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Chapter 47: Coincidence


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I felt like an idiot.

The biggest idiot in the goddamn world.

I didn’t see it.

Of course, I didn’t see it.


Oh my god, Marlen.

How could he have kept this a secret from me?

The fact that he took me in because I reminded him of his daughter.

It all added up.

He never told me anything, even when he knew I was getting involved with the people who killed her.

The others hated my former sponsor, they didn’t want anything to do with him, because they knew.

All of them did.

Thomas and Mason loved Rose, the group fought because of her.

I thought she was just an ordinary girl that got caught up in their mess, but that couldn’t be it, could it? She was connected to the Ring.

What if, she, was the mess?

What if, who she was, made the mess happen in the first place?

How could I have been this blind?

“Red’s, stayin with me, I ain’t letting you two take her away.”

“Isn’t that what you’re doing?”

“What the hell do you want from me, King?!” Marlen threw his hands up, on the verge of damning it all.

“Stay the hell away from Ginger,”

Within seconds, Thomas has pressed himself as close to Marlen as he possibly can, both their faces inches apart.

“You leave her out of whatever fucked up plan you have up there.”

Marlen blinked at that and I watched the cracks appear on his armor, revealing vulnerability and fear.

“I care for Red. I would never use her.”

“She’s not your daughter, your daughter is gone and Vanessa isn’t your second chance, she’s no one’s second chance, the sooner we all know this, the easier we can move on from this fucking stain in our past.”

Thomas pinches his eyes shut, the weight from those words bringing him down.

He turns slightly so all we see is his back. He remains like that, almost statue-like, the rise and fall of his shoulders is the only thing that lets me know he was actually breathing.

“I am not... using her.” Marlen mutters, his whole body shaking, not with rage but with something else.

“You don’t know anythin’ bout me, King.”

Thomas whirls around and gazes at Marlen, bewildered. “So you’re not, getting back at him? You’re not going to use her like you did me?”

“Am I really that cruel to you?” My Sponsor asks sarcastically, void of any real amusement. “I didn’t know she knew him, until I heard he died.”

“But its the perfect opportunity, he raised her, after all. You can undo everything he taught her, twist the knife deep.”

“This doesn’t change anything,” I mutter, sighing heavily, ignoring how spiteful my actual tone was.

I am both exhausted and worn out.

“Our problem now is Aitenev, whatever differences we have can be settled later-”

“When we get back to New York, I’ll have your ass back in jail, you’ll never see the sun again.” Thomas is dead set on getting his point across.

“You think I’m afraid of beating up a rich bastard, King?” Marlen threatens, his fists now raised.

“Lets see what your bloodsucking lawyers can do-”

“I get that this has been a long time coming,” Mason included himself, trying to silently diffuse the situation. “But it has to wait-”

“I’ve had enough of his shit.”

“My shit? You’re just a boy that doesn’t have the balls to go against his daddy-”

“I’m taking down, Aitenev.”

My tone is abrupt enough that is causes all three males to turn to me, confused.

“With or without your help, I don’t care. I’ve done things by myself before, I’ll do it again.”

Slipping the duvet off my legs, I sat up so my feet rest against the bare floor.

Before I can stand, a hand is pushing down on my shoulder, halting me.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Thomas demanded, anger evaporating in an instance only to be replaced with furious worry.

I raised an eyebrow, shrugging indifferently. “It seems you can’t help me, so just let me go.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Mason has position himself against the door as though I would make a run for it.

“Damn straight,” Marlen agreed.

I scan their faces across the room, all mismatched with different emotions too difficult to explain and before I know it, I’ve broken character and started to laugh.

Oh they could fight, claw, punch, yell but as soon as I announce I was going to do things by myself, they’ll practically jump down my throat to stop me.

It was understandable, they didn’t want me jumping into the action anytime soon, but I couldn’t sit here and do nothing.

Not when I am unsure what Aitenev next steps are.

They could be planning on hurting the people I’ve grown to care for, right now and I won’t let that happen.

Not when I can stop it.

Apparently the others have realized what I’ve done and promptly looks away hoping to smooth out the expressions they’ve recklessly shown in hopes no one would point it out.

Which was care.

They care for me.

In the Ring it was better not to show emotions so you could have an upper hand, but in this case there was no need for it.

Of course there were still some grudges and unsettled problems but when have there never?

The only thing we can do is move on.

Like it or not, we’re already in too deep.

Fighting now will just divide us.

I’d just have to make them see that.

“Now, will we continue this pissing contest or will someone tell me when’s the last we’ve heard of Aitenev?”

Silence ensued, broken by Mason Mason when he’s the one who nods first, a sigh leaving his lips.

“When they helped Veronica out of the hospital. Jared and Victor tried to follow but they disappeared at the border in Mexico.”

“So they’ve gone underground?” That was most likely, after all, I’ve torn down some of their business in the other groups.

Danivels is one of the examples.

They must be feeling the burn.

“What about Esora’s Arts?”

“Police raided it after word got out, place was cleared out.”

That was news.

“Clearly...” I took a deep breath and glared at Thomas for not telling me sooner. “Someone’s been keeping things from me.”

“A lot of things happened while you were on your murder spree,” He shot back, unwilling to back down. I catch the rise and fall of his chest and understand he’s still working on calming his anger.

“It took a while to find out where you were, once we found out who Jonas worked for it was easy to put two and two together.”

I don’t understand. “Care to reiterate?”

Aitenev wanted you, Red.” Marlen’s tone is sharp and unavoidable. It sounded weary almost.

I frown.

Did I misheard him?

When neither men changed their expressions I knew I didn’t.

“Wanted... me?”

“They hoped they could turn you, get you to join them, I don’t blame them, it’s what I would do.” The heir of Graymoore ran both hands across his hair and releases a frustrated sound.

“That doesn’t make any sense, why would they want me? After what I’ve done to their place, to Travis, put Veronica out of commission and destroyed the Danivels-”

“The Danivels were getting in their way, so when you teared them down, you did Aitenev a favor.” He says very flatly.

“Think about it, Jonas, was the one that gave you Travis, he was the one that told you to attack the Danivels.”

I go silent, absorbing the news with a straight face.

“What he didn’t tell you was where his orders came from. They’ve used you, Ginger and intended on using you again.”

Used me.

Well, that was certainly news.

News I didn’t know.

But of course, I shouldn’t be shocked, Thomas indicated Jonas worked for Aitenev, I just never thought... it would be like this.

That everything was lie.

A set up from the beginning.

What else did I have to find out? Rose being Marlen’s daughter, My Mom disappearing in Mexico, Jonas working under Aitenev, was there anymore?

“You didn’t know, Vanessa.” Mason steps forward so I could feel him behind me as he places a hand on my shoulder. “It wasn’t your fault.”

My fault, no, I was just so blinded with rage.

I don’t regret destroying the Danivels, they were bad people.

But something didn’t add up.

You could use the excuse that Aitenev wanted me for my skills but I am adamant that isn’t the case.

“She was involved, way before you were.”

Travis’s words rang in my mind.

They’ve targeted me from the beginning, even without Thomas’s involvement.

They’ve gotten Veronica, they’ve used Travis to hurt me, then appointed Jonas to lead me down the destructive path.

A set up.

A plan.

For what?


Thomas’s voice spoke out for me in his corner, drawing me to his attention where he sat, staring at me intently.

The faint light is enough for me to catch his blue green eyes, swirling with confusion and concern mixed with a bit of suspicion.

He knows I’ve figured out something.

A piece of the puzzle in an otherwise complicated design.

“Travis wanted revenge on me after you fired him correct?”

He nods, slowly processing my train of thoughts as I remembered that false wall we found in the safe house.

We assumed this before.

“So how did he know to go to Karen? How did he know where to go after getting laid off? I knew Travis, he wouldn’t have gotten dragged into the Underground if it didn’t benefit him.”

“Coincidence?” Mason added, thinking that was probably it.

“I used to believe that too.” I tell him, shaking my head.

Was I supposed to just believe he knew the right people... or did the right people knew him?

Propping a leg up on the bed, I leaned forward so my elbow rested on my knee and my palm held my head up.

“We shouldn’t look at coincidences, not when it comes to things like this.”

“You’re right, we shouldn’t.” Thomas agrees, now in thought.

“But they know who you are. Hell, I’ve always thought they knew you because of us, but that can’t be it, can it?”

No, it couldn’t.

When I’ve said nothing and the silence only grows, its clear there’s something here that all of us aren’t seeing.

Aitenev had already been involved with the Moore and Fell group, I wasn’t included in their fight thus, had nothing to do with it.

But they’ve targeted me before then and I’ve been fighting my own private battle against them.

Things only got more complicated when everything mashed together and I joined their circle.

So how did it begin?

Being confined in this motel room for several days, has made me settle and thought of all sorts of different things that my mind needed to wrap its head around.

All the dots were connecting, all the pieces were falling.

“Maybe... we shouldn’t look at when it happen...” Mason’s green blue eyes flash towards me, worried.

“We should look at how,”


As far as I knew, things were only going to get worst from here on out.

My Sponsor seems to realize the same thing because what crosses his features is enough for me to know something is coming in the horizon.

Something neither of us understand and that he wants to take me away from it but knows he can’t.

“There’s only one way left.” My voice carries across the room, alerting the other males. “Come what may,”

“Red,” My Sponsor gives a quiet warning, one that is intended to stop me. He doesn’t want me to do this, he doesn’t want me to have anything to do with it.

But I won’t let him stop me.

I can’t.

“Fuck it all, Marlen.” I hissed at him, fresh anger brewing in my veins.

“They’re going to pay for everything.”






All the people that’s been thrown in my direction in hopes of dragging me down.

There was no need to hide, anymore. I didn’t have to hide from the others, they saw what I can do, they saw what I’ve done, no one has stopped me.

Because in this world of fakes and cracks, you need a little insanity to tip the scales.

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