Unravel Him

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Chapter 16: Stay


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His mouth is on mine, hot, rushed, frenzied.

Taking and claiming, not at all gentle.

Oh god, was it a kiss.

It was a kiss that sent fiery embers up and down my spine.

It was a kiss that made my knees weak and my body languid.

It was a kiss that melts all feelings, all morals, everything, thrown out the window.

It was glorious.

In the back of my head, I am aware of the pinching at my ankles where the burns complained but I could hardly care.

We moved backwards his hands cupping my chin, his lips assaulting mine.

Our legs are tangled, our hands conjoined.

The wall comes up from behind us and I hear a sharp intake of breath before a palm is slammed above me and his fingers have pulled my right leg up to his hip.

We’re kissing harder now, tearing at each other, demanding more then just mouths and touches.

My hands curl against his hair, pulling him further down to meet my needs.

He grounds his hips onto me, once, twice.


He breaks off the kiss, leaving me gasping for air and loss for words.


My body conveyed what my words don’t.

I want more.

“I missed you.” His voice is hoarse, filled with desperado as his nose runs down the side of my neck. “I don’t even think it’s possible to miss a person this much.”

I feel him kiss the spot in between my shoulders and managed a breathless word. “Stay.”

The tension between us coiled further.

Stay. Stay with me.

He leans back and peers at me with hooded eyes, his arms remaining where they are.

I see the hesitation, the doubt of what I’m asking.

I held him tighter. “Please,”

His features softened. “Okay.”

That’s all I wanted to hear.

Steering us back to the bed, he lays me down, careful not to touch the scar that was still healing.

It was like if he made one wrong misstep, I would shatter and disappear right from beneath him.

I won’t stand for that.

Reaching forward, my arms wrapped around his neck and my lips found their place on his throat, pulling him tighter in my embrace.

He stills at the action as I began to move, leaving little trails of kisses all across his collarbone.

The hum that comes out of him is rewarding, it’s low and grating, rumbling from within his bare chest. “My turn.”

Grabbing the hem of my shirt, he pulls it over my head, leaving me half naked for his eyes to roam.

I don’t stop him when he began to explore every inch of my exposed skin, his index finger going along my bra strap and circling the cups that held my breasts.

When he stops over my right cup and gently rolled his thumb over the cotton, I let out a moan.

He snaps out of his trance, blue green eyes set alight with a new kind of hunger. “Lean back,”

I obeyed, feeling him slip the fallen pillow under my tailbone, forcing my bottom half to rise.

The new position causes a painful ache in the pit of my stomach.

It’s deep and carving, demanding attention.

Thomas crawls back on top, not once touching my lower half as he carefully kisses up my chest, tongue darting out in between the bra.

Desperately, I follow the path of his abs lower down to the belt of his ripped jeans.

“No, baby.” He mutters.

I clawed at the buckle, feeling his hard length stretch against the material, reminding me I wasn’t the only one that lacked control.

“Stop,” He huffs, heady and annoyed by my ignorance. “I can’t hold back if you keep pushing.”

“Well I want this,” I’m panting. “You’re telling me you don’t?”

“You have no idea what I want,” The glint in his eyes blazed. It was sparkling with desire, something beyond dark.

Tracing the edge of his cheek, I slid a finger across his lips, feeling the soft skin part in between my thumb. “Tell me then...”

He lowers his head and captures my thumb, teeth nipping the padded skin just hard enough for me to feel it. “I want to rip you’re clothes off.”

I swallowed.

“I want to bury myself inside you, kiss every square inch of your skin and move until the only thing that comes out of your mouth is my name.”

Holy fuck.

“What’s stopping you?”

“We’re in the hospital,” He illiterates painfully. “You’re injured and I don’t have condoms.”

“Find a creative workaround then because I’m on birth control.” After what happened in the alley way, I wasn’t going to take any chances.

“Do you want people to hear you?” I can see him losing the fight within himself by how he was the one unbuttoning my jeans now.

“I’ll be quiet,”

Thomas laughs. “That’s not going to happen.”

My jeans are off and thrown on the floor.

I licked my bottom lip. “Wanna bet?”

He places his thumb directly over my panties and glided down the slit.

I groaned.

“Yeah,” He hums. “I bet.”

Reaching for the clasp of my bra, he undid it and leisurely pulled it off, the material glazing my skin.

I sucked in a shaky breath that makes him smile innocently.

“I haven’t even started yet, baby...”

“Shut up.” Irritated, I slid his belt of the loops and heard it clatter against the floor. “Get you’re damn jeans off,”

“I think I’ll enjoy the view from here.” He palms my breasts with two hands and I bit my lip, struggling and failing to keep it together all at once.

“Oh...” The rest of whatever I wanted to say dropped off as the slow mind numbing action makes my thighs squeeze harder together.

Thomas uses his thumb and forefinger to roll the tip of the buds with gentle precision.

He blows gently. “Maybe I’ll make you come like this,”

Desire is spreading through me and I finally do manage to take his jeans off, although rather awkwardly.

He kicks off the last of what remains, leaving us skin to skin with only thin pieces of undergarments separating us.

“Christ-” My surroundings spin as his hot mouth closes around my left nipple. “Fuck.”

Thomas begins to suck, his warm tongue circling the bud and hardening the tip. He rolls his tongue in laps, rounding my already heated skin.

It isn’t long before he does the same to the other nipple, the torture beyond endless.

My belly clenches at the pleasure. It sends a rippling of fiery liquid pooling over my lower region.

More. More of him.

He releases my nipple with a pop, lips spread into a carnal smirk. “I think I won the bet,”

Grasping the side of my panties, Thomas pulls them off so they fall by my ankles.

“I can be gentle,” He tells me, lowering his left palm down to the curve of my backside. His other hand is skirting dangerously near my inner thigh.

“But something tells me you want it far from that.”

His smell, the pressure of his touch, the way his lips carve heat into my skin.

Thomas grabs my left leg and pulls me up making me gasp before his bulging heat is pressed against my sex.


Cloth against cloth, so close yet so far...

It’s maddening.

He hisses at the contact, his hardened length pressing tighter against his boxers. “This is what I have to deal with every time, you set me off.”

“Anger a turn on for you?” I mused, keeping a tight lip as the feeling exquisitely devoured all sense of morals.

“Everything you do is a turn on for me and these legs... fuck almighty.” He grinds once, twice, thrice-

“Ah,” I moaned, the sound low and throaty.

Adrenaline is spiking my bloodstream, heating excitement and infatuation.

Without warning, I’ve reach down for his boxers and pulled them down.

His erection springs free, large, ready, the tip swelling.

It’s exciting almost. Breaking the rules. Doing everything we shouldn’t-or should.

The memory of the car chase flashes in my mind followed by when I had tasted him in the alley way.

So much has happened since then.

How was I to do this?

There was still so much left to be explained.

I barely knew him.

He barely knows me.

The doubt continued to rise, point by point.

I bring my unsure gaze over to Thomas who tips my chin back and kisses the corner of my mouth. “We can stop.”

“No,” I’m surprised by my determination when I say this. “Don’t give me a reason to stop.”

He doesn’t hesitate, not for a second.

This was Thomas Moore he wasn’t a nice guy for that matter, he knew what he wanted and what he wanted was me.

His fingers dip in between my legs and rubbed against my inner folds.

My eyes roll back, limbs useless beneath his touch.

Thomas circles around my clitoris before inserting one finger into my sex and letting out a vehement hiss. “Yes...”

“Oh god-” My hips lift up the bed to meet his palm.

“Don’t worry,” He tells me soothingly. “Now that we’re doing this more often, you’ll stretch out soon enough.”

Why... Why did it feel so good?

His finger begins to glide in and out, the rhythm slow.


I hear him growl under his breath in approval. “So fucking responsive.”

It’s painfully sweet, his finger, inside me, pumping back and forth. “S-Stop.”

“You don’t want me to stop,” Thomas grazes my ear lobe before gently tugging it in between his teeth. “You want me to fuck you senseless,”

The familiar feeling of rising and rising, with no means of falling came quickly.

It was building with such intensity that all I wanted was to succumb to it, surrender to the sweet release and let go.

“Be quiet,” Thomas stops circling his fingers inside me and pulls out. “We don’t want the whole hospital knowing I’m fucking you now, do we?”

The lost of contact makes the high evaporate and I whimpered. “Why did you-”

I wanted to curse him out loud but stopped when the tip of his length hovered near my entrance.

He begins coating it with the fluids that leaked out of me, dragging it up and down, teasing relentlessly.

Why was it so hot? So... driven?

It was calling the animalistic part of me that wanted nothing more then for him to fuck me without consequence.

“Please.” I can’t find my voice.

I’m trapped, locked in his embrace, with his length mere inches from penetrating the one place, I don’t give away so freely.

“Having second thoughts?” His playfulness disarms me momentarily.

I don’t know what to say to him but for some reason, I laugh. “No-”

In one single thrust, he’s inside me, breaking the barrier of our relationship and crossing boundaries.

“Fuck,” My walls stretched and my legs squeeze themselves together, unfamiliar with the discomfort. “It hurts-”

“Open your legs,” He orders, nails digging onto my waist.

The pinching was increasing, my body responded by trying to buck him off.

He takes my right leg and curls it along his hip before pushing further in.

I groaned.

“Open your legs.” There’s no mistaking his hoarse voice and the quivering need of his length.

Carefully, I do as he says and spread my legs, allowing him to burrow deeper, harder, filling me completely.

Once’s he’s fully inside, I let out a shaky exhale, my vision blinded with colors.

“I’m going to move,” He tells me. “Hold onto me baby,”

Thomas shifted his hips and pulls back before thrusting in one deep stroke.

“God!” I cried out.

He repeats the action.

In and out. In and out.

It’s a slow dance but his movements aren’t gentle.

Their small, paced, hurried, allowing me time to get used to his size.

Each time he burrows deeper, I feel my muscles coiling around his length, spreading forth desire like the fourth of July.

It increases with each thrust.

It increases with a burst of energy.

My hips ultimately gratified towards his pace and my fingers dug into his shoulders, taking him all the way in.

“You're so tight-” He wounds my hair with his free hand and pulls it back, shooting jolts of pain straight to my scalp. “I want to hear you,”

I’m lost in his movements, my hips are meeting him from thrusts to thrusts and the gasps escaping me is inhuman almost.

“Stop, p-please-”

“Oh baby, you don’t mean that.”

I can’t take it.

It’s too much.

Too overwhelming.

Thomas increases his pace until the only sound that echoed the room is our harsh breathing followed by skin slapping.

It’s euphoric, a hundred times better then heavy petting.

Thomas rolls his hips once and slams into me hard. He bucks again and I cried out, face pressed against his shoulder. “Thomas!”

“You like it don’t you?” He doesn’t pull out when the threat laces his voice. “You love it,”

It’s sweet and dangerous, daring me to question him.

His warm tongue lick the path up my neck where he continues to bite and suck.

The sensation overwhelms me and I shift, wanting more friction, more release.

He grasps my chin in his hand, forcing my eyes to meet his blazing blues. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

The pace is picked up, going from slow to fast, hard to deep.

Through the hazy cloud of pleasure and euphoria, the ache in my stomach expanded outwards gravitating towards my pulsing core.

It sends rippling effects all over my lower half, making my knees weak from the coming climax.

The entire bed shakes wildly from the intensity of our intercourse as he continues to pound. “Tell me I’m wrong,” He growls.

“No-” I raked my fingers through his hair and tipped my head back, completely drowning out everything but him.

I’m getting closer, climbing higher, reaching the peak- all my senses are rapidly evolving over one another.

I can’t keep track over where my body began nor his ended.

“Tell me,” He seethes.

“Oh god.” I’m strung too tight, each thrusts is now my undoing. “Yo-You’re not, you’re not wrong!”

Heat rushes through my core and my chest strained against his.

Thomas sucks in a breathless gasp, his hands holding me still. “Come, baby.”

My body bows as the orgasm shoots through me in delicious, sinful patterns. “Fuck!”

The after shocks makes my legs quiver before I’ve collapsed to my back, my hands loosely wrapped around his shoulders.

Thomas thrusts in a few more times before he came with a growl, filling my core with warm liquid and not bothering to move as his head falls to rest in between my breasts.

Exhausted, yet alive, I curl my fingers along his hair, my heart beating drastically at what we just did.

Sweet god...

Ultimately he shifts out of my grip to lay on his stomach, eyes searching mine although our limbs remained intertwined. “Did I hurt you?”

I shake my head, rendered speechless.

Thomas smiles, showcasing the playful roguish part of him I’ve decided was my favorite personality. “Good.”

He pulls out of me, the lost of contact causes my thighs to rub together and my teeth to bite my lower lip.


“Sore already?” He raises an amused eyebrow.

I glared at him before turning on my side so he didn’t have to see the blush forming on my cheeks.

He releases a chorus of musical laughs before shuffling around the room for our clothes.

“I may have pushed too far tonight but if you want practice we can always continue again in the morning.”

Now he was just making fun at me in this point.

Hoisting the sheets over my bare chest, I sat up and shot daggers at how he was putting his boxers back on followed by his shirt.

“Where are you going?”

He releases an exasperated scoff, the chain clinking against his neck. “Don’t think I hadn’t notice how you’re legs were shaking. The wound may have healed but the burns tell a different story.”

Damn it.

“So you’re sleeping on the chair?”

He nods.

“Get on the bed, Thomas.” I stated, deadpanned. “Or so help me, you’re not getting any, of this, anymore.”

After a minute of solid staring-partially towards my body-he finally gives in, the disapproval clear. “Fine,”

He squeezed on the bed, his much larger frame making it squeak under our weight.

Satisfied, I laid down with him, my hands propped under so it allowed more room.

He takes advantage of this by slipping an arm under my naked waist while the other went around my front to pull my back closer to his chest.

His lips are behind my ear and the gentle exhale of his breath allows comfort I didn’t know possible.

“Sex in a hospital room. This must be a first.” He breaths, delighted.

“I can’t see your face but I know you’re satisfied about doing it in BourneFell Hospital, specifically.” I scolded, knowing he just had to rub it in.

Earlier activities beforehand were making themselves known.

I was sore.

Each movement was torture but pure bliss.

My body was still coming down from it’s high but the erratic beat of my own heart reminds me we needed to take things slow.

Sex was good but sex with Mr Enigma still needed time to get used too.

Especially if we hardly knew each other.

Slow, was good.

“You know you’re wrong,” The hand around my waist retreats lower to my backside. “I’m not satisfied yet,”

Thomas parts my soaking folds and inserts one finger.

I squirmed.

“You’re still wet baby,” He purrs darkly. “Is it me or you?”

Slow... needed, things... slow... fuck...

His erection presses hard into my behind before I willingly coil my leg around his, muffling a strangled moan.

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