Fall For Me

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Chapter 13

I had never imagined how quiet night could be while I stood there in shock looking at the nothing, in particular, trying to process what just happened. Involuntarily, my hands moved up to touch my lips that had some weird sensation all over and I looked at my finger to find the lipstick smudged all over. It was just a damn lip touching and yet he managed to smudge my lipstick and just why was the kiss like that? Why did he kiss me all of a sudden?

At that very moment, the fact that he again disappeared right before my eyes didn’t even shock me but the fact that he kissed me, shocked me to my core.

Wait! Was it really a kiss or did he accidentally fell on me because he was already swaying on his place for the effects of the alcohol?

Nevertheless, I found myself groaning as I got out of my state and looked around frantically in search of Keith. “Just where did he go?” I muttered to myself and looked up at the night sky. The night was awfully quiet and I bit my lips in exasperation.

“Keith!” I yelled at top of my voice and marched around searching for the drunk boy. God only knows, what he is going to do in that state. Just why did he drink so much all of a sudden?

And what does he mean by help his sister? What would happen to her? She looked completely fine to me and I’m sure her fiancé would definitely look after her.

But currently, the one who was important was Keith. he disappeared right out of my sight and I had no idea where he was. And to think of it, I don’t really know where he might have gone and his power worked and to how many radii he could teleport himself.

What if he teleports himself right before everyone in the party?

A gasp left my mouth as I thought about and without wasting any more minutes, I ran back to the banquet hall. As soon as I got in, I was greeted by people cheering at someone and I walked forward to find Keith in the middle of the dance floor. Oh god! Please don’t tell me he teleported himself right in the middle before everyone. I held my forehead and rubbed my face as I looked around expecting shocked faces but was relieved when I saw them cheering and laughing.

“And here is my soon to be sister-in-law,” I found myself cursing under my breath as I looked up at the stairs to find Leila with a microphone on her hand introducing me. It turned out she wanted both Keith and I dance on the dance floor and for that, she turned the lights off for our entry and Keith used that time to teleport and he appeared right before everyone but due to lack of light, people couldn’t see him and they thought his mysterious entry was when the lights were off. I watched as Keith swayed in his place, completely oblivious to everything around him and as he stumbled on his feet, I was right on my feet talking long strides towards him to stop him from falling.

“What the hell are you doing over here?” I whispered yelled at him as I held his elbows to stable him and forced a smile out at the people telling them that everything was alright.

“I don’t know,” he said in his slurry voice and the music played as I sighed. “Look, I know you are drunk but we’re are already in the middle. Let’s just dance and leave; I will drive us back home; okay?” I told him and all I received was his silence.

“Hold my hands,” I told him and he did as I told him as I held his right hand and placed my right hand over his shoulder. “Just follow my steps alright? Five to six steps and then we shall leave,” I said and soon we began to sway accordingly. It was awful at first with me trying to drag and balance him, but then he held my waist firmly and followed my lead as we tried our best to move according to the music and I looked at his face.

I thought he might be looking elsewhere, like he always did but found him looking down at me; intently. I was locked staring at his eyes that was behind those glasses and he looked down at me intently and for a second it looked as if he wanted to tell me something but then we had to break our eye contact as I looked up at the stairs to find Leila Devlin and James Kelly whispering to each other before they descended down the stairs and together they walked out of the hall.

I took it the chance to help Keith and myself to get out of the place as I held Keith’s hand firmly and was ready to drag him towards the door but a squeal escaped my mouth when with a jerk he pulled me to him. It was a close proximity, enough for our lips to connect and my mind to burst open. All of a sudden, I found my heartbeat racing up again in my chest and I could eventually feel it pounding because of what Keith was doing. My cheeks heat up as everyone clapped and cheered at us and I watched as Keith leaned down but before he do anything stupid, I placed my hand on his chest stopping him from doing anything that would make him feel embarrassed later on.

“Keith, you need to get a hold on yourself,” I whispered to him while he continued staring at me.

“Let’s go,” I said more like commanded and held his hand firmly before making our way out nodding at people who clapped at us.

“Where are we going?” he asked and I ignored his question as I continued pulling him out. Half way as he stumbled multiple times and I cursed under my breath holding him in position I let a gasp out when I heard something crashing followed by someone yelling.

“What’s going on?” I thought and I helped Keith to sit on a chair as I walked towards the source silently looking back at Keith to find him nearly passed out. I heard someone screaming and the next moment something broke again, making a loud noise. I clutched my purse tight and slowly forward as I recognised that voice.

“What do you mean by, you have to go?”

It was Leila Devlin who yelled at the top of her voice and I beyond shocked to hear that she talked that way. “Look! I can’t stay all day around ust to pose for the damn reporters and dance around. I have already told you..I have work to do and I gotta go back to Australia,” now it was James who argued and looked beyond pissed.

“James. How many times I have to tell you that today we have our engagement ceremony. You just can’t leave me here in this occasion. What do you want? People will ask me where you are if they find me alone,” Leila complained.

What’s going between the two of them? Where are those lovey dovey couple gone? Was that just a facade?

“Look Leila I know you handle all these damn things all by yourself. You don’t have to rely on me on everything,” James argued as he got rid of his tie and threw it somewhere. “Excuse me? Rely? Oh am I?” Leila scoffed at him crossing her hands over her chest “Let me remind you one thing Mr. James Kelly, we have been put in this arrangement only because of your company’s sake. And I am helping you in this only because I want my brother to get in power and expand the business. It’s just an year deal and we will be on our way. Don’t forget that you were the one who came begging to me save your damn company.”

My eyes widened as I heard that and involuntarily found myself walking back and soon ran back to Keith. He was in the same spot but looked at the hallway and then at me “What? Got to know the truth of Devlin’s empire?” he asked as he scoffed at himself and I just stood there in disbelief.

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