Unravel Him

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Chapter 36: Danivel


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Electric music thundered like a hurricane, bringing forth a storm man-made as any other natural disaster.

“Sick of all these people talking, sick of all this noise...”

People dance under the black light, bodies pressed and hands in the air.

“Tired of all these cameras flashing, sick of being poised,”

“Come on!” A fighter jeers at the other, fists beating on his chest. “Come on and fight me!”

The cheers are deafening, like a thunderclap.

Thick, rolling fog moves across the room, rainbow lights bathing every able body in it’s glorious light.

“I’m headed straight for the castle.”

Dried blood streak on the floor.

The smell of alcohol and sweat lingers in the air.

“Fight, fight, fight, fight!”

My fingers unknowingly traced the faint outline of bruises over my left knuckle, gently scrapping the old blood tainting my skin.

“They wanna make me their Queen...”

I rolled the cigarette over my fingers and inhaled the dense fog as electric laser grids pulsated throughout the room.

“Get him!”

“Tear him apart!”

“Kill him!”

The shouts drew my attention and I leaned forward, taking in the bloody scenery that showcased the Ring at it’s true peak.

Two fighters are facing each other head on.

One is limping.

The other is circling.

I see how he moves.

I see the need in his eyes.

The need to hunt and kill.

Then, without warning, he attacks, bouncing between his steps with deadly grace.

The limping man stood no chance.

One swift kick to the face, a sickening crack and he falls, no longer able to move.

The crowd roared louder, surging impeccably brutal.

“And there’s an old man sitting on a throne, that’s saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean.”

It’s freak show in here.

A damn good freak show.

“You piece of shit!”

A crack against skin.

The grit between teeth.

Somewhere behind me, a man groans.

Not in pleasure.

Not in delight.

No, in pain.

Pure, unfiltered pain.

The world starts up again, my ears unblock themselves, the lights are no longer blurry.

I twisted my gaze just in time to see Marvin slamming his fist against the man’s cheek.

The chair shook against the force and the man, bounded with ropes is sent reeling until he hits the ground.

“And down he goes!” Marvin shakes his battered fist releasing a hysterical laugh.

“Come on, get him up boys, I ain’t done just yet.”

Jonas’s men hoist him back to his feet, revealing the wounds that decimated the entirety of his body.

Admit tingly I have to be truthful in my opinion about his appearance.

Even in his forties, the man’s ebony black hair and dark eyes stood out.

He was a looker for sure.

But after the torture, he no longer looked pristine, he was unrecognizable, missing two teeth and an eyebrow.

Look at his eyes.

Frowning, I catch sight of his eyes, grey and molten.

They were beautiful.

They would look even more beautiful if I had them cut out.

“You think this is bad?” Marvin’s voice brings me back to the present.

He’s holding onto the man’s hair, tugging it so hard, I see stress lines appears across the male’s temple.

“I can give a whole new meaning to the word hurt.”

Maybe it’s because the man being torture by Marvin is a Danivel or maybe it’s because he has a death wish.

But he refuses to respond.

His lips remained sealed and his eyes remained dead centered despite voicing out his pain earlier.

Prissy asshole isn’t he?

“Answer me, you bastard!” Marvin lands another blow, this time to the abdomen.

The Danivel spat out a mouthful of blood, the frothy liquid dribbling past his lips and chin.

It slowly leaked onto the marble floor to join the rest of the bloodstains from the many others before him.

I’m surprised at his strength to keep up.

There wasn’t a single spot on his body that was left untouched.

He’s probably hurting, a lot.

Would he scream if I threw hot water on his wounds?

“Listen, Daniel buddy, buddy...” Marvin clasp his hand’s over the man’s uninjured shoulder and laughs joyfully like this was all just a big game.

One part of a fucked up puzzle.

“You’ve got no way out man,” As a point, Marvin lifts a finger and circles the glowing ceiling.

“You’re time for running is over, it’s gone, poof, nada.”

The tortured man was starting to get tired.

He’s put up a good front for several hours.

But his time to break was nearing.

It neared, with every second that passes.

I was counting on it.

Honestly, breaking someone is never easy.

Especially if you’re a group that ran the Underground for years.

The Danivels were just that.

They had hardened with the choices forced upon them.

They were untouchable.

Or so they thought.

Daniel rolls his dark eyes and cracks his neck before sniffling to try and stop the bleeding from his nose.

It does no good.

“Maybe if you tell us what we want...” Marvin looks around, his voice dropping into a breathy whisper.

“We’ll make it quick.”

Something about the sentence must have sparked something because there was a shift in Daniel’s eyes.

His body structure altered, turning straighter and solid.

His fingers clenched around the rope, creaking it in response.


Daniel stares at the people surrounding him and releases a snarl.

“You’re all liars. You think I don’t know how this goes? I’m not stupid.”

No, he wasn’t.

Marvin’s easy going expression faltered.

He didn’t like that.

He didn’t like that at all.

For a second, I thought he would kill him right there and then.

The Danivel was playing a smart game.

Play with his captors before his untimely demise.

He’s trying to make them feel so frustrated that even if they kill him after, there’s no way any of them would get satisfied.

The perfect; ′Fuck you’, after death.

“Okay, okay...” Marvin backs up, one hand swiping his nose.

The male searches the room for something, anything.

He walks towards the metal instruments, hands hovering, choosing, picking... which will he deem fit?

Then, in slow motion, his lips curve back.

“I think... we need a new volunteer.”

A fathomless glimmer glittered within the depths of his dark eyes.

He raises his head ever so slowly and looks straight in my direction.

“Wouldn’t you agree with me boys?”

The response is laughter, quiet whooping and gleeful chuckles.

“Daniel, you should know,” Marvin gets on his knees and begins to untie the ropes that held him down.

He manages to release Daniel but the injured man is confused, not believing what his eyes are telling him too.

Marvin looks up at him just as his legs are freed.

“We always save the best for last,”

It's my turn.

He rips the chair away, startling Daniel forward and onto his knees and palms.

Marvin then proceeds to kick the male in the back, flattening him over.

The burst of laughter, enrages Daniel, he struggles, rolling to his side, hands still cuffed.


He sits up, raising his hands to block out the full glare of the light. “Fucking bastards.”

Daniel drops his hands to his lap and stares at the others, wary by their delighted smiles.

“Smile all you want, fuckers.” He’s standing his ground even as confusion and uncertainty rolled off him in waves.

“You’ll pay for this.”

With what?

He’s alone.

The Danivels have ceased to exist.

Him and what army?

I chuckled.

It was too amusing.

Too... stupid.

Daniel whips his head behind him, caught off guard by the sound.

He squints into the dark, aware that he can’t see a damn thing.


Smoking the cigarette, the lit end burned quietly before I killed the flame.

“Who is that-”

Daniel jerks around for Marvin but he’s not at his side.

The male is no where to be seen.

The others have all gone too.

They knew when not to get in my way.

It was just Daniel and me now.

The unknown party.

Daniel swallows, trying a different approach. “Who’s there?”

His eyes are searching, searching... he can’t find anything.

He can’t see.

Something like hesitation is oozing out of him.

I can only imagine the thoughts running through his brain.

What’s going on?

Who is that?

What do they want from me?

Daniel’s a smart man, he’s not oblivious.

But maybe he’s just too scared to acknowledge it.

That someone’s been in the dark, watching, they’ve been watching for hours.

He didn’t know that.

Now he did.

It unnerves him.

Makes him, tick.

The human body only had five senses.

Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste.

Unfortunately Daniel could not see me, nor hear me. He couldn’t even touch me.

I’m too far for him to deter mid if I’m a threat.

I’m too far for him to deter mid if he should be worried.

But I know, the longer we continue this game, the longer I remained un-moving, Daniel, begins to shift.

At first it’s subtle.

He clenches and releases his fingers.

His foot began to tap.

The vein at his temple began to throb.

I don’t look away.

I don’t move.

I wait, and wait.

What’s the point of taking what you can now... when you can make them squirm?

The flashing lights abruptly stopped, turning the Ring pitch black.

A deep basing music began to play, pounding the floor with it’s beat.

Laser grid lines of red and black rose up from the floor, rising higher up the balcony and casting an eerie shadow over my masked face.

Out of the dark I come.

Into the light I play.

“Who...” He breathes in shakily. “Who is that?”

The grid lines journeyed lower, to my attire, to the black buckles aligning my waist and legs.

“Who is that?!” Daniel bellows, breathing hard.

I can’t help but smile.

In minutes, I had managed to grab Daniel’s emotions, dangle them over the edge and shove it back to him all chopped up.

If Daniel wasn’t vulnerable before, he was very, vulnerable now.

I run my fingers down the hollow railing, keeping my side profile limited so the shadows linger on me for a moment longer.

Daniel’s eyes narrowed, frustrated.

“Who are you?!” He shouts, raising his voice. “Who are-”

Marvin reappears at Daniel’s side slapping both hands on the man’s shoulder, startling him in shutting up.

Tsk, tsk... careful...”

He leans forward so his chest rest against the back of the chair and his lips are near Daniel’s ear.

“Don’t piss off Red Devil.”

I calmly ran my fingers through my hair, finding the redness of it, duller, darker, close to burgundy almost.

It’s not a bad change.

Change is good.

Whether you’re ready or not, change will hit you right in the lungs and wring you until you’re left bleeding.

That’s, change.

Breaking out of my trance, I realized Daniel has gone awfully quiet.

There's desperation in his gaze, there's confusion, but the one that stood out to me the most was an emotional quality most known in humans.


“Y-You’re joking.”

The ripple of chuckles that reverted throughout the room because of Daniel’s respond is proof that it’s not.

Unlike before when Marvin had beat him up, cut every bare flesh presented, Daniel has never truly looked afraid until now.

He must have know that his fear was showing because he refuses to look up any longer.

Even hopeless he had respect.

That was something I had to admire.

“I was starting to think you didn’t know who I was talking about!” Marvin claps his hands in glee.

For a newbie, he did a good job manipulating Daniel’s mind.

I’ve only known him for what? A couple days?

Jonas’s men never fail to disappoint.

“You’re the one aren’t you?”

There’s a tilt in Daniel’s raspy voice.

“The one that left New York wrecked and Aitenev pissed off.”


I crushed the cigarette in my hand, barely feeling the stab of my nails despite it going deep.

Fucking, Aitenev.

“Getting a little chirpy there, Daniel,” Marvin warns, his hand tightly clasping over the man’s injured shoulder.

“I won’t do that if I were you.”

“If you are who they claim you to be,” Daniel dares another peek at me, struggling and failing altogether to hold my stare.

“Then there’s no point in me staying quiet anymore.”

His sudden out burst causes the others to freeze, caught off guard by the act.

They don’t try to stop him when he continues to speak.

A part of me is glad they didn’t.

I wanted to hear this.

“You killed Travis didn’t you?” He demanded, twisting forward to get a good look of my face despite it being too dark for him to see.

“Set him on fire, after cutting him up.”


“It’ll all be over soon.”

I gritted my teeth.

“You don’t even know what you’re doing! You don’t even know what you’re capable off! You’re a freak, something unnatural, you’re a monster!”

So what if I am?

“No one can hear you,”

No one heard him.

“Only me... so start, screaming.”

He never screamed again.

Daniel’s stare is sharp, piercing, as though if he did it long enough, maybe he could see my expression beneath the black mask I wore.

This goes on for several long moments.

Neither of us caves.

His lips thinned out. “Are you going to own up? Or will you continue this game of cat and mouse?”

“Shut you’re fucking mouth!” Marvin slaps him but this only succeeded in making the tortured male ground his jaw, determination flashing within his iris.

He presses his palms onto the ground and sat straighter. “No one had the balls to move against Danivels for two decades...”

“Why did you do it?”


Why did I destroyed their empire?

“Because we can.” A musical voice speaks out for us.

From the stairwell, a towering shadow approaches the balcony, two hands in his pockets.

Jonas strolls in, wearing black jeans, black boots and a burgundy leather jacket, he was like a venomous flower.

Beautiful, lovely, get too close and it’ll transform into a Venus fly trap, caging you in until you eventually dissolve into nothing more but what he wants.

The aura he brings with him is astoundingly heady.

At the back of my mind, I know if I wasn’t careful, he’d have all of me.

If he hasn’t already.

“You’re in the dark, love,”

I snapped my head at him, caught off guard by the mention.

“Why don’t you come out?”

His stare is heated almost, lulling gently throughout my skin.

In the depths of his eyes, I’m free fall-ed into images and memories of Travis’s death.

His screams.

The fire.


He made you do it.

He gave me the lighter.

Did you wanted it?


I run my hand down my back in an effort to quell the uneasiness of my thoughts.

Travis had to burn. I made him burn. I made him suffer.

Say it.

I killed him.

A warm hand gently touched my lower back, sending sparks up my spine.

He brings it up, careful to touch my rib before interlocking with my stretched fingers.

I tilt my head, just enough to see his alluring features.

His lips caressed my ear, teasing the skin slowly.

I’m bounded, lost, in need of something, anything.

But he’s here, he’s waiting, he wants me to give in.

He’s tempting me.

He’s always been trying to tempt me.

I pulled away, turning my head aside, to reject the advances despite my breath telling me otherwise.

This amuses Jonas, he lets me go, careful to leave ghosts of where his hands have been.

The suggestion in his lingering touch speaks one word; “Soon,”

“It must have been a shock to you,” Jonas voices, taking out a pack of cigarettes before quickly lighting one.

He folds one hand into his pocket and bends so he’s eye level with the tortured male.

“One day you’re on top of the world. You’re batches are going great, the next shipment was ready to sail.” He exhales smoke.

“Then it didn’t happen. Your guys started dropping like flies. The shipment was delayed, even worse, they escaped.”

There was a loud chortle.

I looked at Jonas, surprised to find a splatter of spit slide down his forehead.

“Fuck, you.” Daniel iterates, his voice a snarl. “Never trust a son of a bitch.”

Jonas recoils, one sleeve swiping the spit off.

“Me? Why don’t you look at yourself?” Jonas raises an innocent eyebrow.

“You sold girls and boys, kidnapped them from their homes. How much did you earn Daniel?”

Daniel struggles from his bonds as his face turned paler, whether it be fear or blood loss no one will ever know.

“That’s our business, it’s always been this way and you think you can just stop it?” He demanded. “People will want blood!”

“I don’t make the calls.”

Jonas retracts, his tone dropping into a mere whisper.

“You should know that by now since you’re group is... limited.”


A few rats left but nothing we couldn’t handle.

Nothing I, couldn’t handle.

“Bastard.” Daniel spits again. “You, are a fucking, bastard!”

“You think I’m the worst one?” Jonas shakes his head slowly and lifts both hands to gesture around the room.

“No, no, no...”

He lifts a finger and points at me. “She is.”

Stretching my fingers along the wooden mask, I slowly took it off, finally allowing Daniel to see my full features.

There was no more hiding.

No more pretending.

If he was going to die.

He’s going to die knowing who dealt the order.

Daniel, trapped here for hours, not once allowed his full emotions to come to the surface.

But at this moment, at this second, it didn’t matter.

The bomb that exploded in his mind set off a reaction.

He was starting to lose it.

He was starting to realize, there was no way out.

Jonas’s people, each shared bellowing laughs at the sight.

They finally broke him.

He was not there yet.

But he will be, soon.

It’s fucked up.

It’s scary how fucked up it was.

I’m surrounded by murderers.

People who do this everyday.

People who bet on the lives of those desperate enough to throw themselves at it.

They sucked joy and enjoyed pain from those that hurt.

It’s what they strive on.

It’s something I’m starting to strive on.

I keep forgetting.

I’m a murderer now as well.

And you know what?

What’s so bad about it?

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