Unravel Him

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Chapter 22: Truth or dare?


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Song; (The Weeknd- Earned it) & (Annie Lennox- I put a spell on you)

“I dare you to buy the bar,”

“You’re crazy.”

“I dare you.”

Stumbling head first into a wall, I straightened myself and let out a high pitched laugh, unable to stop the giggling from escaping my lips.

“Fine, watch me.”

“Oh, no, no, Matthew don’t! Mason, stop him-”

“Too late.”

My surroundings teetered dangerously before voices to my right alerted me as to where everybody was.

Matthew was clutching a bottle of whiskey and humming to himself as he took to my Apartment living room.

Kale and Zanthus were making out behind the couch.

Jared and Victor were by the bar, having a drinking competition.

They must be on their 12th shot.

Elios and Evan was taking turns playing a game. Mason joined them 10 minutes ago.

Hailey passed out in her bedroom after we decided to take the party back to the Apartment.

My best friend would’ve slept on the floor if I hadn’t dragged her back.

“I think that’s enough drinking for today.”

“Thomas is right, let’s head back to the Apartment!”


“Excuse me, is that you’re home now?”

It didn’t matter because we all found ourselves back here anyway.

“Vanessa?” Mason looks up from his crouched position, half concern and half distracted.

“Hmm?” Hiccuping, I walked over to him but only succeeded in stumbling so I remained where I was. “I’m fine,”

He raises an eyebrow, clearly not believing me.

Yeah, I had too much to drink.

All of us, had too much to drink.

Alcohol and rich boys do not go well together, especially if unlimited money was involved.

“Join us Vanessaaaaa....” Evan slurs, his head lolling from side to side.

That didn’t seem to be a bad idea. “You know what, I just might.”

Stumbling over Mason’s legs, I went flailing beside him but caught myself just in time before my head hit the couch.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Perfectly fine.” Straightening my body, I sat up and stared at the lit candle in front of me, the flame flickering back and forth.

Mason’s green blue eyes watch me distractedly as though to ensure I was actually sitting next to him and not his imagination.

“Okay, okay...” Elios picks up another shot glass and measures it with the other three before pouring. “Truth... or... dare?”

A hysterical snort erupted from me. “That’s what you all were playing? Truth or dare?”

“Shush, shush!” Evan hisses one finger up as he swayed back and forth. “Elios, do thy honors.”

“I shall.” The older twin picks up one of the shots and stares levelly at it before placing it in front of Mason. “Truth or dare, Masey?”

“We drink a shot if we refuse to do a dare or answer the question.” Mason explains to me and I nod but stopped when the room spun.

Was it always this hazy?

“Truth.” The heir of BourneFell places one elbow on the glass table but it slips off making him falter.

No one seems to notice.

“Ah, ah, I have one! I have one!” Evan grins, gleefully laughing. “If you were to choose between the eight of us, who would you kiss?”

Doing a rough calculation in my head took a solid minute as I counted what Evan meant by eight.

Oh, the boys.


Mason swallows hard and picks up the shot before twisting it around in his hand.

This seems to be a very important question.


“Hmm?” Blinking at the mention of my name, I stared at Mason, expecting a question.

Instead he was staring dead straight at Evan.

“No, I said between the eight of us.” The younger twin mutters almost annoyed. “No Vanessa, it has to be us.”

“Isn’t she part of the group too?” Mason smiles innocently, his gaze pure.

Now that I think about it.

I was, part of the group.

So I guess that made me a viable option.

“Ah, fuck you, I don’t accept that, drink up.”

Mason shrugs and downs the shot, hissing silently through his teeth.

Evan then turns to his brother. “Truth or dare?”


“Alright fine,” He pats his knees for imaginary dust. “Who would you kiss?”

The older twin frowns in thought, the question over taking his senses.

A solid minute later, he has his answer. “Vanessa.”

“Oh come on!”

Elios abruptly gasp and points a finger to his chest, face resembling the picture of astounding silent surprise. “Does that mean I get to kiss her too?”

“What? No!” Evan whirls around and slaps his brother’s shoulder, too confused to understand what was happening.

To be honest neither did I.

“Why... me?” Resting my head on the palm of my hand, I leaned forward, eyebrows furrowed. “Why do you all have to kiss me?”

“It’s a thing.” Elios explains, waving his hand lightly in my direction. “Back when you were still wanting to kick-people-in-the-balls, you have no-”

He stressed the ‘no’, downs a drink Evan gives him and continues.

“-idea how you got many of us thinking if we should kiss you or bow down.”

I stared at Mason for confirmation.

He’s leaning back against the couch, hands in his hair, a vicious nod over taking his whole head. “He’s right,”

“Jared wanted to go religious!” Evan further supports, pointing a finger at the male who is glaring at Victor for not surrendering.

“But enough about that,” He scoots closer to the table which is impossible as he was already laying on top of it. “Truth or dare, Vanessa?”


“Oh here we go.” Mason readied a shot for me just in case, so I took it and had to resist the unknowing reflex to drink it down.

“Allow me, brother.” Elios taps his chin for several seconds before agreeing something with himself. “Who was the better kisser? Mason or Thomas?”

A splutter escaped me.

That was private.

Much too private.

Everything swarmed and my head blared alarms. “No, I’m not answering that!”

“Drink up then, unless you’d rather do a dare?” He raises an eyebrow, arms crossed. “Didn't think you were much of a scaredy-cat, but here I am, proven wrong.”

Perhaps it was the alcohol but I couldn’t believe what took over me. “Dare then,”

I held a staring match between Elios before he eventually nods, agreeing with the condition.

“Strip dance.”

My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. “What was that?”

“Dance... and strip,” The older male looks smug with himself.


“Because you didn’t answer the question. Option 1 or 2? All or nothing, Vanessa.”

“So you want a floor show?” I raised an eyebrow just to be sure he was actually asking for it.

It was a challenge and my blood sang for it.

“Dare or not?” Elios slams his palm against the table, failing to look serious. “I bet I could beat you.”

He did not, just say that.

“You’re stepping on thin ice.” Wagging my finger at him, I watch as his smirk widened.

“Me and you.”

I’m suddenly laughing and because my drunk brain can’t process what’s left to right, I mocked salute. “By all means,”

Elios hops up and skips over Evan who whoops loudly at his brother as he takes front and center.

“Give me the music, I want the music.”

Taking the speaker remote, I throw it at Elios who catches it before spinning around so his back is to us.

Instantly the upbeat music is suddenly transform to a much more calm but soothing song.

Earned it by The Weeknd.

Elios spins, his hand on his shoulder and the other resting on his waist.

All eyes are on him as his shirt is unbuttoned. The lapels are undone and his bare chest peeked from within it’s containment.

Holy shit.

His eyes are focused, his body is moving to the music.

Twisting again, the rest of the shirt pops off, revealing his entire naked front.

The clear view of his chest and abs have me swooning.

He raises his hands above him and sways his hips when the music picks up, turning to soft electric tempo.

“GO ELIOS!” Kale screams from somewhere behind us.

“Elios, what the fuck.” Zanthus mutters, distraught.

Meanwhile Evan is hooting for his brother, cheering so loud that the music isn’t loud enough to cover it.

Elios slips his shirt off one sleeve at a time, exposing muscle and scars. He’s in his own world, determined to win.

I’m entranced almost.

Just before Elios could unbuckle his belt the music ends and he breaths heavily, a languid smile covering every inch of that mouth.


He collapses on the couch just behind Evan after the audience claps for him and shoots me a daring smirk.

Try to beat me.

The smirk seems to say.

“My good sirs, please,” Standing up, I released my hidden alter ego and threw my hair over my shoulder. “Watch and learn.”

Before anyone could say anything, the next song played.

“I put a spell on you.”

Twisting my hands into my hair, I pulled it up and shut my eyes, feeling the touch of every action and moment.

“Because you’re mine...” She sings.

My hips start swaying as my fingers journeyed downwards onto my chest and body.

The tips of my red hair rest on my collarbone, revealing bits of flesh as the zipper of my padded outfit drops to the floor.

Drawing my right hand over my bare shoulder, I dragged it down leisurely, gliding my fingertips coolly against the skin.

“You know, I can’t stand it!”

The tempo picks up and I bent, swinging my hair aside with my hands spread against my thighs.

Slowly but surely, I sink to the floor, my body curving to one knee while the other splayed seductively beside me.

“I put a spell on you...”

Her tone gives me exhilaration.

Every part of my body is heated.

I can taste the gold in the air.

The ice from the snow.

It causes me to pant.

Whether from need or something else I don’t know.

“I don’t care if you want me,”

My bare feet glide against the smooth floor.

I’m slow.

Tortuously slow.

Every flick of flesh, every trace of skin, every caress of hair.

The feeling is exquisite.

My body buzzes alive, the alcohol doing it’s job properly for the first time since this long night began.

At the back of my mind, I am aware of something lurking beyond the edge of my sanity.

The very same feeling I had at the bar when I threatened the girl.

The very same feeling I had for Ravana.

It was like something ignited inside me.

Burning a fire so bright that the only thing I can do is let it happen.

I wanted, it to happen.

“I put a spell on you...” The song finishes up it’s last verse. “Because you’re mine...”

When the music ends, the bubble is shattered and the feeling is gone.

I’m left there, panting, hair masquerading half my face.

There’s a loud crash.

Victor had dropped off his stool, landing hard on the ground in a heap of glass and alcohol.

When I raise my head upwards, I noticed the room is otherwise deadly quiet. Only the hum from the speaker as another music proceeds to play.

The flicker from the candle is dim but I don’t need light to see the expression on their faces.

Shock. Astounded. Confused. Fearful.

My gaze swept the entirely of the room and notice different actions from different people.

Kale’s hand is in his mouth. Zanthus palms are twisting his ears. Jared is blinking, his fingers are shaking.

Still, no one says a word.

I tilted my head at Elios who’s mouth is gaping open, a stray piece of hair masking his right eye. “Drink up, Vinyl.”

Evan reaches for the shot and shoves it at Elios who drinks it down in half an instant.

“That’s not enough, drink more!”

Elios gladly follows Evan’s instructions and cleans off the rest of the prepared shots, even going as far to to take it straight from the bottle.

“Nessa,” Mason stands up and swallows hard, unable to speak up for the first time. “That was...”

His hand reaches for my wrist and I giggled twisting in his hold.

“Did I do good?”

“You did...” He shakes his head, dazed. “You did more then good.”

Squealing, I twirled again, lifting my hands in the air before falling backwards. “Yes!”

Right, into a pair of awaiting arms.

A blast of hot breath hit my hair line. “I leave you for two seconds-”

I burst out giggling again.

Thomas sighs loudly before hoisting me upwards on my feet, warm fingers gently guiding me to the crook of his shoulder so I leaned on him instead.

“Hi there,” Poking his cheek he flinches and flashes me an annoyed glare.

Why was he annoyed?

Come to think of it, where did he go?

“Where did you go?” Folding my arms onto myself, I blink at him, confused as to why he wasn’t here earlier on in the first place.

“I had to take a call,” He snorts, rolling his eyes. “I told you to stay where you are remember?”

“Oh,” I clearly didn’t remember that. “Did you see what I did?”

“You mean you’re little strip tease?” At this, he shoots lethal glares at the boys who are struggling and failing not to look guilty.

Only Mason had the ability not to look away when Thomas stares at him.

“It was a dare.” He’s mad at me. At them. But I don’t care.

My body is light and fluffy.

I’m too much in a good mood to care.

The hold Thomas has on me is tightened impeccably as he hisses through gritted teeth at the boys. "Look at her again, see what happens."

The boys looked like someone kicked their puppy at the hidden command Thomas gave them.

That is, until I said something. “I think I’m going to throw up.”

He shakes his head in exasperation before going to lead me. “Bed time, now.”

“I’m not drunk,” I tell him, voice muffled through his shirt as my right hand wrap around his back and my fingers pressed themselves against his chest. “I swear, I’m not.”

Thomas stares silently at me before bending down and sweeping me off my feet.

I released a startled yelp, feeling his arms guide around my legs and back. “Wheee!”

We made it up the flight of stairs and I have a strange feeling of Deja Vu as I remembered the last time he carried me like this.

Thomas unlocks my bedroom door and flips the covers off my bed before gently laying me on top.

“There, all settled.” He cracks his neck and sighs in relief. “Don’t go stumbling downstairs again alright?”

“Why aren’t you drunk?” I accuse him, my eyes narrowed. “I saw you drink in the bar, you drank as much as the rest of us.”

He shrugs, unable to explain it. “I have a high tolerance.”

“So do I,” Throwing the covers, I scooted closer so I had an excuse to touch him.

“You’re distracted today.” Gently, I run my fingers across his forehead and the frown that marred it, eases against my fingertips. “Something’s bothering you.”

He doesn’t answer. Just stares at me with that fore bonding expression. “You mean aside from all the action you gave my friends?”

I rolled my eyes and craned my neck not aware his eyes kept darting to the crook of my bare shoulder.

“Where’s my shirt?”

“You took it off.”


The edges of his lips curved into an almost hopeless smile. “I can’t leave you anywhere can I?

Mumbling incoherently to myself I folded my arms. “I don’t need you to save me.”

Thomas chuckles, his hand clasping around mine so it’s lowered. “How I missed that mouth,”

“What else did you miss?” I tempt him, excited.

He interlocks our fingers, his thumb grazing the inside of my palm. “How you would look like if I fuck you against a desk?”

“Perve,” Sticking my tongue out at him, I pulled my hand away and laughed. “What would the tabloids say?”

“I don’t know,” Raising his lips he kissed the corner of my mouth. “Maybe we should find out.”

“You’re distracting me,” Pouting, I pulled away from him but only succeeded in bringing his entire weight forward onto me. “I want to talk.”

“Talk?” His lips traced dainty spots all the way down my chin and neck. “I’m listening.”

Oh, it feels good.

Too good.

“You’re a jerk.” Pulling away, I dodged his advances and hopped over the bed so I was as far away as possible for him. “I’m not letting you seduce me.”

“Who said anything about seducing?” He raises an innocent eyebrow. “We could always make out.”

“Nice try,” Pursing my lips, I flopped on my belly and kicked my legs out. “Sit your ass down. We’re going to talk.”

“Talk,” He spits the word in contempt before eventually doing as I say. “You didn’t want to talk when you decided to strip.”

The heir of Graymoore is sulking, I don’t believe it.

But I will stand my ground.

I’m drunk... not stupid.

“The boys brought me to the Ring last week.”

“I heard,” He sighed. “The place looks nothing like it did before huh?”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Wait, when did you last visited the place?”

The glint in his eyes tells me I was stepping into dangerous territory but I remained adamant.

Ultimately, he heaves of a defeated sigh. “We were going to start at the Harbor remember? It never happened.”


My stare meets the ground.

It never happened because I wasn’t there. I was too busy dealing with his betrayal and other things.

“With Marlen out of the picture this is going to be more difficult.” I smoothed the subject, unwilling to talk about that, time.

“We can get by well enough without that old man.” He scoffs, annoyed by how I kept bringing Marlen into the picture.

“He’s my Sponsor.” I glowered at him. “And, he happens to be a person I care about.”

That seemed to shut Thomas up for a while although he remained annoyed.

I watch his expression with amusement.

I couldn’t help it.

It’s been so long since I last saw him, could you blame me for missing him that much so?

“How’s work doing?”

Thomas sighs and runs his hand down his hair. “Boring. Torturous. Dad is being a dick but what else is new?”

The mention of his father reminds me of when Elios had told me about Thomas’s past.

I debated asking him but stopped.

If he wanted to tell me, he would at his own time.

“You don’t like talking.” I observed after a few minutes of silence. “Not if it has something to do with you’re personal life.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” Reaching for my hand, he laces his fingers through them and pulled me closer. “Just let me enjoy this few hours of peace with what little time I have left with you.”

“No need to be so dramatic.” Rolling my eyes, I craned my neck back and viewed his soften expression. “You can always sneak out of the Office to meet me. I’ll help.”

“God, if I knew getting you drunk would get you this agreeable.” Rolling us over, he hovers on top of me and kisses me hard.

I roam my hands down his collar, across his lapel and chest.

His lips move down my throat and skimmed further down my shoulder.

I groaned.

He pulls away, tongue deliberately swiping across his lower lip. “We’re making out. Then you’re going to bed.”

“Oh yeah? What makes you so sure our clothes would stay on?”

“I don’t.” He says.

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