What Keith Wants

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Chapter 15

There is an uncanny similarity between the guy I have always dreamt of since I was a kid and Keith. I would only see a vision in my dream where I seemed to be running after a guy while he seemed to be totally unfazed by my cry of begging him to stop. The more I begged him to stop, the more he ran away and I had no idea why in the first place, I was even following him like a maniac. But the only thing I remember was the pain I felt every time I ran after the man into darkness losing him out of sight.

Keith seemed to be similar, as my voice never seems to reach his ear. It’s been so many days but yet Keith and I are to be friends. He hardly talks or even shows up before me. It’s like everything has changed between us since the day I came to know about his sister Leila Devlin’s contract marriage. Either he is just too disturbed to talk about it or he simply doesn’t care about what I think.

I concentrated more on my internship and I worked hard on cases rather than thinking about him, his sister or the kiss.

A sigh escaped my mouth as I felt my nerves getting to me and I found myself getting annoyed thinking about it over and over again. The truth was, since the day he kissed me, well, accidentally, I have been thinking a lot about it and it was seriously beginning to get on my nerves. Clearly, the guy was drunk and he seemed not to remember even a little about it because I remember the day when I woke up in his apartment and remembered the kiss, I was so worried and out o place thinking what and how he would react to it but all he did was to serve me surprisingly delicious breakfast, which he made in a short time and drive me back to my hostel.

He didn’t even thank me for driving his drunk ass back home, the other night. Asshole!

That only meant one thing, either he didn’t remember or he didn’t care. He didn’t even take the privilege to show up after that day. He drove me back to my hostel and left without a word.

“My baby crocodile, what’s wrong?” I rolled my eyes for the endearment name that my father just used for me and glared at him. “Baby crocodile? Seriously?” I found myself growling like a dog but as I realized what I was doing, I stopped the same minute, already having it in my mind what my father was going to call me the next second. “Are you unwell, my cute puppy?” and I groaned.

“Dad!” I cried out holding my hair in frustration.

“Just stop calling me with these stupid names. Just why can’t you call me by my actual name? Just Vienna! Vienna!” I exclaimed as I plopped down on my chair and looked down.

“I was thinking, we should go out for the dinner. Its been so long since we two are out for dinner. Don’t you think?” dad said and that made me look up at him. In the end, I chose his firm for an internship because it was near to my college and I had no wish to be in any other city or state, flying here and there.l Moreover, he was the only one who denied me from going anywhere else because of Keith.

“And I think, I will just pass,” I told him without any emotion and watched as he scoffed at me adjusted his suit. “Just what I have done to be treated like this by my only daughter?” he asked and this time I was the one who scowled at him and got up from my seat picking up my things.

Since the day he forced me to be with Keith, our relationship has changed dramatically and drastically. Every time, I saw him I could only see a businessman wanting money and power. He no longer looked like the caring single dad who loved me and would go to any extent to erase all my problems. To top of that, I wanted to end my life only because of him. He failed to understand how I felt when I was being imposed on someone’s life who didn’t even want me.” I think you should ask this to yourself,” I told him as I left the office for lunch.

The street seemed to be busy as people walked here and there to their destination and I searched for a restaurant where I could eat my lunch. There it was, The Chinese Grill restaurant that I had found in the internet before I walked out searching for it. The exterior of the restaurant looked really normal but I wanted to have some chinese food, and it was why I dashed in only to hit by the strong aroma of spice and mouth watering dishes served to other customers.

The speciality of the restaurant was its open kitchen. The chef played with his dish artfully and while I remained busy gawking at his skills, I was greeted by the manger. He asserted me a place in the restaurant and I sat there talking in the amazing atmosphere. I ordered my food and while the waiter went away to get my food, I took my time to surf through my phone.

I saw two of my friends from school living in abroad got married. A sigh escaped my mouth as I saw their pictures. They looked so happy, ready to start their new life and here I was. Engaged to a weird man who has some weird abilities to disappear and reappear.

He never really explained about his power and I was fine with that. Yes, I was disturbed and caught off guard and was uncertain on some point thinking what to do when I got to know about his power, but then seeing him disappear at least ten times before me had me accustomed with him.

The first time he disappear was when he fell down the terrace, the second time was when I discovered his powers. A smile formed on my lips when I thought of the day. I was scared shitless and ran away. Then again he disappeared when he kissed me.

I'm unsure if he does that on purpose. Sometimes, I had felt that he disappears without any reason. It was as if he didn't really wish to disappear, as if he doesn't really have any control over his powers. Like, I remember he was speaking to me about his father's acquaintances when all of a sudden he vanished in mid sentence, without any reason.

I had asked him about this but every time he would either not answer my question or he would simply ignore my presence, hiding his eyes behind his glasses or avoiding my gaze.

Sometimes I wonder why the heck was I even thinking about him. Let him do whatever he liked and wish to do without interfering but then every single time, I found myself doing the exact opposite of what I had actually thought, asking him or trying to talk to him even though I knew he would never reply.

Just why was I doing that?

Why do I get myself in such offended positions every single time?

Just why can't I mind my own business?

Just then the waiter came back with my food and served it right before me. It was at that moment, I realised how hungry I was. The waiter served the noodles on my plate and smiled at me before leaving. I took the chopsticks in my hand and grabbed the noodles and slurped the soupy noodles into my mouth, moaning as I felt the spice burst in my mouth.

As I was busy savouring the taste of the my food, the sudden beeping of my got my attention and I picked it to find Facebook notifications.

Even though, I wanted to keep the phone down and continue eating my food, I don't know why but I had a sudden urge to check the notifications and it was I clicked open the application and it was a notification reading: Keith Devlin relationship status changed to Engaged.

Keith Devlin engaged to Vienna Devlin on 5th Of March, 2019.

The notification instantly made me choke on my food and I was already coughing and gasping for air. The waiter was already by my side pouring me a glass of water and I snatched the glass from him, gulping it down as I looked into my phone like a maniac. Not only the status, but he posted some single pictures of me and also our engagement pictures on the social media blowing my head away.

"Now what are you upto?" I thought as I read the comments from his aquiantanes.

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