Troubled Sincerity

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Chapter 21 | Out for Blood

Mark and Connor went out to pick up some pizza for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Lucy, Marissa and I were trying to cheer up Riley.

After ten minutes of us pleading, she finally opened her bedroom door to let us all inside.

The four of us are currently lounging on Riley’s king sized bed, Riley on the verge of tears.

“Why do I always do this?” She finally asks.

“Do what?”

“Get with guys who turn out to be douche bags.” Riley sighs, leaning forward on her bed to glance at the rest of us.

Marissa is laying on her stomach, her legs up in the air, while Lucy is laying on her back, her head resting on Marissa’s ass.

Don’t ask. It does look comfy though.

I’m beside Riley, glancing over to her as she speaks.

“It’s like I’m prone to getting hurt.”

“That’s not true. Dylan is many things, manipulative being number one. At first he’s charming, good looking and such a sweetheart... but when things go south, he’s just a complete ass.” I say to Riley, Marissa and Lucy both agreeing.

“I mean I never really talked to the kid, but I could feel his fuck-boy vibes.” Marissa says while scrolling through her Facebook timeline.

“And yet you dated Charles Springley from tenth grade.” Lucy rolls her eyes, the rest of us laughing.

“I was dumb in tenth grade. Also Charles had a massive penis.” Marissa shrugs with a laugh.

The rest of us burst into laughter, Riley even joining in.

“Now I am happily in love with Connor.” Marissa smiles lovingly, “Sorry if that’s still awkward by the way.” She says, glancing over to me.

I shake my head, “It’s not awkward. You’re with Connor, I’m with Mark. Both of us are happy.” I smile.

“At least some of us are happy.” Riley comments.

“Hey, I’m still single too. Dean really hurt me when we ended things, but I’m still getting up every day aren’t I? You’ll get through this Riley, Dylan is trash. You’re better off without.”

All of us agree with Lucy. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Everything is quiet for a few minutes, the four of us just lounging around in comfortable silence.

“Do you think Charles Springley is single?” Lucy suddenly asks, the rest of us bursting into laughter again.

“Thanks you guys, I really needed this. I’m just so over the games and the bullshit. I’m ready to find something serious.” Riley sighs, but still smiling at the rest of us.

“We understand. Everyone wants someone to fill the empty void of everyday life. We all want someone who understands us, and wants the same things that we do. We all want to wake up with smiles on our faces, and we all want to know that no matter what, we have one single person who we can share our lives with.” I find myself saying. “Nobody wants to be alone.”



“So seriously, does anyone have Charles’ number?”

The three of us glare at Lucy, but all laugh anyway.

Not long after, the boys return with pizza.

I’m not that hungry, since I ate so much pasta at Mark’s restaurant, but I still end up eating two slices.

Not long after, both boxes of pizza are empty and Marissa and Connor are saying their goodbyes.

Riley and Lucy both go to bed, since the three of us have early classes in the morning. I don’t really mind staying up late, since I only have one class and then I’m free for the rest of the day.

The girls and I all made plans to go shopping for outfits tomorrow after school, since we don’t have anything better to do. Mark has to work a shift tomorrow, but I decided not to go.

“Nave!” Mark shouts from the bathroom.

I sigh. Of course he shouts for me as soon as I get comfortable in bed. I throw the duvet off my body, and slowly get out of bed.

“Hurry, dammit!”

“What the hell are you on about?” I glare as I make my way to the bathroom. Just as I push the door open, I see Mark standing on the lid of the toilet.

“What’s going on?” I laugh.

“There!” He points to the corner of the bathroom. I turn and look at the spot he’s pointing to, and then I start dying laughing.

“Are you serious? A damn spider?” I say in between breaths, leaning over to hold my stomach. I’m laughing so hard I have tears coming out of my eyes.

“It’s not funny! Kill it!” Mark glares, not moving an inch off the toilet.

Did I also mention he’s completely naked? Because he is.

“Hang on!” I say, rushing out of the bathroom.

“Where the fuck are you going?” I hear Mark yell.

I grab my phone off its charger and sprint back into the bathroom, I open up the camera and hold the phone up in front of Mark.

“Naveah Olsin, I swear to God if you take a picture of me, I will literally strangle you.” Mark seethes, his cheeks turning bright pink.

“Smile for the camera baby!” I laugh, holding the phone closer to Mark.

He quickly grabs the end of the shower curtain, holding it in front of his private area, right before I press the button. The flash goes just as Mark starts to slip, the curtain almost coming off the wall above the shower. Mark steadies himself on the toilet, avoiding a fall, but as I open the picture and look at it, I’m doubled over in laughter yet again.

“You are completely evil, and I hate you.” Mark mumbles just loud enough for me to hear it.

I roll my eyes once I’ve sobered up, and grab a piece of toilet paper.

I walk over and grab a flip-flop, going back into the bathroom to smash the spider. Once the spider is good and dead, I pick it up with the toilet paper and turn towards Mark with a grin.

“Death is right next to you Naveah, don’t.” Mark threatens.

“Well then you might wanna move, because this little guy needs to have a proper funeral. By that I mean he’s going down the toilet.” I say while taking a step closer to Mark.

He rushes off the toilet and darts past me so fast, I don’t even have time to scare him with the spider. I shake my head with another laugh as I toss the spider and toilet paper into the porcelain bowl, flushing away the evidence of murder.

“You’re safe babe, Mr. Spidey is no more.” I smirk just as Mark appears in the bathroom doorway.

“Are you sure?” He pouts.

“Yes, check for yourself.” I step aside as he walks over to the toilet. He looks into it, and smiles with relief.

“You’re welcome by the way.”

Mark turns, his smile immediately turning into a glare. “Give me your damn phone.”

“Sorry, nope!” I rush past him before he has time to grab me, but he turns and follows me out into the bedroom. He chases me around in circles, as I email the picture to my personal email address. I don’t have the email account linked to my phone, so even if Mark deletes the photo, I still have it in my emails.

Once the email has sent, I stop running and Mark immediately wraps his arms around me, yanking me down onto the floor.

I shout with laughter as he wrestles me for my phone. Eventually his strength is too much for me, so I finally give in and he snatches my phone from me. He goes to my photo gallery and deletes the picture, feeling victorious.

Little does he know, the picture is still available to me.

“You could have avoided all of this.” Mark says simply, gazing down at me.

It’s then that I realize, he’s still naked. I can feel JR pressing against my leg, not completely excited, but a little happy at the close proximity. I wiggle underneath him, purposely lifting my hips up into his. The only thing between us is my underwear and a large T-shirt.

“Don’t do that Nave, I may just have to punish you for your bad behavior.” Mark smirks down at me.

I slightly cringe at his tone of voice, and let out a little laugh of defiance.

“Right.” I nod. “Of course.”

Mark glares at me, pinning my arms above my head as we lay on the soft carpet floor.

“What was that?” He whispers against my lips playfully.

“You heard me, don’t make me resurrect that spider.” I challenge with a smirk.

“Fuck you.” Mark glares.

“Happily.” I nod, reaching my face forward to kiss Mark against his lips. He doesn’t react at first, not wanting to give in to me, but eventually JR convinces him to take what’s his. Mark gets up to retrieve a rubber companion to help with the task at hand, and eventually we get lost in ourselves as we’ve done many times before.

I don’t think we’ve ever had sex on my bedroom floor, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

After we finish, the both of us get into the shower, washing the sweat away.

Mark stands under the water, while I help wash his body. My hair is up in a messy bun, because I didn’t feel like going to sleep with wet hair.

I can’t stand the feel of wet hair stuck against a pillow. It irks me to the core.

Once we finish in the shower, Mark literally carries me to the bed and drops me down, jumping on top of me. I laugh while he begins tickling me, my face bright red.

We end up watching the first half of a movie, before we’re both passed out.

I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm. I bury my face into my pillow, before realizing that I have one class this morning. I sigh as I slowly lift my head, reaching over Mark’s sleeping body to turn off the alarm.

“Rise and shine!” I shout, slapping Mark against the chest. He sits upright in bed, his wide eyes darting around the room until his glare finally sets on me.

“I’m not the one with an early class today.” He scolds me for waking him. “I was having a dream about pancakes and strippers.”

I give Mark a deadpanned look before slapping him against the chest again, this time a little harder.

“What? I’m a man. I can’t help my dreams.” He shrugs, smirking over at me before tackling me into a hug. He lays his entire weight against me, crushing me to the mattress.

“Get off me fatty!” I scream.

“Me? Fat? Wow, your eyesight is horrible.” Mark shakes his head, slowly getting off me. I stand up from bed and walk over to the bathroom, closing the door in the process.

“Love you too sweetie!” Mark shouts from my bed, before I hear silence.

I turn the shower on, and get inside, this time washing my hair.

Once I’m done, I get out and wrap a towel around my hair, leaving my naked body on display after drying off.

I walk out into the bedroom, only to see Mark fast asleep on the bed. I roll my eyes as I walk over toward my closet.

After I get dressed in a simple pair of blue-jean shorts and a blue tank top, I slip on my black sandals and head for the door after grabbing my phone and kissing Mark against his cheek.

He should finally be awake by the time I get back from class.

I walk into the kitchen to see Lucy and Riley both eating a bowl of cereal. They both look up at me and smirk, before looking back down to their bowls.

“What’s that look for?” I ask, walking over to make some toast.

I’m not in a cereal mood today.

“Care to explain the screaming from last night? All three different times?” Riley smiles while glancing up at me.

I chuckle as I stick two pieces of bread into the toaster. “I learned my boyfriend is scared of spiders last night. Oh and then sex.” I casually say.

“Spiders? Really? Mark?” Lucy laughs, almost choking on her frosted flakes.

I nod. “And I have proof.” I grin.

“What?” They both say in unison, “Show us!”

I shake my head, “No, this picture is for me and me only. I can’t expose my man like that.”

“Wow, you’re no fun.” Riley says just as she finishes her last bite of cereal. She gets up to put her bowl into the sink, just as my toast pops out of the toaster. I butter each side lightly, before adding some grape jelly.

Don’t come for me, it’s delicious.

As I eat both slices of toast, Lucy finishes her cereal as well. Once we’ve all cleaned up the kitchen, we grab our bags and head outside to the car.

Riley drives as Lucy and I sing along to the radio. Riley isn’t much for singing, though she sure can dance.

We make it to school in no time, the three of us walking around the quad until class starts. Lucy has two classes, back to back, while Riley and I only have one class each.

Riley and I meet up after our class, making a plan to go to the café to get some lunch while we wait for Lucy to finish her last class for the day.

Of course, we run into Dylan and Jessica.

Riley glares as she watches Dylan and Jessica all over each other in the cafeteria. Riley and I grab our lunches, making sure to grab something to go for Lucy, while I convince Riley to sit outside in the quad to eat.

I don’t want her to have to watch Dylan make out with Jessica right in front of us. It’s disgusting.

I almost went to confront the two of them, but thought about leaving that for another day. Riley doesn’t need to deal with anymore drama from Dylan, and I certainly don’t have the willpower to speak to either one of them. The truth is, I want nothing to do with either of them.

“I can’t believe that asshole.” Riley glares while munching angrily on her chips.

“Yeah, I know, just try to forget about him.” I frown, glancing over at her.

“Easier said than done. Here’s proof.” Riley motions her eyes forward, and I look up to see Dylan and Jessica walking in our direction. They pass our table slowly, and I hear Jessica laugh under her breath as they do so.

That’s it.

I get up and walk around the table, walking up behind them.

“Excuse me? What the fuck are you laughing at?” I glare, placing my hands on my hips.

I know, that’s a juvenile move, but still effective.

Jessica is quick to turn around, a fake smile on her face. “Nothing sweetie.”

My eyes slightly widen, my hands holding my hips in a death grip. I can feel my nails digging into my skin.

“Do not call me sweetie, you bitch. Keep laughing, and I’ll do something really funny, like punch last year’s makeup right off your disgusting face.”

Riley is getting up to stand beside me in seconds, a few other people looking up at us from their tables.

Jessica’s eyes widen, her fake smile instantly turning into a glare.

“What did you just say?” She asks, taking a step toward me.

“Are you ugly and deaf? I said, keep laughing, and I’ll give you something to laugh about.” I retort, taking a step toward her as well.

Riley goes to grab my arm, but I shrug her off. I’ve had enough of Jessica’s games. Dylan’s too.

“Come on love, they’re not worth it.” Dylan says to Jessica, causing Riley’s eyes to harden.

“Fuck you, you douche bag. You’re not worth anything!” Riley shouts before turning and grabbing her lunch. She tosses it in the trash and then calls for me. “Naveah let’s go, they’re nothing.”

“Yeah, Nave, walk away.” Jessica smirks.

My blood runs cold as I hear her call me the nickname that Mark uses for me. It sounds so repulsive coming from her lips.

I officially snap.

I rush forward and grab Jessica by her hair, yanking her face down as I bring my fist to greet it. I punch her directly in the face, causing her to stumble, her hands reaching for her nose.

“That’s it!” She shouts, lifting her hand to smack me across the face. One of her rings graze my lip, and soon after I taste blood in my mouth.

“You’ve fucked up now Jessica.” Riley sighs just as I tackle Jessica onto the grass below.

Other students have now gathered around, shouting and cheering as if this were a normal every day occurrence. It felt as though we were back in high school, kids fighting over useless drama that doesn’t even really matter.

This matters to me though. Jessica messed with me, which I let slide, but then she fucked with my best friend and that’s a definite no-no.

I begin punching left and right, Jessica trying to hit me back.

She gets a few more slaps in, and one punch to my eye, her ring cutting my eyebrow. We wrestle around the grass until Connor and Marissa come running up. I assume they saw Riley and wanted to see who was fighting themselves.

“Oh shit! Get her Naveah!” Marissa shouts happily, urging me to continue whaling on Jessica.

Connor sees blood, and decides to break it up. He yells at Dylan to grab Jessica, while Connor grabs me. He struggles pulling me away, my hand tangled in Jessica’s hair. Apparently Dylan enjoyed watching the fight himself, since he didn’t even bother trying to break it apart.

After Jessica and I are pulled apart, I get a good look at her. Her nose is bleeding and there’s blood all over her shirt. Her eye is starting to swell, and her lip is also busted.

I smile as Dylan helps her to a nearby bathroom.

“Holy fucking shit! You destroyed her!” Riley shouts with a laugh, “I can’t believe that came out of you!”

“Seriously, I’m glad I never tried to pick an actual fist fight with you, you are lethal!” Marissa says as her and Riley fan-girl over me.

“Fuck Naveah, you’re bleeding too. We need to get you checked out.” Connor says while inspecting my face. I know I have a cut on my eyebrow and my lip, but I can’t feel or see anything else right now. I’m still full of rage and adrenaline.

After a while, Lucy walks up but freezes when she sees us standing around.

“What the hell happened? Someone said they saw a fight out here. He mentioned a hot blonde, but please don’t tell me it was...” She trails off, but sighs once she sees my face and bloody shirt. Most of the blood on my shirt isn’t mine though.

“Dear God, I leave you two alone for an hour and this happens? At least tell me she looks worse.”

“Oh definitely. Naveah killed Jessica.” Marissa nods, still excited about the fight she just witnessed.

“Alright, let’s celebrate later, we gotta get her home and cleaned up. I can’t wait to see Mark’s expression when he sees your face.” Lucy laughs, urging all of us to walk to our car.

Connor and Marissa say they will follow us to our apartment, since Marissa is coming with us to go clothes shopping later today. I suppose Connor can hang with Mark until Mark has to work.

I’m slowly calming down on the drive home. I can feel the throbbing in my face now, but I’m still smiling.

Today was not the day to test me. I’m sure Jessica knows to steer clear of me now. Surely she wouldn’t try anything after today.

I was out for blood.

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