Unravel Him

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Chapter 5: Void


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We broke apart, instantly cutting of whatever conversation we were having.

There’s a solid minute of silence as our labored breathing filled the room.

Behind me, Thomas grinds out a couple of husky words. “Are you expecting anyone else?”

“I was going to ask you that question,” Making my way over to the door, I steadied my shivering body against the wood before prying it open.


“Oh god-”

“Who is it?” Thomas stands and peers over my shoulder. “Mason?”

“You’re here too?” Mason brushes through my door completely ignoring that I was there.

The heir of Graymoore doesn’t look happy. “What are you doing here? How did you even know where she lived?”

“I sent her that pen earlier this year.” He comments vaguely, waving it off. “What are you, doing here?”

Thomas frowns, unable to form words. “I was-”

“He was just leaving,” I answer for him, giving a forced smile to Mason. “You can both go.”

Thomas’s confused gaze turned into ice and I feel his stare at the back of my head as Mason acknowledges me.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve told you I was coming.” The heir of BourneFell tells me, nodding sheepishly. “After what happened I just needed to know if you’re okay.”

“I am, okay,” I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Seriously, I’m not made of glass.”

These boys were way to protective for their own good.

“Are you sure?” There was still earnest concern in Mason. He wanted to help because he cared and Thomas did not like it one bit.

“Stop that,” He tells Mason.

“Stop what?”

“Stop looking at her like that,”

Mason whirled around, appalled. “I’m concern about her health, Thomas.”

“I’m concern about you sticking your nose in other people’s business.” He sounded childish almost. He even turned his head up and looked away.

“Can’t you guys-”

“Oh, look, found them!” A bounding face comes into view and I gaped as Evan grins at me, my words cut short.

This is followed by Elios and shortly after, Jared.

Thomas returns his gaze to the door and glares at his friends. “I told you to wait for me back at GrayFell.”

“You know we wouldn’t have listened to you.” Jared huffs, pulling his spiky black hair back.

“This is your apartment?” Evan invites himself in, brown orbs twinkling with curiosity at the sight before him.

Elios followed after his brother and Jared trailed behind, hands in his pockets.

Mason looks dumbfounded. He didn’t know the others had apparently followed him. “How did you guys even find us?”

Elios jerks his fingers back at the door where it was still open. “You can thank Zanthus for that.”

“You came together?” Mason’s confusion grows.

As if on cue, the familiar male walks up to the door and half waves at me, lips curved down in a sad smile.

Victor appeared behind him with a bored expression and down the hallway there’s a scuffle that makes me turn my head in confusion.

“Great, you’re all here.” Thomas rolls his eyes in annoyance as my apartment is filled to the brim with boys.

“Not all of us.” Victor turns his head and it draws my attention as Matthew’s silvery locks appear over head, followed by-

“Alright, alright! I’ll stay quiet, just let me see her!”

Kale stops struggling under Matthew’s hold as he regards the older male with a glare. “I’m not going anywhere so you don’t have to worry about me running.”


His name coming out of my lips is what stuns him.


The two of us locked eyes and said nothing else.

Honestly if it wasn’t for Thomas moving forward I wouldn’t have snapped out of it in time.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Wait Thomas, hold on!” Elios quickly jerks him back, one hand pulled taut against Thomas’s forearm.

“I told you never to show your face again.” Thomas growls, still struggling in Elios’s hold.

The interaction only makes me frown but it’s Matthew who enlightens me.

“How did you think we found out about those pictures?” The silver head tells me. “We knew something was wrong and Thomas wouldn’t let it go so we found Kale and well...”

I can already imagined how that must have went.

“Look, I’m sorry okay!” Kale speaks out, both hands up as a gesture of surrender. “I told you I was sorry, I didn’t mean-”

“Didn’t mean what?” Mason raises a dangerous eyebrow. “Didn’t mean to tell Karen about how Vanessa’s father died?”

The mention of my father makes me flinch. It was sudden and I wasn’t quick enough to school my expression.

“Why did you bring him here?” Thomas turns around to Mason and glares.

“Because you had your fun in the Rink and we wanted to have ours.” Mason concluded back without missing a beat. “The others were suppose to wait for us back in school and I’m guessing they wanted to follow wherever we went so they couldn’t just leave him.”

“I told you I wasn’t going to go anywhere!”

“You never know with cowards these days.” The heir of BourneFell declared, sighing cockily at Kale. “Cowards tend to get a bit... well there’s no other word actually, cowardly.”

Kale’s resolve faltered.

He was scared.

He was scared of what they’d do to him.

“Go ahead then.” He mumbles in defeat. “I deserve it.”

Seeing Kale, standing here right now, I expected to feel the familiar pang of betrayal but instead all I felt was pity.

Pity of what he did.

It didn’t make sense.

Kale wasn’t acting like a coward. He wasn’t running away as he explained earlier on.

It didn’t make sense at all.

So why did he do it?

What reason would it have been?

Something soft grazes my fingertips and I tilted my head to the side to find Zanthus behind me.

His eyes darken between a mixture of sadness and pain.

Longing and regret.

Why would he...

I frowned, confused. “What-”

That confusion eventually melted away as I faced Kale once more.

That wasn’t the face of a person who betrayed me because they wanted to.

That was the face of a person who did it because they had no choice.

He was protecting someone.

I didn’t know how fast my heart was going until I could hear it in my ears.

The dawning of it. The realization. The reason.

Everything collapse on me all at once and my fingers unknowingly press themselves against the bandage.

I can no longer hide or ignore how much pain I’m in.

Not as the throbbing in my head continue to pound away relentless.

So I made a decision.

“Nobody, touches him.” I slam the door shut.

Nine sets of eyes fell on me.

“Vanessa-” Evan tries to say but I cut him off with a sharp glare.

“I said, nobody, touches him.”

“Protecting those that wronged you again?” Thomas scoffs.

“I’m not protecting him because of that.” Flicking my eyes over to Kale, I held them in place so I can fully absorb what my observation tells me. “At least until I’m sure if what I assume is right.”

Crossing my arms over my chest, I tightened my hold over my body so I was held in.

“What do you mean until what you assume is right?” Mason demanded. “He told Karen how your Dad died, he made you suffer.”

“None of that matters, Mason. It’s old news. Someone would have found out about it in the end anyway.”

“Why are you acting like this?” He continues, frustrated by my behavior. “How can you just ignore what he did?”

I didn’t want to talk anymore. I didn’t want to do anything.

“I’m going to take a shower.” Tiredly fluffing up my stringy red strands, I pass by the boys to head upstairs. “Please don’t mess anything up while I’m gone.”

That was it.

End of discussion.

The boys continued to stare until I disappeared upstairs and away from view.

A hot shower is needed and a clear head will help me fix this mess.

It has to.

My steps get heavier as I opened my bedroom door.

Everything looks the same.

I only come up here to change and do the necessities but I never sleep here.

There was just something about the bed that puts me off.

Crossing the room for the lamp by my nightstand, I paused and glance down before groaning.

I had talked to the boys whilst wearing a pair of neon undies.


Flicking the lamp on, I spot something sheen by my stand.

My phone.

I picked it up and tried to turn it on only to realize it was dead.


Plugging the circuit into the outlet, I charged my phone before getting up and taking a dry towel by the rack.

I made slow work slipping out of my shirt as every part of my body protested from the movement.

It was difficult and by the time the material fell uselessly on the ground beside my bathroom, I was already out of breath.

Inhaling slowly, I refocused and step forward into the shower making sure the door was locked behind me.

Water sprang out of the shower head and steam allocated itself towards the mirrors.

The warmth brought a sense of exhilaration as my fingers reach for it, feeling water vapor appear across my blistering skin.

Hot. Too hot.

I pulled back, a flash of discomfort grips me as I caged my arms against myself, the towel dropping from my fingers.

Still too hot.

The mirrors in front of me began to bleed, melting into distortions of silver and white.

Blinking, I peered at the mirror in front of me, finding my reflection look back and not the blurry mess I saw earlier on.

Her brown eyes dimmed from the lighting and her red hair was lifeless, dull, un-managed.

Perhaps the most prominent change was her skin. How pale it was, how every bone outlined the collarbone and cheek.

Blue veins are visible beneath the skin, bulging and scary.

A skeleton.

She looked dead.

I, looked dead.

Disgusted, I quickly twisted the tab to icy cold and the water changed immediately.

I didn’t want to look at myself anymore. It disgusted me that I’ve done that to myself.

Confusingly, I try to remember where I’ve gone wrong but only succeeded in making myself cry.

Two teardrops escape from my right eye and I swipe them away as I move to unlatch my bra.

Now was not the time to think like this.

A lot of things happened today.

One step at a time-

Someone knocked on my door and I turned, half squinting, half appalled.


His voice comes muffled through the door.

“You do realize I’m in the bathroom right?” I called out to Thomas, my tone laced with annoyance.

Was he ever going to leave me alone?

“Yeah I get that,” He snap back just as annoyed. “But there’s something here that confuses me.”

I hung the towel over the rack and hoped he just left. “Wait until I’m done then,”

“I have a feeling you won’t tell me regardless if I waited.”

“Then you probably have your answer-”

Something catches my eye.

It’s not anything shiny or anything moving.

It’s the bandage around my left side.

The bandage that I’ve neglected to look at.

The bandage that was soaked with blood.

I stopped breathing.

“Nice try, but unlike before, I’m actually going to get an answer this time.” He says.

I shakily peeled back the gauze and let out a sound. “Oh god.”

Red blood dripped off the rusty gauze and onto the tiles, staining my toe.

My fingers shake as I hover over the skin.

The stitches had torn away, leaving the skin cracked and chapped.

Beads of blood still dripped out but it was mixed with pus leaving dark, angry purple and black splotches on my entire left side like tendrils.

Whatever color that was left in my face, drained.

Bad. Very bad.

Distinctively I tried to remember the last time I changed it or even taken care of it.

I couldn’t.

“You should know by now that lying to me will get you nowhere.”

Thomas was still speaking. I hadn’t realize he was and it broke me away from my trance to register that this situation needed to be handled and quickly.

“Don’t play dumb, it only insults yourself. When were you going to tell me that your friend hadn’t come home in weeks?”

“Damn it.” Twisting the tap, I scooped out a handful of water before trying to decrease the redness.

Bad mistake.

Blinding pain shot through me like a bullet.

I would have screamed if I hadn’t bit my lip in time.

I can feel the fiery pain it gave me.

I can feel the cold shooting up my spine, from my heels to the back of my head. “F-Fuck.”

Somehow, through all that, I managed incoherent words of fear and panic.

I braced my hands over the walls and felt my legs wobble from the intensity.

“Come on,” Blindly reaching for a rag by one of the baskets, I pressed it against the wound and shut my eyes.

Don’t panic. Don’t panic.

Just clean it up, get to a hospital.

No one needs to know.

“Ginger?” Thomas knocks again and I whip my head in it’s direction, eye wide.

He’s there. He’s still there.

“Just-just give me a second okay?” Fumbling for the towel I hung, I slowly draped it around my body only to pause when it became clear I couldn’t even do that.

My body was heating up.

Every inch of my skin was pulsating with pain and ice.

It was hot but it was also so cold.

How was that possible?

Closing my eyes, I try to regain my uneven breathing only to find myself collapsing under the weight of it all.

Thomas sighs from behind the door. “If we’re going to be together I can’t have you lie to me. This works both ways.”

Reaching for the sink, I pulled myself upright, using whatever was left to keep me standing.

Like before, the mirror began to distort.

Twisting into silver and white.

The bathroom tiles began to bleed into browns and marbles.

The edges of my vision blurred out.

The door.

Get to the door.

I stumble, hitting my hip. The pain is nothing compare to how the fever torments me.

“You may be afraid of telling me what you want, but I’m not.” He reiterates slowly, his words a fading sound in my ears. “So when you come out just-”

Thomas doesn’t finish, he cuts himself off.

By now I’m right on top of the door, fingers weakly grasping onto the bolted lock, eyes desperately trying their best to stay open.

“Forget it. You won’t listen to me anyway.”

No. No, don’t leave.

“Pretend this conversation never happened, I’m leaving now.”

Finally, finally, the lock is unlatched. The sweet sound of the click nearly makes me cry.

The last of my strength wanes and I open the door, releasing it slowly as my arms held the draping towel close to my chest.


I see his back first.

Rigid and unmoving.

Still and stiff.

He turns around at the mention of his name, brows furrowed. “What-”

The room spins and I fall to the floor, diving head first into the void.

The last thing I hear is his voice.

His grief-stricken voice.


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