Fall For Me

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Chapter 6

“Dad are you being serious over here?” I swallowed hard as I got to know that my father has actually called a press conference where he and Keith’s father were going to announce our engagement and also him taking over the company.

“What? I do not understand why are you making such a fuss over this?” he squinted his eyes at me and then looked over to the paper that he was holding. It were some official documents that he was going through while I burst into his office wanting to know the truth.

“A fuss? Am I the one who is making the fuss? How could you decide that I am going to marry him? I told you that I don’t like him and we didn’t seem to get along that well. How could you call a press conference without my permission. I didn’t agree on this engagement and I’m not going to marry him. This is my final answer dad,” I said as sternly as I could and he sighed as he got off from his seat and walked up to me.

“Look! I know I should’ve asked you about this but it happened so fast that both Aaron and I decided that we will look over this. Keith is good guy. Relax! Its just an engagement. We are not going to get you two married instantly. We will give you some time to think about it but we have to announce the engagement tomorrow any how,” he said and held my arm softly but I jerked off his hand in anger and narrowed my eyes at him.

“I said I am not going to marry him. And just forget about the engagement,” I said as clearly as I could but he shook his head and held his head as if he was having a headache.

“You just don’t understand,” he mumbled and I huffed at him.

“Think about it Vienna. Keith is going to take over the company in a few months he will be mentored by the most powerful woman in business industry and who is also his sister, Ms Leila Devlin. You are going to be married off to a powerful family and your future will be secured. Do you understand how many woman out there are waiting for this chance? But you’re getting this. So what if its an arranged wedding?” dad said and all I did was stomp my foot in frustration and gawked at him disbelieving his words.

“Dad are you really talking about my future? All I can see is you want to merge our firm with them and make it big. Is it really about me?” I asked as I grew even more enraged by the fact.


“No! I know everything. You asked me to meet him and I met him not only once but twice and dad we don’t get along. He doesn’t even like me nor is he interested. It seems his family is also forcing him like you are doing to me. Dad, do you even understand what you are doing? Yo’re forcing your own daughter into something that she doesn’t want. I can’t force myself into someone’s life destroying his happiness. If I marry him, then neither of us will be happy. Do you not understand such a simple thing?” I questioned and he closed his eyes.

“Vienna I’m telling you, what I have decided for you is for your own good,” he argued.

“Good for me? Dad I know what is good for me and what is not. So please?”

“Enough now! Listen to me. The press conference is tomorrow and you’re going to attend it with Keith and his family as we are going to announce your engagement. This is my final decision and you’re going to do as I say,” as he said that my eyes teared up and I turned around to leave.

“You should know how stubborn I am. I said am not going to do this engagement and I will not. I am not going to come there. Do as you want and I will do what I want and this,” I wiped my tears away “is my final decision.”

Plopping down on my bed I looked up towards the ceiling and then turned around on my bed as tears continuously streaked my eyes. I couldn’t believe dad. How could he do this to me. What has actually gotten up to him? He is just not listening to what I have to say and how can he force me to marry someone who I don’t even know?

Something was surely off and even though I wanted to find it out, I couldn’t because my mind seemed to be submerged in the thoughts of how to deal with the conference and dad. I had to stop this conference or I could never get myself out of it. The beeping of my phone made me sit up and I stretched my hand to get the phone which was on the nightstand.

My phone seemed to be filled with notifications and as I opened a certain tab to read what it was all about I was shocked and distressed to find my face and Keith Devlin’s face popping out on the tabloid as it read: Business tycoon, Mr. Aaron Devlin’s son, Mr. Keith Devlin all set to marry his sweetheart Ms. Vienna Alvis this year.

Aaron Devlin announced his son, Keith Devlin’s engagement over a twitter tweet and fans are going crazy about the high profile wedding.

Keith Devlin all set to marry his sweetheart this year.

Breaking news, Keith Devlin is going to take over Ms. Leila Devlin’s company but before that he is going to marry Miss Vienna Alvis.

My eyes looked as if they were going to pop out any second as I read it over and over again. I couldn’t believe it. Apparently, Keith’s father Mr. Aaron Devlin has posted the engagement announcement over a tweet on twitter and it was why people were going crazy.

How could he?

“What is this sweetheart?” I said irritated as I read the adjective again and again.

The news was all made up and it looked as if people got a wrong information about Keith and me because they were regarding me as his sweetheart and it was not as if we were set up for the marriage. The news were absurd and I had an idea that somehow dad was also in this and the news on the tabloid were announced just to force me and Keith to agree on it.

Biting on my lips, I looked for the message that Keith had send back then when he wanted me to meet him on that terrace and it was where I got his number and dialed it without a second doubt. The number rung for two to three times before he picked it up.

“Hello?” he answered.

“It’s me. Vienna,” I replied and all I got was silence in his reply so I continued to speak “I called you tell you that...“I trailed off not knowing what exactly to say and he spoke up “that?” he asked in a low tone and I sighed before building up the confidence as I told him the reason for what I had called “I am ready to play along with the plan that you have made,” I said and bit down on my lips in anticipation for his reply.

Is he going to laugh?

Is he going to mock me?

What if he changed his mind?

All these thoughts were going on inside my head as I thought about it because after all I was the one who dissed his plan and walked away this evening.

But then, after remaining silent for some minutes, finally he spoke up “Alright,” and then he hung up making me stare at the phone in shock.

“Just what is he?” I muttered as I threw my phone on the bed and got up front the bed thinking of going for a stroll out towards the balcony because I knew I couldn’t sleep that night.

I didn’t want to do that to my dad but the fact that he was forcing me had no option for me but to go along with Keith’s plan.

I hope this sorts out all.

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