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Chapter 19: Deserve


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“On Today’s news, both Graymoore and BourneFell have finally come to a mutual agreement,”

“Yes, that’s right Stella, the case of Malorie Will has officially come to a close.”

“As always, our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and we hope her parents can find peace to what has happened to their daughter.”

“Folks, the hotline below is the suicide prevention number if you ever feel the need to talk to someone, they will be there 24/7.”

Staring back at me from the TV is a photograph of Malorie.

Her hair is down and the sparkle in her eyes never once dimmed even as a smile spread across her lips.

If I close my eyes, I can imagine what happened in the rooftop all over again.

I can imagine the rain, how the wind blew through her hair, how the tears streak down her face.

I can imagine her hand as it rubbed across her abdomen.

I can imagine gravity as her body hit the ground.

Reaching for the TV remote, I flipped the TV off and stared at my reflection.

That could’ve been anyone.

That could’ve been anyone who felt as though the world was against them.

But it was her.

For some god awful reason, it was her.

Peeking out the window, I watch the billowing wind and the grey clouds in grim interest.

December barely grazed New York and the weather was starting to get cold.

It wouldn’t be long until snow hits us.

It’s been two weeks since I got back to my Apartment and two weeks since I last saw Thomas and the others.

Neither of us talked during that time.

We were closer then ever yet farther apart.

I was right when I said things were only going to get harder.

With Thomas having to handle his disappearance and the others having to deal with their own stuff, nobody had time for each other anymore.

Until this whole thing blows over, all of us are on our own.

It hasn’t been easy for me exactly either.

Veronica moved in the Apartment and I’m still trying to get used to seeing her here every morning.

Hailey’s busy at the Office so you can say mother and daughter have been spending some quality time together.

If you count, eating breakfast in silence and not talking to each other when we pass by.

The silence was killing me but at the same time I didn’t have the guts to break it.

Veronica was finally here, she was finally trying and what was I doing?

Moping around, tip toeing, like a damn coward.

How was I suppose to fix my relationship with her if I won’t even try?

Rubbing my eyelids, I got off the couch and made my way towards her room. “Veronica?”

“In here!” Her voice called from the kitchen.

Halting, I turn towards the kitchen and made my way forward. “What are you-”

She spins on her feet, one hand holding onto a spatula while the other balanced a bowl of chocolate fudge mix.


“What is... uh... all this?” Swallowing, I gestured weakly at the kitchen where flour and used utensils laid around.

Veronica releases an apologetic smile. “Sorry, I was going to clean up after I put this in the oven.”

“Are you... baking?”

“Chocolate cake,” She answers, shifting the bowl in her hands so it could spill out into the metal pan prepared.

“Chocolate...” I’m confused and beyond startled.

When was the last time I saw her cook? I was always the one to cook back in NorthVille when she was off getting high on the couch.

“Figured I should put the Kitchen in use. A chocolate cake sounds good right about now huh?”

“Y-Yeah, I guess,” Walking deeper into the kitchen counter, I slip my palms in my back pocket and viewed the kitchen in a different light.

It was messy and in disarray but for some reason, it was home.

At least what home should feel like.

“Here,” She hands me the spatula still dripping chocolate and moves around to open the Oven. “It’s pretty good, I mean, for a cake mix.”

The sight of the delicious batter proved too much for me and I took a lick before groaning out loud. “Oh, this is so good.”

She grins, the oven popping close. “Glad you liked it.”

“Like it? I love it.” Rolling my eyes heaven forth, I turn on my heel and sat on the kitchen counter to enjoy what’s left of the batter.

“Alright then,” Veronica takes a look at the mess around the kitchen and scratched the back of her head. “Well, I guess I’m out of practice...”

“Actually...” Putting the spatula down, I rubbed my fingertips together and glance at them in apparent nervousness. “I was wondering... if you wanted to have dinner... together.”

There was a pregnant pause.

I glance and paled when her expression conveyed shock.

“I-I mean, if that’s okay with you. If you’re busy then that’s fine you know-”

“No, no, I don’t mind.” She quickly stops me, eyes burning bright.

I nod, surprise to find how warm my chest felt.

“Where do you wanna go?” She takes the wet rag from the counter and wipes her fingers.

Exhaling a breath, I force myself to look at her and released a genuine smile. “I know a place,”

I’m not a forgiving person.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

However when it comes to situations like-my own family-it’s hard staying mad at them forever when they try so hard.

Over the following days, weeks, it got less harder not to talk to Veronica and more easier to laugh with her.

For the first time in 6 years, I was glad my mother was back.

I was glad that even though I’m not sure where my future is, I have things that kept me grounded.



The boys.

We’ve all been busy but slowly and surely, things were starting to get back to normal.

Evan comes over the Apartment whenever he’s free. Elios is usually not that far away. Same goes for Matthew.

Jared and Victor don’t usually meet us in the Apartment but they’ll come if either of them calls the other.


His betrayal was hard.

Nonetheless, it didn’t take long for me to stop being mad at him too due to the fact that I couldn’t blame him for what he did.

People do stupid things when they’re afraid.

I suppose after forgiving Zanthus... Kale and I patched things up not to soon after.

We’ve settled a couple of differences but didn’t go any further then that.

I’m afraid that’s going to take some time.

Really, the only people I have yet to see is Thomas and Mason.

When I asked the boys where they were, their respond is usually; “Busy with the company,”


They are the future leaders of Graymoore and BourneFell.

Even so, it killed me not to see them.

I got so used to hanging around them that it feels unusual if I don’t.

“Evan, get you’re feet off my table,” Striking the older’s leg, Evan gives me a pout before he tucks them on the floor.

“Yeah Evan, is this you’re house?” Elios mocks from where he sat which was at the other armchair.

“You’re getting popcorn all over the floor,” I pointed out.

Elios bends down to see the mess he created and scoops it up, only to eat it again.

“That is disgusting,” Matthew snorts, flicking a piece of wrapper at him.

“Five second rule,” The older twin garbles through a mouth filled with food.

“Alright that’s enough!” Irritated, I placed my hands on my hips and whirled around to face the boys strewn all across my living room.

All eyes flew to me in an instance, pausing for the final blow.

Even Jared and Victor who sat on the outskirts of the living room had decided to stop playing the PS4 to pay attention to me.

All in all, the place was a mess.

Food was everywhere, junk, food.

The kitchen littered with trash.

Pillows and cushions are all upside down.

Jeez, I thought girls were supposed to have messy slumber parties.

They’ve been spending more and more time in my apartment then they have in their own houses.

It’s like my home had become their own private lair.

Which is bullshit because I have to clean up the mess at the end of the day.

“If this place isn’t clean up in five minutes, none of you are allowed in my apartment anymore.”

Elios and Evan are the first to grab the broom.

Matthew went in the closet to get the vacuum cleaner while both Jared and Victor calmly picked up any trash that was on the floor.

It was disorienting seeing so many people clambering over themselves to do what I asked.

“All of you are grown ass men,” I grumbled, complaining for the dozenth time. “I can’t believe you still don’t know how to pick up after yourself.”

Before I could blurt out more choice words my phone rang.

“Saved by the bell,” Instinctively, I pulled it up in hopes of seeing a familiar name only to feel a twinge in disappointment when it wasn’t what I expected.

Even so, the screen flashing; Detective Harret- made me answer immediately.


“Good afternoon, Ms Vail, this is Detective Harret speaking,”

Peeking at the boys from my peripheral vision, I turned my back to them and placed my hand over the phone to allow more privacy.

“Yeah, I have you’re number saved,” I tell the man over the phone. “Anything new?”

“I’m afraid not. Mr Marlen Venetia just passed his hearing. The trial will begin in a few weeks time.”


I had expected this to happen but it didn’t change the fact that I was still frustrated.

The first thing I did when I was deemed healthy to return home was to get involved with Marlen’s predicament.

It wasn’t easy watching from a distance, but I managed to get a detective overseeing Marlen’s case to tell me anything I needed to know.

Lying that I was his daughter was still apparently, in the works.

“How is he?” My voice slowed to a whisper.

“Actually... that’s why I called you. Mr Venetia is allowed one phone call and he wanted it to be you.”

“Oh,” Swallowing, I clenched my sweaty palms. “Put him on the phone then,”

A few seconds of shuffling later, I heard a heavy breath at the other end of the line followed by a sigh.

“About time, I get my phone call Detective Harret,” Marlen complained loudly, clearly annoyed.

It made me laugh at his attitude.

Even under stress and pressure that man never ceased to amazed me.

“How are you, Marlen?” I asked him, shaking my head in amusement.

“Don’t start asking me these things now, Red, we’re not for small talk.”

I laughed again.

“Don’t worry about the old man here, I’m doing fine. Probably looking at a few years in prison but what else is new?”

He meant it as a joke but it sobered me instantly.

It was unsettling hearing him speak like that without a care in the world.

“Don’t joke like that, you know how I feel.” I scolded him, unable to keep the anger out of my voice.

He lets out a heaving breath. “Look, Red, I know you don’t like to hear this but I ain’t getting out of here anytime soon. When my trial begins... well lets just say I won’t be able to call anyone anymore.”

Silence filled the line and I suck in a shaking breath at his words.

“You should really use you’re opportunity to call someone that is your daughter instead of me,”

He chuckles sadly at that. “I can’t call her Red. Where’s she’s gone, I cannot follow.”

“You’ve yet to tell me what you actually mean,”

“Maybe one day. Just not now.”

More silence. The only thing that could be heard was his breathing and my own over the phone.

My chest began to hurt over how tightly I held in my breath but it didn’t do any good when I released it.

I was scared for him and I won’t admit it because I didn’t want him to be afraid as well.

“Will you be okay?” The corner of my eyes watered and I swiped it off.

“Don’t you cry on me, Red, I won’t stand for that.” He chastised. “We got other problems to deal with,”

Even though he was trying to sound tough, I can tell it truly affected him that he was going to jail and nothing was going to stop that.

So, I did my best to cover up the fact that I was sad and listened to what he had to say.

“You remember the thing you asked me to do? About finding out who knocked that girl up?”

Instantly, my mind re winded to when I had asked Marlen over the phone to help me find out who Malorie was involved with.

He never asked questions to things I ask him which is why he did it without hesitation.

When he asked his connections to check it out, surprise, surprise, he opened up a web of lies.

Each and every event that had happened over the year to make me miserable were all connected, illegally and legally.

I’m still picking up the pieces but eventually I’ll get the full picture soon. Only a matter of time.

“I found out who the father was.”

Scrambling to get a piece of paper and pen from the cabinet, I brushed past Evan who was carting a tray of wrappers into the trash can.

“Give me an address.”

“Well... that’s the problem Red, I only have a name.”

“Not a problem,” Clicking the pen, I tore a piece of paper from an unused newspaper before slapping it in front of me.

“Alright,” I heard Marlen shuffling with something over the phone before getting back at me. “He’s name is Travis Main.”

The pen I held dropped to the floor.

It clattered uselessly across the marble and hit the side of my shoe before I registered what Marlen was saying.


“C-Can you repeat that?” My voice shook.

“Travis, Main. M-A-I-N.”

Everything went quiet. I swear even my heart stopped too.

Somewhere at the back of my mind. And old memory was resurfacing.

Not a memory.

A voice.

“Afraid of a storm?”

There was a streak of lightning. Followed by a roll of thunder.

Something sharp had jabbed into my left shoulder. The room was spinning and in my ears I kept hearing shrill screaming.

Shaking my head, I pushed the thought out of my head, needing to concentrate.

I had decided it was a dream a long time ago.

Nothing more then that.

“Don’t fuck with me Marlen, you better be telling the truth.” Breathing in, I released a shaky exhale.

He goes quiet for a while, clearly at lost as to why I’m acting out. “Red, are you-”

“Marlen, are you telling me the truth?”

This was the man that abused Hailey, turned her black and blue. This was the man that broke into my apartment and tried to hurt her again.

This was the man Karen got involved with, to hurt me.

“I’m sorry Red, it’s him. He’s the one that knocked up you’re girl.”

Marlen never lies. Sure he may have lied to protect me from King but this was something he can’t lie about.

Right now, I wished he did.

“I’m sorry...” The room spun in my eyes and I grasp onto the counter, using it to balance myself up. “I... I have to go.”

“Red, don’t go looking for trouble,” He says desperately. “This guy is involved with Aitenev, you don’t want to stir that pot-”

I don’t answer him and before he could convince me otherwise, I’ve already hung up, the phone hitting the counter with a useless crackle.

Travis Main.

Streaks of white and black began to sport my vision and I held onto the wooden sides, fists clenched hard.

It was getting harder and harder to control my breathing.

Harder and harder to see straight.

Travis... Main...

There was a metallic slice before a sickening crack filled the room.

Still trembling, I glance down at my tightened fingers, watching the knife I’ve taken out of the wood block dangle pathetically into what was once my phone.

Letting go, the knife remained glued into the counter having gone clean through and I stumbled backwards, air whooshing out of my lungs.


Turning around, I see the boys had stopped cleaning to view me with concern gazes.

Elios is still staring at the upright knife, features unreadable.

Instinctively, I ignored their questioning looks and made my way towards the glass windows, in need of some space, no matter how far it was.

The nerve of this man to show up in my life all over again after narrowly escaping what I would’ve done to him.

That fucker was going to die.

If Travis isn’t out of the City yet, he’s going to regret ever staying here.

“What’s wrong?”

I can feel the others waiting for me to say something, holding back questions as Elios took it upon himself to ask.

Keeping my back to them, I swipe under my nose and sniffled. “Marlen’s going on trial.”

Part of the truth. Just not all.

The boys and I have gotten closer over the past few weeks for them to know when I was hiding something from them.

I think it started after I collapsed in front of the shower.

It’s like we all had an unspoken agreement to be more truthful and open with each other.

I guess that’s what happens when you spend you’re whole life watching you’re own back that when you finally do have people watching over you, it’s disorienting.

“What else?” Jared.

He’s the only one that dared touched my shoulder to gain my attention.

I flicked my eyes over to his and looked away at once, guilty. “I’ve been doing some digging,”

Finding out who Malorie’s killer was one of the key things that allowed me to sleep well at night.

I wanted to avenge what Malorie went through.

I wanted those people to hurt.

I wanted to hurt them so much that they’ll never hurt anyone else.

Thomas has his turn to hurt them, now it was mine.

“Turns out the guy who knocked up Malorie is one of the people already on my shit list. Actually, he just moved up the bar in the number one spot.”

Laughing coldly, I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at a particular spot on the wall.

“Who is it?”

“Travis Main,” I spat. “The guy that abused Hailey, broke into my apartment and was in league with that harpy.”


“Who else?” Twisting to face Evan, he gives me a frown in response, clearing thinking.

“That party Karen threw a few months back? You know why I didn’t leave? She had a guy come into my apartment and LIVE streamed him touching Hailey’s face.”

Red. All I could think about was murdering something, anything, just to get it out of my system.

“I’m starting to think I should’ve let Thomas slit her throat.” Biting my lip, I let out a whimsical chuckle. “Would’ve been satisfying to see her try to speak again.”

It’s there, the ache at the bottom of my heart.

The ache that wants me to hurt and keep hurting. It didn’t matter who got in my way.

The ache that was so dangerous yet oh, so familiar.

The ache that made me hurt Ravana in the first place.


I didn’t realize how quiet the Apartment got until Evan spoke up.

Snapping my attention over to him, I watch him flinch under my stare clearly startled.

Elios comes beside Evan and pulls his wrist back so the older could get the full frontal view of my glare.

He grimaces but stayed where he was. “I think it’s been too long.”

“What are you talking about?” I demanded, my tone grating.

Jared nods at Victor who picks up his car keys and throws on his jacket. “Get you’re coat.”

Staring blankly at the boys, I feel Jared calmly settle a hand on my shoulder once more, dark eyes unsettled.

“We’re going to the Ring.”

Considering everything, it did take me by surprise when they suggested the solution.

At first I couldn’t see what they did.

That I was riled up and in need to waste my pent up frustration on something else other then breakable objects.

A ticking time bomb, Victor clarified in the car when I had asked for the 30th time; “Why?”

When Jared finally pulled to a stop outside a familiar alley way, I was already out the door by the time he and Victor stepped out.

A silver sleek Nissan GT-R slowed to a stop behind us and the twins got out followed by Matthew who slicked his silver hair back up his head.

The silent ambiance that resounded around us spoke legions.

There was no usual trespassers nor addicts that lingered around corners awaiting night fall where blood bath would ensue.

It was empty.


Left behind to rot in the dust.

As as I stared at the familiar streets, I can’t help but feel sad.

“I didn’t think...” Trailing midway, I pushed my way through the narrow alley and let my hands touch the cool bricks. “I didn’t think it was this bad.”

Behind me, the boys shuffled along the path, Elios keeping close pace as we went further in.

“Cops were all over the place. Nobody could get back in.”

“Even so,” Stopping, I turned to face his brown orbs and felt a flash of guilt envelope my heart. “It’s been so long and the Harbor...”

Elios didn’t answer my question and I took his silence as a reply.

I haven’t been back here in four months since Marlen called the cops.

The last time the Ring even came to mind was when King had patched me up. We had come to an agreement over setting up a new Downtown in the Harbor.

I didn’t keep my end of the promise because well...

Everything happened.

After finally winding along doors and cornered twists, we paused upon seeing it.

A wooden doorway, cracked in splinters and half of it hanging on by a mere flake.

The entrance of the Underground.

Abused and destroyed.

Taking a deep breath, I clenched my fists and climbed inside, making sure not to make a sound as dust arose in the darkness.

It was instantly suffocating, my throat and eyes burned at not being able to see.

Reaching for my phone, I rolled my eyes when I remembered it was still impaled on the counter back in my apartment.

Six phone lights went on behind me and I graciously took Evan’s phone before using it to guide my way deeper.

The scent of iron and oil lingered in the air and if I stopped and closed my eyes, I could still hear it.

The rumblings of the crowd and the surge of electricity.

Glancing upwards, I take notice of a crack in the caved in roof, filling the place mat of the Ring in colors of yellow and orange.

The ropes that used to signify the barrier in fights were all torn and rotted, some of them tied flimsily to the other.

It was amazing how time can deteriorate anything when not in used.

From a few meters away, Evan tossed something to Matthew that made both of them laugh.

Even though I can’t see what Jared and Victor are up too, I can hear the smiles in their voices as they talked quietly in the corner.

I guess this Ring had it’s time for people like them.

Just as it had for me.

Stepping on chunks of glass and debris, I reach for the rotted ropes and hoisted myself over the barrier so I was stepping onto the place mat.

The glare of the setting sun made me wince as I re-straightened myself, hands spread to the side in a wing position as though I could change back what happened a few months ago.

My eyes shut themselves and I’m transported back in time when things were easier, normal even.

Given, doing what I do isn’t normal for other people, it was normal for me.

So normal that I missed it.

“It’s not you’re fault you know,” Elios slides under the ropes and shrugs off the rust from his shoulders. “I know the look of guilt when I see one.”

Shaking my head, I dropped my hands and crossed them over my chest. “This Ring was a home.”

“It was a home to many people,” He tells me, keeping one hand in his pocket as we both gazed at the empty floor where crowds of people would gather.

“But when a place needs to go, a place needs to go.”

“You know there’s no point trying to make me feel better,” I sighed.

“I know,” He smiles, keeping his tone light. “But we didn’t bring you here to fight, I think you know that.”

I knew it the moment I saw the broken doorways of the Underground.

They didn’t want me continuing on without understanding the consequences of peoples decisions.

In a way, I guess it was also a warning.

If I choose to go after Travis, there will be retribution.

In many forms, not just one.

Go down one path, be prepared for retaliation.

Be prepared for consequences.

“With how big Marlen’s case was, I thought this area would still be under lock down,” I questioned, genuinely curious as I pushed the thought of Travis at the farthest corner of my mind.

“Well we were waiting to see if he’d passed trial,” He tells me, scratching the back of his head. “We knew the moment he did, that meant there was no need to come back here. They had all the evidence they needed.”

One window closes, another opens.

“He never should’ve done it.” Shaking my head, bitterness hone itself over my chest. “It was stupid and reckless. I would have been able to stand my ground.”

What did Marlen think was going to happen if he hadn’t stopped the fight?

“He knew that,” Elios sighs, clearly at lost as to how he could properly explained it. “That’s why he did it.”

Vague details, even vaguer answers.

“For what it’s worth, Marlen did what was best not for himself but for you. He did something right for once.”

“What does that mean?” Elios had answers I needed. Why was it so difficult for people to tell me?

“Marlen isn’t a good man, I hope you know that. He may be different now but he was nothing short of a bastard years back,”

I let Elios continue talking in fear he would stop and I would have to live with more questions.

“All he cared about was winning. Didn’t matter who he threw out in the Ring. Kids that weren’t prepared for that type of fight, they all ended up hurt or worse, dead.”

Keeping my head down, I let my mind clog over his words, already racking up an impressive amount of suppressed emotions.

“He was desperate to find a sole champion you see? Someone that could defeat them all-”

“King,” I answered without hesitation.

“That’s right.” Elios nods.

We walked to the corner where dangled pieces of rope still remained. He helped me pulled them up while I left the place mat.

He jumped down soon after.

“The thing is, King was a nobody. He showed up one day and something must have impressed Marlen because he took him in. King was everything Marlen wanted. A boy that was much too filled with rage and less too much of control.”

“That made him deadly. It earned him his title. We didn’t even realize how far he had gone until-” Elios cut himself off and sucked in a painful inhale.

“Elios?” Gingerly touching his shoulder, the older twin refused to look my way, features cold.

Without hesitance, I reached within myself and pulled out a submerge part of me that’s remained dormant for months.

I spoke. “Vin?”

His brown orbs snap back over to mine.

Tension crackled in the air.

Dangerous and vile.

His breathing grew erratic and I held my stare at him, willing for him to calm down and tell me.

Tell me as his ally instead of his friend.

“Nobody knew what he was doing.” Elios finally bites out, breathless. “Nobody knew what to do when he showed up to classes, bruised left and right. Everybody thought his Dad must be getting worse.”

The mask on my face, cracked a little and my lips part to form a small gasp.

“Everybody thought his Dad must be getting worse.”

Oh my god.

Elios continued on without realizing he’d given away something.

“He never said anything. Never gave way to what he was doing. But there was something in his eyes. Something none of us liked and during the same time, Mason and him were in the outs. Our group was split down the middle.”

“I don’t know how it happened but suddenly we were all involved. Everybody was all over each other, fighting, arguing, doing anything possible to break the other down without an actual legitimate reason.”

“You never thought to fix it?”

“How could we? Both of them would kill the either if any of them got within a mile radius.”

The tension on Elios’s shoulders eased. He slumped, head down, eyes narrowed into frustration.

Hesitantly, I swiped a stray piece of red hair back up my ear and cleared my throat.

One question has been at the back of my mind for months.

Constantly resurfacing but never once spoken out loud.

I realized this was my chance.

“What about Rose then?”

Elios shuts his eyes as though expecting the final blow.

He knew I was going to ask this. It was only a matter of time.

“High school and college was a rough time for all of us Vanessa. We all carried this burden for almost 5 years-”

“You didn’t answer the question, Elios.” My voice was starting to raise.

I hated not knowing what happened to her.

I hated not knowing why the group was in shreds because of her.

“We all had different opinions.” He rebukes, almost as though it irritated him saying it. “As I said before, all of us got involved. The worst part was, we liked it, we liked...”

Elios glances upwards to scan the caved in ceiling before the silent guilt glowed within his expression. “We’re perfect in the eyes of the world, our families live in riches, we, live in riches but you know what’s fucked up?”

I’m aware of what he means and as the silence stretched between us, I’m brought back to the Ice Rink.

When the others were all around me and they hadn’t moved an inch when Karen’s life was in danger.

“They don’t know the real us. They don’t know that all of us have this thing inside us, that craves blood lust. That craves, this.”

“Elios...” My words broke off because I’m not sure what to say to him.

Do I comfort him? Tell him it was okay?

Because it wasn’t.

It wasn’t okay.

All of us seek comfort from a place that does nothing but bring about pain.

That’s, what’s fucked up.

“She died.”

Evan’s voice is soft.

If I hadn’t stopped my thoughts from attacking one another earlier on, I would have missed it.

From behind me, Evan strides forward, followed by Matthew, who’s bright eyes glowed dimly with a hint of playful sadness.

Jared and Victor loomed closely behind them.

The younger twin, briefly smiles at me but it’s so ghostly that I know it must have been my imagination. “That’s what broke us apart.”




Rose was gone.

Looking into the view of the many males around me, not one met my eye but Matthew. “It was a Saturday morning. I remember because you see, the birds were chirping awfully loud and-”

“No,” Reaching for his shoulder, I stop him from speaking any further, suddenly aware of the pounding that is my heart. “Tell me what happened.”

“I can’t.” He tells me, his voice broken. “I can’t-”

“I deserve to be told, I deserve to know what happened to her,”


“No more secrets!” Bellowing, the magnitude of my voice echoes the empty Ring. “No more! You remember don’t you?! All of you do!”

The spurning in my chest continued to swirl as my breathing elevated and my pulse quickened.

Determination poured out of every pore in my body and I turned, one heel over the other, fists clenched. “Tell me what happened to her.”


Pure, unfiltered, looming silence.

“Tell me,”

“She was killed.” Victor gazes at his crestfallen friends and plucks up the courage to look at me. “Because we did it,”

“We put a bullet in her head.”

A/N I’m so sorry guys for not updating. I’ve been SUPER busy with school work and projects its killing me. I also lost access to this profile for a few days and nearly had a fit, thinking everything was gone, thankfully, it’s still here.

This chapter is over 5000 words, hope you enjoyed it although not my best work!

~Love Aurelia

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