The Monster’s Nemesis ✅

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Heartbeat hammered into my chest as I gazed into his cold, lust-laden blue eyes, already wreaking havoc on my nerves. Dominic backed away a little, giving me the impression of retreating danger. But that sinister smile on his lips belied his actions.

Before I could recover from the lascivious dizziness, I was hanging upside down from his broad shoulder.

My world, literally and figuratively, was upturned.

“Let me go!” My scream fell into deaf ears as his huge strides led us into the tiny bedroom of my apartment.

Anything with Dominic Romano in it looked enormous. As if he could overwhelm everything around himself.

He put me down on the bed, surprisingly gently, quickly grabbed hold of my ankles to prevent me from scampering away and tugged hard.

“Don’t you dare run away now, Lilliana!” he practically snarled.

I wanted to say something, but nothing made past my lips. Taking me in for a punishing kiss, Dominic drowned my words when his tongue plundered mine.

With his kiss, his wild rage, that burning passion—he silenced me.

It was when he pulled away from me that I heard the ragged breaths pumping out of his flaring nostrils. It sounded like a wild beast holding onto the last shred of his temper before ravaging its prey. It couldn’t have been more appropriate.

He gripped my hair and yanked it hard, to the **point I had no choice but to painfully look up at him. “I have a mind to fuck you so hard that you can neither walk straight nor think straight, but I am going to give one last chance. Just one chance to tell me in clear words to leave right now, and I will. Or else, you don’t get a say to anything I would do to you.”

As harsh as his words, they reflected compassion—a choice—even when I was the hunted, and he was the hunter.

Impatient, he jerked his fist again. “What will it be, Lilliana?”

Tears stung my eyes, and it wasn’t from the pain radiating from the scalp. It was deeper, much complicated. “I hate you,” I gritted out, shutting my eyes tight so that I wouldn’t have to see the easy triumph on his face.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” I heard him mumbling.

Mortification painted me red. I understood that desire, however, forbidden or depraved, has its way to seep through the pores of our skin. And as decadent it was, the sweeter it tasted.

“You won’t be needing these for a while.” The words didn’t make sense for a second. My eyes flew open the moment I heard the harsh ripping sound of the blouse.

“Dominic, don’t…just—”

“Shh…be quiet!” He held the glistening steel knife against my lips, pressing onto the blunt side. “You had your chance, but you gave it away. Don’t play that ‘I don’t want this’ card with me. Not right now, Lilliana. I will split your cunt in half if you keep pretending like you don’t want me.”

A begging whimper reverberated at the back of my throat.

Dominic truly lived up to the reputation of a monster—a ruthless monster. He dragged the knife in the slowest possible movement, trailing down from my lips, down the chin and slid under the front of the bra.

A gasp escaped my lips as I heard the blade slice through the fabric. My shorts were next, followed by the panties. Within a minute, I was lying naked on the bed with tattered fabric littered around the floor. Shock must have paralyzed my movements.

With his stare pinned on me, Dominic worked quickly to divested himself of his jeans and shirt.

It wasn’t the first time that I saw Dominic in his naked form, but each time was perfect than the last. It was shameful, appalling even, that I was so embarrassingly attracted to him. My gaze gradually swept over the lean muscles, the boxed abdominal structure, and then onto his hard dick.

The sight was enough to make my throat dry and render me speechless.

Rage and desire burned blue in his eyes in equal measure, and I knew, he wanted to hate me as he fucked me. I wanted to do the same.

There was no foreplay, no barrier this time, as he climbed on top of me and positioned between my legs.

“I am clean,” that was all I heard before he slammed into me with such a force I saw stars. The pang of toe-curling pain shot into my womb instantaneously; tears seeped from the corner of my eyes as my fingers dug into his forearms.

“Do I always need to fuck you like this, Lilliana?” he asked, slowly pulling out to slam into my channel once again. “Why do you like this so much? Why do you have to rile me up to the point I must hurt you?”

“You are a fucking monster,” I hissed through the sensations.

It was as if my body was wildfire. The harder Dominic slammed, the tighter my pussy clammed his length.

“Oh, baby, you are trying too hard to convince yourself of my monstrosity that it is a laughable factor now. Or maybe, you like to be fucked this way? You liked to be ravaged by me?”

To what extent was I depraved to desire to be fucked by a man whose blood killed mine?

The lines blurred when my insides clenched further around him, my sanity faded into oblivion, and I came crashing with pleasure, screaming his name like he was my maker. Dominic’s hand sought for my breasts, twisting the nipples in an erotic fashion until the waves receded.

The lines blurred when my insides clenched further around him, my sanity faded into oblivion, and I came crashing with pleasure, screaming his name like he was my maker.

Simultaneously Dominic’s hand sought for my breast, erotically twisting the nipple until the waves receded.

“Such innocent tears,” he murmured, wiping away the salty water from the corner of my eyes with his knuckles. “Yet such a deceiving face.”

“You are an asshole!” I gritted out and clenched my eyes shut. I couldn’t let him see the traitorous tears anymore. My body had already betrayed me enough.

“Fuck,” he groaned aloud, bucking with feral strength, shaking me to the soul.

Ragged breaths filled the air. The room was humming with the smell of sex.

Dominic clambered out of bed, disappearing into the bathroom as I heard the sound of the water. There wasn’t a part of my body willing to move; the guilt blistered every layer of my skin as I reflected.

How could I enjoy this?

I knew I would be in a situation like this—but never in my wildest dream, I thought I would enjoy intercourse like this.

Rolling into a fetal position, I pulled the bed sheet with shaking fingers to cover my naked body. Dominic’s seed, smeared along the insides of my thighs, dampened a portion of the white fabric.


Hours rolled on, as I remained in the same potion on the bed while Dominic plopped against the other end—a well-meaning distance between us—and rested himself against the headboard. I had no idea when I fell asleep, but I woke up to the sensation of something cold between my legs.

I jerked up, startled to find him wiping off his cum off my skin.

“Do you always help the other women clean after sex?”

His gaze went up momentarily and then he busied himself again. “They are professionals. They know how to wipe off the cum after sex,” he replied, his words lugubrious.

A huffed a rueful smile. “Of course.”

My eyes scoured his face, to look for an answer for his act of tenderness right after he fucked me hard. But I came up empty. There was nothing but darkness.

It was when he finally looked up at me that I saw a hint of displeasure. “I don’t know what’s your endgame here, and I don’t care—but if you value your life, leave Chicago.”

“I can’t—”

He cut off me by lifting a finger as he discarded the cloth and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I am going to tell you in simple words as to what happens to people who cross my family—they suffer. And if they are lucky, they die. But you already know that, don’t you?”

Goosebumps crowded my skin as I sensed an unknown terror. Dominic, even though he claimed to speak in simple words, was talking in riddles. “Fine, I will stay away from your family and you. But I can’t leave Chicago.”

A humorless smile spread across his taciturn face as he shook his head slowly. “What did she say? Does she remember anything?” he asked out of the blue, and I stopped breathing.

It isn’t possible. Dominic can’t know about this.


He can’t know that I met Gemma.

“I know, Lilliana,” Dominic spoke softly. “I know you met her at Grayville Mental Asylum. There are so many stories about her in connection with my family; so many speculations—I have lost count.”

“Gemma Anderson was a socialite, and—and I…I mean, the newspaper agency,” I stuttered.

“She was a whore and over-ambitious. But that’s not the reason why she ended in Grayville. Her sin was graver.” His eyes turned several shades darker, an ominous cast fell over his features, like he was reminiscing something painful.

A handful of people, even in the underworld, knew about the wife of Viktor, Mia Romano. That is why no one could connect the dots properly.

Gemma was the mastermind behind Vitello’s human trafficking business, and Mia Romano was a victim among the many. And when Viktor finally got his hands on Gemma, he punished her with the worst possible fate.

“Gemma didn’t tell me anything, she couldn’t,” I told Dominic truthfully. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“I am not worried about that,” Dominic said, smilingly. “Her nerves are damaged; her memories are gone. It would be a miracle if she remembered her name.”

She didn’t.

She was, in fact, a fucking mess.

I wanted some information regarding Vitello, but I figured she was of no use to me. And I got caught on Dominic’s radar for nothing.

“I told you, I am interning—and I needed something to impress the boss. I am sorry. I will stay away from your family.”

Dominic rose, slowly nodding his head. “Make sure you do, Lilliana. You don’t want to end up like Gemma, trust me on this.”

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