Fall For Me

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"It was supposed to be the right time, place, moment. I thought you were as restless as I was! But yo- your actions speak something else." Vienna Alvis finds herself in an ambiguous situation when all of a sudden her father wants her to marry his best friend's son. Though single her whole life she thought she should at least give it a shot and then she decides to meet her high class would be on the terrace of a stranded building only to find him trying to end his life. Keith Devlin stood on the edge of the building wanting to end his life. Tears streamed down his eyes and he wiped it away angrily pushing his glasses up when a feminine voice shrieked from behind him. He turned around and saw a woman running towards him to where he was standing but he had already made up his mind. And the next moment he chose to let the gravity work on him as he jumped off the building.

Romance / Fantasy
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“Where are you looking at?” I asked as I took a few steps towards him all the while feeling the pulse rising bit by bit with the mere proximity.

“Towards the mirror....I wanted to see you,” his voice raspy and my heart filled up with happiness for it was the first time ever he opened up to me and let me know what he wanted.

“Me? Then look here. Why search for me in the mirror when I am so close...near you,” my hands itched to touch him and slowly but cautiously I raised my hands up wanting to hold his face.

He was still avoiding my gaze as he kept on looking towards the direction of my dressing table mirror on my left side. I wanted him to look towards me. Even though he was facing towards my left side still, I could see his eyes glistening from under those glasses.

“Keith...“I was just about to hold his face when a ray of light hit my face and my eyes squinted involuntarily but as the light faded away and my eyes adjusted to the surrounding, I was disheartened almost immediately to find him gone. He wasn’t there any longer. As always he was gone.

I pressed my lips tightly as I recalled the moments he had ruined like this previously. He chose to flee away every single time when I tried to get near him.

“Is this what you feel for me?” I muttered as I felt my lips trembling and the corner of my eyes stinging.

“Words...” a gasp formed out of my mouth when I heard the voice from behind me.

It was him. He didn’t leave this time. He was right behind me.

“Can’t really describe what I really feel for you, Vienna,” his calm yet gentleness in his voice made me ball up my fist trying to control my emotions.

“Then why? Why do you always go away from me...” finally letting the words that I had kept buried inside me dig its way out of me. Even though my voice broke down in the end still I managed to control my posture of standing straight instead of falling down on my knees.

“It’s because...” he whispered and wrapped his hand around my waist and slowly pulled me to him. My back pressing up to his hard chest as he lowered his head down to my ear and spoke seductively “I’m afraid that I would lose control over me and my senses because it is what that always happens when I’m around you.”

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