Unravel Him

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Chapter 41: Finally


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“I accept,” I watch Marlen’s face fall before going to meet King’s. “On one condition.”

King looks at me expectantly, waiting for my request with eager qualities.

Taking out the King card from the deck of cards I still held, I ripped it in half, decapitating the picture by the head before dropping it.

“Loser takes of the mask.”

Loser takes of the mask.

It comes to me.

Like a bolt of lightning, a stab in the dark, a tornado without warning.

Loser takes of the mask.

He’s challenging me for the throne.

My throne.

I stared and stared... until eventually, I couldn’t stare anymore.


The gun piece by my boot is morbidly still, the silvery gleam catching a piece of the Christmas light.


Is all I ask.


Is all I say.

“You know, why.” He responded.

A piece of black hair had fallen over his left eye. It was hindering part of his vision, maybe even annoying him.

I feel my fingers tremble as I’m suddenly overwhelm with the eagerness to brush those rueful strands aside and tuck it back.

Would he let me, I wonder?

I wouldn’t know... after all, the knife I held was getting dangerously slippery. I can feel my palm struggle to hold onto the handle despite having a death grip over it.

What was he thinking?

What was he feeling?

I want to pry open his head.

Break every neuron and nerve just to understand.

“I want you back,” He says slowly, letting the words roll from his tongue. “I need you back, here, with me, present, not lost.”

“You think I’m lost?”

“I know you’re lost.”

He expects me to reply but I don’t, because I don’t know if he’s right.

And that scares me.

The danger of free falling into a different type of pain is suddenly very real.

I could lose. I could fall, I could... I could do it.

And I get it, I get it, I finally fucking get it.

I should be hesitant, I should be afraid, I should be prepared to fail.

But I’m so fucked up, I’m so lost deep down inside, that every part of my body, wants nothing more but to shrivel up and die. I wanted to fall into the void, I wanted to disappear, I wanted the darkness to sweep me away and bury me six feet under.

Because its painful. Its so fucking painful.

And pain is good, pain is everything. It keeps a person alive, it reminds them of their humanity, it makes you strong, it makes you do fucked up things, it makes you kill.

Releasing the blade, it came crashing down, coming to a stop with a loud clatter between us.

The sound makes Jonas flinch who is at the far corner, fingers nursing his bruised neck.

I kicked the knife further to the side without breaking eye contact and watch as King’s gaze followed the weapon skittering uselessly against the floor.

“What if I’m not lost?”

He refocuses on me, blue green eyes flaring.

I take a step forward, daring the unknown. “What if... I’m right, where I need to be?”

His hand lurches forward, coming to wrap around my wrist so I’m halted.

My lips coil into a rigid smile.

“You don’t know what you’re doing, do you?”

We were only a breath away. If I held out my hand, I could touch him, I could run my fingers down his chest and feel how fast his heart was beating.

“Do you, know, what you’re doing... King?”

The hand that held me, suddenly curled inwards, forcing my body to move and bump into his chest.

Heat formed rapidly between us, intensifying into a million suns.

Neither of us looked away even as the electricity threatened to com bust.

It was heady, intoxicating, drug-like.

“Are you scared?” He asks.

I shake my head. “Should I be?”

King tilts his head, a gentle smile gracing his wicked features I knew formed beneath that blasted mask.

The darkness edging along the crevices of his iris, was wrapping around the blue orb, transforming it to something...

Something like malevolence, anticipation, heat, lust.

King reaches out with his free hand, fingers gently exploring the edges of my mask before tipping my chin upwards, his thumb tugging the soft flesh of my bottom lip.

“I’m not going to bow, King.” The words leave my lips, as gentle as a lover calling another.

“No,” He whispers, hot against my mouth. “You’ll kneel.”

We broke apart, the closeness overbearingly excruciating.

I looked to the side and struggled to find my voice, surprise to find it husky and lewd. “5 minutes.”

This was dangerous.

It was so, so dangerous.

“2,” He rasp out, his voice rough. “I’ll be waiting, Red Devil.”

King turns around to the door and disappears down the looming hallway, his retreating back growing fainter and fainter as the distance prevailed.

I’ll be waiting, Red Devil.

I release a breath as a wave of something fell over me.

It was excitement, it was disbelief, it was guilt.

This was my chance... I...I’ve been trying for weeks and now-


Jonas’s voice broke me away from my trance.

He had gotten himself up and as he shifted, reveling the base of his throat, I see the terrible bruises where the worst of it got him.

“Kill him,” He growls, rage-fully angry. “I want him dead!”

“I’m not your errand girl.” I state, surprise by my own defiance.

A stunned silence.

Jonas blinks at my change of pace as he struggles to regain himself. “W-What did you say?”

The pieces of my world, fall. They are shattering, drifting restlessly at the cause of my words. This is unfamiliar territory. I am breaking out of the safe bubble that is Jonas.

It was like waking up from the remnants of a dream, a terrible nightmare. Everything was still fairly disorienting but one thing was sure.

I couldn’t be anywhere near him.

This was a man willing to do anything and everything to keep me here. He was a bad influence, only using what I can do to achieve his goals.

A leech.

I don’t know if it’s because seeing King was a wake up call or maybe something deep down inside me, just knew.

It knew what Jonas had done or rather, what he was doing.

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

It was fiction.

It was truth.

“We’re done.”

Jonas gapes at me, completely thrown.

I’ve just ended whatever twisted agreement we’ve shared these past few weeks like it was nothing. The thoughts that swirl within his head must confuse him.

For confirmation, I look at him, one last time and repeat. “We’re done.”

Walking towards the knife laying at the corner, I bend down to retrieve it, gently rolling the handle between my fingers.


I hear him speak, voice dripping in panic.

“No, no, no!”

His hands hold onto me, twisting me around so I’m forced to his chest. “We are not, done!”

There’s fury in his eyes, despair and rage. “You’re not leaving me, You’re not leaving me for that prick!”

I stayed frozen even as he shook me.

“Are you listening to me, Vanessa? Vanessa?!”

He wants me, he wants every part of me, he wants to own me.

Its an obsession.

“Let me go,”

He blanches, my somber tone inflicting more damages then my usual menacing one.

“No,” He fumbles, grip tight. “No-”

I strike his leg, the knife hitting bone.

He howls, his cry of pain going unheard as he buckles to the ground, releasing me at once.

“What have you done?!”

Blood trickled from his jeans and poured onto the floor as he held onto it, keeping the pressure sated and the pain still.

“What have you done, you bitch?!”

I ignored his curses and blankly stepped over Jonas’s form.

“He’ll leave you, Vanessa!” He shrieks, loud enough to echo as I journeyed further down the corridor.

“You’ll be all alone! I’m the only one that knows you! I know who you are!”

The hallway turns to a mix of black and multicolored lights, flashing vehemently across my vision.

“You’re going to die alone!”

Pounding music thumped beneath the floor as I made my way upstairs, my hand grasping onto the metal railing.

“Do you hear me?! Do you hear me, Vanessa?”

The scene opens up, revealing masses of bodies, lights and music.


I spot the Ring, watching as a familiar figure centers himself front and center of the platform, his black hair strikingly appealing beneath all the spotlights.

King raises his head, the edges of his jawline sharp and his eyes shut in reprieve.

“Alright, who’s ready to get this party started?” The familiar announcer exclaimed.

She was standing by the high roof, a perfectly manicured finger twirling a strand of hair.

“Before we begin, we’ve got a special guest here tonight... can anyone guess who it is?”

She winks at the crowd, her gaze raking over the built of King.

The crowd all shouted their suggestions, more than eager to find out who the contender was.

It was practically deafening.

“Well then, since you asked so nicely,” She sighs dramatically, batting her fake eyelashes.

“He comes all the way from New York City, the Big Apple as we like to say... although, I’m more then willing to check what else he’s big in.”

Laughter and all sorts of hackles can be heard as the crowd sung praises.

“Please, everyone, welcome the ruler himself... KING!"

The crowd went wild. You can hear the shrieks from Fighters and Sponsors putting down bets in preparation.

It was a shit storm.

Everyone struggled against one another, some wanted to get closer, some wanted to run. It was disorienting and disturbing.

It made my head hurt.

It made my teeth grit.

It made me mad.

“Prepare for a wild night because its about to get good.” The female announcer hummed, her voice sultry and distracting against the mic.

It must have been, because he was staring at her.

He, was staring, at her.

I wanted to tear his eyes out of his skull.

However, I kept a straight face all the way towards the front room, even as the ringing in my ears transcended onto a piercing crescendo.

“King, we’ve all heard of what you can do, New York is your playground, so I ask, the question we’re all wondering...” She pauses, letting the crowd murmur in anticipation.

“Who will you fight tonight?”

I see the fighters in the waiting area before the benches, take a stand. They all shouted their desire to fight him, wanting nothing more then to go toe to toe with the King of the Underground.

The crowd voiced their own opinions, eager for bloodshed.

They were praising him, worshiping him.

“Now hold on, hold on, keep it in your pants boys, let the man speak.”

King breaks eye contact from the announcer and stares at the ground, his gaze aiming at his clenched fists.

He seemed to be thinking, hesitating along the lines of right and wrong.

Who will you fight tonight?

“The Queen.”

Instantly the space I occupied is emptied so I’m visible beneath the spotlight as the crowd retreats backwards, forming a circle.

King finds me in the mass of shadows.

I opened my mouth, this time speaking louder. “He’ll fight the Queen.”

The room exploded.

“Red Devil! Red Devil! Red Devil!”

Electric-light energy raved all across the room, sending shock waves after another.

Slowly but surely, a line started to form in front of me, people gave way, people moved aside as I increased my pace, moving quicker and faster up the platform.

“Well, well, well...” The female announcer grins coyly at the altercation, breathing breathlessly. “Bow down, bitches.”

Cheers and claps pounded like a drum to war.

I reached the platform and hoisted myself over the ropes, landing gracefully on one knee.

King was waiting.

He’s always been waiting.

Maybe since before this fight.

Maybe since before the events.

One thing is for sure, he’ll never, stop, waiting.



It was impossible to know whose side the crowd was on. It was damn near impossible to even see as the swarm of faces gathered around.

This was prime entertainment.

Something many people would kill to watch.

The King VS the Queen.

Who would emerge victorious?

“Ladies and gentleman,” The announcer coos, twirling her fingers towards King’s direction. “I guess I have a little competition.”

This bitch.

I cracked my head and looked over to the announcer.

She was laughing, her perky tits on display through that tight bra.

I raised a finger, pointing it straight at her. “You.”

That caught her attention.

She stops laughing, immediately alarmed.

I moved my finger until it was dead centered to King’s chest where he stood stoically, lips twisted upwards into a knowing smile.

“He’s mine,”

The whole world swayed, I can feel the buzz, the erratic cheers, the pounding of hearts and the inhale of each and every occupant.

“Raise the roof! Raise the roof!” Someone yells.

There was a mechanical groan.

From above us, several chains swung apart like a cascade of laces between dresses.

The wooden boards that make up the roof of the Ring slowly panned sideways, slamming harshly against the metal that held it up.

Dark skies greeted me as the crowd went silent, entranced at the sight.

There was a low rumble, a flash of white lightning before all is silent.

Eventually, the gentle swaying of wind echoed and fuzzy snow fell from above, mixing the warm air in nothing but coldness and ice.

I looked away from the white specks and raised my fingers, feeling a dainty snowflake land on my skin.

It was cold.

It was beautiful.

It was...


Blinking rapidly beneath the spotlights and skies, I dragged my hand down to meet my gaze and saw how the white speck contrasted heavily against the dried blood.

Dried blood.

The blood who belonged to a man that was no longer alive.

Just an hour ago, I held a man’s heart in my hand. Just an hour ago, I pulled the trigger that ended Jackson’s life.

“Do you regret it?”

I snap out of my head, refocusing on King as his words make me frown.

“Do you regret what you did?”

He knows what I’ve done, he knows what I’m thinking. He know... because he saw right through me.

“Fighters ready!”

Instinctively, I reared back, dropping the facade of stone over my face, firmly caging my emotions in.

This was it.

“On my mark!”

King shakes his head, fists prepared and feet in a stance.

His mask was glittering from the snow that fell between us but something about his eyes made me hitch in a breath.

“Remember that you brought this on yourself,”

I raise my fists. He can hurt me.

“Remember that you left us,”

I need to let him.

King huffs, his chest heaving at an exhale that escaped his lips. “Remember... that you made me do this.”

I need to let him hurt me.


The bell causes the spell to break.

I move first, shuffling quickly on my feet to avoid an incoming punch sent my way.

He blocks, I surge into it and managed a jab to his ribs. I make another plunge, squaring him in the face.

If that pained him, he didn’t show it.

He was already up and recovering, his hand snaking around to shove me back.

I stumbled at the impact and couldn’t block his elbow. It hit my eyebrow, instantly breaking skin.

“Fuck,” The blood rolled down my cheek and hit the floor.

He made me bleed.

The revelation of that fact stuns both of us. Him, more then me.

King gazes at his fists, eyes narrowed in disbelief before slowly inhaling to reel back the momentary lapse in control.

He was here to bring me home, he couldn't afford to get dragged down into this.

It was already dangerous as it is.

I could see it.

The look in his eyes.

The look of blood lust and excitement.

He tried to hide it but it almost looked miserable.

What was the point?

If he was anything like me, keeping all that rage inside will only cause it to explode at one point.

It could prove fatal to anyone close enough...


I feel a smile stretch out over my lips as for the first time in weeks, hope blossomed all throughout my chest.


My salvation... was finally, here.

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