Fall For Me

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Chapter 24

Finally the weekend and some time off from the hospital and work. To say I was already exhausted and tired would be an understatement. Even if it was the weekend, here I was sitting on my sofa only in my undergarments working.

I heard my phone ringing and I looked around finally getting a glimpse of it on the kitchen counter. Sighing, I put my laptop aside and made my way to the kitchen getting the phone and finding the name as Patricia.

“Hi, what’s up?” I heard her already excited voice from the other end.

“Working,” I sighed and heard her huffing. “This internship is one heck of a burden, right? I can feel you. I have a headache just every day,” she said and I did was hum in response.

“Finally its the weekend and I know you are in the town. I live only fifteen minutes away from you with my fiancé. So, as it is the weekend, I thought why not refresh our mind. He is really busy and said clearly that he can’t help me with my boredom. Mind if we go to the club today?” she asked and I thought about it when my eyes fell back on the pile of paper on my sofa.

“I really want to. That’s a nice idea but I can’t. I have loads of work to do,” I told her and heard her sigh.

“Okay. Alright then,” she said and I could hear the disappointment in her voice. The girl has always helped me back in the dorm room and even went out with me for shopping whenever I didn’t feel like going alone. Even though I wanted to finish my work, I still wanted to go out with her. I needed a break myself and it was why I nodded and took the decision.

“You know what? Nevermind! I am coming,” I told her and heard her gasping.

“Really? Oh, that’s great. I will be in your apartment by the evening. Let’s get ready together then?” she asked and I hummed in response. Even though she knew where I lived, she still didn’t have the address. So after sending her my address, I hung up on her and went back to do my work, wanting to finish as much as I could.

The clock hit two in the afternoon and I rushed into the bathroom to get a nice bath. As I was a humming a song and washing my hair, I heard my phone ringing and clicked my tongue in annoyance wanting to know who was the person who didn’t understand if you do not pick up the call it means you are busy. But then it struck me that perhaps it would be Patricia having problems finding my house and so, just wearing a towel I got out of the bathroom only to find the name in the caller Id as Keith.

“What in the world do you want?” I mumbled as I saw three missed calls from his side. Fidgetting with my finger, I ended up deciding not to call him back. If he had any work then he can leave a message or call again. I slammed the phone back on the sofa and was just about to go back to the bathroom when I heard the doorbell.

“Yes, Who is it?” I asked holding my towel.

“Vienna it’s me, Patricia,” I heard her voice and I walked to the door as I hid behind it opening it for her to enter.

She got in and looked my way chuckling at my form.

“Do you realize every time I come to your room, you are always having a bath or are in the loo. Why do you love the bathroom so much?” she laughed as I rolled my eyes and shut the door close and looked at the bags she was holding.

“What’s this?” I asked and she grinned throwing the bag at me as I caught it and looked inside it.

“The dress we are going to wear today,” she grinned and that made me shook my head.


Patricia was a true beauty and genius when it came to fashion but whatever clothes she chose suits her better. Her choice was very different from mine and it was why I shook my head as I took in my appearance through the mirror.

A golden shimmery sleeveless bodycon dress that stopped right near my mid-thigh. The dress hugged my body like a second skin and was a little low cut, thankfully. She curled my hair and gave me a wavy hair look and did my make up with smokey eyes and nude lips.

I looked just fine.

But I looked back at her. She looked like a goddess in that beige bodycon dress of her. My eyes fell on her butt that clearly had me envious of her since I didn’t really have a bigger one. She straightened her hair and applied red lipstick as she looked back at me and winked at me.

“You sure you want to wear that dress? What would be your fiancé’s reaction?” I asked getting little worried. Unlike mine, her dress had a very deep low cut that stopped near her navel. I had no idea what she had in her mind when she bought it. It was so unlike her to buy and wear such a dress.

“Don’t worry about it. It is what I want,” she winked at me as I narrowed my eyes.

“Don’t tell me you guys had a fight,” I said gasping at the end when she raised her eyebrows and looked up at the roof avoiding my question.

“Oh, that solves it all. I really wondered why you were so keen on going to a club. I’m telling you, Patricia I’m not going to save you if guys follow you in the club,” I warned her but all she did was to give me a cheeky grin in response. I sighed as I held my head. I should have known it earlier. Damn it!

“Don’t worry about it. I promise I am not going to make any scene. I want to take some pictures with some guys out there and send it to the arrogant fiancé of mine. I just want to see his reaction. He has been ignoring me lately and I doubt if he is already regretting and backing out. If he is, then I don't really want to bother him. I will show him, I am better off without him," she said and I had no idea what to tell her instead I just gave her a small smile and noticed her eyes tearing up with sadness.

"Well, I am in no place to advise you anything but I know you. If you have anything in your mind then it would be good and I am supporting you," I said and she smiled jumping up to me for a hug.

"I knew it. Thank you Vienna, you are the best!" she squealed which made me laugh.

"Alright now! You are running my hair," I said as I pushed her away from me and looked back at the mirror.

"By the way. Don't worry about guys following me. I have already found help for my idea and guess what?" she said excitedly and I looked back at her.

"What?" I asked uncertain with whatever she was going to tell me.

"I have- no! in fact, we both have a handsome bodyguard who will be watching our back tonight!" she clapped her hands excitedly as my face grew pale thinking about it.


"Oh! You will see," she said and got hold of my hand as she pulled me towards the door as I prayed in my mind that whatever she had planned to go well because I already had enough dramas in my life and anything I would want at the moment would be anything but a new drama.

"Hurry up! The cab is here," she called out and shook my head as I locked my apartment but nevertheless smiled thinking how cute she looked.

Well, the night just about to start.

Might I enjoy some alone time and dance my heart out for real.

Perhaps once in a while, it would be worth it!

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