The Monster’s Nemesis ✅

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F I F T Y - T W O


Why did I even think I could work with him?

Now that I think of, Dominic has always been right. His brother was a giant pain in the…everywhere. He has a God-complex, awful temper and doesn’t follow the protocol at all. For fuck’s sake, he was supposed to be an accomplice and not the fucking-vampire-slayer.

I had a plan – a full-proof plan where Viktor and I would pay a visit to Sophia. While I intimidate her, maybe pull a few punches just for the heck of it and get the fucking name of the idiot who gutted us in the media, Viktor would deal with her father, Roberto Bianco.

Digital footprints were gone, but shady deals always left behind some kind of a paper trail. Even criminals needed assurances that they won’t be fucked with later.

But the entire plan went down the drain. Because – Viktor was being himself.

His rich, arrogant ass decided to spin the whole thing around. Once, he had stubbornly refused to go through Roberto’s stuff, which, according to him, was dog turd, and beneath his position, Viktor went a step ahead and kidnapped the bitch. And when he was done hogtying and gagging her, he threw her into the back of the car and drove us out before the crack of dawn.

The nagging ‘thud’ brought me back to present as I threw a casual glance over my shoulder at the back of the car and then looked ahead. Why the fuck was she trying to fight the bloody chains? It’s not like she has superpower, or any kind of power.

The sun has finally peered through the darkness and was ready to light up the Chicago roads with its brilliance. A new day, I breathed. A new chance to make this shit go away for real and enjoy a day of peace. Was it too much to ask?

“Can you drive a little faster?” I asked, upturning the buzzing phone over my lap.

“Why?” Viktor countered. There was a smug smile tugging at the corner of his lips that irritated me from day one. I might have been over the whole revenge deal with the Romanos, but he does not make it very easy for me to tolerate him.

“I am afraid that your brother is not going to be very happy with you,” I sneered, and he narrowed his eyes until I flashed the phone’s screen. As of twenty minutes ago, it started blinking as calls and messages flooded in, which meant Dominic was up. “It would not take much time to put two and two together and find out that we are missing.”

“What makes you think he won’t be mad at you?”

Seriously, was he that delusional?

I threw him a look and scrunched my face. “Firstly, I am the injured party here. And secondly, I am bringing him a gift. If I know Dominic well enough, he is dying to snap her neck.”

“So are you,” Viktor, the not-so-bright-soothsayer predicted. “Admit it.”

“I don’t need to admit to anything. I do want to snap her neck, but before that, I need to make the Barbie doll talk. The bitch ruined my perfect wedding,” I grumbled.

I was not very stoked about the wedding celebration apart from being married to Dominic, but now that I could not have it, it made me want it even more.

“You are going to marry Dominic someday,” Viktor reminded with a grin. “So if I were you, I would not use the word ’perfect wedding’ so loosely.”

Must he try my patience every second? Trapped in a car with Viktor and Sophia in the trunk was like watching a bad horror movie, except I was living it.

“And if I were your wife, I would say that you are no prize either.”

“Ouch. Someone’s sensitive.”

“Shut and drive,” I snapped. I was sleepy, hungry, and pissed. “And if you can’t, I’d be happy to drive this bitch home myself. You can walk back by yourself.”

“You are funny.”

Before I could react, he floored the car so quickly I almost bashed my skull into the dashboard but only hurt a finger in the process. “Ow, goddamn it, jerk.”

Thankfully, the next few minutes were smooth. Viktor pulled into the Romano driveway and rolled the car around for the second entry point into the mansion that I did not know of before.

As expected, Sophia thrashed around—whatever little she could—until Viktor snapped his fingers in a direction, and a guard appeared out of nowhere. He threw her over the shoulder, carried her inside, and probably had her strapped to the chair.

I almost wanted to storm into the room with enflamed anger, but that would be too much credit for a filthy person like her. Sophia would probably gloat about that.

“You okay?” Viktor’s voice cracked into my halo musing as I found myself standing outside the door like a ghost.

Taking a deep breath, I smoothed out my expression. “Now, I am. Let’s go.”

From the second I walked, I realized one thing – Sophia might be vindictive and has done well for herself up until now, but she was not very bright. In fact, she was as stupid as a cow.

Viktor went closer and pulled down the gag, and immediately she fired up. “You bitch!”

She could not even get creative with the insults, too. “That’s all you got?” I sighed.

“You think you can get away with this?” she shrieked, looking from Viktor to me. “They are going to find out. And when they do, not only your brother’s but the entire reputation of your family would be damaged beyond repair.”

“They?” Viktor raised a clueless brow.

“I have more than a million followers on Instagram and Twitter,” she gloated like she has a fortune 500 company. “I have a PR team. Even if you keep me here, I’d still be trending. All of you are going to regret this.”

By the time she ended her hysterical rant, I was pressing my temples. “I am already regretting this,” I muttered and glared at Viktor. We could have planned this better.

The idiot shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t look at me; I got lost at one million something.”

Sighing, I went closer to her. “Don’t mind him, he is a little…outdated.” He was probably sneering at me, but I didn’t bother to look and instead, focused on the task at hand.

“Listen to me,” I said in the calmest voice I could manage, “You are not going to trend anywhere. Half of your followers are fake accounts, and the other half is a bunch of horny idiots who only care about the free boob pictures they get to ogle on a daily basis. They’d literally jerk on anything.”

Sophia’s face twisted into a sickening grin. “Is that how you trapped Dominic? Flashing your small tits? I agree that some men do have the fascination for…ahhh!”

The rest of her words died into the blood-curdling scream after my fist connected with her ribs. Why she chose to test my patience was beyond me. It was like she wanted me to repeatedly prove I was willing to beat the shit out of her.

Grabbing her hair, I yank it so hard that her neck craned painfully. “C’mon, finish that sentence.” I hissed into her face. “Do it.”

A hand kept tugging at my elbow until I finally let go and jerked myself away. I might actually thank Viktor later for keeping me from murdering her, but right now, I wanted to punch him instead.

“Never did I think in my life that I would have to say this, but let’s not get carried away.” He sighed and turned to her. “Sophia, give us the name of the idiot who spilled the news to the media, and you can go back to your one million followers.”

The pain must have subsided, given the way she bared her teeth like an ugly hyena. “I know what you both are trying to do,” she sneered. “Good cop-bad cop? Like that’s going to make me talk.”

“This is hilarious,” I muttered dryly and looked at Viktor, who was evidently offended for being tagged as a ‘good cop.’ Sophia practically crapped on his reputation of being the bad guy in a room. And right now, he was standing in a room with two girls.

“Is that what you think? We are playing a fucking script here? Take a look around, Sophia.” His nose flared, and jaw tensed. And finally, he was being himself. “You are not getting out without a good bargain, and in a few hours, your father is going to pay the price for crossing us. The question you should ask yourself is whether you want to save your mother and yourself out of this. I am not exactly high on family revenge but piss me off some more, and you will find out.”

Her eyes stilled on Viktor as, for the first time, real fear crept into her expressions. “I…I don’t know,” she stuttered, looking between us.

“Don’t mess with me, Sophia, just because I am granting you the privilege of being a girl. All I know is, your free passes to Disneyland are spent now.”

Once again, her eyes swung between us, weighing the threat if we would really take a stand on our words, and because she was also stupid, she went ahead and said this. “You are going to kill me either way, isn’t it?”

“Are we?” I countered because I wanted to fuck with her anyway. “I am done wasting my breath—”

My voice was cut off by the sound of the opening of the door. It slammed so hard against the wall, I wondered if the hinges broke or something. There he was, Dominic, void of expressions as he took in the scene.

“Dominic! Domi—” Viktor was quick enough to slide back the gag, and when Dom jerked his head, gesturing us to follow outside, we did.

Once we were outside and well out of her earshot, Dominic leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. “Looks like you both started the party without me.”

“Of course not, Dom. We are just trying to save the best part for you.”

Right that second, the clack of heels resounded, and when I turned back, there was Mia. She was surprisingly well-dressed in a long Kimono and far too displeased. My eyes immediately snapped to Dominic and silently warred, knowing full well he has orchestrated this. Damn it.

“Viktor, do you have a minute?” Mia asked over.

Viktor nodded, slapping the side of Dom’s shoulder. “You kids have fun.”

Silently, we watched them disappear from line of sight. “Is he going to be in trouble?”

“No, that’s just their code for angry sex.”

“Oh. Interesting and…kinky,” I mused before turning to him and winked. “We should have one for ours.”

Dom narrowed his eyes as he pushed him straight. “You are trying to change the topic because I am pissed, and you think you can use sex as a distraction?”

“What if I am?”


Boy, he was really pissed. And here I thought he’d be in a working shape after the long nap.

“So you are saying you won’t jump at the chance of you and me…right here…against the wall?”

Before the words could hit the ground, he pushed me against the wall so fast I could hardly catch a breath. His mouth crashed against mine, almost angrily, and I’d be lying if I’d say I didn’t love this.


She wanted a hallway angry sex, done.

I slammed her against the wall and took her just so I could calm my nerves as she moaned, writhed and bucked. And a part of me doubted that the reason she wanted me to fuck her angrily because Sophia was strapped in the next room, and Lilliana definitely got a kick out of this.

Whatever gets her boat floating.

But I was no less than a horny bastard myself who went far ahead of the morning wood. After the first round, I brought her back to the room and had my way with her until we were seriously spent…and panting. We lay beside each other, breathing in the scent of our sex.

“Can we get down to business now?” I asked and hated it the moment because post-sex was supposed to be therapeutic bliss. But fuck our life, peace only lasted for seconds.

Yes,” she said and sat up, pulling the sheet over her perfect breasts only to have me pull them down. She glared but continued nevertheless. “I swear it wasn’t the original plan. But Viktor, like you, say the dick he is, changed the whole thing at the last moment, leaving me no choice but to follow him.”

I raised myself a little and balanced on the elbow. “Let me guess, you wanted to pick up Roberto instead of her.”

“How did you—”

“Sweetheart, I have been in this business long before you were born,” I smirked.

“You are not that old.”

“The joke wasn’t funny,” I told her. “Roberto Bianco was obviously behind our accountant’s murder. Do you know how he was able to wipe out the connection?” Not only did she look blank, but she shook her head. “He used Ben’s secretary, Darlene Scott. Apparently, she was both Roberto and Ben’s mistress.”

“What?” Lilliana gaped.

While the whole shit was going down, I had placed bets on the right places and the right people and hoped for the best. And as expected, every arrow hit the bull’s eye. Darlene Scott, who drowned herself in tears at Ben’s funeral at the graveyard, just happened to go on a shopping spree of designer dresses and bags.

The only reason idiot like Roberto used stupid women for their dirty work was because these women were disposal. But little did he realize that he should have taken the trash out himself before someone came sniffing.

“Fuck,” was Lilliana’s reaction before she tried to hurry. “We have to get to this Darlene before she goes into hiding.”

I didn’t know if she was dying to put this whole fiasco behind or simply wanted to marry me sooner.

I grinned and reached out to tweak her nipples until she winced. “Where do you think I was when you were out there, hunting for Sophia?” Liliana gasped, and I didn’t know if it was the pain or the surprise. “You, my love, have a terrible record of abandoning my bed.”

Now, it was clear to her that I was pissed, and I did fuck that out.


That’s CH. 52. Thank you so much for reading the story.

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