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“And this kind of love…and only this kind you would move heaven and earth…meet them of the other side of hell…just to feel it again.” ~ N.R. Hart


Leave it to my husband, and he would gladly steal me away from the rest of the world.

Dominic could not wait for a formal adieu. While everyone was either busy in conversation or too wrapped up with the slow dancing, he whisked me away and walked me down to the villa we had rented for our wedding night.

We walked through the laneway, flanked by the gorgeous garden on either side and just when we were a few paces away from the doorstep, Dominic grabbed my elbow and halted my steps.


“What?” I looked up, confused.

His gaze bounced between the well-decorated door and me before the signature smirk emerged. “Since I have married you with all the traditions, I am going to follow them to the last letter.”

Before I could even catch a clue, he swooped down, literally sweeping me off my feet, and carried me over the threshold. When the surprise finally wore off, and he gently placed me back on the feet, I did not know whether to blush or laugh.

I have not married him under the belief that Dominic Romano was remotely romantic, but without reservation, he loved me more than a woman could ever desire to be loved. And it was enough to rock the world off its axis and likes of which I would never encounter in any other man.

He shut the door behind him, unbuttoning the suit before dropping it on the floor and stalking towards me. With no moment to waste, his lips crashed into mine as his hands cupped the sides of my face. He started gently, only to turn savage like a tiger that has tasted blood and never sated with the taste of it.

As the kiss broke, his dark gaze slithered up and down my dress. “Are you going to do the honours, or shall I?”

Smirking, I turned to reveal my back as the slow hiss of the zipper was the sound catching my ear. And then the touch of his lips right here, where the slope of my shoulder met the neck.

When he stepped back a little to let me slip out of the beautiful dress, I thought I heard a small chuckle that made me turn around. “What?” I asked and then gazed down the garter and hidden holster.

“You married me in a church with a gun hidden under your dress?” Dominic asked, with his brows hitting the forehead. But somewhere, he was more amused than surprised.

I narrowed my eyes. “Are you telling me that you aren’t carrying one?”

The man doesn’t take a piss without a gun, so there’s no way he would show up without one. Instead of answering, he smoothly whipped out the GLOCK and placed it atop a small wooden table.

A wild question came to my mind. “Would you have used it if needed? Inside the church?”

“At what point during the whole time you have known me have I given you the impression that I am remotely spiritual or religious?”

I smiled, not because I was damn right but for the fact that he amazed me. There has to be something wrong with me to take delight in the idea that I have married a man who would not hesitate to carry a weapon into the house of God while he was uttering the sacred vow of a lifetime.

Till death do us apart.

Yes, death would have to come to us together or not come at all. Or I would happily bring hell down on earth for him. I have seen his dark world, and now that world was mine as well. And there was no place for weakness.

“Thank God. For a second, I thought I married a decent man,” I said, untying the holster to place it down beside him.

“Not in a million years,” Dominic whispered and took my hand to kiss the ring. The diamond shone with brilliance, sparkling with every promise and pledge we have exchanged.

His mouth moved up, touching places that ratcheted the heat between my legs about a hundred degrees. In the next five minutes, Dominic was missing his shirt, and I was devoid of a single thread of modesty.

Even though he took his time, exploring every inch, curve, and crevice, there was nothing untamed about his desires. With every roll of his tongue or nip of his teeth, he was reminding me that he was both a man and a monster.

We barely made it to the bed before he had me flat on my back and climbed between my legs. His hands hooked around my knees, parting my thighs to see for himself the evidence of his doing.

“No matter how wet you are, wife, I will take my time tonight to pleasure you the way you deserve to be pleasured on your wedding night.”


Sex was a known territory for both of us, and even though we were missing out on the element of mystery, Lilliana and I were far from sated. It was our wedding night, and I plan on showing my wife a million ways that I loved and lusted after her.

Lilliana opened her mouth to say something but could only moan when my lips closed over her clit. Her screams went higher until her fingers buried in my hair tightened to the point my scalp hurt.

How could a self-respecting husband eating his wife’s pussy complain about that?

“Dom…” Lilliana somehow managed to pull my mouth away and flipped up. She smoothly got on her knees between my legs, and that sultry intent in her eyes told me all that I needed to know.

With the swiftness born from lust and love, she managed to unbuckle the belt and pull down the pants with great ferocity. I shuddered when her hands closed over my ass, and her tongue laved the head of my dick.


Even when she was far from taking every inch of me into her mouth, the trickling water from the corner of her eyes and the enthusiasm in taking me deep into her throat was arousing enough to make me come right then and there.

“Ah. Christ! Fuck…!” With a heavy snarl, I yanked her away from my cock moments before I would have lost control.

“You think you can rush me against my wishes, wife?” I asked, fisting her hair.

I would have deemed her as eager, but when she smirked a vulgar smile and wiped the drool with the back of her hand, I knew it all too well.

She was challenging me.

Like I said before, my wife knew how to keep me on my toes and my dick hard.

“I am the only one who can go against your wishes, dearest husband.”

The power game between us simply ricocheted.

“Tsk, tsk.” I shook my head and captured her arms before she got any more devious ideas. “And here I was planning on making love to you, slowly and sweetly.”

I kissed her hard, at the same time, discarding the last vestiges of my clothing and pushed her back on the bed. Lilliana’s voice was breathless and hoarse as she threatened, “I can take anything you have to give, Dom. But if you make me wait any longer, I swear I will draw blood.”

Only my wife could threaten me like that and get away with it.

My hand locked into her messed up hairdo as I penetrated in one stroke. That was all she needed to fill her needy, dripping cunt.

I gave and she took it.

Every thrust attested to our hunger for each other.

“Take me, Lilliana,” I grunted as I powered into her over and over while the inner muscles clamped down on my dick. The look on her face was aphrodisiac. She was drunk on sex, moaning and screaming as the orgasm ignited and shattered her in sparks.

“You are…” Slam. “…everything.”

My hellion of a wife dug her nails into my back, arched her hips, and detonated the trigger that led me over the edge of my release.


We lost track of time and place, limping beside each other and panting for breath. Our bodies were too tired and tangled to move as I simply dragged a comforter and covered us both. We dozed on and off a couple of times, never really sleeping through the night as we silently wanted to relish every second of our wedding night.

Sometime around the break of the dawn, Lilliana curled closer to me as I held her tighter. One of her fingers reached out to trace a faint scar around my temple. “I gave you this scar,” she whispered.

“And many others.” I softly kissed her forehead. “You are a special woman, Lilliana. I would not have you come into my life without memories.”

Shifting a bit, she turned to face me. “How is it that you never hated me?”

I paused for a moment, not to sugar the words I was about to say but to give her a second before hurling the truth.

“Oh, I did. Plenty of times. I hated you so much that all I wanted to do was fuck you out of my system, one way or the other. I just could not.”

Amongst the sea of bitter truths, I wanted her to know the most significant fact of them all: I loved her—body, heart, and soul.

And nothing in the world could ever change that.

She shook her head slightly in regret. “As long as I live, this will haunt me. That I could have chosen not to do things and did it anyway.”

“Whether you have chosen another way or the same one you did, it would have led you to me anyway.”

“Maybe you would have hated me less?” she asked with hopeful eyes.

Little did she know that she had changed the course of my life even though none of her earlier plans had worked. Yes, she raised a tempest when she sailed into my life, but every fight was worth it at the end.

“Our story began with everything other than love and promises of a lifetime. But I don’t care how we started, because tonight marks the beginning of us. You are mine, Lilliana Romano, and I intend to spend the rest of our lives giving you memories worth a lifetime.”

In the faint glow of the morning light, I saw her smile and her eyes glitter. And I knew that my love found a home in those eyes and on her lips.

Lilliana was wild, fierce, and everything that I never thought I would fall for, and yet she owned my heart and soul. She was the forever that came into my life, and she was here to stay until I breathe my last.



A/N -

I. Can. Finally. Breathe.

I started writing TMN around February 2019, and it took me one and a half years to finish this project. And I know it is tiresome for a reader to hang onto a story for this long, which is why I am incredibly grateful to my readers for having the patience.

Thank you a million times over. ❤️

And I sincerely hope that you have liked the story of Dominic and Lilliana.

This is the couple who lives life like there’s no tomorrow, runs headfirst into any challenge, and remains ruthless with the fibre of their being. They love as passionately as they fuck - and I would not have them any other way. In short, Dominic and Lilliana were alike, just from two different worlds. So, in my head, they always belong to each other.

If you have loved the story, please leave me a review below and share your thoughts about the book. I am extremely eager to what all you guys have to say. ❤️

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