What Keith Wants

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Chapter 16

“My fiancé? What are you talking about?” I asked as I put on my clothes. Patricia, my friend who lived next to my room, in the hostel had barged in when I was out of the bathroom wearing my clothes. And she panted hard as I struggled putting my jeans on and I watched her huffing and panting before she finally caught her breath to tell me that there was a fight outside and at first, I was not really that interested but then when she uttered the fiancé, I stood there shocked as I took in what happened.

“Yes, your fiancé. He is fighting with the guards,” she told me and it was enough for me to put my tank top and throw a cardigan on as I forgot about my wet, shampooed hair and practically ran out holding my phone. What the hell is going on? What is Keith doing here? And why in the world is he fighting?

I knew Patricia was following me and we both sprinted off towards the main entrance only to find a chaos situation, with the crowd gathering and I pushed past people, I saw two figure fighting and certainly, all my doubts flew out when I saw it was indeed Keith throwing punches at the poor guard who was in the ground asking for mercy.

“Keith!” I found myself yelling as I ran to him, to stop him from hitting the guard. Oh just what a situation. An engagement of violence in a place where people learn the value of justice.

I was already stopping Keith from hitting the guy as I held him from his back and pulled him up.....with difficulty. He was now seething with anger as he held my hand and tried to free himself. Just what is he doing? “Let go!” he snapped as he tried to free himself from my grasp but I refused to and held him even tighter. “Take him away,” I yelled at the girls who stood there like fools enjoying the show. They nodded and escorted the guard away. “Let go!” Keith freed himself and took some steps wanting to go after the guard but I stopped him as I held his forearm and turned him around to face me.

“Just stop it!” I snapped at him and watched as he breathed in deeply.

“What do you think you are doing hu? Barging inside the hostel and fighting with the guard? What’s gotten into you?” I said enraged with what he had just done. “Oh! Someone today is not pretending to be a soft speaker after all,” he said in a breathy tone and that made me fume even more.

“Listen! Keith. I’m done with you and your games. I am not like you. My emotions reflect on my face and this is what you see right now. Unlike someone, I do not pretend or act. Do you get me?” I said and he scoffed at me as he put both of his hands on his waist and looked down to me with a sarcastic smile.

“Pretending, I see,” he said and shook his head “I see I’ve got the wrong person,” he said and that made me narrow my eyes at him in confusion. What does he mean?

“What do you mea-”

“Whatever it is. I came here to hand you this,” he said and fished something out of his pant pockets and took my hand and handed me something sharp and pointed and I flinched when it injected into my palm. “What are yo-” it was my earring that I had thought I had lost it. It was the earring that I wore to Leila Devlin’s party and the next morning, I didn’t get it anywhere. So, I had assumed either I had lost it in his apartment or maybe somewhere else. It was a precious thing to me as it was handed to me by my grandmother before her death.

Still, I had managed to lose it.

“And now, I’m going back from where I have come,” he told me and walked straight pushing past me as he bumped my shoulder harshly and I held my shoulder vex at his actions.


“Keith!” I called after him and when he didn’t stop, I took it my cue to march up to him and stood right before him blocking him from moving any further. “Look! When I’m talking to you, don’t just walk away.” I said and he huffed at me. “Or what?” he challenged with his gaze and annoyed me even further.

“What’s gotten into you? I have never seen you like this. You should be relieved that I actually saved you from getting into a problem. You were fighting and punching the guard right before everyone. You should be happy that the cops are not involved or both your father and my father wouldn’t be happy,” I said and all he did was look up muttering something under his breath.

“Are you done? Well, thank you for saving me,” he air quoted the word, saving and rudely pushed me out of his way as he walked away.

“I do not want to see you anymore,” I yelled at his back and he didn’t seem to look a bit affected by what I just told him, because he walked up to his car and drove away. Asshole!

“Vienna! The cops are here,” Patricia said and that made me gasp. What? Why so early? Oh no! Keith!

We ran back to where the officers were only to find them putting a cuff around the guard’s wrist. What’s going on?

“Where is the guy who was fighting with him?” one of the officer asked and that had me nervous in my position. Whatever it was! I didn’t really wish to see Keith in a difficult situation and it was why I decided to take the matter into my hands.

“Offi-” but was cut off in the middle when another officer who had previously handcuffed the guard spoke up, “We spoke to him and he said he will already went to the police station to submit the evidence,” he said and that made me furrow my eyebrows in confusion. Evidence?

“Well, we shall take care of him from here,” he said and the guard looked frightened as the muscular officers took him to their car. But as I stood their in confusion some of the girls squealed and fangirl in their spot and as they sensed my presence, they looked back at me and ran to me.

“Hey that guy was you fiancé right?” one of them asked and I seemed to be lost in deep thoughts.

“Yes, he is” Patricia answered them for me and held my arm which got me out of my thoughts and I looked at the girls. What’s with them now?

“Oh my god! You are so lucky,” one of them squealed.

“I’m so jealous. I want a guy like him as my boyfriend,”

“What’s going on? Will anyone tell us?” Patricia said and the girl widened her eyes. “You mean you don’t know?” she gawked and I found myself nodding a no.

“Seriously? Oh my god! How come you don’t know what happened? Your fiancé caught the scoundrel of that man having nude pictures of some of our girls. And he was going to upload them in the internet. But your fiancé came at the right time and caught him red handed, informed the cops and I think, he was infuriated thinking about you. It was why he thrashed that scumbag."

As soon as she revealed that, my mouth fell wife ajar as I stood there in silence, utterly disturbed by the fact.

Disturbed by the fact, how I talked to Keith without even knowing his side of the story.

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