Billionaire’s Teenage Crush

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What if one day your teenage crush come home to ask your hand to marriage?Anybody would scream in happiness doing the victory dance but not the 21st century independent woman, Yerin Sench. She rejects the renowned business tycoon and the eligible bachelor of NY, Arthur Knight in front of his family and her life turns upside down.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“Mom, I’m fine and I have already told you that I have finished packing my luggage.” I said to my mom through the Skype, a video chatting app placing my tablet on the vanity table.

“Yeah, I know honey but have you packed the thing which your father had wanted?” Mom asked with a smile.

“Oh! Mom. How could I forget what my superhero had told me to bring. Obviously, I remember packing my grade 1 painting which he wanted to see after years.” I said with a bright smile pointing towards my suitcase.

I still remember the day when I had returned home from school with that painting in my hand and my dad had been so happy that his daughter had made a wonderful painting like professional, he gave a party to my friends.

Not that the painting was award winning or the admirable one but it was of mine, mom and dad, a family portrait and not so good but dad being dad, he throw a party to celebrate my first painting.

To others it seems to be out of mind just like to Lily’s mom, one of my classmate then, who had said to dad that it’s just a childish painting and there’s nothing to be happy about but my dad gave her a solid reply.

My superhero told her “She is my pride and one day she would do something on her own. It is just a start to celebrate more.” That’s was told to me by Lily’s mom when dad had thrown a party in the celebration of the boy getting beaten by me.

Call my dad crazy, I will beat the shit out of you just like the 14 years old boy back then who had mock me, saying I’m too bad to fit for the princess role.

Just joking but I can be wholesome serious too. Like I was when dad denied giving permission for joining university in NY for my further studies.

That was when I was not happy with my superhero and he had to make up to me by letting me go. My dad is overprotective, loving, grumpy, crazy sometimes but moreover he loves me a lot.

“Mom! Tell him that I’m 22 now and can take care of myself. No need to make angry face.” I told my mom when she gestured to my dad.

“Cara, tell her that she is still my little princess and I will always care for her. I’m waiting to see her running around the house just like she did when she was little.” Dad said coming in the screen and gave me a sad smile.

“Superhero, I miss you a tons.” I said in my pampered voice giving my best puppy eyes.

“Miss you too, my princess. Come right now.” Dad said sitting beside mom and pulling her into his arm.

“God! Dad. I have important meeting to deal with. After it’s done then I will fly to home. This time for 2 weeks maybe.” I said applying the baby pink matt-lipstick.

“Really! For 2 weeks, princess. I thought you miss us and love us that...” Dad was being emotional and I interrupted him putting the lipstick on the vanity table.

“I love you guys a lot but you know work need to be done too. You guys can visit me anytime.” I said in a longing voice.

“Yerin! Honey, Good luck with your meeting. I will handle this grumpy child. Come home soon and take care of your health.” Mom said pulling out form dad embrace and ended the call with a flying kiss.

Mom, is the best but my superhero is always best even though he sometimes act like grumpy child who will be okay when he get to listen to mom’s scolding. Poor dad, mom will make him do the cleaning which he hates the most.

I live in my own condo here in New York and it’s quite big for a single person but it’s a gift form my dear dad for my 18th birthday. Mom and dad would visit me in holidays but now mom cannot travel much so I need to go to them.

I’m excited to meet them and be in their embrace. I’m dads princess and he would still pamper me like he had done during my childhood. I had already wear denim and a white top before receiving moms call so now I just need to make my hair.

I braided my hair and put on my watch. I was wearing my shoes when my phone rang and the caller is none other than the another crazy man of my life.

“Hy, beautiful. Why aren’t you picking up your phone? Are you alright? Have you crash your car or hit your head somewhere? Tell me I....” pile of questions were asked in a go.

“Shut up you dumbass. I’m perfectly fine and on my way.” I said in an irritated voice.

“Oh! Really. Come fast love. Meeting will be up in 20 minutes. Lock the doors and drive in supersonic speed.” He said in a commanding voice.

I just can’t get bored of his lame jokes and behavior cause he is the one for me and I’m the one for him. He is the great Luke Hemingway, my best friend and my partner in crime.

Have I just called that dumboo great?

“Yes, captain. I will reach on time and now stop being jackass and hung up.” I said punching the password and heading towards garage to get my Sen, my love my car.

If mom hadn’t called earlier then I would have reach on time but what’s to worry when Luke is there. I smile remember his playful smirk and ignite the engine driving towards the Knight empire.

I’m really excited for the today meeting and after this meeting, I could fly home and meet my superhero and seeing how I’m speeding up now, I too look like a superwoman.

But that’s sounds quite odd to me.


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