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The Metallic Love |[COMPLETED]✓

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"You. Are. Mine" I whisper as he trails his hand along my chest as he kisses me and says, "Yes, yours, Damian. Always." [UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING] "He's a beast. An abomination."- Damian Godfrey is a billionaire. Handsome, controlled, driven. His life is filled with lavish comforts and extravagant luxuries. But, when the bashful Lucas Carter, applies for a job in Godfrey Corp, Damian shockingly finds out that he wants this man. But, Damian's past is haunted with demons. Some are dead, and some aren't. After many decades, when Damian thought, he faced all of them down; he turns out to be wrong. What will happen when Damian's previous demons come to chase the couple? Will Lucas be tainted with Godfrey's past? Or will they, as a pact, face and kill the demons one by one? On the contrary, Lucas Carter knows that loving his boss wouldn't be so easy. But will it be that hard to make him run for the hills? Or will he stay with Damian, healing his empty and tormented heart?

Romance / Erotica
Damian 🇩🇪
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CHAPTER 1 : 240 Years

I stare blankly at the lights of Las Vegas which appears to be dimly twinkling. My window offers an excellent view of the city. I gulp down the last few drops of cheap white wine I had in my fridge. I regain my composure as I feel the wine going down my throat. It's sensationally soothing. This is what my life has been since I dropped out of college. I established a new business, but I went bankrupt. All my efforts are in vain. I lazily get up from a couch and pick up the knife kept on the shelf. The metal shines in the illuminating moonlight. I press the edge of the knife firmly on my wrist. I wince as I feel the cold metal digging in my flesh; but I don't stop. I coldly stare at the pool of blood on the floor. The floor is made of hardwood, it's old and makes creaky sounds. It's in dire need of renovation, which I can't afford. But, my life ends here and now, so I won't have to worry about anything, anymore.

I wake up with a jolt. My head is throbbing as sweat trickles down my forehead. That nightmare again. I bury my head in my hands and try to reason out with myself.
"It's been 240 fucking years, Godfrey. You're the CEO of Godfrey Corp. It's over! You're the most successful business entrepreneur on the whole world." I feel lightheaded and my legs have turned into Jell-O. I walk towards the large mirror in my room. I look down, and I see an expensive hardwood floor with exquisite furnishing beneath my feet.
"Times have changed." I mutter to myself. I run a hand through my tousled hair as I look up at the mirror and I see my red eyes glowing in anticipation. Hunger can be dealt with later. I need to run myself a bath. I walk towards the bathroom as I turn on the faucet and pick up a random towel from my room. I pour in some expensive aromatic oil in the bathtub which foams up. I take off my black boxers and t-shirt as I get in the tub. My muscles relax as they come in contact with the warm water. I take my iPhone from the shelf as I change the light from yellow to a dark violet by changing the colour setting.

"Technology eh." I murmur. These things weren't possible way back in the 1800s. Technology does make life a lot easier. I eventually get up from the tub and dry myself with the towel. The fabric is soft to the touch; it's linen. I slip on a white t-shirt and grey boxers as I rush towards the kitchen to pour myself a drink. I take a bottle of Sauvignon blanc and mix some blood from the blood bag kept in my fridge.

"Keeping some in stock is always handy." I finish my drink and put the glass in my sink as I retire to my room. I push aside the curtains from the huge glass wall of my room as I admire the view of Texas. I can look at this all day.

"Shit. I kept my phone in the bathroom." And I rush to fetch it when it buzzes and Natalie's text flashes in my screen. Natalie is my PA. She's dedicated, hardworking and professional ; in a nutshell,she has all the qualities I look for in my employees. I open the message.

"Natalie : Mr. Godfrey, I'm hiring a second assistant for you tomorrow. There are about 15 candidates. I assume, you'll be busy tomorrow, so I'll handle the interview myself and choose the best." Very good, I say to myself. I decide to type a quick reply.
"Damian: Please do, have a good night." I flop on my bed as the soft mattress plunges beneath my weight. And I drift to a deep sleep.
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