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"your my mate and if you think I'll let you tease me and then act like nothing happened, your wrong" he growled grabbing my waist. My name is Melissa a she-wolf or female wolf. I'm turning 21 yrs old soon and I still haven't found my mate even though I dont need one I can make myself happy. I'm the alpha/luna of my pack since both my father and mother passed away leaving me to take care of the pack at the age of 17 yrs old. Although the beta of the pack could've step up temporarily until I came to age he decided instead to train me and groom me to be a Luna and an alpha at the same time. Until I find my mate when I turn 18.

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Childhood (past) 3d person pov -point if view-

Alpha Daniel sits in his chair behind his office studying the pack contract.

"Micheal, are you sure these are right?" Alpha asks frowning at his beta.

"Yes they are Daniel, I thought the same myself but I rechecked it again and it's true." The beta sits back rubbing his face to relieve the stress. Alpha Daniel sighs messaging his temples.

"We can deal with this issue tomorrow let's rest," Alpha groans getting up from his chair walking towards Micheal. "They won't invade our territory without looking for a flaw in our borders." He pats the beta. "Go, enjoy with your family I'll take care of the rest." He smiles, his eyes noticing the bags under Michael's eyes.

"But alpha.." his beta stumbles before being cut off.

"No but's. Go enjoy with your family; I heard your mate Belle is pregnant with another pup," Alpha states with a hint of curiosity. Beta rolls his eyes at his friends goofy grin

"Yes she is," he states, excitement filling his figure.

"Congrats!" Alpha declares hugging the beta tightly and then stepping back. "Goodnight, I will inform you tomorrow about the precautions I will take until then. Go rest." Beta nods and smiles thankful that his alpha is kind and thoughtful, unlike other alpha's he has heard off and met.

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