Unravel Him

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Chapter 28: Cross


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He shouldn’t be here.

He shouldn’t be here at all.

None of them, should be here.

“Vanessa?” Mason whispers.

I stood up, keeping my back to them as a long winding silence reverted throughout the darkening room.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Parts of my red hair obscure my eyes as I angled my head to the side.

There they stand, just beyond the threshold of the doorway.

Their features are hidden by a cloth wrapped around their nose and mouth.

Their eyes are all I see.

Yet... that was enough.

“What...” Mason swallows hard and glances down at my fingers. “What did you do?”

I followed his gaze and thumbed the engraving of the dagger, smearing it in more blood.

“What I had, too.”

Travis is on the ground.

Bleeding and hurt.

I’m standing over him.

Dagger in hand.

It’s obvious what I tried to do.

Mason blinks rapidly at what he sees and retreats, unable to stomach the sight. “Oh, my god...”

The horror that lights itself in his eyes makes me laugh.

I shake my head and turn on my heel. “I told you what I would do, didn’t I?”

His green blue orbs sunk into morbid confusion.

“Do you believe me now?”

I can see the doubt swirl in his eyes.

I can feel the fear trickle out of his pores.

Who’s the fool now?

Thomas, sensing Mason’s distress, takes one step forward, blocking my view of the heir of BourneFell.

“Get behind me,” he instructs, voice commanding, eyes sharp. “You don’t want to see her like this.”

“And you do?” Keeping my eyes blank, I tilted my head. “Can you really lie to me and say you’re not afraid?”

He doesn’t look afraid.

But I know better.

I always know better.

I saw right through him.

Thomas inches forward, keeping his steps light and subtle as he attempted to diffuse the situation.

“Ginger, I need you to put the dagger down.” His eyes are on the blade; It poises his body to lunge. “Come with me, and we’ll-”

“You’ll what?” I cut him off, voice intensely dark as I raised the dagger at him.

He will stop you.

He won’t.

Don’t let it happen.

I will.

Thomas’s features narrowed into confusion at my questionable hostility.

His eyes search mine for any inkling of what has changed.

He can’t find any.

I’m a blank canvas, nothing I do or project is helping him figure out what stands in front of him.

So he says the only thing he can, voice stricken in silent dread and conclusion. “You’re not her.”

I smiled.

This wasn’t the same person who went in the building earlier on.

This was a person who shouldn’t exist.

This was a person, kept hidden.

For years.

“D-Didn’t know your girl’s a psychopath did you?” Travis stutters from behind me. He managed to get out of his bonds and was halfheartedly covering his wounds. “She’s worse than you are.”

“Shut up,” Thomas snarls, his fists clenched at his sides. “You should be grateful I’m not letting her kill you.”

“Oh, little assurance now.” Travis spits, blood and saliva frothing out from the corner of his lips. “Y-You made... a big mistake, Vanessa.”

I turn to him, finding his words ring back in profound clarity.

“Your boy toys didn’t tell you who owns this place did they?” He chuckles lowly, the back of his throat grating. “A-All this belongs to Aitenev...”


If the basement wasn’t covered in darkness then, it was covered in darkness now.

Thomas takes one step forward.

Only one.

The shadows that lingered by the walls were nothing compared to the darkness brought forth by the heir of Graymoore himself.

His eyes blazed through the mask he wore, igniting a fire that demolished all constraints away.

I feel unease settle throughout the room as his aura expanded tenfold.

“Whatever happens between me and your boss, stays between us.” He states, leaving no room for space. “Aitenev is not, to touch anyone else.”

“Too bad,” Travis smiles a bloody grin and gestures to me with his head. “She was involved, way before you were.”


There was a loud pop behind us before a siren began to ring, lighting the halls in bright red.

All of us snapped to attention at what transpired as doors opened and loud chatter broke out.

Mason runs to check it out and curses beneath his breath. “We need to go!”

His usually laid back character is nowhere to be seen. “They know something's wrong and when they find us down here-”

He doesn’t finish.

The panic in his eyes is more than enough for the heir of Graymoore.

Thomas nods and inhales a shackling breath before reeling in his temper. “Ginger, we’re leaving now.”


It was only one word.

But that one word held all the power in the world.

“He dies.” Gritting my teeth, I point at the bloody lump on the floor.

“He, dies...” I repeated.

“What are you waiting for?” Travis taunts, letting his hands fall as the wound gushed out more blood. “I’m not going anywhere.”

With pleasure.

Blinded by revenge, I stepped forward and kicked Travis to his back before sitting astride him, knife down.

“You’re going to hell.”

“We’re both going to hell.” His body convulses, a whack of coughs shakes his frame. “Who knows, maybe the Devil will make you Queen there too.”

“Shut up!” Gripping his collar, I press the tip of the blade directly on his cartilage. “You know nothing about me.”

“Don’t I?” He shakes his head and struggles to keep his swollen eyes open.

“You’re a bad, bad girl, Vanessa... Did you forget all the nasty things you’ve done? Jonas, worshiped at your feet. We all did.”

The memories I’ve kept buried are resurfacing.

I can see it.

Clear as day.

All the things I’ve done.

Bad, good, it didn’t matter.

None of it does.

I lost control.

That’s all I cared about.

I didn’t know what I was doing then.

“I am not, who I was before.” I speak, unable to hide the doubt in my voice.

“No, your worse.” He twists his head and spits. “You aren’t clueless, little Vanessa anymore, who’s Daddy jumped off a building.”

I punched him.

His head snaps to the side before he groans. That groan transformed into a breathless chuckle. “There’s no more excuses left for you...”

I’m in control.

I know what I’m doing.

He doesn’t know what he’s saying.

He doesn’t know-

“Aren’t you afraid?” He raises an eyebrow, daringly wicked. “You’re doing this all on your own. You’re not being controlled. You’re... you.”

Travis raises his face and grins as the realization of what he implied envelopes me whole.

“Welcome back, Red Devil.”

“Shut up!” Letting go of the knife, I began to punch. “Shut up, shut up! Shut up!”

Left, right, over and over again.

I am not who I was before.

I am not.

I can’t be.

But I am.

I am.

“You don’t know...” Inhaling sharply, I feel my senses retaliate. “You don’t know anything about me.”

A murderous haze hangs over me.

His face is unrecognizable.

“Run... Run...” Travis sings, an odd edge to his tone. “Go follow you’re little... boy...”

That voice.

Every hair molecule in my body stands to attention.

I know... that voice.

I look at him, startled by the brown orbs that struck me down and the faint scar that tainted his left eyebrow.

“He couldn’t save you that night, could he?”


A flash of light.

A hurricane of thunder.

The smell of smoke.

My vision streak in embers.

“Stop. Stop. Don’t.”


No, no, no.

It was a dream.

How can it be real?

It’s not real.

It’s not real.

“Please. Don’t.”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY?!” Wrapping my hands around his throat, I squeezed, not caring as he trashed beneath me, gasping for air.

How did he know that?

How did he fucking know that?

Travis claws my wrists with his nails, raking fresh cuts I don’t feel.

His skin is turning purple with an odd tinge of red.

I’m too far gone to care.

At the back of my head, a profound ringing reappeared in my ears, rattling the foundation of my brain.

I try to shake it away.

I try to push the darkness that is smothering me.

But it’s too late.

It consumes me.

My vision flickers.

Black and red.

A dark mark captures my attention, just beyond his shirt where his shoulder meets. Swirls and four tips jousting out.

Time slowed.

The dagger.

The painting.

The tattoo.

Four tips...

It was a cross.

“L-Looks... like you can’t... trust everybody...” Travis rasps darkly.

I froze.

Down the corridor, thunderous footsteps could be heard followed by shouts as what sounded like an army descended upon us.

“Come on, Ginger!” A pair of arms pulled me off, of Travis and I screamed, fighting and kicking everything in my way to get back to the piece of shit that haunted my dreams.

“I'm going to kill you! I going to kill you, you fucking monster!”

Both Mason and Thomas held onto me for dear life as we exit the room and ran across different sections of the corridor.

“This way!” Mason lets go of me to unlock the back door and I’m brought outside, cold air swamping my way too heated body.

“Mason, drive.” Thomas throws Mason’s his keys, leaving him to quickly retrieved the car parked somewhere I can’t see.

The heir of Graymoore wraps one arm around my middle as he collects a plank by a trash bin and slid it in between the double doors.

When I try to struggle, Thomas forcefully retched me backwards, his grip bruising.

“Enough,” he snarls behind my ear. “Whether or not you like it, we are, leaving.”

Mason skids the car to a stop by the alleyway and I’m forced into the back seat with Thomas as he slams the door and we are off, the building disappearing from view.

Swirls and cross.

I hold my head in my hands, the memory of the mark forever sealing in my mind.

Swirls and a cross.

Swirls and a cross.

Swirls and a cross.

Thomas rips the mask off his face and punches the seat in front of him, making the chair rattle. “What the fuck was that?!”

Mason, who is breathing erratically, quickly pulls the mask off and bows his head to calm himself down.

It’s only now do I realized, I let Travis see my face.

So they know who to look for now.

The bloody knife is still in my hand when I glance down, the color red, reminded me of what I’ve done and witnessed.

I hurt Travis.

I nearly killed him.

“You’re a bad, bad girl, Vanessa... Did you forget all the nasty things you’ve done? Jonas, worshiped at your feet. We all did.”

"Vanessa, answer me.” Thomas’s fingers dig into my chin and I’m forced onto his gaze.

For a while, we just stare at each other in silence before I look away, quickly putting the knife in my pocket only to find my hands shaking after.

He saw it.

He saw me.

The hidden part of me.

“I don’t know.”

I don’t remember what happened after I went down the basement.

I don’t remember what happened after Travis started beating that girl.

I don’t remember anything.

Thomas releases me and clutches his head into his hands, moaning in anguish. “What have you done?”

I don’t know what I’ve done.

I don’t know what I’ve unleashed.

Mason who is staring at me through the rear view mirror is troubled beyond his years.

“We should call the others. We need to prepare for things to go bad.”

“They didn’t see our faces.”

“But they saw her face-”

“It’s too late.” Thomas presses his eyelids close and suck in a battering breath. “If I had know Aitenev owned that building...”

That name.

What is with that name?

Thomas finally turns to me after a long period of contemporary silence, his eyes darkening the iris of a storm. “You knew didn’t you? You knew who he was working for.”

I did.

I knew.

But I didn’t care.

If it wasn’t because I knew I couldn’t hide it anymore, I would have said nothing.

“It was my fight.”

“Your fight?!” He snaps, his tone rising drastically. “Killing the bastard is another story compared to finding him.”

“It didn’t matter.” My face is expressionless, my tone is dry.

“Didn’t... matter?” Thomas lets out a loose chuckle, un-amused by my bluntness. “You didn’t call, when you said you would, did you even think, for one second, what could have happened in there?”

No , I didn’t.

How could I?

The long doors.

The plated numbers.

The bruises on Wendy.

“Whatever your grudge is with Travis, it ends now.” He orders, voice ringing in finality.

I snap my gaze over to him, suddenly fired up. “You can’t stop me.”

“If this was any other person, I wouldn’t have!” He roars, the vein at the side of his neck throbbing violently.

“But he’s with Aitenev don’t you get it?! Now we’re all in this mess, because of you!”

I clenched my fists and looked down to my lap, finding my finger tips crust in dried blood as his words hit me hard.

Of course...

It wasn’t just me anymore.

Elios, Evan, Jared, Matthew, Zanthus, Victor...

I had a group now.

And I brought them into my revenge.

You don’t need them.

Something inside me is twisting.

It’s coiling round and round...

And I’m unsure of its intentions.

But it’s clawing its way up my chest.

I can feel it.

Even now.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

I breathe shakily, pushing his voice out of my head as my desperation becomes clear. “Travis needs to pay... He needs, to pay don’t you you get it?”

“You’re doing this all on your own. You’re not being controlled. You’re... you.”

Thomas will understand.

He has too.


Yet the heir of Graymoore remains quiet, his body frigid and unyielding to my claims.

He doesn’t believe you.

But those girls...

Those girls in that fucked up place...

He has to believe me.

He thinks you’ve lost your mind.

Maybe... maybe I have.

When has staying sane ever gotten me what I wanted? When has doing good ever made me happy?

I bring my gaze over to Mason, hoping to god he understands.

The heir of BourneFell shakes his head, tired and worn out. “Vanessa, you’re not thinking straight. Let’s just go home alright?”

They don’t believe you.

So that moment we shared at the balcony,

It didn’t mean anything?

Anything at all?

None of them do.

Falling back on the seat, I looked out the window, finding my heart pound erratically in my chest.

You can’t trust them.

I can’t trust anyone.

“Welcome back, Red Devil.”

The car is silent as we reached the apartment in half an hour's time.

Mason drove up to the lobby, and I got out, eager to get rid of them but is stopped as my wrist is snatched.

Thomas glowers at me, from where he sits. “Think, carefully about what you want here.”

“I know what I wanted,” I hissed, bringing our faces closer together so he could see the venom in my eyes. “What I wanted, was that man in that basement, dead.”

“I wouldn’t have stopped you.” He growls, not backing down. “But you did an idiotic thing going in there without thinking about your safety.”

“I was careful! They wouldn’t have known!”

“YOU LIED TO ME!” Thomas is beyond livid. He’s reached his breaking point.

“If you can’t even follow a simple instruction, how the hell am I supposed to believe whatever you say anymore?”

That stung.

Ripping my arm away from his grip, I slammed the door, not caring if the car dented.

Fuck this.

“Vanessa, wait!” Mason clambers out of the car and races up to me. “Just wait-”

“Leave me alone, Mase!”

His fingers reach for my left shoulder, sending a bolting lightning shock that shortens the edge of my vision.

I hear someone screaming in the background.

Everything goes black.

Thunder shook.

Lightning crackled outside.

The smell of smoke.

“Afraid of a storm?”

Everything is too hazy. Everything is too blurry.

Something holds me down.

Heavy. Warm. Suffocating.

“I didn’t know something so common would scare someone like you.”

Then I know what this is.

Then I know where I am.

This is a dream.

A fucking nightmare.

“What are you going to do about it?”

My hands are pinned, my legs are frozen.

I’m breathing but I can’t seem to scream.

I’m paralyzed but I can’t seem to see.


“Poor Vanessa, what happened to the one who would kick my ass?”

Get off me.

Get off me!

“Don’t worry. When I’m done with you, a storm would be the least of your worries.”


I’m snapped brutally away from my trance, the remnants of the memory making me stumble as my fingers pressed hard onto my chest.

No. No. No.

Coiling in on myself, I restrained the ringing that nearly knocks me off my feet turning my limbs, cold.

“Don’t...” I choked, tears running down my face. “Don’t touch me.”

How long have I stood here?

It felt like hours when it was only seconds.

Thomas is by Mason’s side having gotten out of the car.

No longer is he angry.

He’s concerned... alarmed.


“I said, don’t touch me!” I retreat further into the building, waving my arms madly as everything around me swirled.

Both males backed up, confused by my outburst and over what the hell just happened.

Our interaction has caused a few passer-by’s to stare at us in interest, entranced with what’s happening.

“Ms Vail are you all right?” The doorman to my building walks out of the lobby, startled.

Where have you been?

Shaking my head, I forced my legs forward, ignoring how my brain throbbed with each step I took.

Get away from them. Get away from them.

“Wait a second, Vanessa-” Mason tries to reach for me but the doorman steps in the way, blocking the heir of BourneFell from coming any closer.

He’s over a head taller than the younger male and he’s not letting them through.

“I’m sorry Sir, if you don’t have a residence here you can’t enter without the owner’s permission.”

“Screw that, move aside.” Thomas attempted to barrel through, but the doorman is relentless.

“Sir, I’m afraid I will have to ask you to leave!”

I wait for the elevator doors to open, my eyes shut as the ringing grew louder in my ear, the buzz unfathomable.

In the background, their voices are growing dimmer and dimmer, lost to my mind.

“I will call the police if you don’t leave the property!”

“Run... Run...”

Shaking my head, the doors finally open and I stumble in, quickly pressing the button for my floor.

The doors close but now I’m left by myself.

Events that happened in the basement hovers around me and I grit my teeth, remembering it all.

Wendy is still crying. Wendy is still screaming.

But there’s another voice.

A deeper, sinister, chilling voice.

“Go follow you’re little... boy...”

“No...” Moaning out loud, I forced the rising memories away, needing nothing more but to remain stable. “No, no...”

But his voice continues to echo.

It echos and echos, bringing forth a fear like no other.

He knows how to get under my skin. He knows how to trigger me.

He knows.

I won’t let him. I won’t let him.

The elevator pings and I clambered out, hands pressed along the walls for support and movement.

My apartment doors comes up, and I unlocked it only getting as far in as the doorway before the ringing releases a high pitch shrill and I’m frozen.

“S-Stop-” I whisper, my hands pressed hard to my ears and my teeth clenched together. “Stop. It.”

“He couldn’t save you that night, could he?”

The reflection refracted back at me from the tile floors is blurry and un-clear.

The voices are swarming, eliciting a danger that threatens what I stand for.

Swirls and a cross. Swirls and a cross. Swirls and a cross.

Cold numbing perception slowly overtook my senses.

My mind reforms.

My fingers stop shaking.

My body stops freezing.

“L-Looks... like you can’t... trust everybody...”

I can't trust anyone.

And then I see it.

Slowly, but surely.

The reflection that glares back at me.

She’s grinning, her wild hair untamed.

And it’s good.

It doesn’t hurt.

It doesn’t hurt at all.

“Vanessa, you’re back?”

Veronica is just putting on her earrings and socks when she spots me by the doorway.

“I know it’s late, but there was an emergency at the place I work. I have to head back.” She collects her files and plucks many things around the room, all the while grumbling and muttering things that goes unheard.

I reach behind me to lock the door.

“Is Hailey home?”

“No, she said she’s staying at the Office tonight. Have you had dinner yet?”

Shaking my head, I slipped my sling bag on the counter and set it down. “I’m not hungry.”

“Well all right then, it’s a good thing you’re home. You look tired, get some sleep okay?” She rests her hands on her hips and nods reassuringly at me.

“Hopefully it won’t take long, I’ll be back before-”

I can’t trust anyone.

“Mom.” The endearing term that leaves my lips captures her attention.

Swirls and a cross.

“What is-” She stops.

Then nothing.


I could hear only the trickle of blood as the scratches I received from Travis cast an eerie red droplet over the white innocent tiles.

Veronica steps forward, unsure. “Vanessa..?”

“Oh,” Blinking at my response, she crosses her arms over her chest, the sweater riding up her left arm to reveal a peek of black ink that swirled out into a tiny cross.

“Landscape work has you painting you’re own arm?” I hinted at her, amused.

She takes a look at the ink before shaking her head in exasperation. “The company wanted me to design a new logo. I didn’t have any canvases.”

Raising my head, I feel a hurricane of battering emotions reassemble behind me.

They stand, tall, ready, seconds away from explosion.

The painting... the dagger... the mark on Sintia’s neck... the mark on Jack’s wrist... the mark on Travis’s shoulder...

Swirls and a cross.

“What did you do?” Darkness ebbs away my lungs, ceasing all life within as my humanity disappears.

“What... did you do?”

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