What Keith Wants

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Chapter 10

Minutes passed by and it felt like eternity as I stood leaning against my car waiting patiently for him to speak. He stood with his back facing me and hands shoved inside pant pockets while he looked to nowhere in particular. I still couldn’t believe what I had seen. The guy has extraordinary superpowers in real, like the one we see in movies. I wander what we thought was impossible for a human being is turning out to be in existence already. This world has so many secrets yet to be discovered yet people search for things that are not visible to eye but ignore the one which visible and is present just before them.

Keith is one of them.

He, like every normal human being lives the life like a normal person but nobody knows what he is capable of. “Are you going to speak?” I urged him as I watched his tense back.

“Look! A few hour ago, when I saw that, I was dumbfounded and I was really lost. I thought I could tell this to my dad in hopes of breaking all this arrangements but now when I am in my right state of mind, I think I am not going to tell this to anyone if you want me to,” I sighed at the end and he turned around looking at me in a neutral face.

“Do you think I really care about that?” he asked and that made me confused as I crossed my arms over my chest and stood straight “Excuse me?”

“Do you think I really care about the fact that you will go around tell people about this? And what do you think, people will believe you?” he asked and all I did was scoff at him.

“Why would they not?” I asked annoyed.

“Really?” he laughed and rubbed his face using his hands “You really are naive,” he completed and y mouth formed in a thin line as I thought about it. Obviously no one would ever believe me until and unless I show them or prove them about it. But still, at that moment I was so helpless and determined to get out of this situation that I thought giving it a try would do it and eventually my father would believe me. But why would he? He would’ve definitely thought that I had lost my mind and then he might have send me to an asylum, immediately.

“What exactly are you?” I asked in a low tone forgetting everything.

He looked at me and closed his eyes before opening them and looking here and there seeming unsure of what to do. I had undoubtedly put him in an chaos situation. His truth was revealed before me and I do believe that it wasn’t like what he had wanted. I doubt, if anyone in his surrounding already knows of it.

’Does your family know about this?” I asked and he looked back at me and this time he shook his negatively indicating none in his family knew about it.

“Nobody knows?” I asked surprised by the fact that his own family doesn’t know about his powers. How is that even possible? He grew up in the same family, somebody should know! How is this possible that he literally disappears out of sight and nobody ever noticed that?

“Only my mother knew about it. I grew up away from my father and sister, so nobody knew about this,” he spoke up and turned back and walked a few steps forward towards the bridge as he bent down on the parapet, putting his hand on it and looked down towards the lake.

The lake, the beautiful Silverdale lake, where people used to come for family outings and to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. To trust, to believe that there is everything you know about mother nature, is human being’s ignorance. What exists and is hidden is beyond your capability to discover. A perfect example of it was Keith.

“Why did not tell this about this to your family?” I asked and I watched as he kept on ignoring my questions and remained busy staring at the water.

“I don’t think that we are that close, for me to reveal everything to you. I know that even though you have found out about my powers, I am not bound to tell you everything. For now, I can only tell you that, I am also a human being. I eat, breathe, sleep and do everything you all do, but I am an exceptional, as I have this powers. I can teleport from one place to another what no other human being can do but I don’t really know the reason behind it. My mother knew about it and she knew why I had this powers but she couldn’t reveal it to me as she died in a car accident,” he told me and I couldn’t understand what to do.

“So, your mother too had this power?“I asked baffled by what he had just revealed.

“No!” was his curt reply.

“Keith...” I began wanting to tell him that he can remain unperturbed with me knowing about it and yes, I do agree that for some minutes, I was selfish but I did not really wish to harm him or his identity. I was just caught off guard and disturbed by something that happened before me. I had never seen anything like that and I was just confused on what to do. A that moment all I wanted was to get away from this wedding arrangement and the only thing I could do was to reveal his identity thinking that I would be free but I didn not really think what might have happened if it were revealed. I could’ve caused him serious trouble if I had revealed it before the journalists back then.

“Look! You don’t really have to talk to me about this. I don’t really care what you’re gonna do with what you know about it. You can tell this to your father and get away but I don’t really care,” he sneered at me.

“Keith! Are you even in your right state of mind? Do you even know what you’re saying?” I asked followed by an incredulous gasp.

“You are questioning about my state of mind? What about you? Are you in your right state of mind? I don’t really believe that you are! With what you were planning do a few minutes ago has answered my questions of your sanity,”

“Keith, I can explain,” I said as I thought about it. I was actually lost my my mind a few minutes ago. If it weren’t for Keith then I would’ve definitely died. What in the world was I even thinking? I was so wrapped up with my hurt feelings and emotions that I ended up losing my sanity and I thought ending my ufe would solve all the problems. But I didn’t really about the consequences. How could I do this to my dad? I was his only daughter and if I had lose my life then he would’ve ended up doing the same. No matter what he was doing to me, he still loved me the most and I was blinded with my emotions, for which I wanted to teach him a lesson for what his was doing to me. But this was not what I had really wanted.


He walked up to me and as I thought he would stand before me to listen to what I had to say, he proved me wrong, as he walked past me and towards the driver’s seat ignoring my presence.

“I will drive you back home,” he said ignoring me while I stood there with my hands shivering with fear as I realised and it occured to me what might have happened if Keith didn’t show up in time. Once, inside the car, he drove us back home with silence, while I fought with my mind in the terms of speaking to him more about the events.

“Is this the reason why you rejected me in the beginning?” I asked once I saw him pulling over near my house. He looked my way and I saw him gripping the steering wheel hard but he didn’t really answer anything as a car pulled over before us and it turned out he had informed his driver to come and pick him up. He got out of the car while I remained in my seat and watched him walking up to his car without even glancing my way as he went inside and a few minutes later his car drove away.

“What was that? Why the hell did you ask him that?” I heaved out a sigh as I questioned my sanity.

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