The Monster’s Nemesis ✅

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T H I R T Y - N I N E

He’s always, always in my mind: not as a pleasure, any more than I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being.”― Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights


When Dominic had told me that he would be taking care of me in his home, the impeccable and opulent Romano Mansion, I didn’t realize that he meant everything so literally. Initially, I wasn’t keen on the idea of coming over to live here temporarily, no matter how tempting the idea of staying with Dominic was.

The best and tragic moments of my life were trapped inside the very walls of this house like a silent haunting memory I didn’t know if I was capable of getting rid of it.

In this mansion, my entire world shifted off the axis and turned upside down. A place where I fell in love with my nemesis, and I lost my identity and then found a new one.

I didn’t know how to feel about the place.

But every morning when I woke up beside Dominic, I knew exactly the feeling for what it was—homesickness. It was like I belonged right there—with him, in his arms, and this was what made me whole.

Dominic, true to his words like a gallant gentleman, saw to my recovery in his utmost, stubborn way. He fed me, helped me wash, spent time with me when he could, and put me to bed every night. Ralph visited me twice a day, and sometimes Marco when he needed to know every minute detail about Andrew and how to locate him, and even Mia a couple of times.

The first few days, I was pretty much invalid, but towards the end of the week, I got back the strength to move around the room without help.

Although Dominic totally failed to acknowledge that.

“What are you doing?” He barged into his room when I was rummaging through my luggage for a hairbrush.

“Hairbrush,” I mumbled absently. “I think Ralph forgot to put one in my bag.”

“C’mon, up now.” He snaked an arm around my waist to gently hoist me up. “Use mine until you find yours.”

He helped me back on the bed and pulled open his bedside drawer to retrieve the tool. It was then my eyes fell on the small crumpled piece of paper inside it. And before he could slide it back, I plucked it off.

“Shit. Lilliana, don’t,” he warned but in a soft, pleading voice.

It was the same small note I had left beside his bed the night we spent together, and when morning came, our entire life altered.

“You kept this,” I muttered more to myself, fingering the paper with my trembling digits. It was like a metaphorical knife I jabbed in Dominic’s heart that night.

“I didn’t exactly preserve it,” he told me with a wry smile and took it away. “Let it go. Please.”

I peered up to look at him. “Have you let it go, Dom?”

His inexplicable blue eyes tore away from mine as I watched him exhale and settle down beside. “I know the way we have met is not exactly a beautiful memory, but why do we have to ruin the present? Besides, this tragedy ended well if you see it. You found Ralph, and I got you.”

He made sense. “Wow!” I exclaimed quiescently and gave a small laugh. “I never took you for a deep, philosophical man.”

He came closer, buried his nose into the slope of my shoulder, and whispered against the sensitive skin, “You see, you are a corrupting influence on me.”

Under the feel of his strength, my body immediately came alive. It was a feeling I would have never taken for granted. Dominic must have sensed the thrill in my pulse as he pressed a soft kiss on the erogenous part behind my ear that immediately jolted my nerves.

“You’re too evil to be corrupted,” I accused, fisting his hair to pull up his face.

Audacious as I was, I leaned in it and took his mouth in mine to devour the feel of him in entirety. It was supposed to be a relishing kiss, alternated between teasing, nipping, and tongue-fucking. But Dominic lacked the finesse of fine-art of a slow kiss.

He wasted no breath in taking back the control, plundering deeper and harder like he was a dying man, and it was the last kiss he could afford.

But all of a sudden, he pulled back and pushed away from me like similar poles of two magnets. “Fuck, no. Shit, shit!” A string of curses left his mouth, leaving me dazed and jarred.

Did I cross a line he has already drawn between us and one that I was not aware of before?

I immediately mumbled an apology under my breath and folded myself.

“Lilliana, I...” he began, but I cut him off.

“I am sorry; I shouldn’t have been so...forthcoming.”

“Forthcoming?” Dominic chuckled with a small shake of his head. “God, you are something else, Lilliana.” He settled himself closer to me and cupped my face. “Look, I am just trying to control because I am a needy bastard, and I am definitely not going to stop at one kiss. However, I am not an animal. So, you see my problem here?”

His words lit a small trail of fire, inciting all kinds of wanton feelings I bottled up. “I have literally thrown myself at you, and you are worried about me? Damn it, Dom. I am dying here,” I whined.

He leaned over and pressed his forehead to mine. “Don’t give me the free rein, sweetheart,” he gritted out painfully. “I have gotten quite used to my right hand and cold shower, so please, don’t tempt me.”

Reaching down, I raked my fingernails over his thighs, whispering, “Let me show you that I am far better than your right-hand pleasure.”


And I thought I was the fucking devil.

I have never been so horny and celibate as I was in the past couple of months. It’s bad enough that Chicago’s winter could freeze my dick that I was blue-balled all this while.

Lilliana saw the boner, the way I fought to control myself without an ounce of slip-up, and purposefully, she decided to tease the hell out of me.

“Please, Dom...” She looked up at me with those smooth velvety eyes, and fuck me to hell and back, and I was a goner already.

I grabbed her wrist, halting her ministrations. “We do this my way, then. And you will tell me if you are hurting, understood?”

The hasty little, ”yes, yes," and the bobbing of her head told me all the things that I needed to know. She was aching as I was throbbing.

In one fluid motion, I took off her dress and discarded it somewhere on the floor, unveiling her naked body. I have seen Lilliana bare so many times I could ever count, but every time it felt more beautiful and aesthetic than ever.

As I arranged myself to sit between her legs and Lilliana being propped against the comfortable pillows, the vixen began to unbutton my shirt.

“You are so fucking perfect,” I praised, feeling the weight of her perfectly formed breasts on each of my palm and stroking the swollen buds with my thumbs. I had to be extra careful around her left side, where a bullet pierced her shoulder and ribs.

“You have no idea how much I missed you,” she breathed her words like an exhilaration.

I alternated between nipping and twisting her nipples simultaneously before pulling away from her altogether. “Show me how much you missed me, sweetheart,” I ordered. “Spread those legs, and show me that sweet little cunt.”

Without a protest, she heeded my words and parted her legs, revealing her glistening slit like a diamond under the sunlight. As I began to undress, I lewdly ordered her again, “Finger yourself. I want to see you dripping before I satiate your need, baby.”

I watched her mouth gasp, forming the perfect O before she chewed on her lips in hesitation. I would bet my life that she hadn’t done anything like this, and the fact that I could order her to do something so wanton made her head spun.

Shrugging off the shirt, I began to work down my pants, all this while watching her trembling fingers find its way down to her wet and heated folds.

It was a sight that could alone make me come in my hands like a horny fourteen-year-old.

The woman I have fantasized about was lying on my bed--flustered, naked, and spread, fingering herself at my command. Every time her finger pushed in, a small groan made past her throat.

My own erection sprang out the moment I stripped down to nothing and resettled back between her legs. “You close, baby?” I asked.

“Nmphhh.” Lilliana shook her head with her eyes closed and stiff muscles, and in desperate need for release. She was radiating lust off her in spades.

I grabbed her wrist and plucked her finger away to hold it up as a fine specimen before licking off her juices. “Yum. I have missed this taste of yours,” I said as I savored the musky mix of sweet and salt of her fluids.

“Uh. Are you really going to torture me like this, Dom?”

A twisted smile ornated my mouth. “Oh, I plan to torture you much more.” My head dipped the valley of her thighs as I braced her hips with both my hands.

Her erogenous zones were blazing like wildfire, given the way she reddened within a short span of foreplay. Trailing slow kisses all over the insides of her thighs, I strummed her clit with my tongue until her body vibrated with passion. And just when she was edging closer, two of my fingers plunged into her heated folds.

But I dragged her release way too many times, luxuriating in the feel of this body that I owned.

“Please, please,” she implored, pliant and soft.

“As much as I want to make you come with my fingers and my tongue, I am equally dying to be inside you.” I pressed the heel of my palm onto her swollen nub, rubbing in a circular motion. “I want you to come with me, Lilliana. Can you do that for me, baby?”

“God, I will die if you don’t fuck me now,” she said in a guttural voice, thick with fervor.

And I couldn’t help but chuckle and brought the plump cock head at the slick entrance to her cunt. Instead of grabbing her thighs, I steadied the hips to mind her injury as I drove in and out of her.

But it seemed that she was as greedy it gets. Lilliana wanted a harder, faster fuck, given the way she was moving her hips.

I slapped one of her breasts. “You will hurt yourself like this, and then I will stop taking this cunt,” I warned. “I will still fuck your mouth raw, but then only one of us will get to come.”

“I want...more,” she gruffed.

“Then, all you have to do is ask,” I purred.

One hand held her steady while the other teased her clit relentlessly, simultaneously fucking her raw. Lilliana was so ferociously aroused that she came gushing down with a mere command of my voice.

She was a sight to behold as I watched her riding the end of her orgasm. Every shred of modesty lay scattered around like a tattered pearl necklace, yet she looked gloriously magnificent.


I slid under the covers to her uninjured side as Lilliana rested her head on my chest. Her eyes were closed, hair messy, cheeks crimsoned, and lips well plumped like she has been kissed back to life. I have never seen her in so much peace and content before, and the fact that I could bring rainbows to her made me fucking proud and ecstatic.

“You know,” I whispered, pushing aside her overgrown bangs from her eyes. “You’re beautiful.”

No response; she stirred a little and gave me a soft smile with her eyes shut.

“And, so, so strong.”

Again, the smile and a soft hum.

“And I have no idea how, but I am absolutely sure that I am in love with you.”

Lilliana’s eyes flashed open like headlights as her head tipped back to look into my eyes to see if I truly meant the words or not.

“Dom...” Her voice croaked, and I knew she was too lost to speak. So I put her head back and ran my fingers through her silken mess of brown locks, and I took solace in the fact that I was blessed enough to hold her like this.

Lilliana didn’t utter those words back, and I was a fool to think so mediocrely of her.

She was a woman who defied fate, a woman who made me worship her, and when she finally did confess her love—it was the most blessed and romantic words that made past her lips.

"I am yours."

So, we finally have the ‘it’ moment for Dominic and Lilliana. So, what do you guys think?

I will try and post Chapter 40 real quick. I have been going through a lot of comments asking for an update, and I am really sorry that I forgot to clarify—I generally post everything on Instagram (authorpeaches) the update schedule, teasers for chapters, or small scenes a couple of day BEFORE actually updating it on Wattpad/Inkitt. So, you guys will find everything on there.


I have been planning for a short story for V-Day, and I would love to know the couple based on whom you want. I have put forward the suggestions - so vote on!

A completely new short love story.
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