The Monster’s Nemesis ✅

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F O R T Y - T W O

“I cannot let you burn me up, nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in a fire and not be consumed.”― A.S. Byatt, Possession


I watched from behind the curtain as Dominic made his way out of the house. I didn’t know the depth of the conversation between my father and the man I was about to marry, but the smug smile Dominic wore on his way out told me everything I wanted to know.

He did convince Ralph. In his wickedly charming way, he finally persuaded my father. A tiny smile tucked into the crease of my cheek as I thought of Dominic. The memory bloomed like a rose, as magical as the first meeting of lovers. It wasn’t a wild love, misplaced passion, or obsessive lust for flesh against flesh that brought us together. It was the unexplainable pull of hearts that bound us, like the gravitational force of the Moon against the tides in the ocean.

I trotted downstairs and joined Ralph for a drink before he would retire to his bed. While we sipped on the wine Dominic brought for him, I laughed as my father grumbled how much he hated him now, even though the wine was damn good.

We talked for a while, and I listened to him reminiscing his time with my mother, and how the grief afterward pushed him to the dark abyss of pain and suffering.

“The only thing that kept me going was that boy.” He smiled dotingly, recalling about Marco. “He was smart and strong and gave me all the trouble in the world. But he was so much like me that I had a hard time believing that he wasn’t my blood.”

“He always looks up to you,” I said.

I heard him release a heavy sigh, slowly shaking his head. “I hated to be so hard on him when he was young, but I had to toughen him up.”

“Well,” I said, taking a sip of the wine, “you did toughen him a lot. You know, they call him a ’butcher’ for a reason.”

We laughed for a moment before he rose and kissed me goodnight—a ritual we unconsciously followed since the day we found each other.

As I was walking up the steps, I made a mental note to indulge in a long, warm bath. After all, I smiled to myself, I deserved it.

The room where I was staying in, I could barely call my own. It wasn’t like Marco or Ralph didn’t make me feel welcome, in fact, they did everything in their power, but I was missing Dominic’s. I had spent an inordinate amount of time in his bed to actually call it my own.

Reaching, the first thing I did was walk into the closet to take off these painful stilettos, straining my ankles. But the moment I bent, the door shut itself with a thud, making me jump.

“Fu—” One hand clamped over my mouth, cutting off the sound, while the other one was clamped right over my breasts—cupping and weighing.

I was momentarily paralyzed before the hot breath fanned the curve of my ear. “I really hope you had a good time at the dinner table because it is my turn now.” The familiar husky voice stabbed me into silence, and he took full advantage of it.

Wait. How the hell did he come back? And got into my room?

The only warning I got was “don’t scream” before the hand slipped from my mouth and reached for the other breast.

“How did you—” My voice trailed off. Strong hands squeezed my breasts, kneading and massaging the flesh to his deep satisfaction.

“Dominic,” I moaned in a breathy whisper, tipping my head back to his chest.

“Enjoying this, aren’t you?” The chuckle rumbled off him as he pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Hard.

“Ow!” I jerked away the moment he loosened his hold and turned to face him. Making use of the pointy stills, I kicked his shin and scowled at him. “How the hell did you get into my room?” I whisper-yelled.

He took out a key-card with a grin, flashed for a second before tucking back into the pocket. “Marco gave me the master key.”

“He has a master key-card?” I was incredulous.

“Don’t you know your brother is a paranoid, control-freak? He changed all the locks and got a master key when Aurora came to live with him.”

“Oh.” I was too stupefied to talk for a moment. Aurora came to live with him. Hmm. Interesting.

“So, did you like it?” Dominic pulled me out of my reverie as I looked up at his utterly gorgeous and over-ambitiously cocky face, decorated with a smile so smug, I wanted to slap it off his face. And then kiss him—long and hard.

“Like what?” I snarled back, masking the drool.

He took a few steps forward, backing me up against the wall and caging me with his hands on either side. “Did you like feeling me up from under the table when I was trying to convince your father to give his blessings to make an honest woman out of you?”

I smiled innocently. “I was trying to motivate you.”

Dominic lifted one of his brows and fixed me with a look. “Tsk. Tsk. You must like living very dangerously.”

What does he know?

I leaned forward, brushing my cheeks against his clean-shaven cheeks, and whispered against his ear, “What can I say, it turns me on.”

Before he could move, I nipped his earlobe and grabbed his semi-hard dick from over the fabric. A guttural sound reverberated at the back of his throat. God, my man was beautiful. The dark shadow cast over his face made the contours so much more prominent, I couldn’t help but stare at him.

Dominic regained the control over his ragged breathing as he reached out to fist my hair. “I am giving you a choice, babe. Do you want me to make love to you, or you want me to fuck you so hard that you would be feeling my cock until the next week?”

I was burning with the need of him inside me so badly that I could barely breathe. “Fuck me…hard.”

Dominic backed up a little, and the haughty smile flashed. I could see the determination to drive us both insane was glowing brightly in those blue eyes. “That’s the dirty girl I love and lust for.”

My lips found his, pulling him in for a brutal kiss that I was dying to steal ever since he walked in so well-dressed and sharp. I have missed the beast in him, missed the raw and wild way he unleashed himself upon me every goddamn time.

Like every love story in the universe, we defined passion in our own ways. Dominic wasn’t the gentleman with flowers and chocolate, and I was no angel either. We knew our demons, and we danced with them.

He broke the kiss with a final bite on my lower lip and spun me away from him. The dress was off in seconds and discarded to a corner. “Get down on your hands and knees, babe,” he ordered, zipping himself down.

When I did, I felt his hand slap my ass hard before grabbing my hips and pulling my body towards him.

“If I am on my knees for this,” I said, wheezing, “you better make this ride worth my while.”

His laugh rolled off like the bass drum in an orchestra. “You will be trembling in a minute, and I’d miss that sassy mouth of yours,” he said and rammed the shaft into my wet heat.

“Oooooh, God!” I almost screamed at the intrusion, until the pain settled in and raw erotic sensations overtook my body.

“Voice down, babe. You don’t want your father to find out that I am fucking his daughter in her closet.”

Hell. I was so high on pheromones, the words barely registered. The spasms were exquisite every time he went deep, and I knew I close—so damn close to the release.

“Not even a minute...and you are...shaking already,” he punctuated his words with a thrust, more forceful than the previous one, and every time, my pussy clenched around him like a vice.

“Dom...I...” I was edging on the release when those callused hands clamped down on my breasts and dragged me up. It was like my mind was locked into the power of this man.

One of his hands found my clit and pinched hard as I came undone. But Dominic made good on his promise. With a ruthlessly compelling rhythm, he fucked me just so hard, so deep that I had lost the ability to move at the end of the hour.

He collapsed against the wall and pulled my body to his chest as the combining thuds of our heartbeats were the only sounds that resonated in the small space of my closet. We sat on the floor for a long time until we found the energy to move, but even then, we clung to each other, not wanting to let go.

“I love you,” Dominic whispered, kissing my sweat-dampened forehead. “Do I say that often?”

“Mmhmm...Every day and night,” I reminded him, with my eyes closed and a blessed smile on my lips. It was a little beyond me to witness the romantic in him, but as long as his words made my stomach flutter, I didn’t mind.

“Good. Never forget that.”

“How can I? We are getting married.”

“Yeah, about that.” His sudden change of tone made me tense, and I looked up. “I forgot to tell you that Mia is going to invite you for dinner this Sunday.”

I sprang out of his hold and sat cross-legged before him, but immediately felt the acute soreness between my legs. “But why?”

“She officially wants to introduce you to everyone, but nothing formal though. It’s just a casual family dinner with twenty-something people,” he told me conversationally though I could easily feel the mounting panic.

“I can’t recall a single member of your family who likes me. Have you entirely forgotten my history with them?”

Dominic chuckled that earned him a slap on his arm. “You are stressing over nothing, babe. It’s just going to be food and crazy people; trust me, I know my family.”

Sullenly, I pouted. “The entire Chicago knows your family,” I muttered. In my days at the Romano Mansion, I stayed in Dominic’s room most of the time unless anyone visited me. “What about your brother? The last time I saw Viktor, he wanted me dead.”

Dom was still laughing, shaking his head. “Relax now; he wouldn’t bite because Mia holds a tight leash. We have a rule in the house—no one behaves like a dick in a family gathering.”

It was completely unfathomable to conjure the idea of a man like Viktor to be whipped. But I have seen the authority of his wife, and it suddenly reminded me of the time she visited me at my workplace. “Did you know Mia came to visit me at the restaurant one day?” I asked him, half-expecting him to be aware.

His brows shot upwards. “Are you kidding me?”

“She didn’t tell you?” I countered.

I watched his face darkened, creasing around the firmly pressed lips. “Viktor’s wife is nosey and sneaky. And no, I had no idea about it,” Dominic grumbled.

I nodded, suppressing a grin. “So…” I began, “I need a heads-up for each member of your family. I swear I don’t want to screw it up, considering what I have already done.”

“Hmm…let’s see. Dad will like you because you are Ralph’s daughter, and to him, family comes above everything. He won’t ever let it show, but yeah, he will like you.” I let out a relieved sigh. “About Viktor—don’t ever try to joke with him because he has absolutely no sense of humor.”

“Noted. Next,” I urged.

“Sammy is difficult nowadays.” There was a pained expression on his face as he continued. “She doesn’t like outsiders much, but you have to give her some time.”

“I understand.”

“And you have already met Mia and Aurora.”

I groaned, hiding my face into my palms. “Aurora legitimately hates me.”

“There’s one last thing you have to remember while you visit my crazy familia,” he slowly treaded as I glanced up and saw him hesitate.

“And that is?”

Dominic, with a charming smile, pulled me back into his arms and gave a quick kiss. “Before you judge me, knows this: I really love you a lot.”

This “love you” didn’t sound good. “Dominic, you are scaring me now.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose and breathed hard. “See, I had done some pretty questionable things in my life before you came in, and if you ever come across those stories, please, I want you to let it go.”

My eyes narrowed. “Define questionable, please.”

“Something that what you can call an orgy.” I gasped, but he quickly put his finger on my lips. “I was terribly drunk and awfully horny. But that was just one time.”

I did know that Dominic had quite a history with women, but an orgy? Even I didn’t see that coming. And then it made me think twice. “Why do I think that this is not the only debauchery you have committed?” I pushed, knowing he would cave right now.

He grinned. “I also may have snorted powder off a woman’s ass. I got a bit carried away after I watched ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. I thought that was really cool.”

I fisted his hair and yanked it hard. “If you ever pull off these shits again, I swear Dominic, I won’t kill you, but I will hang you by your balls.”

He tightened his hold around me and tried to run his fingers through my tangled hair. “I am done, babe. I am so done being single now. If there’s anyone’s ass I am having, it’s yours, for the rest of my life until I die.”

“Aw! Aren’t you a romantic?” I mocked.

A grin spread across his lips. Dominic lifted me slightly by the hips and maneuvered my body in such a way that I was straddling him and settled me down on his lap. And to my utter surprise—and delight—his swollen, hard, and twitching cock was poking between my legs.

“How can you possibly get—”

He didn’t let me even finish in before his lips were on mine. “Ride me, sweetheart. Hard, fast, slow—whichever way you want.”

Second round of closet sex.

Fuck. We could never get enough of each other.


Thank you for reading Chapter 42 and I hope you have enjoyed it.

Dominic and Lilliana have been through so much angst and pain ever since their story began; I wanted to have a couple of fun chapters for them.

So, enjoy while this happiness lasts. ;-)

P.S. The Valentine Special story is available in the book called “Wrapped in Sin”. You will find it under my profile/my works on Wattpad & Inkitt.

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