The Monster’s Nemesis ✅

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“The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe


Never had I met a girl in my damned life who had infuriated me to the breaking point of my patience, and I considered myself a patient man—by all means. To think I was blindsided to such a length, made my blood boil.

What kind of an idiot girl conceals information like that only to experience an excruciating pain?

I was exceedingly tempted to shake her by the shoulders to extract whatever else she was hiding from me, but my temper made it all the more difficult to talk to her. However, in my conscience, I doubt very much whether I had any intention of physically hurting her.

It was a miracle in itself that I returned back to the mansion, unscathed, without so much a scratch on the Maserati, given the reckless way I drove. I stormed upstairs and into the gym on the third floor—avoiding any member who’d read the rage way too quickly. And I was not in a mood to answer.

I was slightly disappointed when I heard someone already beating the shit out of the boxing bag, but was relieved to see it was none other than Aurora.

This woman was my brother’s toughest enforcer, my sister’s partner-in-crime, and my confidant and a loyal friend. Apart from the fact that she had beaten me down thrice in a fight, I liked everything about her.

And every guy who has mistaken her for that beautiful face, thinking she was some damsel-in-distress, paid the price of landing on their ass—literally. Aurora considered herself as one man’s woman, unfortunately, her ‘one-man’ was a pompous dick.

She took one good look at me and without another word, turned around to pick up the spare boxing gloves discarded at the corner and threw for me to catch.

The next forty-five minutes were silent, save for the sound of vicious punches and kicks. We wrestled out our frustrations until the muscles were sore, lungs were gasping for air, and we had exhausted every bit of adrenaline in our body. And finally, when we slumped down in a corner of the room, on the floor with the legs sprawled that we felt the calmness.

I rested my head against the wall and concentrated breathing with my mouth because the oxygen through the nose wasn’t sufficient enough.

“You want to talk about it now?” Aurora asked, still breathless.

“You go first,” I said, without opening my eyes and heard her sigh.

“Same old—Marco is an ass.”

I finally glanced her way, detecting the hurt she buried behind that robust exterior. But knowing her all too well, sympathy was the last thing she would accept. Aurora would rather fight out another hour than to have anyone else sympathize with her.

“Your turn,” she reminded me, shoving the bottle of water in my hand.

“I want to ask you something, actually,” I told her with a smirk. “But I don’t know how to do that without making you punch my face.”

Her face pulled into a half-smile. “My hands are numb; so you better ask me now, Dominic. I have a feeling I am going to want to punch you in the face later.”

I took a moment to realize the benefit of having a female in my life whom you haven’t fucked, yet you were comfortable enough to ask her about anything under the sun. “How badly did it hurt the first time?” I asked without preamble, stressing on the first time.

“What first time?” She paused for a bit to comprehend the question, but when she finally figured out, as expected, she punched me squarely, making me yell.

“What the fuck!” I complained. “I thought you said your hands are numb.”

“That’s before I heard you asking crap.”

Scowling, I drank the rest of the water and threw the bottle aside. “Fine, just tell me how bad the pain was on a scale of one to ten?”

“Six, and Marco was too careful that one time. He dealt with me as if I were glass,” she reminisced slowly. “Now would you care to elaborate?”

“I slept with someone,” I said slowly, recalling the incident which was both disturbing and concerning for me.

“Congratulations,” she mocked dryly. “It should be on the front page of Chicago Tribune tomorrow.”

“Are you done?”

“Fine, fine! Shoot.”

“I didn’t know she was a virgin,” I admitted slowly. “By the time I figured out, it was too late.”

“Jesus Christ!” She scrunched her face in horror. “Why would you hire a hooker that young?”

“She wasn’t a hooker!” I protested. Great! That was my reputation! I am hiring underage hookers now.

“No?” She quirked her brows doubtfully. “Then didn’t you ask her if she was... a novice?”

I gritted my teeth in frustration because the situation was too much of a clusterfuck to explain.

“I didn’t feel the need to because she was a twenty-three-year-old! On what Earth, a beautiful, twenty-three-year-old girl, remains a virgin? And moreover, she didn’t say a single fucking word to me!”

Aurora gaped at me—both in horror and confusion, and then her mouth opened but snapped closed the next second. Aurora kept on chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully. She did that a lot, and Marco hated it. A moment later, she came up with her version of the hypothesis. “Unless she is a nun, or living in a cave in the Himalayas—the virginity thing doesn’t make sense.”

“Gee! Thanks, genius!” She narrowed her eyes, and I added. “She was shaking in pain, Aurora, and I didn’t know what to do!”

Aurora finally grasped the gravity of the situation and turned to me, sitting with her legs crossed on the floor. “Dominic, what is going on? Who was she? Any of those rich, pampered barbie dolls?”

“It was Lilliana,” I told her finally, knowing she was the least judgemental female I knew of after Mia.

“Seven hells! What?” For a moment, I thought her eyes would pop out of the sockets. Very few situations fazed her, and this was one of them, I guess.

I snickered. “Exactly.”

“Dominic, that girl is bad news, as far as I have heard. If Viktor comes to know—”

I immediately cut her in. “Viktor doesn’t get to control my life! And he sure as hell doesn’t get to dictate who I fuck. It’s none of his business. And he—”

“He is your brother,” she interrupted, reminding me of that unfortunate truth. “And I don’t get this girl, Dominic. Why would she keep in touch with you even after meeting Viktor? Generally, women practically run far, far away from—”

“Stop! Back up a little,” I cut her in. “What do you mean by ‘after meeting Viktor’?” Did I hear that wrong?

“You don’t know?”

My head was spinning, and it had nothing to do with horrible sex or muscle-numbing boxing session. “Aurora,” I began, as calm and slow as possible, emphasizing on each word precisely. “I need you to explain this whole situation of which I have no idea. Can you please do that?”

“A couple of weeks ago, Viktor and Marco paid her a visit to her place. That’s all I know of.”

If I was angry earlier, I was livid now.

“Dominic, Dominic,” she poked me a little with a concerned voice. “Are you okay?”

I didn’t—couldn’t—say much in that furious state. If I tried, I would have murdered an innocent. Technically not an innocent, because in my house, there were no innocents, save for a couple of human beings.

But more so, I wanted this deathly rage directed to that one person who couldn’t keep his nose in his own fucking business.

“I am fine,” I said tersely and got up on my feet. “I need to see Viktor.”

So I got up and stormed off.

I banged on his bedroom door like a madman until someone opened it, and it wasn’t Viktor

I banged on his bedroom door like a madman until someone opened it, and it wasn’t Viktor. Of course, Viktor Romano didn’t do simple chores like opening doors. He would rather be a nosy bastard.

“Mia,” I said, barely managing to hold back the starch in my voice. “Viktor’s in there?”

She gave me a blank stare. “Yeah, but—”

I shoved past her and stormed inside the bedroom where Viktor was sprawled lazily on the enormous bed in a half-naked state. So much for ruining for sex life!

He merely looked up with an irritating scowl, questioningly. “You and I, we need to talk!” I gritted out and looked over my shoulders. “Mia, can you please give us a moment?”

“This is my bedroom, Dominic, and no one orders my wife in here except for me,” the chauvinistic ass spoke out.

I laughed in utter rage and shook my head. “Fine. Let her stay then,” I sneered. “At least she will know the reason as to why she became a widow by the end of this evening.”

He sat up on the bed, equally seething now. “If you are drunk, get out of my bedroom, Dominic!” he roared. “Or God so help me—I will kill you myself.”

“Why did you meet Lilliana when I specifically told you to stay the fuck away from her?” I roared, feeling the explosives went off inside my head.

“So all this silly whining is about your newest obsession—that little plaything?” he asked with such mockery, I lost it.

I utterly lost it—then and there, pulled out my gun and fired at him.

Damn it all to motherfucking hell!

The bullet flew past his head and hit the painting on the wall. It was Pablo Picasso’s Femme accroupie—something Mia bought from an auction at Christie’s. Neither member of this household understood a damn thing about it, but Viktor didn’t mind as long as his wife liked it.

Before I could see past the haze of my rage, Viktor was right in front of my face and pulled a punch, knocking the living daylights out of me.

“FUCK!” I yelled and pulled back my arm to hit him squarely on his side, and Viktor went down to one knee. But the next moment, he was up and had me against the wall. His closed-fist reared back and ready to launch when the piercing shrill resonated through the room.

“STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU!” Mia yelled. The sound was so foreign because I had never heard Mia yelling at someone. I didn’t know she was even capable of doing that. Probably my asshole brother corrupted her too.

“Enough of this nonsense! Viktor let him go, now!”

Viktor breathed like an enraged tiger, all red in anger but finally stepped back. But both of us were far from over as we continued to glare at each other.

“Listen to me, Dominic, because I won’t repeat this in the future,” he bit out the words, as calm and low as a hurricane before it hits the land. “If anyone else would have dared to pull out a gun at me in my fucking bedroom—I would have killed the person. But next time, if you ever do something like this, I will kill you.”

I stepped up to him, inches away from his face, snarling with the same fury as his, and warned only for his ears. “Next time, you go anywhere near her, I will kill you, brother.”

I walked out of their bedroom, leaving a very clueless woman gaping at me and a fire-breathing dragon I had just kicked.

I just hope I have enough alcohol in the house to process this whole thing.


Hope you have liked this chapter.

While reading the outline of the story, it just occurred to me that this can stretch up to two books - but there will be a hell lot of twists, plotting, guns, bloodshed and of course, sex! I am still in two minds where or not to take that risk with the plot, but if I do, I’d surely reveal the poster soon!

Enjoy your weekend guys!

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