garden sit near a tree and thinking ′ tch where ever I go it really makes my headache’

“Alisha doesn’t listen to them they are just jealous, just ignore them” a similar voice comes from behind him, and turns.

“But Mega their words are killing me what do you want me to feel Megha only I can do is ~~~ cry,” said Alisha while crying.

Luke gets shocked by listening to their conversation and thinks ′ she is the one they are talking about. .He hides behind the tree watching on them while listening to their conversation.

“Alisha you know you look like an ugly chicken when you are crying”, said Megha while making a face.

“W=what are u serious mega? Do I really look like that ” Alisha ask her while making a sad face?

“yeah, your beauty is useless when u crying like an ugly chicken” mega said with a smile.

“b...but ok I stop now but don’t say that to me again,” said Alisha while wiping her tear from her face.

“ok,” said mega while smiling at her and thought ′ my plan is working now I know how to stop her when she cries”

Luke chuckle and thought ‘crying ugly chicken sounds good’

“ding ding ding” the bell ring signaling lunch hour is over .“It's time to run Alisha before we are late.” “But my next class is after 20 minutes mega, you better go now, I will go later,” Alisha said sighing.“Ok bye, Alisha” mega said and leave, Aisha watches her leaving. Luke stay silent and keep watching Alisha hiding behind the tree. Alisha sigh ” thanks were Megha for always stay beside me”.

Luke heard Alisha talking to herself. “But how can I be strong if all the people around me, hate me what have I done to them to be so cruel to me? I wish I die why I have born in this cruel world? why I have to suffer without doing anything wrong? why? why? why?” said Alisha while crying. ‘what? cruel?’ Luke thought shocked by what Alisha said. The school was over after one hour. Luke goes to the parking lot, got in his BMW driver seat at the drive to his home. All he think while driving is about Alisha and what she talks about herself to herself.

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