Fall For Me

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Chapter 25

The cab came to a halt and as I paid the driver, I noticed the way he looked at Patricia. His eyes dark and filled with lust. I looked back at Patricia to find her staring down at her phone while men looked at her the same way the driver looked at her. I waved the note before the driver's eyes and that made him snap out of it as he took the money and giving one last glance towards Patricia, drove away.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I found her looking into her phone.

"He has still not texted me even if he knew I was going to a club. He is simply not interested. Ugh! He loved his work more than me," she heaved out a sigh while I just smiled awkwardly and then we went inside the club. Our feet vibrating for the base of music playing inside the club. The smell of alcohol and sweat hit my nostrils and I put my hand on my nose while I followed Patricia while she guide me into the dark alley into the club.

As soon as we passed through the bouncers, the music got even higher and I held my ear getting used to the loud noise. Patricia seemed to be excited as she jumped excitedly and looked back at me smiling like a goof. She pulled me to the bar and she took a seat as a bartender attended us showing his perfectly whitened teeth.

"What can I get for you two lovely ladies?" he asked and I looked behind him towards the display board.

"Get me a bourbon," I told him and he nodded as he asked Patricia and she asked for a Bloody Mary. He passed us our drinks and we clinked our glass as we gulped it down in a go and I was already feeling amazing jamming with the music as all of a sudden she pulled my hand to the dance floor and I laughed walking after her swaying to the song.

After some minutes, I started to feel light-headed. I guess the alcohol started to do its role and made me forget all my problems and all that tension I had stored in my bosom. My hands raised up and I swayed to the music just loving the moment.

I guess it was the right idea to join Patricia after all.

I saw her dancing with a guy but even though I wanted to pull her away from him, I restrained myself from doing so thinking of letting her enjoy for some moment. I was not drunk nor tipsy. I simply had two glass of bourbon and here I was already feeling light. But, I was on my senses so I thought of watching over Patricia.

The DJ changed the song to a romantic one and while the people around me got themself a partner, I shrugged and thought of enjoying on my own when all of a sudden a pair of hand snaked around my waist and someone pulled me to his chest. I couldn't see the person but I could feel his hot breath on my neck.

I got hold of his hand and tried to remove them when he tightened his grip and I got a whiff of alcohol and I knew whoever it was he was drunk. "Lady I know you are all alone. I'm alone too let us enjoy for some moment. I only want to dance," I heard his drunk voice and I stiffened and looked back at Patricia.

She was all carefree as she leaned to the man next to her and they swayed to the music totally oblivious to my presence. I thought of it and as the man behind me didn't do anything, I started to grow little free and he made me move to the music. He loosened his grip but I was still not facing him so I had no idea who he was or how he looked.

The music grew bold and as I was swaying with him, I felt him leaning down to me once again. "I saw you when you entered the club. Gosh! You like a goddess. I just want to take you home and-" before he could complete that I walked away from his grip wanting to get away but all of a sudden he got hold of my arms and pulled me back suddenly. My heartbeat raised up as felt him leaning down on me and before I knew it he was already kissing my neck. I could feel his hot mouth on my neck, but anything I knew I felt disgusted and wanted to get away from him.

"Let go!" I shrieked moving my arms. The music was too loud and people around me seemed to be lost in their own world.

"Don't be like this. You are so sexy," he talked and before I knew it one of his hand moved up and he grabbed my left breast in his hand pressing it hard. I yelped in shock but soon the shock was taken over by rage and I elbowed him hard on his stomach causing him to whimper in pain and as I got myself free, I looked back at him to see his face.

"What the hell was that for?" he asked visibly in pain and I huffed feeling happy seeing his expression. "Serves you right! Mr. Molestor," I said and as I was ready to turn, I gave it a thought and all of sudden moved around and stomped his feet with my heel. A loud yelp escaped his mouth and he winced as he crouched down holding his feet which was still under my heels as I stomped harder watching him in pain.

"Fine! I'm sorry," he seemed as if he was about to cry as I didn't let go of his feet. I smiled victoriously and removed my heel from his foot and watched him glaring up at me.

"Next time, don't be such a stupid opportunist with woman," I told him and flipped my hair as I walked back to the lounge area and sat down on the sofa watching Patricia.

My neck had a stinging sensation and I touched the part where that molester kissed me finding it hot. He clearly left a hickey. Damn it! Way to ruin my mood!

I stared at Patricia and watched as all of sudden, the guy with her tried to pull her somewhere. She seemed to be denying him and as I thought of it, I got up from my place when all of a sudden there was another man pushing the guy away from her. I squinted my eyes as I watched them talking and the guy walked away.

Patricia and the guy who just saved her made their way to the area where I was sitting and instantly blood feel down my face as I saw the man.

"Keith?" I mumbled when I saw him walking up to me. He stared at me and I saw as his eyes grew wider for a second but he adjusted his glass and helped Patricia walk down the steps as they made their way to me.

"What are you doing over here?" I asked bewildered to his presence.

"Oh, I called him. Remember the bodyguard I was talking about?" she grinned and I was sure, my eyes seemed like they were about to pop out of my socket.

"Do you know him?" I asked and she looked back at him and then shook her head no.

"I picked up your call when you were having a shower and told him about our plan. As I asked him if he wanted to join, he said yes," she clapped her hand I sighed as I looked at him. His face had a neutral expression as he took a seat on the couch. Patricia sat in between us and I couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

What if he saw what happened with me earlier?

Wait! If he saw it then why didn't he come to my rescue?

He simply doesn't care about me.

Patricia seemed to be least bothered about my presence as she seemed to spend her time talking to Keith while all he did was respond with a hum.

"I must be such a boring person," she laughed as he pulled out her phone.

"Let's take photos," she squealed and pulled me closer as she took some photos and all of a sudden got up.

"Pass me your phone," she asked Keith and I was about to hand her mine when Keith gave her his phone.

"Now sit closer," she asked and I stayed in my position while Keith inched closer.

"What's with you two? C'mon, guys, you are engaged. You don't have to be so shy," she laughed and Keith kept his arm over my shoulder. She took some pictures of us while I smiled looking at the camera.

"Oh so romantic!" she put her hand on her face as she awed at Keith. I was curious about what she was looking at and looked back only to find him already looking at me. His face, incredibly closer to mine as if he moved any closer then he would definitely kiss me. I heard Patricia squealing and knew she was taking pictures.

"I will give you two some privacy," she laughed as she put Keith's phone on my thigh and ran away. Keith's arm was still around y shoulder and I moved away from him but he restrained me from going away and I watched as his eyes fell on my neck.

"What's this on your neck?" he asked and used his other hand to touch, instantly making me wince.

"Don't tell me, this is..." his voice grew deeper and his eyes turned darker. I pushed him away and sat away from him avoiding him as I looked back at Patricia.

Think whatever you want, I am not going to explain.


Patricia ended up drunk and hardly able to walk. Thankfully, Keith was there to help us as he glared at any guy that tried to get closer to us. He was a great help because nobody dared to get near to us frightened of his cold looks.

He made Patricia to lie down on the back of his car as I sat next to him on the passenger seat and he drove us back to my apartment. I decided on letting Patricia stay with me for the night and since we didn't know where she lived. Once we reached back, I would contact her fiance and tell him about her.

The whole evening I could feel Keith's eyes on me and especially on my body. Somehow, he made me feel weird and embarrassed. Though he didn't utter a word, I felt as if he was really pissed up so I didn't dare to ask him what wrong's with him all of a sudden.

"Do you think, we could have been friends if we had met in different circumstances?" I couldn't help myself from asking after staying quiet for a long time. He seemed to be concentrating on the road and I noticed as he gripped the staring wheel hard.

He took in a deep breath and I could help but look at his jaw when he spoke, "If we had met in different circumstances then I would have courted you and asked you to wear the same dress you are wearing right now for our honeymoon," he said and gave me a side smile while I sat there absolutely gawking at him for his reply.

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