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They have always been best friends. What happens when one gets a significant other ? Will they be together or will their friendship prosper ? "What makes you different makes you strong" - Darren Criss

Romance / Drama
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Rachel had no friends when she was ten years, her family barely even had any money to take care of her. One day she was outside playing in her front yard when she saw this huge moving van at the next house over. There were six people putting stuff into the house and Rachel thought to herself ‘Maybe I can offer to help them move in and maybe in the process I can make some friends’. She made her way over to the house and when she got over there she saw a young woman in the back of the van and Rachel said “ hello, do you need any help moving anything inside. I can help if you need me to, by the way my name is Rachel.” The woman turned around and looked down at the girl in front of her and smiled “ Nice to meet you Rachel, my name is Stormie and yes you can help us.”

Stormie handed Rachel a box and called out “ Riker, Rocky, Rydel, Ross, Ellington ! “ Five kids came running and then they tripped over one another. She giggled and they all looked up at her and three of them had their mouths dropped open. When they all stood up, Stormie said “ this is Rachel, she is here to help us get moved in. Will you show her where the stuff goes?” they all said in unison “ yes ma’am.”

They led her into the house and the oldest blonde one who looked about her age said “ I’m Riker by the way.” Dang he is so cute. The blonde girl came up and hugged Rachel and said energetically “ hi I’m Rydel, nice to meet you! Wanna be friends?” Rachel nodded and then smiled, and thought to herself ‘ My very first friend it feels nice to not be alone anymore.’ Then the other blonde boy speaks “ Sup, I’m Ross nice to meet you, Rachel.” The boy who doesn’t look anything like the rest of the other kids finally speaks up “hello, I’m Ellington but everyone calls me Ell or E.Rat.” Next the tall brown headed boy said “ hello, I’m Rocky the lustful beast.” Rydel said “ Rocky, no one calls you that!” Rocky and Rydel start to argue and Rachel runs to what looked like a closet in the house to cry alone.

After awhile Rachel heard everyone calling her name and after two hours of searching it was already bedtime for her. So Rachel fell asleep in the closet she hid herself in. When she woke up, she was in someone’s bed but it wasn’t hers, she looked around the room and realized that she wasn’t in her own room or in her own house. She got out of the bed and walked out of the room, finding her way to the stairs. She went downstairs and saw everyone at a table eating breakfast. Stormie saw her and smiled and asked her “ would you like any breakfast ? we are having pancakes”

Rachel smiled and headed down the stairs thinking to herself ‘ this is a beautiful sight’ then Stormie said “thank you”, then Rachel said “ I said that out loud didn’t I” , they all nodded. She was so embarrassed that her face had turned red but she made her way to the table anyway and sat between Rydel and Riker. After breakfast the six helped Stormie out with the rest of the stuff that needed to be brought in the house. They then settled down on the couch in the living room resting from the very long day the had. All of a sudden Rachel got an idea and said “ hey why don’t we play a game because I’m bored just sitting here” they all agreed with her.

Riker said “ what do you have in mind ?” and then Rachel stated “ how about we pretend we are a famous band if you guys are up for it . So what do you say?” they all screamed in excitement. They played what Rachel wanted then they took turns a what each other wanted to play. Rachel had never had so much fun in her life and she couldn’t imagine her life without her friends.

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