What Keith Wants

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Chapter 27

I can’t even believe that my whimsical of a fiance has done this to a guy. He didn’t even receive my call and as the cab came to a halt right before his apartment, I told the driver to wait for me as I made my way into his building and to his floor.

The door was right before me as I pressed the bell and then knocked on his door furiously as he didn’t open. As minutes passed by my knocks were turning furious and my anger was growing larger when all of a sudden the door opened and he stood there in a towel with a scowl in his face.

The scene seemed repeated.

Why does he always have to be in a towel whenever I come?

“Just what the fuck is your problem?” he asked and my eyes, my perverted eyes couldn’t help but travel down his body when I heard his voice.

“Can’t you wait? You have to knock and press the bell, like a maniac every time you come here! And why do you always show up when I am in the shower?” he glared at me and seeing him standing in just a towel and wet hair and body, my anger seemed to subside but then I remembered the case back in the hospital and I shook my head as I glared at him.

“You! Just who do you think you are?” I pointed a finger at him when he furrowed his eyebrows but all of a sudden got hold of my finger and pulled me in, as he closed the door and I looked up at him, glaring all the while.

“What the hell?” I muttered as I pushed his chest as he was too close to me. He looked down at me as he adjusted his towel and pushed his hair back using his finger. His hair was wet and shiny and all I wanted to do was to run my hand over it but then I shook the idea off as I remembered why I was here.

“You will disturb my neighbors,” he said which made me roll my eyes at him as I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Really? You do care what your neighbors think but you don’t care about what I would go through in my work?”

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, the guy you beat showed up in the hospital and guess what I am working there. He recognized me immediately and made a scene that I was the one who according to him,” I made an air quote sign “sent my boyfriend to beat him,”

“So?” he seemed unbothered as he looked down at me squinting his eyes.

“So what I mean is because of you I have to face humiliation. For a second, I thought you can’t do this but now when I am here and you are not even denying the fact, it means you did beat him up! My question is why? Who asked you to?”

“Well, I saw it from the CCTV camera in the club what happened,” he said and I was the one who squinted my eyes in confusion.


“I wanted to see what happened to you. It was clearly a hickey on your neck,”

I gasped in shock when he revealed the reason. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Excuse me?”

“So just because you wanted to know the reason behind the hickey, you went back to the club and checked the CCTV? How dare you? Who even asked you to check it?” I asked as he huffed at me.

“Really? I didn’t check it from the club’s but from my home. The guy clearly forced hi-”

“I said, excuse me, who even asked you to check about it? I don’t remember asking you for any help. And why are you so interested in from where I get a hickey. Since you have already seen the CCTV footage, you clearly saw I taught him a lesson then why the hell did you beat him?”

“Because he forced himself on you!” he argued and that irritated me even more.

“Really? Did I ask for your help? Even if he did, I clearly took care of it. Who told you to find him and beat him? And what do you mean by you saw it from your home? Don’t tell me you can hack or something!” I huffed at him as he made an annoying face.

“Of course I am. Don’t tell me you don’t even know about my profession,” he said and I looked back at him with confusion.

Wait! Does he know how to hack? As a profession?

Is he seriously a hacker?

“Whatever it is! My point is when I was not the one to ask any help from you then who gave you the right to search up on me?”

“I don’t understand your problem. Fine! I beat him but why are you so upset? He deserved it!” he argued which made me take in a deep breath as I was getting close to losing my sanity and beat him.

“Fine! You wanted to know about the hickey so you searched it up. You saw the guy forcing himself on me, you beat him up. But what if I was the one who had kissed him? What if it would have been a mutual and I got that from it. Then what?” I asked and watched as his facial expression changed to a dark one as he glared at me.

“Feel secured that it wasn’t or I would have not butted in. But the fact that you,” he gold hold of my hand and twirled the ring as he pointed at it. “Are engaged to me, you are carrying the pride of Devlins now and I won’t anyone to ruin it ever. So, feel secured that nobody got to know about it!”

“Really?” I withdraw my hand from his and pushed his hand away as he looked down at me with something that I couldn’t decipher.

“Now you care about Devlin’s pride? You clearly didn’t care about it when you came to me wanting to act as your fiance to get us off the hook from our parents. Remember it was your idea, not mine!”

“Really? So now you have a problem with it? If you were not interested then why did you even get in? Oh right! You had better idea and that was suicide, am I not right?” he mocked as I started to lose it.

“Keith I am warning you. Shut up!”

“Why would I? That guy deserves it even worse. So what is your problem?”

“My problem is you beat him and he came to the hospital where he created a scene!”

“Then ignore it or let everyone know what he did to you. You will be in good hooks!”

“Keith!” I huffed as I ran a hand through my hair.

“Do you not understand what I mean?”

“I don’t want to understand but if you think I am going to apologize then I won’t. You can go out now!” he pointed at the door as I gave him a pointed glare when something struck me.

Whatever it is, don’t forget that we are grown-ups. That was just a lusty moment.

I will remember what you told me, today.

But I want you to remember this too. Don’t ever touch me, next time.

The embarrassment he gave me when I was in this apartment the last time. We kissed but in the end, he labeled it as a lusty moment, hurting my feelings. I had sworn that I would never come back here, but with the heat of the moment I came all the way and ended up here.

I looked around and nothing seemed to change as I felt him next to me.

"And next time you come, don't press the bell so much. It's annoying and yes, next time you come, don't come here for someone else," he held my hand and put something on my palm. I saw it as a key and realized he just handed me the spare key of his apartment. I was about to argue and shove it back wanting to tell him that I would never come back when he opened the door and pushed me out and closed the door on my face.

I stood there in confusion with the keys in my hand as my face grew red.

"Just what does he mean by don't come here for someone else? For whom should I come?" I muttered as I looked at the closed door. I wanted to press the bell again and throw the keys on his face but decided against it as I turned to leave.

I had to go back to the hospital for work.

It was already too much for a day.

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