Fall For Me

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Chapter 28

The cab took a halt back on the hospital road as I pulled some bills out from my purse and handed it to the driver and I got out to take in a deep breath. My purse jingling with the keys he gave me and it annoyed me further. I tried to hand it over to the security guard but he refused, blabbering how he got a call from Keith who told him not to take it. The other choice I had left was to throw the keys away, but I couldn’t.

I walked back inside the hospital premises and as I did, my eyes fell on someone sitting far away on a bench. I recognized the person immediately. It was the same guy who attacked me this morning claiming I sent my boyfriend to beat him. I had a mental conversation at that very moment as I thought about whether to go and talk to him.

I wanted to know what happened.

So, slowly I made my way to him and immediately his eyes fell on me as he watched me come to him and I gave him a small awkward smile.

“Hey, how are you doing,” I said as I stood right before him and he scoffed at me putting his crutches to the side as he turned the other way avoiding me.

“As you can say, not very well. Thanks to someone,” he huffed at me and before I could respond he looked back at me with his fury filled eyes as he got hold of his crutches and tried to stand up wanting to leave.

“Wait! I wanted to talk to you,” I told him and he looked back at me scowling at me. “And why do you think I would even talk to you? Get lost!” he said and yelped forward with the help of his crutches.

“Well you told me to get lost, but you are certainly the one who is going away,” I told him and laughed at the end as he stopped and his whipped back to my direction. “What do you want?” he asked and this time wit less fury in his voice as I sighed and showed him the bench signaling him to take a seat and after staring at me for some seconds he finally obliged going back to his seat, putting his crutches to the side and I took a seat next to him, looking his way as he looked elsewhere.

“I wanted to ask you, what really happened?” I began and trailed off as he gave me a stare.

“Why? Do you want to enjoy knowing how I suffered?” he said in a sarcastic tone which made me roll my eyes at him.

“You are such a pessimist. You know what? Let it be! I am leaving,” I told him as I got off and all of a sudden he held my arms and I looked down at him as he let go.

“Fine! take a seat,” he mumbled and I obliged.

“What do you want to know?”

“I want to know what happened? How did you end up like this?” I asked and he squinted his eyes at me. “You seriously don’t know?” he asked and shook my head.

“Your boyfriend came and beat me like this and you are saying that you don’t know?” his eyes widened in the end and I found myself pursing my lips as I shook my head no.

“Well, that’s weird. So here is the story, after you hit me and you were gone, I was just dancing with some random girls fixing my hurt heart that a lady just kicked my ass but an hour later, a guy taller than me and wearing glasses came and beat me like hell,” he sighed at the end and I shifted on my position wanting to know more.

“He was like how dare you put your filthy hands on my woman,” he told me and I grimaced inwardly with the way he put an action as he spoke but the words that he used got my attention.

“My woman?” I asked astonished and he nodded.

“What? Why are you even astonished? Is he not your boyfriend?” this time he was the one who looked surprised as I shrugged and shook my head no.

“What? He is not?”

“No, he is not my boyfriend but my fiancé,” I told him and he nodded exhaling out loudly. “So this is the reason. Man! It’s so unfair! Why would you do this to someone? I mean you already beat me,” he ended his sentence and I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I agree that what he did was not good. But I had no idea that somehow he got to know about it and he went after you. But I will be truthful, you disturb worse,” I told him with a sarcastic smile as all of a sudden he got hold of his crutches and glared at me.

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me. I agree with what my fiancé was wrong but what you did was wrong too! So now we two are equal,” I told him as I put my hand on my knees and looked straight towards the hospital building.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, excused!” I snapped back at him and folded my arms as he stood up and I followed his actions standing before him eyeing him up and down as he held his crutches. “I don’t really think any guy will ever lay a finger on you ever. Your fiancé is just wasting his time protecting someone ugly like you,” he snapped and my eyes widened as I heard that.

“What did you just say?” I yelled at him and he smirked.

“You heard me right! You are ugly! Your fiancé is just wasting his time protecting an ugly bitch,” he laughed at the end and the way he laughed made my head spin. He had a feminity in his voice and the way he talked. Immediately my mind fell off to a different track and I began to think of the impossibilities. Be it my profession, as I felt like I was just being paranoid and doubtful for no reason.

“Wait! Are you ga-” I began and trailed off when he glared at me.

“How did you kn-”

“You really are gay?” I yelled at top of my lungs and he looked here and there before he tried to silence me by putting his hands on my mouth and as I shut my mouth, I swat his hand away.

“No, I am not!” he said and I watched as sweats formed on his forehead and he shifted on his position.

“Oh wow! So Mr. Molestor turns out to be a gay man. I can’t believe this! What’s your deal? You know what? Gay or not! You left a fucking hickey on my neck and it might have infuriated my fiancé, it was right of him to hit you," I told him and he rolled his eyes at me.

"Whatever!" he said and took a seat back on the bench while I stood there looking at him as he lowered his eyes down. No way he looked gay, like I mean he was very muscular and behaved so straight, who would ever think that he is gay after the way he touched me last night in the bar and tried to leave a hickey on me.

What's his deal?

I would've never known if he didn't let that facade down for a minute and talk in that feminine way. He is hiding his true self behind a muscular personality. And it looks he wants to keep it hidden. So, why is he doing that?

He was dressed in the hospital's yellow attire. His left hand was rolled up with a bandage with shoulder support and he had neck collar support, his face was covered with bruises and one eye was mildly black. I wondered how badly Keith hit him.

Leaving all that, he was a good looking man. Raven colored hair and pink lips. A crooked nose and brown eyes. He was probably of the same height as Keith but was little muscular and looked heavy. But still, his condition was like this and when I met Keith a few hours ago, he was in his towel and surprisingly I saw no bruises in his body.

"Wow," I mumbled and he looked up at me.

"What?" he snapped at me and I shrugged.

"Nothing dude! What's your problem?" I asked and he looked down.

"If you are done, leave me alone," he whispered and I nodded shoving my hand in my pant pockets and rocking on my heels.

"By the way, before I leave, I think I should tell you, judging from the attire you are wearing it is possible that you are being admitted here right? So, I should tell you this, that I work here, so you will be seeing me very often," I told him and he scoffed at me but didn't even respond back.

"Look! If you want to keep this as a secret, I will keep it," I told him sincerely and this time he looked up at me.

"Why? Why would you do that? Are you trying to sympathize with me?" he asked and I didn't really like the way he asked that. Very rudely!

"What good will I get if I let people know? And why dod you think people want to sympathize with you? Learn to accept yourself first! This is the problem," I told him and as I turned around to leave, I heard his voice. "What's your name?" he asked and I looked back to see him already looking my way.

"Vienna Alvis,"

"I am Reggie," he said and I nodded and he looked away as I turned to leave but at the same time a smile played on my lips as I thought about it.

Keith took all these efforts for nothing.

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