Fall For Me

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Chapter 3

Vienna Alvis

“W-What- How did you?” my voice quivered and my legs wobbled as I witnessed the guy who just fell of the terrace right before me as if nothing happened.

How could this be?

How in the world did this happen?

I know and I’m sure I did see him falling off but how did he?

“You! Who are you?” his eyes squinted roughly for a mere second before he tilted his head to the side skimming my attire and then back at my face “Miss Alvis?” he questioned as if he realised who I were and I found myself nodding. But still, I couldn’t forget what really happened and I could still feel my heartbeat pounding against my chest.

“How did you do that?” I asked and he looked straight into my eyes and I was sure for a split second I saw him glaring at me but then he composed himself and took in a deep breath before responding “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” I questioned more to myself.

What does he mean?

Is he not aware that I just saw him falling off?

Is he going to play dumb now?

“Well. Mr Devlin I just witnessed the most peculiar and weird and mysterious thing of my life. Not just a rocket taking off for space, not any animal giving birth to a new life, not any 99% supermarket sale but rather something really peculiar. I saw a man who lost his balance and fall off a terrace and whom I had expected to have broken ribs and legs or worst, death is right before me. Safe and sound as if nothing happened. This is what I saw,” I didn’t even recognise that I was blabbering and I was out of my breath when I finished the sentence. But the guy before me seemed unaffected as he stood still and remained staring at me in his cool state.

“Are you drunk?”

It was what he said after a cool five minutes silence.

“Pardon?” I asked as calmly as I could.

“No. I have been standing here from the minute you walked or should I say you sprinted like a maniac towards the” he signalled using his finger towards the edge of the terrace where I was still standing and a scream escaped my mouth as I had completely forgotten about the place where I was standing. I could fall off but I was sure I couldn’t come back like he did. Screaming like a maniac I ran with my closed eyes until I hit something which caused me to lose my balance and I fell back but was stopped in the mid air by someone holding me by my waist.

Slowly opening my eyes, I was met with the most beautiful eyes I’ve had ever seen in my life. Bright blue eyes, sharp nose, chiseled jawline, raven messy hair with bangs on his forehead. If I define him in one word then it would be sexy. Yes, sexy. He was the most sexy man I have had ever seen in my entire life. And the most sexiest part of him was his glasses. He had powered glasses on his eyes and somehow I found that really sexy.

Mr. Sexy....

“Miss Alvis?” I heard his husky voice as I felt my cheeks burning feeling his hot breath fanning on my face. So close. So damn close.

Is this how it feels when a man is so close to you?

Was it him or was it the fact that I was never been so intimidated by any man made me feel it?

“Miss Alvis?” I heard his voice and inattentively I found myself nodding.

“Can you let go now?” he asked and I thought for a moment about what he was talking about and then my eyes travelled down from his face to his chest where I had unconsciously clutched his black shirt saving myself from falling.

“Oh I am sorry,” I said and removed my hands from him and he withdrew his hands from my waist letting me stand straight on my spot as I turned my face around and composed myself running my hand on my hair and on my dress feeling awkward. I heard him clearing his throat before I glanced back at him and he looked back at me.

Why am I feeling nervous all of a sudden?

“Can we get back on the topic we meant to talk about since we were set up for this meeting?” he asked and all of a sudden I I remembered that we were actually set for a date by our parents and I nodded recalling what my father had told me. I came just to analyse and meet him not to get to the point of marriage right from the beginning. It would be good if I tell him this from the beginning else we would have to suffer by the hands of our parents and I don’t want that to happen to any of us.

“I-” I was abruptly cut off by him speaking up and I turned to face him as he pulled his red jacket close to him.

The weather was windy as well as chilled. The chilly wind fanned my face and my hair blew up on my face and it made it hard for me to control it as we were also at the top of the building where the wind was at its speed. I turned my face towards the side where the wind hit my face and then I used my hands to pull the loose curls out of my face and it was when I was finally able to see clearly and I looked back at him to find him already looking at me.

The guy was standing there in his cool stance with his hands shoved in his jacket’s pocket and his bangs blowing up because of the wind but he looked sexy.

Why am I....Sheesh!

“As I was saying....” he continued and I hummed in response.

“Let’s end this here.” he finished and avoided my gaze and somehow I knew what he meant.

At the moment I felt a weird feeling in my heart that I had never felt. The feeling of rejection was too heavy this time than the one I felt because of Skipper Jones in school. It wasn’t as if I came here to say yes to the marriage proposal but still I felt a little disappointed but it was okay. Better to end it in the beginning than to suffer it.


“It’s alright Mr. Devlin,” I was the one who cut him off this time and he looked back at me as I left my hair that I was holding blowing against the wind. Maybe it was better if he didn’t see my face.

“I understand. Perhaps, like me you are also not interested upon a set up marriage and maybe you were also forced to meet me. I understand. You don’t have feel awkward because in fact I came here to say no this proposal as well. I am not really interested in any kind of set up dates so...let’s just end it here,” I said and found him looking at his feet.

“I am glad that you feel the same as I do. Currently, there is a lot going on in my mind and marriage is just not for me. I don’t want to make my partner suffer hence I had decided that I would end it and make it clear from the beginning,” he said and looked up towards the sky.

Moments passed by as he stood there like that I remained glued to my position watching him when I realised I should leave.

“Oh Well,” I began and he looked back at me questionably.

“I guess it’s my time to leave now,” I said and gave him a little nod before pulling my jacket to myself and glancing one last time at his face I took the cue to walk towards the stairs.

“Let me drive you back,” he offered but I nodded my head no and gave him a small smile.

“It’s alright. I have somewhere to visit,“I said and he nodded understanding.

“Miss Alvis,” he called and I stopped in my trance wanting to listen what more he has to say but somehow I knew what he wanted to tell me, so I made it clear to him “Don’t worry. I won’t discuss it with mine or your parents,”

Biting down on my lips, I looked forward and walked towards the stairs when I heard him saying “Thank you.”


Once I reached the end of the building I heaved a deep sigh as I looked up towards where we were just standing.

“Man... what a day!” I exclaimed and held the side of my forehead feeling the headache kicking in.

I couldn’t see him but I knew he was still up there and that made me wonder what was he still doing there. But then all of a sudden I remembered the accident that I witnessed.

“Wait! What about that? How did he end up behind me when I clearly saw him falling off?” I questioned myself and recalled what he said.

“Did I really see it or not?” I was confused now.

“Mr.Sexy...Just what exactly are you?” I wondered as I looked up towards the terrace and finally saw him standing at the edge looking towards the clouds.

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