Unravel Him

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Chapter 27: Mad


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Brown eyes.

Brown hair.

Lean, but pudgy figure.

His hair is messy and un-style, paired with a ridiculous gold chain that swung around his neck cascading down his Hawaiian print shirt.

He was only a couple years older then me and yet looked 30 plus.

I guess being a douche bag would do that to someone.

“You, line up.” He orders me, gesturing to the row of trembling girls with their heads down standing at the very far end of the room.

The air is nearly knocked out of my breath as I looked at their faces and attire.

Young and old...

It didn’t matter.

Because I finally understood.

They were brought in by this monster to sell their bodies.

“I said, line up.” He growls, no longer tolerating my silence.

I resisted the urge to look up when I felt my fists closing in on each other.

With the way the glasses covered my eyes and the scarf hiding my hair there was no where to tell from which angle if I would get recognized.

So I kept my patience and did as he told by lining up with the other broken girls.

“What’s you’re name?” Travis demanded quietly to the runaway girl, who’s fingers continued to shake.

He inhales the cigarette and blows smoke in her direction.

“It’s... It’s Wendy...”

“Wendy,” He nods to himself. “Why did you run?”

“He... Mr Sanders was hurting me...”

Even though most of the girls I was lined up with looked too afraid to hear the conversation happening between Wendy and Travis, I can’t help but glance over.

Was this what he’s been dong?

Dominating girls all he liked, using them for his own gains?

Did Malorie go through the same thing?

“Mr Sanders is our client, Wendy... and what do we do with our clients?” He leans forward onto her personal space making her cringe.

“O-Obey... be silent and never say no...” She murmurs, a fresh wave of tears rolling down her face.

“So you do remember the rules,” He was smirking this time. That twisted sick smile made my mind spin with nausea. “Did you forget about them?”

“I’m sorry Mr Main... I-It won’t happen again.” Wendy falls to her knees in front of him and wrung her hands together in a plead. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

The sight causes bile to rise at the back of my throat.

Jesus Christ.

Travis takes a step back and circles the room for something before his gaze landed on a leather belt buckle hung on one of the hooks.

He picks it with one hand and spun a finger to our direction. “What are the rules?”

At that, the broken girls in my line shook their heads fervently like puppets on strings and muttered several sentences all in sync.

“Obey, be silent and never say no.”

“Good,” Travis hums in approval, brown eyes sharpening in maniac resolve. He puts the cigarette down on the ash tray. “Because this is what happens if you don’t follow the rules.”

He rears the belt back and strikes Wendy.

A collective gasp is heard echoing around the room as all the girls gape at the sight before them.

“How many times do I have to tell you bitches, that you do not, run, when my clients tell you to do things?”

The second hit made Wendy cry out.

Are you going to stand and watch?

Another smack across her face and welts began to form on her blistered skin.

Bruises, old and new are reappearing, revealing the abuse that is clear as day for anyone in the room.

“Mr Main, Mr Main, forgive me! Forgive me-”

What are you waiting for?

“I’m sorry, Mr Main I won’t do it again, just no more! No more!” Wendy raises her arms but the belt is relentless.

He continues striking her again and again and I stood there, frozen.

Make him pay.

An image of Hailey, beaten, on the ground, with her hands covering her face flashes in my mind.

She never told me the details of what Travis had done to her.

I never pushed it.

He hurt Hailey. He made you’re life miserable. He killed Malorie.

“Mr Main, I’m begging you!” The girl has mascara running down her face and her platinum blond hair sticks to her forehead.

He fists his fingers into her hair and brings her to a stand, all the while streaking her skin in new marks.

Make him pay.

I can.

It’d be easy.

No one would know.

“You whores, need to know you’re place!” Another smack, followed by another.

Wendy wrestles from his grip and takes off running.

She ends up crashing against one of the girls in my line, nearly knocking the brunette over.

Make him pay.

“Help me! Help me, please-” The brunette shoves Wendy aside so hard that she falls back onto the floor, scrapping her knees. “Please!”

Travis lets out a bellowing laugh and picks Wendy up by the neck before throwing her against the desk.

Glass and useless items clatter to the floor by the interaction and there’s a subtle thud as she moans, no longer having the strength to pick herself up and move.


Make him pay.

Instinctively, I move out of the line and in full view of the room.

At the back of my head, my vision is blurring in streaks of black and red.

Make him pay.

I stared at my trembling fingers as fiery hot liquid spread down my chest and abdomen igniting a feeling I didn’t know possible.

Make him pay.

Wendy is reduced to whimpers as I take another step forward, and another.

Make. Him. Pay.

“Fucking, bitch!” Travis whips the belt back for another blow and it was at that moment when he finally stops.

You know you can.

He turns, confused, just barely given enough time to see my soulless gaze before something inside me snapped.

Do it.

Gripping the arm that held the belt, I twisted his wrist backwards and kneed him in the stomach.

The belt falls and just before it hits the ground, I wrap it around his throat and hooked the belt before jerking backwards.

He falls choking and lands sideways onto the dirty cement floor.

I continue to hold onto the belt, feeling my muscles stretched to the limit as his fingers began to claw my arms, leaving angry scratches.

The edges of his face is already turning red, mixing with a tint of blue as he slowly suffocated.

If I hold on a little longer, he’d be dead. Just like that.

Just, like that.

But you need him alive.

Somehow I managed to tear myself away long enough to let go.

He rips the belt away from his neck and coughed hysterically. “W-What-”

The light bulb above us swung provocatively back and forth, darkness marring the moldy walls in patterns that didn’t look natural.

I flick my gaze over to where my shadow reverted as the light enlarged and shrunk it, over and over like a metronome.

“Don’t. Touch. Her.” I said.

He glances at the beaten woman whimpering in the corner.

“You won’t like what happens if you do.”

This was the man that abused my best friend.

This was the man that broke into my home.

This was the man that got Malorie pregnant.

This was the man that deserved to die.

“Who the hell do you think you are-” He tries to get back up but before he could get any further, I step on his twisted knee, instantly breaking it.



There’s a loud howl that echoed the space as his pain registered on my unflinching expression.

Very slowly, I take off the glasses and unwind the scarf so it falls to the floor beside me.

When I undid my pony tail I know now my disguise is gone.


The next time I locked eyes with Travis again, gone was the malice held for the abused woman behind me, replaced it was with something I was very familiar with...


This feeling... why was it so familiar?

Travis looked around the room for help but he knows there’s no way out.

Who would help him?

The broken girls behind me?

The abused woman on the ground?

He should be nervous.

After all, he escaped and ran when he found out Red Devil was hunting him down years ago.

“You shouldn’t be here-” He cuts himself off and swallows. “Y-You shouldn’t be here, Vanessa-”

“Hello Travis,” I tilt my head and watch him curiously. “Did you miss me?”

“You shouldn’t be here!” He yells, trying desperately to crawl away as I advanced on him.

A stack of crates fell over and his fingers grip onto any surface he could find. “Jack! Jack, open the goddamn door!”


Humming to myself, I walked over to Wendy and picked her up carefully so she won’t be in too much pain.

She cast me a grateful nod. “Thank you,”

“Get out,” I say. “You don’t want to see this.”

Wendy nods vigorously before shakily rising to stand.

It only takes a split second for her to decide before she’s heading for the door, unlocking it and limping away from the room.

The remaining girls all stared at each other, frightened beyond belief.

I frown in question. “You’re welcome to stay and watch.”

That’s all it took for them to take off, barely even giving a backwards glance.

“Wait! Wait, you ungrateful whores, help me!” Travis saw his moment to escape and when he tried to stand, I easily side stepped him before shutting the door.

He freezes, caught off guard by my action.

I pulled the bolt, locking it in place.

There’s a long sterile pause as he finally realizes it’s just me and him now.

How long I’ve waited for this.

“V-Vanessa, we can talk about this,” He tries to say, face twisting in pain over his broken knee.

I circled the room before dragging a chair forward, the metal scraping hard against the cement.

“I don’t know how you found me, but you won, alright? You won.” He raises both hands and splayed them.

A gesture of surrender.

“Y-You don’t have to-fuck!”

Reaching his collar, I pulled him over to the chair, not caring if he screamed from the pressure I forced upon him.

“Shit!” He continued cursing as I forcefully sat him down so he had no where to look but me.

I took the time to unlace his shoes and pull the strings.

Once I’m satisfied with the amount, I bounded his hands backwards, keeping him trapped and confined.

Travis tries to break out of the bonds only to fail. “You bitch-”

“You’re all talk, Travis.” I hummed, my tone soft and deliberate. “Just because you have someone backing you up doesn’t mean it’ll save you,”

“You shouldn’t have come here.” He says once I’ve risen to stand. “The people I work for aren’t going to be happy.”

“You gave me no choice,” I dared him to say anything differently.

Where else could he go?

I had him right where I wanted.

He could try to run but with a broken knee it would be very difficult.

I could always break another bone but where’s the fun in that?

All good things comes to those who wait.

“Barging into my house, uninvited? Hurting Hailey?” Circling around him, I picked up the belt that had fallen and stretched it out. “Who would’ve thought you’d be behind Karen’s mess as well?”

He paled.

“That... that wasn’t me...” A sliver of fear flashed in his eyes.

I smiled in response.


The resources Karen got couldn’t have come from her. It would have been supplied by him.

If not where would she get those people that attacked me in the alleyway?

Where would she know where to find the video of my Dad’s suicide?

Time for him to take a trip down memory lane.

“That little stunt you pulled back in NorthVille with my best friend? You should be lucky that you escaped. But here you are now,”

Laughing humorlessly, I played with a stray string on his collar.

The scent of smoke lingered on his shirt and I wrinkled my nose, reminiscing the times when I was addicted.

“I would’ve let you lived the rest of you’re miserable life in peace... but you threatened Hailey, you threatened my life and you took Malorie’s.”

For a second, Travis unusually cool face transforms into definitive shock put on hold by my question. “How do you know her?”

I almost believed him.

Slashing the air with the belt, I am appeased by the crack in response. “How many girls have you hit with this belt?”

He doesn’t answer.

I craned my neck sideways and cast a hollow smile. “Do you’re victims always look like this when you stand over them?”

“Look, this place-it’s my job.” He stutters. “It’s my job to entertain the clients.”

“How many girls did you lie to? Promised that they’ll get off the streets if they followed you?”

“Vanessa, it’s not what it looks like-”

“Did Malorie fell for this?” My voice was rising. “Did you force her to do this?”

“I didn’t-”

Wrong answer.

Gripping the belt firmly in my palm, I forced it across his face and earned a cry in return.


I did it again.

Twice on the face.

Four times on his abdomen.

Another five move times on his broken knee.

The more I did it, the more I find myself craving... so much more.

Why didn’t I do this ages ago?

Did I forget how satisfying it would be?

It was, satisfying when I hurt Ravana.

It was, satisfying when I took a knife to the bitch’s face.

It was satisfying now.

“Please, wait! Wait!”

By the time I was done, I’m breathless and running high on adrenaline.

Travis is panting with painful marks etched upon his expression. “S-She was a nobody.... Just a helpless, little girl that didn’t know shit about the world.”

“She wasn’t a nobody.” I hissed, gripping his chin so my nails dug in. “I don’t know what the hell you did but she fell for you. She fell for you and when she got pregnant, you weren’t there. You abandoned her.”

“I told the bitch I wasn’t ready to be a father! She didn’t want to get the abortion how the hell was I supposed to react?!” He defends sounding incredibly stricken.

I let out bitter laugh, hearing it echo along the walls.

“Again with the wrong answers,”

Wrapping the belt around my right hand, I made sure it was secure before sending a hurling punch straight across his right cheek.

I heard a crack and a mutilated groan the moment my fist made contact.

He spat blood making it dribble down his chin.

I watch the liquid in fascination, well aware of the sickening smile that crossed my lips.

Leaving him trapped, I reach for the ash tray and pluck out the still lit cigarette.

“Tell me how you knew her.”

“It was a job.” He mutters, cheek swollen. “The boss wanted me to get in Malorie’s good graces.”


“I don’t know, I just do what I’m told! Whoever she was, she wasn’t part of the plan I had for you.”

I pushed the burnt end of the stick onto his shoulder, earning a shout from him as it went through shirt and skin.

“Shit, enough! Enough, goddammit!”

Dropping the cigarette, I re-stood to my height before grabbing his hair and pulling hard. “You keep lying to me and we’ll see how you’re face looks like after this.”

“I’m not lying! It was a job! Just a job-”

This time I punched him without warning, knuckles barely grazing the edge of his left cheekbone and hitting the socket.

I did it two more times, earning a subtle crack as his nose broke.

Blood poured out from his nostrils followed by the cut by his eyebrow caused by the metal plate on the belt.

He bows his head, exhausted and daze.

I took a step back and admire my work, feeling my fingers drip blood all over the floor.

Not my blood.

“Tell me what you’re boss wanted with Malorie.”

“I don’t know! I swear! She just told me to secure my relationship with her!”

“Did you ever think about how she felt?” I hissed, unable to believe this piece of shit would stoop this low. “She’s gone because of you.”

“It didn’t matter!” He gritted his teeth hard against the hold I have on his scalp. When he turned, I spotted a faint scar above his left eyebrow. “You’re the reason I got fired from my job! You’re the reason I have nothing! The boss would only help me if I help her, it’s a win, win!”

Win, win?

Releasing him, I unbounded the belt and let it fall.

“It wasn’t a win, win for Malorie.” That was the last thing I said before anger over came me.

Blow after blow.

It didn’t matter.

All I could see was the rain.

All I could see were her fingers.

The fingers that slipped away from me before she plummeted to the ground.

My last punch was so brutal he heaved to the right and collapsed, still bound onto the chair, half his face pressed down onto the floor.

“Y-You crazy... bitch...” He murmurs through a mouth full of blood.

I pulled my hair back and released a breath before wiping the splatter on my cheek. “Not crazy. Just a little... mad.”

“This is...” He garbles saliva and blood before lifting his head. “Aitenev’s... turf.”

“Should I be afraid?” I mocked, my tone sickly sweet as I knelt on one knee.

My fingers dug into his front hair as I pulled it up, forcing his swollen face into my view.

“You forget who runs the Ring, Travis."

Taking out the dagger from my pocket, I slip the scarf off and flipped it open, watching the gleaming blade catch the light from the bulb above us.

"I'm the motherfucking, Queen."

He blinks, body pulsed to run. “D-Don’t!”

I tore the skin beneath his ear, watching as blood trickled further down his shoulder.

Travis, bound to the chair, lets out a piercing shriek as the dagger sliced further down his neck, an incision that went deeper into muscle.

Blood ooze out onto my fingertips, coating my bruised knuckles with more red as the color beaded my lips.

“Help! H-Help, someone!”

My hold on him tightened as he trashed but the blade continued it's path across his neck, sinking further down.

His shrieks reduced to gurgling and his limbs fell useless.

I grinned. “You shouldn’t have come back.”

There was an earth shattering bang.

From behind me, the once bolted door slams open, counter attacking a kick so hard that pieces of paint chipped off from where the knob struck it.

“Let him go.”

The authority rang loudly and I ceased cutting.


I knew that voice anywhere.


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