The Monster’s Nemesis ✅

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Where the fuck did I keep it?

Frustrated, I rummaged through the drawers and cupboards angrily, upturning the decor, until someone shoved it under my nose.

"Looking for this?" My gaze lifted to the person who held it out for me—my wife.

"Thank you." I curtsied briskly before taking the gun away from her hands and tucked it back. I was about to turn away and leave, but Mia grabbed my forearms and spun me around to face her.

"Thank you? That's how you want to start the morning?" She scowled, clearly unhappy.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her into myself, before crashing my lips against hers—devouring her—and letting her know, at the same time, how displeased I was.

But damn this woman, damn my fucking self around her—her warm, moist mouth was the death of me, already!

With every fucking ounce of strength, I wrenched away and growled, "This," I enunciated with a brief kiss on the lips as I held her tight. "This is how I wanted to start my morning. Instead, I woke up to an empty bed."

At her peril, she laughed softly and threw her arms around my neck. "You are going to throw a fit every time you find me?"

"Damn right!"

She shook her head and kissed the curve of my throat. "Some grown-up you are, husband."

I ignored the fucking b***r, for the time being, getting my head wrapped around the urgent business. "Where were you this morning?"

She expression stiffened, and she tried to wriggle out of my arms only that I didn't let her. "Is this some interrogation? I am quite sure you know where I was, isn't it?"

"Let me rephrase then—why?"

"Someone needed to talk to him, Viktor. And that 'someone' should have been you!"

"He shot at me, Mia!" I yelled, stepping back a few steps and letting her go from my arms. "He fucking shot at me, with you in the same room!"

"C'mon Viktor! He was just angry, and he didn't know how to deal with it. And in all fairness, he did go behind his back."

"I am not supposed to be answerable to him or anyone for that matter," I stated coldly, helping myself with the suit jacket.

Mia stared at me for a long, painful moment before nodding. The expression of dark clouds was already forming around her, and I hated to see that. Most importantly, when I was the reason for it. "Am I included in the category of everyone, too?" she asked softly, hurting.

In two huge strides, I closed the distance between us and pulled her closer again. "I didn't mean that, and you know it."

She sighed and cupped the side of my face. "Then you need to listen to me, Viktor: whoever that girl is, she has a lot of control over Dominic right now. And if you keep blasting on Dominic, you are going to push him away."

"What do you know even know about that girl?"

"Nothing, except for that fact that Dominic feels deeply about her."

I scoffed. "That is not an excuse for acting stupid, Mia. He should know better."

"Believe me: he does. Give him time and don't treat him like a child."

"Fine." I grimaced, but the heat radiating from her body was enough to make me forget every damn thing in this world.

The day's business could wait a little more.

I lifted her and deposited on the bed as she fell against the soft the bedding. "What...are you—"

Before Mia could pull herself up, I was on top, silencing her with a deepened kiss. "I am making love with my wife. That's what I am doing."

Around afternoon, Dominic strolled into the office casually, without a care in the world, and sat down on the chair. I flipped close the iPad and set it aside, leaning back against the chair to meet his impassive look. "Do I need to reach for my gun?" I asked.

"No." He grimaced. "But if you are looking for an apology, you won't get any."

"Damn you, Dominic!" I yelled, slapping the table. "Mia was in the room when you had a fucking fit with a gun!"

"She was completely out from the line of fire, you dickhead!"

I got up and walked around the desk and propped myself against it. "Listen to me, because I won't repeat this: you are a Romano, act like one."

He shrugged. "You are starting to sound like Dad."

I had no idea what was wrong with my brother. For all I knew, Dominic would be obsessed with a conquest until it suited him. I have never seen my brother this half-cocked for a girl. What did she have over him?

"Why did you meet her behind my back?" he asked after a long pause.

"You know why. But I am worried about something else," I revealed, making Dominic raise an eyebrow at me. "She has an agenda. Who and why—I don't know."

I was about to turn around and leave when Dominic's answer stopped me in my tracks. "I am her agenda."


"I am her agenda," he repeated. "I am yet to find out why."

The smoky clouds of doubt in my mind were slowly shifting apart. The reason, Dominic calmed down, wasn't because he had time to ponder over rationality. It was because he went to meet her. And the fact that he came to me, means, he knew he needed my help.

"What did she say?" I asked point-blank. Dominic's eyes snapped up quickly before he looked away.

"Doesn't matter what she said. She lied to my face. And it wasn't the first time."

Dominic was coming to terms, although very slowly, than what I'd know. But I still didn't believe him completely. The only way to find out was this: "Did you sleep with her yet?" I asked.

The scowl was evident across his features. "Viktor, drop it, please." With that, he got up and left without a word.

And I knew it.

I knew that my brother was in deeper shit than he realized himself.

This girl—Lilliana—her anchor on him was stronger than I thought. To Dominic, it wasn't sex. It was something else—something I feared for my brother.

It's only a fucking matter of time until I have to intervene—forcibly.

And he would hate me for that.

I have no words to thank you all for the wait. The next update is within a couple of days, and I promise I would make up for the waiting time, guys. Love you all. :-*

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