Unravel Him

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Chapter 33: Insane


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A couple years back, I discovered my love for blood lust.

A couple years back, I used it to do bad things.

A couple years back, I swore never to use it again.

So I shoved everything and anything I’ve ever done at the back of my head, locking it with a padlock and key.

Eventually I forgot about it because it never existed in my mind. It was simply a bad dream.

Or so I thought.

Dream or not, they come true if you believe them hard enough.

And the nightmares?


Those are very much real.

Its as though I was having an in and out body experience.

Seeing things for the first time, feeling things, for the first time.

Hot air rush down my spine, warming my neck and ears.

Ice cold draft numb my fingertips and veins.

My senses sharpened and my surroundings dulled.

If this was a nightmare...

The instruments laid neatly against the backdrop, captures my attention.

Then I don’t want to wake up.

I walked towards the tray, my fingertips gently ghosting over the cool, cool metal.

It’ alarming to touch, comforting, almost.

Travis can be heard struggling to get out from his bonds but Jonas has sealed them too tight to allow any leeway.

“You going to let him tell you what to do?” He ceased struggling to look up at the both of us, features dark.

“I thought you didn’t take orders from anyone!”

“I don’t have to do it for you,” My voice is dead, quiet, silent.

Not alive.

“No,” He hisses. “You’re just a little girl with Daddy issues, oh wait, should I include Mommy issues as well?”

“See anything you like?” Jonas interrupted, showing Travis that his taunts didn’t mean anything to the both of us.


Picking up a shiny brass knuckle, I inspected it and noticed tiny spikes at the edge of each metal.

They would hurt. A lot.

“Go ahead,” Travis spits, glaring murderously at me. “Carving into my face wasn’t enough for you?”

“You think that was painful?” Weighing the brass knuckle I slipped it in between my fingers and made a fist.

“I pity you for thinking that.”

The hit came swift and fast.

There was a brutal crack as Travis’s nose broke again, opening old wounds and new ones.

“Son of a bitch!” He shouted, both from surprise and pain.

Barring his teeth, the soiled bandages throughout his face sprouted a darker red.

“Y-You’re nothing. I... I am not afraid of you,”

Narrowing my eyes, I straightened my fist and stretched my elbow out.

“No.” I agreed. “But you should be.”

Stabbing the brass knuckle through his right shoulder, the spikes went in quickly and effortlessly.

He barely withheld a scream before I twisted it, making sure the blade stroked bone and destroy smaller arteries.

“Fucking shit!”

Travis furiously trashed, unwilling to succumb to his fate.

“You bitch! You fucking, crazy bitch!”

Withdrawing my fist, I wiped the blood on the edge of my leather jacket before securing it on my fingers.

Already, a steady trickle of blood is forming beneath him, tainting the white tiles.

His eyes faltered, weak from the increasing blood loss.

Still, it wasn’t enough.

He needed to feel more.

He needed to feel more, pain.

More. More. More.

Tilting my head, I spotted a safety pin beneath his chin that kept the bandages in place.

In one move, I’ve removed it and began to unwrap, earning a slick sound in return as the wrappings release themselves from their containment.

The smell of pus and infection filtrated the air as the last of the bandages came off, revealing a grotesque scar.

“Holy shit,” Jonas mutters in awe as he smokes a cigarette, not a care in the world.

“That is one beautiful sight.”

The cut went down Travis’s ear and neck, making the inflamed area look seconds away from being torn apart if it wasn’t for the flimsy stitches holding it in place.

Pieces of his flesh were still exposed and even though the bandages had tried their best to stop the bleeding, it hadn’t done a good job.

It’s like he stole someone’s face and tried to wear it for Halloween.

I’m surprised he lasted this long.

“Take a good look,” Travis growls, regaining my attention from his decimated face. “This, is what you did.”

This is what I can, do.

Getting on one knee, I reach for his cheek, making sure my hands were gentle as it skims across the stitches.

Blood instantly oozed out, coloring my fingertips. I watch the liquid create a trail across my palm and onto the floor.

Travis goes frozen beneath my touch, his brown eyes rapidly blinking back and forth at the sight of my morbid expression.

I don’t feel pity for this man.

I feel nothing.

He deserved it.

“You knew,” I speak, voice velvety soft.

Collecting the material beneath his collarbone, I dragged it down over his shoulder, revealing the familiar mark.

Swirls and a cross.

“You knew about Veronica didn’t you?”

He’s quiet for a while, undecided about his answer.

The emotions in his eyes spoke legions.




But most of all.


“There’s no way to go, Travis,”

Jonas taunts as he takes out a flask from the side of his black boot.

“You’re a dead man regardless if she doesn’t kill you today.”

The new information is processed quickly and I turned to Jonas, raising an eyebrow.


“Aitenev isn’t happy with how things turned out.” Jonas lifts the flask and drinks it.

“Travis here has a price on him.”

A price?

Ripping the buttons of Travis’s shirt, I tugged the material down the left side of his chest, only stopping when I found what I was looking for.

“You’re marked,” I scoffed, releasing the man at once.

The new addition to his chest is a nasty burn that seared across skin in a multitude of circles.

I don’t recognize the mark but I don’t have to be an idiot to know what it means.

Travis was exiled.

Left to fend for himself.

No more group.

No more protection.

Everyone and anyone in the Underground is allowed to kill him without consequence.

That mark on his chest deems it so.

Groups who dwell deep in the Underground have these symbols for themselves.

The rest of us just know about it.

Some times, the rest of us finish the job.

I should know.

I was one of them.

“Aitenev is a fucking back stabber.” Travis snarls, unable to keep the venom out of his tone.

“The bitch betrayed me and for what?”

He glares at me, revealing a dangerous secret that threatened to uncurl.

“A redheaded freak who doesn’t know what she’s capable off.”

The memory of the basement springs to mind.

I pushed it at the back of my head, unwilling to confront it now.

“Whatever you’re former boss wants with me, I don’t care.” Standing up, I cracked my neck and rolled my shoulders.

“When I’m done with you, I’m coming for them next.”

“Couldn’t take it knowing you’re Mommy joined them?” He mocks, enjoying the obvious intention of my sentence.

“Did you cry when you found out? Did you throw a fit?”

I chuckle making him falter at how loosely my sanity has drained.

“Something like that.”

I punched him, spraying blood across the floor from the spikes that dug into his skin.

I punched him, hearing teeth crack against teeth.

I punched him, until my knuckles bled.

When I was satisfied I’ve done enough, I palmed the brass knuckle and panted hard, hands to my knees.

“I wondered if you planned all this,” Circling my fingers, I pulled his scalp so his neck hit the back of the chair.

“Me, losing my mind, bringing back something else I never thought would see the light again.”

The bulb above us swung provocatively back and forth.

His skin and mine turned an odd mixture of white and blue from the shadows that dances across the room.

“It’s funny how certain decisions have consequences...”

Pressing the spikes into his left brow, I pushed hard, until I felt skin break.

I pushed hard until I touch bone.

I pushed hard, until I heard him scream.

“...don’t you think?”


Travis howled, and trashed his head away from my grip, making pieces of his eyebrow tear so they dangled by thread and bone.

“No, no...” He moans, weeping painfully. “No, get away-get away!”

Releasing my fingers, I marched over to the pliers stacked by the table.


Choosing my next toy, I came back and finally took a good look at the damage done.

His left eye was just a mess of gore and mushed up meat. Some stitches had torn open by the punches, exposing pinkish flesh.

I can see parts of the muscle hanging out as blood trickled down his nose and into his mouth.

“N-No more.” Travis mumbles, saliva frothing at the side of his lips. “You c-crazy bitch...”

Taking the pliers, I poked at every closed stitch, cutting the bonds free so the wounds reopen.

He whimpers at the action, teeth gritted.

“You think they’ll miss you?” I ask, watching the poor man suffer.

“After all, you helped Aitenev sell girls. At one point you were important. How will they feel when I put both their people out of commission?”

Travis manages a look that resembled confusion even through a bloody eye.


For some reason, I’m delighted at his hesitancy.

I’m sure he hadn’t expected I’d be this cruel to hurt my own mother.

After all it was the perfect plan.

Get you’re own flesh and blood involved and then back stab them later.

“Veronica’s in the hospital,”

Dropping the pliers, they land on the floor with a distant clang.

He froze, all pretenses of hope disappeared.

“I put her there.”

Holding my hand out, Jonas gave me his flask and I took a swig, feeling the warm liquid run down my throat and stomach.


“She’s missing an eye too you know,” Giggling to myself, I feel the room spin. “You could both twin, that be a sight to see.”

Taking the cigarette from Jonas, I pocketed the lighter before breathing in and blowing smoke out onto Travis’s open wounds.

“Travis and Veronica, the world’s odd couple. One had the unfortunate fate of messing with the wrong person. Another thought they were smart enough to get away with what they’ve done.”

He winces at the sting and I smiled.

“Next time you see her, tell her exactly what I did to you.”

Tipping the flask, I poured whiskey all over his bandaged leg, the one I broke, knowing fully well he is unable to run if he tried.

“That is, if you make it out of here alive.”

“What are you-no, no, stop!”

I see the panic in his eyes as I toyed with the cigarette in my hand.

“Shh,” Smiling into my finger, I pushed the lit end over his bandaged leg. “It’ll all be over soon.”

There’s small burst of flame and a cackling pop before a fire ignited almost instantly at a touch.

Travis yells and tried to shake the flame off but I continued to press the cigarette into tiny patches across his knee, watching the flame gather bigger and brighter.

He’s still screaming when the flames decimated the entirety of his upper leg.

The smell of alcohol, burnt jeans and skin penetrated the air, turning the already smoky room into an aura of death.

“Stop!” Travis bellows, his voice hoarse from screaming. “Stop, goddammit, what do you want from me?!”

I slammed my palm over his burning knee, extinguishing the flames at once.

“I want you to suffer.”

I dug onto the burnt skin with my nails, ripping charred flesh and blood.

“I want you to scream, scream like Veronica did when I put a knife in her socket.”

Scream like how I felt when I couldn’t move.

Travis trembles furiously, as my assault on what’s left of his destroyed leg continues.

“Y-You’re insane... You’re insane!”


Curling rage unfiltered itself within my lungs.

I feel my heart pound from both adrenaline and exhilaration.


Then it starts. Like clockwork.

Unwinding itself backwards.



“I’m going to find him and kill him."


“You’re not bad, Vanessa. I know you’re not.”


“How many times do I have to tell you bitches, that you do not, run, when my clients tell you to do things?”


“You shouldn’t be here.”


“You’re a bad, bad girl, Vanessa... Did you forget all the nasty things you’ve done? Jonas, worshiped at your feet. We all did.”


“I... love you... you’re my daughter... I only... wanted what’s best for you...”




“I... m-missed... you...”



So many emotions, so many thoughts.

There was no peace.

No peace from the truth.

“Insane...” Taking my hand off, Travis’s knee, I re-stood to my height and frowned down on him. “You think I’m insane?”

“I think you belong in a mental asylum!” He screeches, pulling hard as the chair rocked by the force.

“You don’t even know what you’re doing! You don’t even know what you’re capable off! You’re a freak, something unnatural, you’re a monster!

“Careful what you wish for,” Jonas removes himself from the wall with a terrifying growl.

He grips the back of the chair and launches Travis forward, making the man land on his front.

“We all have monsters inside us.” Within seconds, Jonas twisted him over only to pour what’s left of the flask all over his broken face.

The sounds that came out of Travis after that belonged no where else but in hell.

“Only some of us have the balls to reveal them.” He throws the flask across the room and stands up to join me.

“You ready to end this asshole or what?”

Jonas stares expectantly at me, waiting for my final move.

I took the lighter out of my pocket and stared down at it, unable to decipher what my thoughts are saying.

I want to do it.

I want to kill him.

I want to finish it.

But what happens after?

What happens... when I do it?

“Well?” He hisses, green eyes flashing magnanimously. “Do it.”

Stepping forward, I held the lighter out and flicked it several times, watching the sparks erupt in slow motion.

Do it.

Travis raises his head.

Do it.

His lips move.

Do it.

“K-Kill me...”

Do it.

“It... won’t make you forget what I did to you that night...”

Do it.

“No.” The lighter lit up, a small flame danced over the edge. “It won’t.”

The memory replayed at the back of my head.

Like an old black and white film.

“Stop. Stop. Don’t.”

I watch it destroy what’s left of my humanity, twisting my already dark soul into oblivion.

“Please. Don’t.”

The lighter soared out of my fingertips and landed on the floor, igniting a blaze.

“No one can hear you,”

Tears pool out of my souless eyes, cascading silently down my face.

“Only me... so start, screaming.”

Travis screamed.

And screamed.

Until eventually.

He stopped.

“No, stop... stop...”

I’m placed onto the bed, gently, almost feather light.

But for some reason, I’m not relaxed.

My mind is going into overdrive, my senses are recoiling in on themselves.

Desperately, I try to grip the sheets but I’m moved further up the head board.

A body hovered over me, male, familiar, no-

Not him.

His brown orbs sparkled in the dark, lips curving backwards, revealing a dangerous smile.

“Hello Vanessa,”

Lightning cackled outside and thunder rocked the apartment.

The corner of my vision flickered as memories tore my already hazy mind to pieces.

“You’re a tough one to break.” He chuckles, ghosting his fingers gently down my petrified face.

“After this, it shouldn’t be too hard.”

My towel is ripped off.

I try to lift my arms to cover myself but I find that I can’t move.

I’m stuck.

My legs, my body, everything.

I’m paralyzed.

He places a hand onto my lips and pried them open. “Look at you... all compliant.”

It doesn’t stop.

Nothing stops.

He begins to kiss my neck, biting and sucking.

It’s painful, disgusting, horrible.

I try to buck him off, but I’m pinned down and I can’t move.

I’m weak, tired, something’s wrong.

Something’s wrong with me.

“Can’t move now can you?” The scar on his left brow reminded me that Hailey had hit him in the face with a vase when he tried to hurt her.

“You won’t be able to move for a while, at least until I’m done... I made sure of that.”

I twisted my head to the side, watching an empty syringe fall further down the bedroom floor.


I try to scream.

I try to scream but I can’t.


Hailey, help.

Help me.

“Too bad, you’re little blond friend won’t come running.” He taunts, fingers digging into my hips as his right leg spread my thighs open.

“She’s knocked out cold after taking a little something I put in her drink.”

This is a nightmare.

It’s a nightmare.

I’ll wake up.

I’ll wake up and he won’t be here.

"I always wondered what it felt like to fuck you," He bit my exposed navel, making tears spring in my eyes. "Now I have the chance."

I opened my mouth, choking on air in a desperate attempt to speak.


He raises an eyebrow, impressed by my will.

“Stop. Stop. Don’t.” My voice is growing quieter, my vision is succumbing to black.

“Please. Don’t.”

He tilts his head and pretends to think, brown orbs narrowed into mild interest.

"No one can hear you.” Travis palms my red hair and pulls. “Only me... so start, screaming.”

Pain is something everybody goes through.

Pain is inevitable.

It’s sharp, brutal, given without warning.


Everything had been so foggy, I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or a nightmare.

But it was neither of those.

It was real.

Finally, after months of thinking, months of confusion and worry and all sorts of unwilling thoughts.

The truth is out.

I know what happened that night.

I remembered, what happened that night.

All of it.

Every moment, second, hour.

Travis Main, broke into the apartment that night, drugged Hailey, drugged me... and then...

This is the time I start screaming.

This is the time I start crying.

This is the time, I start to lose who I was.

But I don’t feel, any of those.

I don’t feel, anything.

Is this a delayed reaction?

Is this simply a facade that could break at any given moment?

What was this?

I supposed I should be grateful, my mind retreated in on itself when it happened, protecting me from the horrors that would have destroyed me then.

But now?

Now it was different.

I, was different.

And there was not a damn thing anyone could do about it.

“Vanessa?” Jonas’s face appears through my peripheral vision.

I wiped the tears and blood off my face with the edge of my shoulder, before forcing myself to look at him.

“You got what you wanted,”

What's left of Travis finally finished burning in the background and I turned on my heel, leaving the room at once.

"I'm done being the good guy."

I do not support the act of assault.
I do not support the ignorance of people when victims are blamed.
I do not support the fear of sitting by and watching someone suffer.
If you are a victim of abuse, whether it be mentally or physically or any other form, do not be afraid to speak out.
~Love, Aurelia
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