Fall For Me

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Chapter 22

The exams were nearer and we had to submit our internship certificates. I left my dad's firm and applied to some of the firms, intentionally avoiding my father's firm after working for only ten days. This time, I wanted to have an experience under the health law firm and ended up getting an offer letter from an attorney from a legal department team of a hospital.

The team worked in the hospital, taking terms and taking responsibilities of the health team department of the hospital. But the main problem was my traveling duration. The hospital was in the center of the town while I stayed in the hostel of my uni, which was on the outskirts of the town. Traveling back and forth would take me six hours. Three hours of getting to the hospital, three hours getting back to the hostel. Even though earlier I had no plans of shifting anywhere else yet after giving it a long thought that I would finally get some time away from dad and everything around I decided on taking the internship. So, I decided, while I am doing the internship, I will be renting an apartment for my own comfortability.

It took me two days to find a good apartment with affordable price and after paying the advance to the owner, I settled in the fully furnished one BHK apartment. I had bought limited things with me which included, my clothes and necessities because the apartment was fully furnished, I received a bed, fridge, sofas, and heater.

Though a little small, but the apartment was cozy for a single person like me. The floor was wood furnished, while I got the apartment on the top floor so, it had a sloping roof with dormer windows and a balcony adjoining the living room. The bathroom had a bathtub much to my relief because I wanted to relax as I returned back from work and a bathtub would be amazing.

The owner asked me if I wanted to hire a maid or a cook but as I was going to live alone, I might take care of the house on my own.


The beeping sound of my phone awoke me as I shut it off and got up from the bed walking straight into the bathroom to freshen up.

First day of the internship at Columbia Axis Hospital and I was walking down the streets waiting for a bus. It took only fifteen minutes if I took a bus to reach the hospital and finally as I arrived, a smile crept up my face as I looked at the hospital. For the first time ever, I was going to work at a different place which was not my father's firm.

As soon as I stepped inside the hospital, the smell of meds hit my node hard and the scene near the casualty. It was chaos, nurses running here and there, patients on a stretcher slid past me, I looked here and there and I had no idea why all of a sudden, I felt cold and nervous.

Is this the scene that I am going to witness for the next two months?

I walked to the reception area and asked them the way to the legal department team. As she contacted the team asking them about my presence, I couldn't help look around the restless face of people around me who were there for their loved ones who were admitted to the hospital.

"What? I paid the bill! I am not going to pay any more until and unless she is awake," I heard someone yelling and looked back to find a man shouting at the casualty.

"Trust me! I am going to sue this hospital!" he shouted at a lady who was in a nurse uniform and judging from the commotion, it was also why the hospital needed legal team, to take care of things like this, to some extent.

"Ma'am you will have to go to the third floor. Here you have to fill this form first," she gave me a form and I filled the details. As I handed her the form, she told me the way and I walked to the lift and directly to the department where I got to meet with a member of five people working in a single room.

"Miss Alvis?" I heard a woman and looked at the center of the room where a middle-aged woman got off from her seat as she made her way to me with a smile reaching her hands out to me.

"Hello. You must be Mrs. Young," I said giving it a guess that she was the one who contacted me regarding the telephonic interview round.

'Yes, I am" she smiled and we shook hands as she escorted me to the corner of the room, to a sofa. We sat down and she looked at me. Her blonde loose hair nicely combed and her professional brown colored suit with a pencil skirt made me feel down as she looked more professional than me as I wore a normal black pants and a beige colored shirt.

I should have gotten a suit.

"The last time we talked, I was really impressed by your answers. I am the manager, managing this team and our team consists of five people but you see that room," she pointed to an adjoined room and I nodded.

"That's the room of our chief attorney. He is currently on leave but will be here after two days. You can start working from today itself. I will introduce to everyone in this room and they will help you with your work. I hope you have a nice time working with us, Ms. Alvis," her blue eyes twinkled and I couldn't help but feel energetic as I nodded excitedly.


On the first day, I had not much of work, because the day spent by an introduction with my seniors and them teaching me what to do. I was a little confused but my teammates were really helpful. They had their patience with me as they made me understand everything and asked me every time if I had any problem.

But sure enough, I being an intern I had to run some errands for them, but I was totally okay with it as long as I got to learn some work.

I assisted Mr. Taylor to some doctors as I stood their taking notes while he talked and advised the doctors regarding some issues. Mr. Taylor was the senior attorney in our group after the Chief. Since he was on leave Mr. Taylor managed his work and told me once the Chief got back I would be able to assist him to the directors of the hospital. I could attend the meetings and learn some work as soon as he gets back.

I was totally excited and grew impatient to his return wanting to work with him.

Finally, the day came to an end and as I collected my things and made my way out of the room taking my leave from my seniors as well as Mrs. Young who was very patient and helpful to me.

As I walked to the elevator waiting for the elevator, a nurse wheeled a patient next to me and I looked at the patient on the wheelchair.

Disheveled raven black hair, striking blue eyes but what got my attention was the big stitch on the side of her right head just near her eyebrow. Her face marred with sadness and her striking blue eyes looked dead to me. The woman must be in her late forties or something as she sat in the wheelchair completely oblivious to me staring at her.

The elevator door pinged open and the nurse wheeled her into the elevator and I walked in. But as I walked in, the woman in the wheelchair looked up at me and all of a sudden gave me a smile. Her sudden action caught me off guard but I pressed the ground floor button after the nurse and gave her a smile as I shoved my hand in my pant pockets.

I had no idea why I kept staring at her face as if I found the woman familiar. As if I already know her and as if I have seen her somewhere. She looked really young for having so much of sadness on her face as I stared down at her when I saw the nurse looking at me.

I looked the other way and when the door pinged open on the second floor, the nurse wheeled the woman out while I stood there confused thinking if I had really know that woman. She seemed familiar. Very familiar.

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