Fall For Me

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Chapter 29

Tuesday morning, as I hurried to make myself some breakfast. I wanted to have some scrambled eggs and avocado toast. My coffee was ready and I placed my food on plates and sat down on the table. I was just about to eat when there was a knock on the door followed by the bell being pressed multiple times.

“Coming!” I found myself scoffing at whoever the person was as I looked back to see the wall clock reading past eight O’ clock in the morning.

Who could it be so early in the morning?

I got up from the table and made my way to the door and used the video doorbell camera and gasped as I found a very unexpected person right before my door. Keith!

Quickly I adjusted my suit and opened the door only to reveal him with a scowl on his face. “What took you so long?” he asked and he sidestepped me entering my apartment as I looked back at him. “Excuse me? How can you enter my apartment just like that?” I asked and he looked back at me narrowing his eyes. “Just like the way, you enter my apartment!” he argued and I huffed at him.

“Really? I press your doorbell!”

“Well, did I not?” he retorted back and I stood their dumbstruck with him as I closed the main door shut and walked to him. I saw he was holding something and he saw me looking at it as he handed me the white plastic bag.

“Breakfast!” he said and I looked inside to find bagels with cream cheese and a cup of hot coffee from Starbucks.

“Thank you, but I have already made my breakfast,” I said and signaled at my plate on the table and he looked back as he rubbed his hands together. “No problem, I am hungry. You have that!” he said as he pointed at the white bag and went to sit on my chair picking up the fork.

“And I shall gladly have this,” he told me and even though I wanted to oppose and tell him that I wanted to eat the scrambled eggs, I didn’t. He seemed different today, he looked fresh and somewhat in a good mood. Because he was talking!

Yes, it was weird for me to put a point on something like this but it was true. He was talking from his side and there was this small smile playing on his lips as he had my food. He looked satisfied and contended.

“These are nice,” and he even complimented my food. I was really caught off-guard as I took a seat and brought the bagel out and took a sip from my Starbucks coffee. I was never really a fan of Starbucks but I had the coffee, I had no idea why I was not even letting Keith know that I didn’t really like the strong and burnt taste of the coffee.

“So?” I began and trailed off as he looked up having a bite of the avocado toast.

“So what?” he asked and I shrugged.

“What are you doing here? Do you have some work?” I asked and he shook his head no.

“I came here for work and knew you stayed nearby so I thought of having breakfast together,” he said and I furrowed my eyebrows at him.

He had work nearby and he thought because I stayed nearby we should have breakfast together. Now, what type of reason is this?

All of a sudden, I remembered about Reggie and I looked up at him. Since he was here, I should let him know that because he hit Reggie so badly, he is admitted to the same hospital where I work and perhaps give him a hint that he not really into women.

No! Wait! I can’t do that. I have said Reggie that I would not tell anyone about this.

But it’s Keith.

He is my fiancé.

He should know everything.

Wait! From when did I start sharing everything with him? Why do I even need to tell him that?

And he might not be interested to know it too. Right?

We had our breakfast in silence occasionally looking up at each other and he even gave me a small smile. As we were done, I kept the plates back in the sink and took hold of my bag ready to leave for work.

“I will drop you off,” he insisted and I looked back at him confused as to why he was doing this.

“No, it’s alright. It’s just ten-minute travel. I can take the bus,” I told him and he waved his hands before me which meant he will drop me as he held his car keys and got out of my apartment as I heaved a sigh.

This arrogant guy!


He dropped me in the hospital and as I got out I saw people looking our way. Not at me but at the red Lamborghini Aventador of Keith. They looked starstruck just by looking at the car and I closed the scissor door and adjusted my peach-colored suit and looked back at Keith to find him still inside. I was just about to say goodbye when I heard someone calling my name.

“Ms. Alvis,”

It was Jesse as he walked up to me smiling at me and gave him a smile. “Good morning, you look pretty today,” he said and I smiled “why thank you. Good Morning,” I told him and heard the door being shut as I looked back to find Keith out of the car making his way towards us.

“Jesse. What a surprise seeing you here,” Keith said as he smiled at him and they did a quick hug followed by a handshake.

“Keith, good to see you around man! Did Ms. Alvis didn’t tell you about me being the Chief?” Jesse asked and looked back at me so did Keith who smiled at me.

“She did! But she didn’t tell me that you are the Chief,” Keith lied and I looked back at him wondering why he did that. What is the need to lie?

“I am glad she did. I don’t often see you, man! Let’s hangout sometimes? I even asked Ms. Alvis out for dinner and she refused,” Jesse said and laughed at the end as I shifted on my position when Keith’s head whipped to my direction. Why do I even feel guilty for not telling him about this?

And why in the world is he even looking at me like this? Like an accusing look? What did I do?

“Really? She doesn’t really like to hang out much. I am sure next time, we could join you for dinner,” Keith told him and I nodded agreeing with him as Jesse smiled and as they talked I zoned out when I saw Reggie walking out of the hospital’s entrance probably wanting to have a seat in the lawn.

Oh, man! Why now?

He seemed to look my way as he changed his direction and made his way toward us. I just hoped he changed his direction and go away or see the face of Keith but unfortunately, Keith was the first to see him as I saw him immediately looking at the way Reggie was coming. Reggie seemed to notice Keith this time, as he stopped just three meters away from us his eyes trained on Keith and I looked back to find Keith’s jaw locked as he gave a pointed glare at Reggie and then looked back at me.

“What’s wrong?” Jesse seemed to look confused as he looked between us and then looked back at Reggie.

“Nothing, just an old acquaintance,” Keith gave out a laugh as Reggie yelped over to us using his crutches.

“Hi,” I said smiling awkwardly at him and he gave me one in return as his eyes wandered back to where I was standing probably to Keith who seemed to be digging holes on the back of my head with his glare. And I slowly turned to look only to find him an inch closer to me as he wrapped his arms around my waist and looked back at both Jesse and Reggie before giving them a blunt excuse and turned to walk out of the place, with me still in his arms as he guided me towards the lawn. I looked back to find the Valet taking Keith’s car away from the entrance.

I had no idea why all of a sudden I was sweating and scared as I looked back at Keith who still had his jaw locked as we stopped right under a tree.

“When were you planning to tell me about this?” he asked once we came face to face.

“About what?” I played dumb and he gave me a sarcastic smile as he pointed his finger at me.

“I have already told you Vienna. I don’t care about our relationship but I won’t let you spoil the image of Devlin’s before the media,” he snapped at me and I pushed his finger away.

“Just what did I did to make you feel that I spoil the image of the Devlins? If I remember it correctly, he said I refused to go out with him for dinner. Talking about Reggie I met him just yesterday. He ended up here because of you. Look what you have done to him!” I told him and he scoffed at me.

“So now you even know his name,” out of all the things, he got this.

“Keith, are you being serious? You are trying to pick up a fight with me for no reason,” I snapped back at him and he raked his hair before getting a hold of my shoulder.

“Next time, don’t hide things from me. I do not like this at all,” he told me in a low dead serious tone which didn’t anything but scare me as I pushed his hands away.

“I do not really care about what you like or not. Why do you expect me to do things which you like? We are not real couples. You have clearly told me about your intentions back in your apartment. I am never going to share anything with you ever. I am playing my part well and until and unless I find the way out to get out of this fake relationship, you can be at ease that I am not going to do anything that would put the Devlins on shame, “as I told him that he glared at me and before he could open his mouth, I turned around to leave.

“That Jesse is clearly interested in you. I have seen the way he looks at you from the day Leila got married. And that other guy molested you!” Keith yelled at me and I looked back.

“So, what? Can’t a guy have an interest in me? What’s wrong with that? And talking about Reggie, he got what he deserved,” I told him and turned to leave.

“Look Vienna!” he began and I turned back to look at him.

“Keith, Please!” I said out loud and clear pleading him to shut up as he stood there staring at me. There was a long silence prevailing between us as he exhaled out loudly in the end and made it his cue to leave as he walked past me, pushing my shoulder in the process and I lost my balance. A yelp escaped my mouth as I lost my balance but suddenly he turned around and held me by waist saving me from the fall. His actions caught me off guard as I watched him with my widen eyes and he held me on the place.

“You don’t get it, do you?” he asked and I held his arms for support.

“You are like a magnet. Even though I don’t want it, I can’t seem to ignore the pull,” he said and at that moment I realized what I have been trying to ignore was right before me. My heart has never sped up at such a great speed ever as it did when I was in his arms.

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