Unravel Him

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Chapter 50: Heaven


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Its cold when I wake up.

Cold and stale.

I turn over, squinting at the bleary darkness before I yawn and rubbed my eyes.

The room is dim, with glimpses of light flooding in.

When I stretch out my arm to the empty spot beside me, I realized I’ve been left alone.

Thomas is no where in sight.

Slowly, I slip the duvet off my legs and wrap it around my naked body, feeling my skin ache in remembrance of teeth and lips, the night before.

It's a good type of sore.

The type of sore that made you want to do it all over again.

Lifting my hands above my head, I stretch out my limbs and felt my bones crack with relief.


I nuzzled the edge of the pillow beside me and laid there, smelling the scent of mint, losing myself in memories and moments.


My back is to his chest, my hips clinging to his waist as he moved from behind, surging deep, hard, fast.

His left hand toyed with my nipple whilst the other tilts my head to the side, muffling my moans with his mouth.

"Fuck, I'm going to come." I confess, breaking the kiss, baring my throat so he can lick the path down the back of my ear.

"Easy..." He drags his hands down my abdomen, pressing down, molding me into his chest. "I'm not finished with you yet,"

He jerks his hips, snapping my behind against his sex.

He does it once, twice, I have to hold onto the sheets, teeth gritted, the pressure of his weight making me see stars.

"Oh please-"

"We'll take it slow," He gathers the strands of my hair with one hand, twinning it around, tugging hard.

"I have all night to make you scream."

Blinking my eyes open, I inhaled the pillow once more and let out a sigh.

He always smelt good, it wasn’t fair.

Speaking of, did he actually leave me here? Alone, without supervision?

Throughout my stay here, he’d never leave the room, choosing instead to watch over me.

I had complained, but now I realized it was stupid of me to say that.

Maybe he took my suggestion.

Looking over to my bedside table, I spot the digital clock, blinking its neon green numerals.

12.07 PM

It was late.

Had Thomas and Marlen left already?

Why didn’t he wake me?

Frowning, I quickly got out of bed, taking a couple seconds to adjust myself when certain parts complained. I attempted to rub my thighs and grimaced, feeling the dried bits that stained there.

His marks.

“Talk about not wanting to get me pregnant,” I mumbled in disbelief, dropping the duvet so I could get in the shower.

The hot water is a blessing on my sore body.

It smooth out the fresh bruises and love bites, leaving me in utter bliss as I lathered my hair and shampooed my entire body.

I’m in the process of brushing my teeth when I hear a knock from the motel door.

“Come in!” Wrapping my wet hair into a turban, I tied a knot and opened the bathroom door slightly, allowing steam to come out.

Through the mirror, I see Mason enter the room, holding onto what looked to be a bag.


“In here,”

Pulling another towel off the rack, I wrap it around my body and slip the toothbrush out of my mouth before widening the door.

“What’s that?” Foam dribbled down my chin as I pointed at the bag.

“We figured you wouldn’t want to reuse your bloody clothes.” He explains, putting it down on the bed before maneuvering towards the curtains, pushing them apart with one swipe.

Light instantly stream in, brightening the once dim room with its cheer.

I walk over to the bag and peered inside, pulling out undergarments, jeans and a black hoodie. There was also a large burly coat for the winter air.

“Give me a sec,” Gathering it all with one arm, I headed back to the bathroom to take the last of my contraceptives.

After what Veronica did...

It's truly haunted me since.

Which was why I've been carrying a prescription of contraceptives in my pocket everywhere I go, even whilst fighting.

I just didn’t want to risk it anymore.

It only takes me a few minutes to wear the jeans and hoodie.

When I was done slipping my socks on, I raise my head to look at the foggy mirror.

Its cracked in places and even a bit moldy.

I ignored that and stepped close, fingers prodding at the marks left on both sides of my neck.

I can see it clearly.

The little love bites Thomas gave me the night before, all spread through my chest and neck.

For some reason, I start to smile.

Before this, I would’ve chewed him out, but now? I suppose I was just in too good of a mood to care.

Undoing the knot on top of my head, I walked out of the bathroom and let my now semi-dry hair air out.

Mason is waiting for me by the curtains when I come out.

He’s leaning his full weight over the wall, one hand in his pocket whilst his coat hung in the other.

“Did Thomas and Marlen left yet?” Scrunching my hair, I tipped myself over and rubbed the ends down, taking my time to properly do it.

“Early this morning,” He tells me.

So they had, left.

I stowed the growing anxiety in my chest and swallowed it down.

I’ll see him later, it’ll be fine.

Dropping the towel, I ran my fingers through the tangles in my hair and sighed. “When do we leave?”

“Late evening,” He pushes himself off the wall and walks over to close the bathroom door. “The others are already waiting in the apartment for you.”

“Elios and Evan?” I raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“-and Matthew, Jared, Victor, Zanthus, don’t forget Hailey and Kale.”

“Right,” Shaking my head, I pinched the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath, mind reeling from remembering all of them at once.

Its been a while since I’ve actually settled and think through my thoughts.

“How much of it... did you guys actually see?”

Even without explaining myself, its clear Mason knows I was referring to how I left the apartment.

He smiles apologetically and leans down to slip a strand of my hair back up my ear. “Enough to know something was wrong.”

Basically everything.

The knot in my abdomen tightened in fear of the others rejecting me.

“They’ve missed you,” He says, noticing the worry in my eyes. “We’ve all been worried, Vanessa.”

It was the polar opposite of what Jonas told me, that they’ll abandon me once they found me.

But Mason is still here, the others are waiting back home.

They didn’t leave.

“How... how did you find me?” As far as I knew, I didn’t leave any trails as to where I’ve gone. I just disappeared.

“We thought Aitenev had gotten you, so we retraced our steps, went back to Esora’s Arts to find Travis. He was missing too.”

Aitenev hadn’t want him anymore, so they dog tagged him and left him to die by others hands.

I don't regret killing him.

He came into my apartment, touched Hailey, drugged me and...

I didn't want to remember that night.

It was still so foggy.

I prayed I'd never remembered it.

“We were hoping Veronica could tell us what happened but we had to wait for several days before she woke up.”

He shakes his head, bitterly laughing. “You should’ve seen us, Vanessa, I’ve never seen a group of guys look so hysterical before."

I didn’t have to see it, I could imagine it.

“Those few days were some of the toughest things I’d ever have to go through.” He whispers quietly, words meant for himself.

In no way did he wanted me to know, I could tell when he started blinking, surprised by what he revealed before ultimately pulling away.


“Thomas is wrong you know,” He leisurely throws his coat over the table and slips a hand into his jean pocket.

“I don’t care for you because you remind me of Rose. I care for you, because I just do.”

There it was.

That honesty.

That pure and clear loyalty, coming from no one else but him, because somewhere deep down inside, he had loved me true and and true.

“Its not your fault,” I reach for him, attempting to comfort him but he leans back, smiling apologetically.

“Sometimes I forget and its not an excuse.” We stare at each other, our bodies only a meter away. “I won’t forget anymore, Vanessa.”

The room feels warm, mixed with a hint of sadness and hesitance.

“I just want you to be happy,” An airless string of air escapes my lips. “If it means you have to leave, I’m okay with that.”

The corner of his mouth quirk up. “I’m perfectly happy, staying right where I am.”

He turns, picking up his coat, effectively leaving the conversation. “Come on, time to go.”

I nodded, brushing past him to collect the duvet off the floor.

Mason has already put on his coat when I join him by the door, sliding myself against the heavy weight of the winter jacket he’s given me.

The material is thick and warm when I zip it up.

He pulls the hood up over my head, covering my face. “Maybe we should consider dyeing your hair to a different color.”

“I know,” Rolling my eyes, I slid the last few strands out of my face and hid them with the hood.

“They’ve proven to be bitch to disguise.”

Not only was my hair long it was also, red, which happened to be my signature, per say, so people knew who they were dealing with.

Back in New York, Marlen would always chalk it up with purple powder so if anyone wanted to look for me, they’d think I was just some girl into crazy colors, it has worked, thus far.

But due to my little spree, I’d say my cover is blown at least for a little while.

So it was time to lay low.

“Brunch?” He opens the door, flecks of snow falling on the door step at his action.

“Yes, please.” I was starving.

Mason holds the door open for me when I walk out but before he can close it, I stop him, my hand over his wrist.

He peers into the room then looks over at my expression. “What is it?”

I took a moment to scan the room, remembering all the little nooks and crannies, the memories and events, everything that happened in so little days.

“Nothing,” Dropping my hand and walking away, I heard Mason shut the door behind us, forever leaving what happened in there, behind.

The fresh cold air is a blessing in disguise.

Mason looks miserable in the cold. His mouth is twisted into a grimace, but for me it was incredible.

Being locked up in a room for days can do that to you. This is the first time I’ve breathe fresh air since my fever bedridden me.

The Motel wasn’t actually that big of a property which is why when we clambered down the open stairs, I quickly remembered what part of town we were in when I recognized the road.

NorthVille was a small town after all.

You either live long enough to remember where everything was or moved somewhere else before you could.

I was both.

“There’s this waffle shop near Enerven Street, you up for that?” The little Diner seems to resonate at the back of my mind.

I remember eating there after school with Hailey.

Mason shrugs indifferently, although the glint in his eyes tells me he was more then curious. “Lead the way,”

I did just that, walking the same streets and paths I’ve taken back a couple years ago to reach that destination.

The walk there is pleasant, with the air, even though cold, still great to lounge in.

I cannot stop the bounce in my step when I’ve begun recognizing distant properties.

NorthVille may have been a place that gave me a lot of tragedies but it also used to be my home.

I couldn’t forget that.

Unlike before when I was consumed with my own thoughts of revenge, this time, I stop and appreciate what I’ve missed and the nostalgia that came with it.

Mason is there beside me throughout it all, silent which is unlike him.

When we’ve spotted the Diner and I slow down to shoot him a questioning glance, he quickly pushes the glass door and shakes his head at me, a silent way of saying; ’later,’

The waffle shop is warm when we enter.

We have to take out our coats to squeeze into a little booth by the corner where we see the main entrance and the kitchen door.

Just in case we needed to make a break for it.

“I’ll go order for us,”

“Take the butterscotch syrup covered waffles with warm milk, that shit’s amazing here,” I inform him, already starting to feel my mouth salivate.

He smiles at me, amused. “I don’t blame you, when’s the last time you had a proper meal?”

“Since I stopped puking my guts out?” Shuddering at the memory, I quickly waved him to go, eager to sink my teeth into those God given waffles.

Mason leaves me in the room to talk to the registry.

I take the time to look around the Diner where several patrons sit in their respective booths, all conversing lightly with one another.

A TV is hung up just above the clock near the many pictures.

I recognize Dave and Stella, giving their basic rundown news and ignore it altogether.

The atmosphere in here is lively and comfortable.

It feels like home.

I place my hands flat on the table and frown when my chest began to ache in a way I couldn’t seem to understand.

It would have been nice if a certain someone was here.

“Jesus, when did you get so needy?” I muttered to myself, annoyed by my outlandish thoughts.

Vanessa Vail did not, get needy.

Try as I might, I couldn’t stop it so as a means of distracting myself, I lifted my coat and attempted to fold the big bulk only when I do, something slips out from one of the front pockets.

The small white box lands on the floor next to my feet, bouncing with a thud.

What is that?

I craned my head down and stared at the thing, before reaching for it, my fingers grazing the smooth underside of the box.

It didn’t feel cheap.

The whole box was made of leather, stripped down to white.

Who put it in my coat?

Opening the tiny box, a piece of paper in black pen greeted me, the details intricate enough for me to understand.

1st January.

It was the date of my birthday.

I lifted the piece of paper away from the front and paused at what laid underneath.

It was small, tiny, a band of gold.

Small enough to be unnoticeable yet big enough to feel its there. I slowly took the band out, feeling the cool metal touch my fingertips.

There were no designs on it, just small nudges in the outer band, allowing friction against the finger so the metal remained in place.

It was beautiful.

It was a ring.

It was a goddamn ring.

I don’t know what expression crossed my face but it must have concerned Mason who appears in the booth in front of me with a tray of our food and drinks.

“What is it?”

“I...” At lost for words, I continued to rub at the band, unsure what else to say.

He looks down to my finger tips and pauses, the look in his eyes glinting with recognition, before darkness fell.

He’s seen it before, maybe he’s seen it when it was bought.

“About time he gave it to you,” Slowly, he reaches for the ring in between my finger tips and splayed out my left hand.

With gentle precision, he slips the band over my middle ringer, letting it rest there.

“It fits,” He muses, letting my hand go so I can see it myself.

It did.

Too perfectly maybe.

“I don’t know what to say,” Looking down to the table, I hid my hands under the booth and tried to stop the blush from creeping up my cheeks.

“How long had he been holding onto it?”

“A few weeks,” He answers taking the plate of waffles off the tray so he could give it to me.

A few weeks?

“I think he was nervous to give it to you,” Mason spoke up having cut a piece of his waffle.

I did the same, using the knife as a vicious tool to consume the substance that is; butterscotch covered syrup waffles.

“He never gets nervous,” I scoff, not taking him seriously.

This makes the heir of BourneFell shake his head, a laugh escaping him. “You’d be surprised. You’ve gotten all of us nervous before Vanessa, or have you not noticed it?”

When I shrug, he laughed again.

Stabbing the piece of waffle with my fork, I quickly ate it and hummed at the burst of flavor that exploded in my mouth when I did.

“My god,” Mason blinks, in awe as he half chewed, half spoke. “This is amazing.”


“Damn straight,” We spent the better half of our time inhaling the food, giving no mercy to anything on the plate.

If it was there, we ate it, if it wasn’t, it was probably in our stomachs.

Throughout brunch as I ate however, I felt the weight of the ring on my finger, reminding me it was there.

The ring was light, but I couldn’t help it, subconsciously, my eyes would wander over to it and I’d wiggle my fingers just so the simple band could catch the light from the snow outside.

Didn't significant others give gifts all the time?

So why was this any different?

Without saying it out loud, I knew the ring was a promise.

I just didn’t know if it was for me or him.

“Have they reached New York yet?” I ask Mason when I was done with my meal, bringing the mug of hot milk to my lips.

The neutral taste practically imploded on my tongue, reminding me of so many memories.

If I shut my eyes now, I’d remember throwing a waffle piece at Hailey’s face when she laughed at me for getting detention over attempting to shove a bag of bee hives in Lauren’s locker.

“Nothing yet,” The heir of BourneFell slips his phone out of his pocket to check if there were any messages left.

If they left early this morning they would have arrived maybe a couple hours ago.

I hadn’t wanted to ask Mason for his phone to call Thomas because that just seemed too overkill.

Was I being too clingy?

“Just some memes from Victor.”

“Wait... Victor, sends memes..?” The thought of the quiet male sending funny videos to Mason is enough to shaken me.

He’s always been the quiet one, choosing to converse with Jared most of the time.

I never had any direct communication with him despite him coming over to the Apartment whenever he felt like it.

We share a connection simple enough to understand so I never questioned it.

“Jared sends memes too-”

“Jared?!” I slap a hand on my mouth and nearly popped a muscle. “This is a betrayal, how do I not know that?”

“If you want, I can always get them to pester you, I’m tired of these videos blowing up my phone.” Mason rolls his eyes and I slap his forearm in offense.

“You have no taste,” I scold him.

“No,” He wags the device in front of my face. “I have no more phone memory.”

“Speaking of phones...” The image of dropping my phone in the cemetery comes back to me. “I should probably get a new one.”

“Get David to do it for you, I’m sure he’d be willing to do anything.”

David... right.

Ethan wasn’t alive anymore which meant he was my guardian now. The last thing I remembered was telling him not to find me.

He was one of the only ones that knew where I was. I have a sworn suspicion that he told them much later then the others would have liked.

Which is probably why Mason looks like he’s on the verge of throttling the name itself.

“I must have scared him,”

“You scared everyone.” He sighs, rubbing the back of his neck. “But none of us blame you, it just happened. If things didn’t become the way they were, maybe it would have been different.”

Maybe I wouldn’t have killed Travis or hurt Veronica.

But it did happen and there was no coming back from that.

Biting the bottom of my lip, I thumbed at the mug and lean back against the booth, now tired for all the same reasons.

I would have to rest when I get back to New York.

If I went on like this, my body would just give up.

I’m not going to torture myself like that anymore.

“Ready to go Ness?”

“Yeah,” Gathering my coat, I unfurled the bulk, following Mason as we stood up together.

“I just have to see Jackson first.”

[email protected]@~~~~

I can’t keep my eyes off it.

The bruise is large and prominent.

It had faded into a light blue and yellow against his dark skin but would probably remain there for quite some time.

What’s worse was that it was directly at the spot where his heart beat.

If he hadn’t been wearing the vest, I would’ve killed him.

He wouldn’t be alive.

“Now, don’t start this again, Vanessa,” Jackson mutters as he buttons up his shirt, not letting me see it any further. “I didn’t die, there’s nothing to it.”

“You could have,”

“Well, I’m not dumb.” He huffs, tucking his uniform into his slacks.

Mason is behind me, waiting in the corner, watching the interaction go down.

We’ve met up in a gas station toilet so no one would know find us. It was Mason’s idea, albeit disgusting but who would look in a gas station’s toilet anyway?

I’ve forced Jackson to open his shirt when he arrived, not stopping when he refused until he eventually gave up, knowing I wouldn’t let it go.

The bruise was a wake up call, a reminder that things could have gone awfully wrong.

I’ve wanted to shoot myself after shooting Jackson.

I would have done it if Jonas hadn’t stopped me.

“Do you have medication for it?” I fold my arms over my chest, teeth snagging my bottom lip. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

“A couple painkillers, nothing too much. I’m still working you know.”

“Take a couple days off.”

“I’ve technically taken a few days off when I went looking for yo-”

“I don’t care, just take a day off or I’ll turn myself in.”

Jackson threw his hands up, agitated. “Goddammit, Vanessa!”

I hear Mason snort in the corner as he tries to disguise it as a cough. He seems to be thinking something to himself, something that greatly amuses him.

“She has you wrapped around her finger,”

“Don’t give me that crap,” Jackson glares at Mason, irritated as he points an accusing finger to the other. “She has you all wrapped tighter around her, finger.”

“Can’t blame you there,” He sighs and I’m so offended by his words that I’ve crossed the room to hit his shoulder. “Ow,”

“Will you be okay, Jackson?”

“Come on now girl, I’ve been alright even after you left.” He chuckles wearily at my concern and steps forward so his hands rest on my shoulders.

“But you shouldn’t be worried about me. You need to get as far away from here as possible.”

“Why? Did something happen?”

Jackson dark eyes glimmered in the dim lighting before he sighs out loud and nods, opting to tell me the truth.

“SWAT teams swarmed the Ring yesterday, took down almost everybody. Marvin was captured.”

He was the boy Jonas employed, the one I’ve shown how to torture someone properly.

I didn’t know that happened and by Mason’s dark look it’s clear he didn’t know either.

“Is he saying anything?” The heir of BourneFell shifted uneasily as he straightened up, focus renewed.

“They got him locked up in the precinct.” Jackson says, hands on his hips, eyes narrowed down in thought. “I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Jonas comes back.”

I thumbed at the ring on my finger and openly spoke. “Marvin’s a loose end, they’d want to get rid of him.” Just like how they got rid of Travis.

“Which is why you need to leave before they come.”

As much as that bothers me, Jackson was right.

Jonas may be bringing an armada to town, I only had Mason with me. We were two people against dangerous outcasts, we’d be signing each other up for suicide.

“Marvin may start talking.” Mason warns, his tone clear and questioning, his question directed to me. “What if he talks about you?”

“None of Jonas’s people ever saw my face, only he did.”

“You think Jonas won’t turn you in?”

“He can’t.” I stop him, my words ringing in finality. “If Aitenev’s goal had always been to get me then that’s what they’ll do, they won’t change it.”

Mason shifted his footing and unfolded his arms, letting his hands rest at his sides. “So run and hide?”

“We’re not running nor are we hiding.” Running a hand through my hair, I let my nails scrub my scalp. “We’re biding time so we can catch those fuckers off guard.”

“You can do all that, but not from here.” Jackson looks down to his watch and furrowed his brow at the time.

“We can’t stay here long.”

“I know,” Turning around, I pulled him into a hug and held him close, already missing the warmth of his arms.

“Be safe, Jackson.”

He smiles sadly. “You too Ness,”

It was time to go home.

[email protected]@~~~~

“Flight 2394, Flight 2394, please proceed to gate 12 we will be boarding soon.”

The intercom is blaring loudly in the background when Mason hands me my documents.

How he got them, I don’t ask because as far as I knew, I lost track of my belongings when I went to Jonas.

The sun is setting in the near horizon when I look up at the glass windows. It wouldn’t be long until the snow disappears but for now the weather will remain ever changing.

I wonder if New York is experiencing the same thing.

I’m excited to see the others.

The people I’ve grown to care for.

“I don’t like this,” Mason complains beside me, his fingers twitching against the arm rest.

We’ve been in the Airport for several hours now and the older male had been increasingly agitated as the hours pass and our flight grew closer.

He’s glaring at the ground in front of us, distracted and concern even though the hat he wore covered most of his face.

“We’ve only got half an hour left,” I tell him.

“I was expecting trouble.”

“Trouble?” Peeking my head through the side, I view the fast moving people that walk back and forth and carefully scan the airport, looking for any hints of enemies.

Why did he expect trouble?

“Elios and Evan said they were followed when they boarded the plane, Matthew and Zanthus got as far as the security gate before their tail left.”

He takes out his phone and scrolls through it, frowning hard.

“If the pattern remains the same, someone may have spotted us, by now.”

The others were followed?

What about... Thomas? Or Marlen?

“Thomas and Marlen,” The edges of my vision fizzled out unexpectedly, fear ceased my throat, making it hard to speak.

“Are they okay? Is... Is that why they haven’t called us?”

Panic abruptly ceased in my chest, scaring me so much that I forgot to breathe.

Were they safe?

Mason’s hands are quickly on my cheeks, holding me there so I don’t fall over in fear. “They’re okay, Vanessa, nothing is going to happen to them, they’re smart enough.”

He’s right.

They were smart, they’ll be fine.

I should be looking out for myself first.

After all, I’m the one still trapped here.

Rubbing my face, I hide my features from the older male and let out an airless gasp, surprise by how much my body has begun to shake.

The fear I had over losing Thomas was too scary to comprehend.

“I-I’m sorry-”

“It’s alright,” He pushes me into his chest and I gladly accepted the embrace, needing nothing more but the warmth from someone else to ground me. “I know what it’s like to lose someone.”

Its become evident that I can’t control my emotions when I feel an overwhelming urge to cry.

Agitated by my lost of self, I gently push myself away from Mason and stood up, rubbing the brimming tears in my eyes.

I can’t lose it here.

“I need the restroom.”

“Will you be okay?” He stands, ready to follow me but I shake my head, stopping him.

“I’m fine, I just... need a moment to myself.” God knows I needed that.

"I'll call Marlen," He tries to smile but its clear he's worried as well. "Maybe they've reached the apartment already."

I nodded and stood up, eager to get out of open space and find someplace else where I can gather my thoughts and breathe.

Finding the restroom, I walked in, all the while keeping my head down.

I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself and even though the hood I wore covered my hair, it still wouldn’t be a great idea to take it off.

So I resided into leaving it be, my palms laid flat against the sink where the large mirrors glare back at me, showcasing several different angles of my reflection from many corners.

It hurts my eyes so I close them, counting slowly to ten.

Behind me, a restroom stall flushes and a woman walks out, carrying a baby.

She washes her hands and smooths out a piece of hair from her child’s face, the baby’s excited cooing makes me momentarily smile.

When they leave, I’m left by myself with only my thoughts and nothing else.

The silence makes me scared.

My emotions are so open and raw right now that one wrong step could send me hurling back to square one.

When I get home, I’d have to thread lightly and take it slow.

I didn’t want to lose control all over again.

Wiping my nose with the edge of my sleeve, I switched the sink tab and washed my hands, sniffling silently when the white noise brings a bit of comfort.

I hear the restroom door squeak open before I wring my hands and turn around, grasping for a paper towel.


The door locks.

Footsteps, fast, heading in my direction.

Instincts kick in.

I dropped the tissue, spinning around, right hand forming a fist before I’m forced backwards into the wall, my head slamming against it.

Rearing my knee, I hit the side of his thigh and knew it must have hurt when he grunted with pain.

I resisted the urge to smile.

I’ve hit him right where the knife was.

“Well, well...” His grip tightens over my splayed hand, the other pinning my shoulder to the wall.

“Did you miss me, Love...?”

“Let me go, Jonas.” My growl is low and dangerous. I’m not in the mood for his goddamn games, I was done with them.

How he hid from the others I do not know.

He must have known I hadn’t left yet.

That’s why he had people tail the others.

For what?

So he could get me alone?

“Or what?” He presses close, lips nearing my ear, breath heaving with exhilaration. “You going to hurt me, Vanessa?”

Kicking my leg out, I coil it around his foot and yanked it sideways, causing him to lose momentum and fall.

His grip loosens and I took the chance, spinning us around so I’ve slammed him face down on the sink, his nose hitting the tab with a sharp clunk.

“Fuck!” Jonas struggles against me but I’ve spread out his knees, forcing him to be vulnerable as I laid on top of him, my nails digging into his neck.

“I’ll do worse then put a knife to your leg.” The urge to murder him, right here, right now, was becoming a rather promising reality.

The only reason I haven’t done it yet is because we’re in an Airport. I won’t be able to escape before security is on me.

Perhaps that is the reason why he chose to confront me here.

“Would you look at that...” He chuckles, his body shaking from the exertion I’ve put him through.

“Looks like you’ve regained a bit of control.”

Rage pulses in me, anger blinded my vision.

I grab the back of his neck and lifted him off the sink before smashing him back down, instantly breaking his nose.

Blood sprayed everywhere, getting on the mirrors and counters.

“You, drugged me.” My snarl is not human.

It is an echo of the person I was on the way of becoming.

But I don’t care.

Right now, at this moment, I only want him to suffer.

“It was... for your own good.” He defended, mouth a blubber due to the fact that he was breathing in his own blood, practically choking on it.

“Fuck you, you bastard!”

He pulls my nails out of his neck and ducks sideways, shoving me backwards so my side hits the counter.

I bounce off it, hissing at the pain that quickly shoots up my thigh.

Jonas is lifting himself off the floor, one hand swiping at his bloodied nose and face, unimpressed.

“Too bad your boyfriend isn’t here to kill me, I suspect he badly wanted to.” He taunted, spitting blood filled saliva into the sink.

“I don’t need him to kill you, I can do that myself.” Straightening myself, I ignored the complains from my body and force myself to focus.

Its only been a few days, I’m just starting to heal.

I fear this altercation has reopened old wounds and refreshed bruises.

Fucking, prick.

"I suppose that’s true,” Jonas’s walks towards the sink and proceeded to wash away all the blood that’s stains his hands.

I glare at him, watching his every move as though a snake is rearing to strike.

"You've got balls showing up in front of me, what, you think I'd go running back to your arms?"

"That was the, dream," He’s still sniffling when he flips the tab close, one hand reaching for a paper towel behind him. "But I'm afraid it's not that easy anymore is it?"

"What the fuck do you want from me?"

"Simple," He throws the used tissue into the bin. "I want you to come back."

"Why? So I'll be Aitenev's lapdog too?" The rage in me is pulsating all the way to the top.

I'm seconds from bleeding him dry.

"As I recall, you seemed to enjoy the bloodshed that came from their requests... so why are you complaining now?"

"Because you used me." Stepping forward, I feel the air between us crackle with dangerous tension. "You, used, me, Jonas."

Slamming him against the sink earlier was child's play, I could do so much worse, I will, do so much worse.

"Tsk... so much anger," He sings, smiling through bloodied teeth. "I wonder... does your boyfriend tame you in bed?"

Fresh fury washed over me.

The thought of him talking about Thomas sent me on the war path.

"Are you jealous, Jonas?" I tilt my head at him, my tone haughty. "You'd be surprise what else he does to me in bed."

His fists clenched, envy and frustration flashing through those dark orbs. “He’ll be busy for a while, won't he? You won't get your fix anytime soon."


He’s back in New York, waiting for me.

Why would he be busy?

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Jonas furrows his brows at my confusion, for a moment, it seems to be genuine until I realize the smile on his face is nothing more but a mask.

He’s pretending to be concern.

Deep down inside, he enjoyed my outright vulnerability, he liked it, craved it even.

He enjoyed seeing me fall.

He'll enjoy seeing me fall once again.

“Don’t you know?” He slips his hands into the pockets of his denim, head tilted, lips wide.

“Your boyfriend’s getting married, Vanessa.”


The voice in my head went quiet.

The only sounds I can hear in the restroom is the leaking tap and the slow drumming of my heart.

“Wait for me,”

I blink at my surroundings, feeling my legs stumble backwards, unsure what to do next.

“No matter what happens...”

Jonas approaches me, his hand reaching out to touch my face but I slapped him aside before he could.

“You’ll come crawling back to me soon.” He shakes his head, chuckling. “I’ll be waiting, Love.”

I gaze at his retreating back as he unlocks the restroom door and slips outside, the door squeaking close.

He didn't come here to take me back.

He came here to tell me that.

My breathing rises and fall, following the rhythm of my out of control heart.

I’m remembering moments, small incidents I missed.

Thomas’s reluctance in leaving me with Mason, his savage need as he kissed me, the determination to have me come almost desperately as though it would be the last time he’d have me.

It was a goodbye.

I cannot stop trembling.

I cannot stop, shaking, I cannot stop, thinking.

Rubbing the sweat that beaded against my brow, I unfurled the hoodie and let my hair cascade, no longer caring.

I had to get out of here.

My footsteps take me outside where I’m bombarded with people walking back and fro, going about their days, luggage’s rolling here and there, confusing me.

Too much, too fast, what's happening?

The dozens of TV’S provided by NorthVille’s Airport prove to be useful when small sized groups form around it, all of them curious.

Dave and Stella is talking.

I take one step, then another, before I force myself to continue, needing to know the truth, needing to hear it.

Bold letters flash across the header of the screen.

Stella is smiling with her giant white teeth, Dave’s hair is as fake as ever.

Yet, the header isn’t a lie.

The announcement isn’t a lie.

‘Future Leader Graymoore engaged to Zariah Ndiaye, Princess of Kenya’s Royal Family’


To be married.

To be wedded.

The waffles I’ve eaten is threatening to come out.

Pain throbbed in my chest.

I turn to the side, stumbling to a nearby bench, one hand grasping my hurting chest as it ached and ached.

It hurts. I can’t breathe.

“Vanessa? Vanessa, oh my god-” Someone is calling my name in the distance.

It’s Mason, I recognize his light brown hair and those arms as they envelope me. “It’s okay, you’re okay.”

He’s takes me away from the crowd, the hat he wore pulled lower against his forehead.

He’s pulled my hood back up, the both of us sitting down in a little corner away from the crowds.

It doesn’t stop my eyes from seeing the pictures on the TV screen.

The pictures of Thomas in formal attire.

The pictures of him entering a fancy palace.

The pictures of him, leaving with another woman.


The word echoes in my distant mind.

He’s getting married.

Thomas is getting married.

“Nessa...” Mason’s face reveals everything.

He’s scared, nervous, maybe a bit fearful.

The worst part was, he probably already knew about it, he probably already knew even before the news channel announced it.

That’s why he’s been acting off all day, pretending to agree with me, pretending to comfort me...

I shake my head, breathing irregular. "Marlen, is he safe? Is he back in the apartment?"

Mason pauses, torn between admittance and my change of subject. "He's safe, the others have him."

I nod, frozen beneath him, my hands still on my sides.

I can't think of anything else.

“I’m sorry," He bursts, painful tears brimming on the edge of his eyes as he hugs me apologetically. "He didn’t want me to say anything,”

I was so happy moments ago.

How did it become so wrong?

"Please, wait for me."

That's what he said.

That's what he told me.

Thomas wasn’t in New York, Thomas wasn’t safe, Thomas wasn’t home, he never went home.

The burn of his kisses, the bite of his teeth, the swirl of his tongue, all of it...

My fingers clench, the ring on my left hand making a mark on my shaking knuckles.

This isn't Heaven, it's Hell and I'm pissed.


I glare at the screen, at Stella and David, at the fucking news channel, at the picture of Thomas Moore, the man I love.

-the fuck?

I'm very, fucking... pissed.

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Five beautiful new chapters that you all have been waiting for.

I am not sure, if you want to kill me or hug me right now...


Thank you for your support, I love you guys so much and hope you all are staying safe wherever you are.

~Love, Aurelia.

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