Fall For Me

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Chapter 4

My eyes skimmed through the pages of the book that I was supposed to be reading but nothing really made sense and that made me huff in annoyance. I couldn’t forget Devlin. Just what in the world is that guy?

I had clearly seen him falling off the terrace and the next moment he was right behind me.

How can this be?

No matter how much I tried not to think about it I found myself thinking even more about it and that was frustrating. Not only frustrating but annoying as well as I could no longer sleep a peaceful sleep in night because the mysterious Keith Devlin of a guy kept invading my dreams but not in any romantic or happy dream but a dream where he is a ghost who disappears from one place and appears in another.

And that frightens me.

What if he really was a ghost?

What if the person I met on that terrace was not really Mr. Keith Devlin but a ghost who had appeared before me introducing himself as Keith Devlin. Because perhaps the ghost was bored living a ghostly life and it wanted some entertainment in his life and it was why I was targeted and it acted the way I saw it just to play with me?

A loud thud sound from behind me broke me out of my thinking state and I screamed petrified thinking that there really was a ghost behind me.

“Sheesh! Young lady!”

I heard the voice of a lady whom I recognised as the librarian and slowly turned around on my seat to look at the source of the voice. It was the old librarian and she was actually placing some books behind me on the rack when a book fell down which caught me me off guard.

“S-Sorry Mrs. Warren,” I apologised and she narrowed her eyes at me before going back to her work.

“Damn it Vienna!” I whispered feeling little embarrassed as I packed up my things and got up to leave.

It has been two weeks since I met Mr. Keith Devlin and two weeks of me trying to have a normal peaceful sleep. The guy is weird and mysterious. And basically strange. The guy looked so cool and composed and he hardly reacted to anything but he was strange. It was like he did nothing but then he did so many thing that completely blew my mind.

And to top of that Dad has been nagging me wanting to know why it didn’t work between us. What was the problem and why did I not agree and everything. I had told him that Mr. Keith Devlin and me had nothing in common and even though we didn’t even talk much apart from ending it right then and there still I made up an excuse that we were totally opposite and he didn’t like what I liked and I disliked what he liked. I even lied that I didn’t like his dressing style and personally I didn’t even find him that attractive and he was not really my type. And obviously, my dad had to mock me and he scoffed at me for losing a golden opportunity to be with a Billionaire heir. Even though I told my dad that I didn’t find him attractive enough to think about the marriage proposal but in reality inside I was “Not attractive my ass. He is clearly Mr. Sexy.”

But dad doesn’t need to know that. Of course.

So in the end Dad told me that it was a No from their side as well.

As if I didn’t really knew about it.

Mr. Aaron Devlin had been calling dad multiple times and has been constantly apologising for his son’s behaviour and dad has been doing the same apologising for my behaviour but amidst of all that I was stuck in the middle wondering what wrong did I do and why dad was apologising. But one thing was sure, and that was it was over before it even started for which I was glad.

I was disappointed probably for not being the first one to keep it in front. I wanted to tell him that I was not interested and I was into it only because of my father and his sister but then he had to keep it first and I ended up looking like the one who got rejected.

So perhaps I got on to the point that I couldn’t sleep all these nights because of the power of rejection.

Yes! I couldn’t sleep because I was the one who got rejected.

And honestly, I don’t even blame the boy. Just look at me! What am I? The only thing I was good on was studies and apart from it neither did I had the looks, nor the niche. There was a time when I used to think that not being attractive was not a problem but being good at studies was what that was important the most. But as I grew up, I came to know that academics was just a number. If you want to rule the world, apart from academics, you need to have the creativeness, efforts and most importantly looks. Looks played a great role.

So, even if it was a set up marriage, the fact that I got rejected by the boy didn’t really affect me that much. Because I knew, if I were him, I would’ve done the same. I mean just look at him. He had everything money, fame and looks. I was sure he must have graduated from business schools like Harvard and must have a first class career.

The beeping of my phone had my attention and I fished it out of my bag to find multiple message notifications from Dad.

Why are you not picking up the phone?

I rolled my eyes at it. Even though he knew I was in classes still he would ask the obvious. Going further I read his other messages which said: Look Baby Orangutan, after putting so much effort, we have decided that you both need to meet again and Aaron had talked to Keith and he has agreed to meet up.

“What!” I exclaimed horrified as I read the text message again and again.

Dad was clearly insane to think that I was even going to meet him again. I mean c’mon! I got rejected the last time and not to talk about the weird the freaking-chilling incident in which he vanishes out of sight. Why does dad make it so hard for me?

Not even bothering to read his messages, I dialed his number and he picked up almost immediately and before I could throw a fit, he was the one to cut me off as he spoke: “I know what you’re gonna say but it’s too late now. Aaron had talked to Keith and he agreed on meeting again and in fact he is in his way to your university to meet you up,” dad said sounding victorious.

“Dad! Why are you making this so hard for me when I clearly told you that I didn’t like him and what about the promise you made to me? You clearly told me that after meeting him, whatever my decision was, it would be the last. You’re breaking it! And why is coming to my university? And now?” I checked the time to find it almost the time to lunch break.

“My baby Chihuahua,” he said and I huffed in annoyance for the nickname he used “Dad!”

“I know what you mean but I can’t do anything. I was not the one to talk to Keith Devlin. It was his father and he was the one who called me this morning to tell me that Keith has agreed to meet up once again. It happened so suddenly that I didn’t even had the time to react. And I think he must have already reached your university. You must not let him wait for you.”

“But da-”

“C’mon baby girl he went all the way to meet you up, you can’t let him wait for you. At least meet him and solve everything that happened,”

“What do you mean by solve everything? There is nothing that happened between us,” I cried in response due to agitation.

Why? Just why do things always turn up like this for me? And just what’s with him? He was the one who told me that he was not interested and how in the world did he agree to meet me again? Just why? What does he think of himself?

“Fine! Let me meet him up then,” I said as I disconnected the call and walked straight towards the entrance of the university.

True to what dad had told me earlier, there he was standing or should I say leaning to a black McLaren P1 sports car. I was literally gawking looking at the damn car. Not only me, but perhaps everyone around were gawking at the expensive sports car while the owner of the car stood calmly looking oblivious to everyone around him as he looked at his feet but then as if he sensed my arrival he looked up to meet my eyes. He was wearing a blue jacket this time and again with the hoodie he had managed to hid his face but I could see he was looking at me through his glasses.

As he looked at me, a lot of students nearby whispered to each other and everyone looked at my direction. I had always hated attention and as everyone looked at me, I grew nervous and turned around wanting to leave, away from everyone’s gaze but then something happened that I had never ever thought of or imagined that would happen to me.

Keith was before me blocking me from going away as all of a sudden he threw his hands over my shoulder which caught me off guard and I squealed in shock when he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him in a hug.

“I was waiting for you baby. Where are you going? Did you forget something in your class? Are you going to let your fiance wait for you?” he said and all I said in response was a “Eh?”

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