Fall For Me

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Chapter 19

He was right before me as I stood right next to my dad watching him as he didn’t even look my way as the bride and the groom exchanged their rings in the wedding aisle.

Leila Devlin was finally married to James Kelly.

I was done with this Devlin family. They were just weird. I had no idea why and how Leila could marry James even after that fight that I had witnessed that night in their engagement party. This family only knows how to talk and walk business but they don’t understand that they won’t be taking business to their grave. At the end, it will always be your family.

Leila looked happy and so was James. If it wasn’t for that night then I would’ve probably thought that they were so in love but I knew better than that. A hideous sinister reason laid behind those smile and it was getting too much for me to handle and to top of that my father was like a kid who won a teddy bear from the amusement park. He was more than happy to be getting in a relationship with not only Devlin’s family but also with Kelly as well.

It was a private outdoor wedding only with family members and a few reporters. A bohemian style wedding. As the couple kissed each other, I took it my chance to get out of the family shot pictures to have a sit. The tables were empty as they were standing and cheering for the wedding couple, so I made myself comfortable and got myself a glass of fresh juice as I watched them taking pictures and then making their way to water a tree.

Going green and economical wedding or should I say a show for the reporters.

I had no idea when someone took a seat next to me and as I looked to my side I found it was someone I had never met but someone who was staring at me from the beginning of the wedding ceremony.

“Hi,” he said and I forced out a smile replying him back to which he just smiled and got rid of his sunglasses.

“Not really into socialising are you?” he asked and I kept my glass down as I turned to look at him. He was wearing a grey tuxedo and as I recalled he was the best man of James Kelly.

He was good looking, with sharp features and deep brown eyes. But to top of that, he had a good smile. Seeing his smile, somehow cheered me up and I grew more interested in him as I gave him my attention.

“I am James' best friend and business partner,” he said and I nodded as I crossed my arms over my chest waiting for him to complete.

“The name is Jesse Eden,” he smiled showing his dimples and somehow his smile was contagious as I found me smiling, genuinely after a long time.

“I’m Vienna Alvis,” I said as I took my sunglasses off and kept it on the table as I looked back at him.

“Your eyes are beautiful,” he gasped and that made me chuckle.

“Thank you. I am hearing this for the first time,” I told him and he chuckled. I was engrossed in what he was saying that I had no idea when the time flew by. I got to know so many things about him and the things he did for James’ bachelor party.

He seemed like a genuine, free willing, love to travel, an adventurous person and he had a lot of stories to tell which were really interesting. He told me about his recent tour to Spain and also he was interested in sports, especially motorcycling.

I was enjoying because, after a long time, I was talking and laughing to jokes my heart out. But like everything that comes to an end, our exchange of stories got to an end when out of nowhere Keith showed up right next to me and looked down at me. I looked up at him questionably to which he just adjusted his glasses and then looked back at Jesse.

“Hey, Keith! What’s up, man?” Jesse got up and they shook hands as Jesse sat back next to me and Keith looked his way.

“They need you there for the family pictures,” Keith said looking my way and I looked back towards the newly wedded couple to find them staring at me as Leila gave me a wave which meant she wanted me there. I smiled back at her and got up from my place adjusting my pink-colored lacey dress as I looked back at Jesse.

“Well it was nice talking to you, Jesse,” I said and he smiled and stood up giving me his hand for a handshake.

“It was nice talking to you too, Vienna,” he said my first name as I did for him, which made me chuckle but then he held my hand firmly and he took it to his mouth probably to plant a kiss but Leila cut him off as all of a sudden out of nowhere she appeared and took hold of my hand.

“C’mon you two now! You can talk later. It's my wedding you guys,” she looked excited as she pulled me with her and I looked back to find Jesse smiling my way and next to him, stood Keith as he looked back at him and then made his way towards me.

“Where were you my little alligator?” my dad chirped as he held my hand and stood to my side. I had no idea how I grew so taller to him. I was right next to him and as an excited Leila pulled us here and there I didn’t even get the chance to snicker at my dad’s choice of nicknames that he had for me.

We posed for the pictures and I knew Keith was standing right next to my dad. But then dad had to leave because Leila demanded only couple shoots with only her husband and Keith and me.

Keith stood next to me, maintaining distance as the four of us posed and as I thought it was over. Leila bombed us with another demand that Keith and I should have a separate picture taken and it was how we ended up standing next to each other awkwardly near the flower backdrop posing for the pictures.

“What are you doing? Put your hands around her Keith! She is your fiancée, not a stranger!" Leila gave a remark which made everyone laugh except Keith and me. I could sense the reluctance in Keith as he wrapped his hands around my waist and I stood straight ignoring the feeling to slap him. I had to take in deep breaths to calm my nerves and we posed for the camera while the photographer begged me to smile.

I tried my best to look comfortable and smiled only for the poor photographer's sake and it was how it ended. As we were done, I picked up my dress because it was causing me problem from walking but all of a sudden my heels bored into the ground with the hem of my dress in it and I could hear a rip sound when I stumbled and lost of my balance and I thought I was going to fall but a pair of hands held me from my waist preventing me from falling down and I squealed loudly as I ended up mid-air stuck in between his arms as I stared at him.

Keith saved me from tumbling down to the ground.

In the background, I could hear people awing and cheering with the clicks of the camera.

There was this sublime feeling inside me as I looked into Keith's eyes which told me he was something more to what he presented before me and he meant something else than what he told me.

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