Unravel Him

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Chapter 14: Feel


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Ripped jeans.


Loose T-shirt.


That blasted chain around his neck.


I was at a lost for words.

After weeks of going missing, there he was, looking down at me from that godly height without a scratch in sight.

It was like he hadn’t disappeared at all.

“Well?” That wonderful voice asks me, impatient for an answer.

It wasn’t fair.

Why did he have to look like that?

I swallowed and felt my nerves tingle. “Shouldn’t I be asking that question?”

It was the first thing I could think off and apparently it wasn’t amusing.

“Don’t test me.” He warns, voice strangely guttural.

My own submerge emotions began to rise to the surface at his blatant remark. “Or, what?”

Thomas’s glare deepens. “You’re smart ass comments are only going to make want to sew your lips close or cement it.”

“That’s a bit graphic.” Inclining my head back I watch him through a closeted expression. “Don’t you want these lips doing something prefer bally, fuckable?”

"Oh, I can still fuck you. Your lips aren’t the only thing that can open.”

Reaching for my pillow (I should stop throwing pillows) I luge it at him with as much force as I can muster.

It bounces of his chest and lands on the ground.

He glances down at the fallen piece of cotton, features narrowed. “Are we in kindergarten?”

“You might as well be,” I retorted hatefully. “We’re going to put a tracking device on you the next time you disappear, better yet, I’m going to get you a custom collar. It’ll be decked out in diamonds just so I can pull on your leash if you-”

“Am I a dog?”

“Jax, is a better dog then you.” My hatred is undeniable.

How dare he come to my room after weeks of being gone and ask me-no, demand me, as to where I went.

“So go sit on the floor doggy, with your tail tucked between you’re legs because I’m not handling your shit today.”

“I am not a dog.” Thomas’s voice was raising but he hastily brought it back down to normal levels.

“Hmm... I didn’t know dogs speak.” Warning bells flashed in my mind but I didn’t care. He deserves the full wrath of my anger after everything. “I should bring you to the vet just to have you neutered.”

He stands straighter, hands going rigid. “Did you just threatened to castrate me?”

“Don’t growl at your owner, it’s not nice.”

“Stop it,” Thomas reaches out for my wrists and jerks me with powerful force, causing me to lose my balance and fall backwards on the bed I was sitting on.

“Get off me-”

Half standing, half leaning, his body slid over the length of mine, fusing my already pinned hands deeper into his embrace.

The smell of cigarettes and iron filled my nostrils but there was also something familiar in there.

His natural male musk.


“Get. Off.”

“I am not, a dog.” He repeats, lips dangerously close to mine as his eyes flashed blue fire. “Keep going at it and I’ll keep you here all night.”

“I have been here,” Bucking under him, one of his leg slid in between mine, stopping my progression. “You would have known that, if you hadn’t pulled a Gone Girl on me!”

“It was a few days,” His fingers are curling tighter around my wrists, applying heavy pressure. “Some things needed to be done.”

“A few days?!” The screech was out before I could stop it. “Look at the date, Thomas or have you simply lost track of time?!”

His hand clamps down over my mouth while the other wrestles to get my hands closer together to prevent them from beating him outright.

“You’ll wake up the whole hospital,” He growls.

I stopped struggling and put the full force of my glare onto his deadpanned expression.

Bite on this.

Opening my jaw, I bit down hard on the skin in between his thumb and forefinger.

“Jesus Christ-” He releases me with a start and stumbles backwards. “What are you, a goddamn vampire?”

Even in the dark room, I can barely make out prints of where my teeth dug into his skin. “That’s for being such a dick.”

“You bit me,” He holds out his hand, tone laced with surprise and confusion.

“I’ll do worse then bite if you don’t tell me where you’ve been.”

The edges of his expression turns sour. “That’s none of your business.”

“Then why are you back here?” Getting angry won’t solve anything but I couldn’t help it. “I swear if you came to give me another one of your flowers, I’ll shove it up your ass.”

A funny silence fell and it isn’t long until Thomas hastily tried to salvage what I’ve learned.

“How did you know it was me?”

“I didn’t.” Rolling my eyes heaven ward, I thought back about this morning. “You could give me a flower while I was asleep but you couldn’t do it while I was awake?”

It was ridiculous.



“I didn’t want to disturb you,”

"Bullshit.” I swear, my sarcasm was sky high at this point. “You knew I would worry, you knew, I would have tried to find you.”

“You don’t understand-”

“What don’t I understand?” Appalled, I pick up my phone and threw it at him not caring if it would crack when it lands on the floor.

“If you hadn’t heard, Mason and the others have been looking for you! We’ve all gone crazy just because you were selfish not to let us know where you went!”

“Keep your voice down,” He admonishes me, tone sharp.

“Did you just...?” My eyes widened in disbelief. “How dare you, Moore."

“Look-” He runs his hand furiously across his hair. “I get it, I’ve been gone longer then I should have-”

“He finally talks sense.”

“Let me finish.” Thomas holds up one finger, the other pinching the bridge of his nose. “There were things left unsettled, things I had to fix,”

“You decided doing it alone would solve the problem?” What had gotten in his head for him to think that he was the only one that understood?

“We were worried, I, was worried. Hell I sneaked out of this hospital just to break into the NYPD to have Marlen help me.”

“I couldn’t come back.” He stops me, his tone laced with frustration. “Not until I was done-”

“So are you, done?” Crossing my arms over my chest, I blink expectantly at him. “Because if you’re leaving again, I’ll scream.”

“Scream?” He raises an eyebrow. “Scream what?”

A wicked smile spreads across my lips. “Thomas, Moore-” I iterated it, word, from, word. “-is in BourneFell, Hospital,”

He froze.

“That would be a story to tell for tomorrow’s morning papers don’t you agree?” I would yell to the high heavens if I had too.

The fire in his eyes was dying out only to be replaced with panic. “You wouldn’t.”

“Oh, I would.”

Mason told me a few days ago that Thomas couldn’t get in the hospital without wearing a disguise when I had asked him.

Apparently if his father found out they’ll be hell to pay.

It would explain why he only came at night to visit me.

I didn’t want him to get caught but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t use it to my advantage.



He tackles me from where he stood, his arms going around to my upper back so when we fall backwards, he took the brunt of the impact.

I let out a yelp at the whiplash but was quickly smothered when he held me in place, fingers curving my chin upwards so I could gaze up at him.

“You’re impossible,” He seethes, beyond annoyed. “I cannot begin to understand why I’m attracted to you.”

“Ditto,” An infectious grin crosses my expression at his words. “You sure its not just that male anatomy part that’s talking?”

Thomas releases a sharp exhale that fans the area above my hairline. “I’m pretty sure it isn’t.”

“Keep, telling yourself that.” Shifting beneath him, I straightened my head so I was in a much more comfortable position.

He pursed his lips. “You’re enjoying this.”

“Who, me?” I’m a picture of innocence. “Every second I waste with you is another moment that you don’t walk out.”

His hardened exterior cracked at my honesty.

I know it took everything for him to even visit me given all he wanted to do was stay out and get to the bottom of the problem.

It was in his nature to do so.

I know that because well... I know him.

“Any other day, you wouldn’t have wanted me to stay.” There was no playfulness in his tone but something about that sentence makes me think it was more of a challenge.

A challenge to prove him right.

“Any other day, you would’ve stayed either way.” I answered.

He started to chuckle and I hear the disbelief. “You’re right, I would have stayed...”

“But?” The double meaning in his sentence makes me frown.

Thomas gives a rueful shake. “But not today.”

He can’t leave.

I won’t let him.

“You’re not going anywhere.” I’m surprise by the authority I’m using.

“How are you going to stop me?”

A million possibilities popped up in my head.

I could lash out, beat him to stay.

But he would win due to the fact that my wounds weren’t fully healed.

Conflict isn’t always the resolution to everything which I hated right now because my motto was always; punch first ask questions never.

“I don’t know,” Was all I managed to form out.

It was unfair, could he not see my worry? Could he not see I’m practically asking him to stay? Begging?

All I wanted was for him to be here.

Couldn’t he do that for me?

As I laid there, under him, contemplating silently, every part of my body is abruptly aware of what it’s been missing.

His face is inches away. His body is pressed up right against the length of mine.

I could feel him, every, part of him.

If I even once shift up, our lips would meet.

The bolts of electricity is suddenly there and it travels down my arms, singeing the skin, practically inflaming them.

The effect causes my bones to sink, making me feel weightless and beyond confused.

It was shocking how my body responded to him, even after several weeks.

Unlike before when he held my wrists, this... this was something else.

Suddenly, I’m not trying to get him to stay, I’m not trying to convince him to listen to me.

I’m in my on world, only focusing on what I feel, how, I feel.

This was Thomas, he was an enigma, even after everything we’ve been through there is still so much I don’t know about him.

The startling realization of that makes me raise my hands upwards.

Behind all this controlled manner he would portray, there must be a part of him that was human... that was more then just this shell.

He had so many secrets.

Even more so then mine.

For some odd reason, the real Thomas Moore isn’t the one who hurt people or the one that’s the heir to a billion dollar company.

It was the person above me.

He was mine wasn’t he?

I wanted to know what was mine.

I wanted to feel him.

Gently, I start from his shoulders first. The steady rippling flesh follows me as I slowly lowered down to his sides and hips, fingers parting through the soft cotton.

Each time my fingers graze his skin through the shirt he wore, I could feel each vein and muscle, all of them connecting to one another.

It’s sensual, mesmerizing, intimate...

I bring my hands back up his abdomen and abs, continuing my journey further.

It amazes me.

Not just the body but the person.

The essence within.

You can tell a lot about a person by judging their physicality.

It’s not about the looks, it’s about the way he or she carried themselves.

Do they carry themselves with pride or do they walk with their heads down?

My journey finally halts when I remembered what I was doing, which was touching him.

Had I gone mad?

“I’m... I...” I went to remove my hands but was stopped by a palm.

Dazed, I looked up.

The lights aren’t on but the moonlight is more then enough for me to see the shade of his iris turning darker.

Not with desire.

But with meaning, empathy and care.

I hadn’t realized the hands that were cupping my chin earlier on had longed been removed to rest above the sides of my head as I was exploring him.

The fact that he allowed me to do it, to trust me enough not to hurt him...


The call of his name causes him to shut his eyes and recoil away from my touch, his hand releasing mine.

I sat up and watched him lean back on his heels before me, head down, breathing ragged.

“Thomas I’m sorry-”

He reaches for the hem of his shirt and in one move, pulls it over his head and tosses it aside.

There’s a stern silence between us before he reaches for my right hand, pulling it forward so it rests directly over his now bare chest.

I can feel it beneath my fingers, the warmth of his skin radiating with profound tranquility at the beating that is his heart.

“I trust you.” He whispers.

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