Unravel Him

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Chapter 51: Risen


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“Fuck outta here!”

Shuffling, footsteps scraping against the cement stairs, a bang, the backdoor shoved open.

“I’ve got no time for your bullshit, take it somewhere else!”

A figure is pushed out of the building, lanky, small, sweating profusely. He grasps hold of the handle bars and whirls around, panting. “You can’t kick me out!”

“I can do whatever the hell I want.”

The burly man is glaring at the smaller person, his anger and annoyance clear.

He hadn’t liked that a marked man made their way into his club. It was an issue he didn’t want to handle.


“You get out of here or you and I are going to have a problem.” He steps forward, determined to make do with his threat.

But the smaller figure is already getting up.

He’s stumbling down the three flights of stairs and into the dimly lit alleyway where garbage bags and trash loitered the area.

“Don’t come back, you bastard!” The burly man disappears into the building, practically slamming the door close.

A few moments later and the lock is sealed in place, leaving the abandoned man by himself.

He’s having trouble standing up, his fingers, grasping onto anything he can find.

The dirty walls, garbage bins, rusty pipes.

“Asshole,” He mutters, sniffling at his nose with the edge of his long sleeve hoodie. “Fucker couldn’t even let me stay, its freezing out here!”

He spots an empty beer bottle, lunges, opting to throw it in the direction of the door.

The glass soars through air, landing against cement, shattering.

Silence is what greets him.

No one makes a move in the shadows.

He’s alone, he thinks.

He isn’t.

Head down, he slips his hands into the pockets of his front and shivered, teeth chattering. When he trips on an uneven part of the ground, he curses and kicks at it, agitated.

“Die, you bastard! Die!”

He’s kicking the ground as though it was a person, he’s kicking the ground as though aiming to kill.

Maybe, he is aiming to kill.

“You’ll regret this!” He turns, spinning head first into a wall, disoriented yet determined. “You’ll regret kicking me out, you hear!? I’ll make you regret it!”

I can hear his voice echo even as I hid from a distance, my gaze never once leaving the flaying figure in question.


Slowly... I crouched, positioning myself in a way where the building remains my cover in the night.

The man behind me easily follows my movements, his presence warming my back.

I hold out a finger, signalling him.

He nods and speaks into his jacket, voice a deep murmur. “Back him into the alley by the fire escape.”

The pathetic man has stopped kicking at the ground. His hands are in his pockets and his eyes are distant.

He’s too distracted to notice he’s no longer alone.

I feel a smile flit across my lips before I saw them, the shadows that have begun appearing.

They move slow, dangerously, calculatingly, all filled with purpose.

He raises his head, startled by the sound of approaching footsteps.

Two shadows block the entrance on his left, two more by the right.

Four against one.

The odds are not in his favor.

“Fuck, fuck!” He runs into the other edge of the alley, stumbling blindly with no where to go but forward.

The figures merely follow, keeping a walking pace, all of them calm.

He doesn’t see where he’s going and finds himself in a dead end, trapped, exactly where we want him to be. “Shit!”

At the edge of the alley, the four figures have situated themselves in the entrance, flagging the area in a way that meant he wasn’t going to escape.

He can try.

He’ll fail.

“No, no, I’m not dying, not yet-” He clambers on top of a garbage bin, stumbling through trash bags and reaches for the fire escape.

Before his fingers can make contact with the bar, someone jumps down, from it, their shadow blocking his escape.

He freezes, confused. “Wait!”

He’s kicked off the fire escape, a brutal action that’s aimed to incapacitate.

The sound of his body hitting the ground and not the trash below echoes throughout the alley way.

A resounding thump.

He lifts himself, halfheartedly, gasping with pain. “S-Shit-”

The alley way is half secluded in darkness when the four shadows inch themselves forward.

No way out.

“Who are you?” His question rings in the air, causing taut tension.

No one answers him.

“What the fuck do you want from me?!”

His fear is undeniable. Its painted on every inch of him, practically oozing out of his pores.

“Marvin...” I sing songed, my voice whimsical with the hint of allure. "Did you lose your way?"

He rubs his eyes, frantically attempting to clear his vision despite how useless it was. "W-Who are you? How do you know my name?"

I knew everything about him.

Marvin Walker.

The youngest son to Tina Field who died of an overdose. He joined the underground after making some bad life choices, got mixed up with Jonas and finally, most importantly, was involved with Aitenev.

"It wasn't hard, Marvin." Standing up from my crouched position, Elios mirrors me as we step forward, the fire escape squeaking under our weight, the pale moonlight revealing our figures in full.

"You made it too easy for me."

Too easy indeed.

"-No." Marvin shakes his head, already recognizing me despite my masked face and different attire.

"No! It can't be you, it can't be-"

"It's been a while... hasn't it?" If I wasn't so overjoyed by his fear I would've pitied him.

Hoisting myself over the bars, I lightly edged my way down, using my body for momentum, throwing my weight around with profound agility and strength.

Elios taught me well.

I didn’t complain.

Its better to be skillful than unequipped.

“This can't be.” Marvin sits there, slump, terror filling his iris as he shook his head rapidly. “Anyone, not you-”

I land on the ground, my boots making a small thud.

“I’m hurt,” Stepping forward, my gloved hands smooth out the buckles that line my waist and hips. “Did you not miss me, Marvin? We were the best of friends...”

“Don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me.”

He’s injured by how he desperately clutches his ankle, that and the fact that he was trying to back up only to fail.

I tilt my head and view up at the man by the fire escape, remembering that he was the one that kicked him off the ladder.

“We didn’t even do anything yet and you’ve already hurt him.”

The man leaps off the fire escape and joins me, his usual playful smile now turned into something wicked.

“Sorry,” Evan apologizes. “Got a bit too excited.”

His features is hidden by the mask he wore yet I can see the amusement linger through the eye holes.

“Ah, ah, you can’t have all the fun, that’s not fair.” Elios scolds the younger Vinyl, not amused by Evan’s tardiness as he remains on the fire escape, elbows on the bars.

“You know him, has he ever listened to a word we've said?" By the entrance where the others waited, another one has arrived, stepping forward through the middle.

Mason runs his hand through his light brown hair, turtle neck pulled up to his mouth, leaving his eyes free.

Each and every one of us has dressed for the occasion in our usual black attires, some simple, some much more intricate.

The only thing that sets us apart is the buckles we’ve included, all woven neatly into our clothing with black leather gloves to match.

A symbol that lets people know who we are.

Who we’re supposed to be.

“Wasn’t that hard to get him out,” He glances at me, shrugging in boredom. “Once I said he was marked, they kicked him out faster then a roach.”

“You’re comparing him to a cockroach?” Matthew folds his arms over his chest and sighs in disappointment, the light reflecting off his silvery hair. “That’s too much of a compliment.”

“What about dead man?” Zanthus places a hand over the male’s shoulder. “That definitely rings nicely.”

“Stop talking about me, like I’m not here!” Marvin’s breathless shout is what regains back all our attention.

When eight pairs of eyes fall upon him, he quickly regrets his decision.

I don’t blame him.

The aura we bring is terrifying.

Then again, that’s exactly what we wanted.

“I’m sorry...” Slipping pass Evan, I made my way to where Marvin has propped himself, one hand supporting the entirety of his weight. “We’ve forgotten about our guest,”

He left eye twitched in response and I had a feeling he was debating whether or not to spit.


Propelling my right boot onto his arm, I hit hard, causing the male to swing, falling to his side.

His groan is replaced by a hoarse yell when I stepped onto his arm, breaking bone.

“How rude of me,” I speak sincerely, smiling earnestly when his fingers claw beneath my boot, gasping furiously.

“Let me go!”

I crunch harder, hearing a crack, hearing the bone jut out of his arm, hearing him beg.

“No, don’t, please!”

The urge to continue is tempting.

However, I knew I had to be patient. I didn’t plan all this only for it to be cut short by my impatience.

Delayed gratification, is, after all, the greatest reward.

In this case, I have to let him go.

Sighing, I did just that, letting the man breathe with relief as he backs up against the garbage bin behind him, features pale beneath the dim light.

Even though the alley way is littered with rubbish, I still smell the grime and alcohol from Marvin.

Its not a pleasant scent, especially from someone who hadn’t bothered taking care of themselves.

How far he’s fallen from the man that once stood next to Jonas.

I want to hurt him for what he’s done, for manipulating me... and for a split moment I feel that dark part inside me, that part of me that lost herself to the void in order to forget.

The one that had no control nor anyone to help her.

But when I feel the others behind me, all gathering by Marvin, all daunting as ever, all lending me their support, I know I’m not alone anymore.

They'll never leave me alone.

It makes me laugh.

“You’re a rather hard man to find, Marvin.” Pacing along the alley, I twirled a lock of my red hair, the short edges barely fanning my shoulders.

“Would’ve stayed a ghost if you knew what you were doing.”

Marvin whimpers, looking down to the state of his arm. A piece of bone is sticking out through the flesh, beads of blood flourishing.

“But that’s the problem with addicts isn’t it?” I squatted, adjusting the edge of my mask, allowing air circulation.

“They need to get their fix somewhere,”

Needle marks are evident against the growing paleness of his tan skin, that and the ever growing blood loss he’s suffering from, only makes it worse.

He’s having the worst night of his life.

All he wanted to do was go to a club, get some drugs, dope up on it so he’d have his fix. Instead, he gets kicked out mid-drug usage with no explanation and ends up here, in the alley way, with us.

That couldn’t have been great at all.

“What do you want from me?” He demanded, bleary eyes shooting through the area, hoping there was a way to escape.

“I’m not with Aitenev anymore, they kicked me out!”

“Not without marking you,” Mason reaches forward, two hands popping the button of Marvin’s shirt, revealing a healing wound.

A burned mark with multitudes of circles. The same mark, Travis had.

I also see a tattoo.

Swirls and a cross.

Aitenev’s logo.

The group he once associated himself with.

“You know what that means, don’t you?” Mason is tilting his head, the frown on his face, mocking.

“Anyone can kill you. Its allowed. You’ve been exiled after all.”

“No, you can’t!” He rushes out, body shaking with a mixture of fear and pain. “I... I can help you find Aitenev! I can help you, take them down!”

“Why did Jonas let you go?”

Marvin twists his head towards the fire escape, where the older Vinyl lounges.

“W-What do you mean-”

“Why, did Jonas let you go?” Elios repeats, tone cold. “He had every right to kill you but he didn’t, why?”

When Marvin shakes his head and looks away, undoubtedly confuse by Elios’s question, it’s clear the man has no idea what’s happening.

“I don’t know why, he just let me live, that’s all I cared about.”

“Wrong.” Elios hops off the fire escape and made no qualms about keeping his landing quiet.

Its a stark contrast compare to what he taught me, which was keeping silent and stepping lightly.

Then again I knew he was only doing this to scare Marvin.

Elios could be as silent as a killer if he wanted.

He just chose not to.

Quickly maneuvered himself around the ladders, he slid down the other side so he’s on top of the garbage bin, looking down at Marvin.

“He used you as bait.”

“Bait...?” A bead of sweat rolled down the side of Marvin’s temple realization dawning on his features.

I nod, sympathetically. “He used you Marvin. Used you, so I would waste my time thinking you were a lead.”

“Used... me?”

Betrayal, hurt, disbelief.

The shadow that fell over his gaze brings me a sick satisfaction as it darkens his mood.

Now he knows.

“It hurts doesn't it...?” I clasp my hands together. “To be used?”

Marvin is unable to comprehend what is happening. The poor junkie looks like he’s about to have a heart attack.

But we all knew it was true.

When I heard Jonas helped Marvin escape the police instead of killing him, I knew there was a bigger plan in motion.

It was proven when Zanthus found out he’s been kicked out of Aitenev, left out on the streets to fend for himself.

Jonas hoped we would follow Marvin so we would be thrown off his scent.

The plan obviously backfired, since I found out.

I wasn’t called Red Devil for a reason.

“If you knew I was bait... why did you take it?” He demanded, deliriously agitated. “Why did you come after me?!”

The million dollar question; why would I take it?

Wouldn’t I be wasting my time? I could be doing something much more progressive then chasing a Junkie.

Logical sure, just not... satisfying.

“I suppose its because I knew he’d have men watching over you.” Standing up, I straightened my legs and stretch out my limbs, finding them aching.

“Men that, in all actuality, are, the true leads we’re looking for.”

Marvin was still a loose end so they’d had to watch over him.

Jonas would have wanted people nearby just in case anyone came asking, he’d want them to end Marvin quickly.

But he made a mistake.

A mistake that revealed his weakness...; that he still wanted me, still wanted to keep an eye out on what I was doing.

He probably thought I’d follow Marvin so he sent men to watch and report back.

I hoped they were watching right now, I hoped they were hearing everything that’s going down. I wanted them to run back to Jonas, tail tucked between their legs as they realized they fucked up.

Imagining Jonas’s red face as he hears the news definitely brightened my mood.

That prick was going to feel the burn as I take out everything he knows, one by one.

“What do you want from me then?” Marvin fumbles for something behind him eyes wild. “I have nothing for you, you don’t need me so just let me go-”

His fingers slip out, holding something, a broken chair leg left beneath the bin.

It whips at the air, intent to strike me as he stands, swiping the weapon.

An elbow is abruptly there, pushing forward, forcing Marvin against the garbage bin with a ferocious thud.

"Don’t.” Jared’s furious dark eyes glow threateningly, elbow digging hard to Marvin’s arm. “-don’t... touch her.”

The aura in the male has transform to something else.

Something I’ve seen countless times when the sun goes down and when our demons come to play.

Fury. Malice. Anger. Protectiveness.

A hand tugs on my forearm.

Victor moves forward, sliding himself in front of me, pushing me back and acting as a barrier.

“Nobody...” He’s reiterates with simplicity yet threatening all the same, his usual calculating gaze turned solid and hard. “...touches her.”

The edges of his mask is fraying from old use yet it made him look older, experienced, deadly. “You won’t like... what we’ll do to you... if you do.”

The subtle shifting in my men tells me how angry they’ve gotten from Marvin’s stunt.

They hadn’t liked it when he tried to hurt me.

They’ll make him pay for it.

“Drop it,” Victor clasp his hands together, gaze to the weapon, held tightly beneath the man’s fingertips.


Marvin releases a helpless sound and did just that, the wooden piece hitting the ground and rolling a few meters away.

There was no sign of that cocky bastard that mocked me when I told him to stop hurting the Danivel, there was no sign of that person who looked to be on top of the world.

Instead, all I saw was a dirt bag, kicked off from his cloud nine back down to planet earth.

He’s scared.

Compare to the others that surround me, he is but a speck in a land of sand.

How could he ever compare to them?

My group, my people, the ones I’ve grown to care for, the ones that have grown to care for me?

Those were my men.

I was their girl.

“This isn’t real,” He mumbles beneath his breath. “Jonas broke you, he made sure you were broken! He made sure you were nothing!”

“I am, nothing.” Its funny that these people still think they can play high and mighty, its funny that they still think I’ll be easily influence.

Things have changed.

A lot has changed.

I was different, for good or for worse I don’t know.

I just know that I am, who I am and the others are exactly who they are.

“Jonas couldn’t break me because I was nothing, Marvin. I’ve been nothing for a long time.”

“Then why are you doing this?” He gasps out desperately, Jared’s hold on his arm tightening with each moment that passes.

The older male is showing no signs of releasing him.

He’s waiting for instructions.

“Who knows?” Shrugging wearily, I ran a hand through my red hair and smooth out the tangles. “Maybe, I just wanted to have a bit of fun.”

“I never did anything!” He seethe, struggling.

When his fractured arm rolls around Jared in an attempt to pull him off, Zanthus moves like lightning, pinning the limb back against the bin.

“Same thing applies to all of us.” He smirks, dark hair falling by his masked eyes. “Don’t even think of raising a finger. I’ll break it.”

Marvin struggles, both his arms now pinned with his fractured one, bleeding heavily under Zanthus’s fingers.

Neither of the males that held him show any remorse whatsoever, just lingering aspects of blood lust.

“He’s a fighter,” Matthew chuckles, slipping his hands into the pocket of his black blazer. “Doesn’t know when to quit.”

“He’s no fighter,” Evan scoffs, lifting one leg to prop against a half broken bench. “Just backed into a corner, like some wounded ass animal.”

Because that’s exactly what it looked like.

A wounded animal, hunted down, cornered, with no way to go.

They’re at their most dangerous during these moments. Their recklessness gets others injured. Lucky for us, we were experts in that field.

We didn’t care if we get hurt in the process.

“Red Devil, I didn’t do anything! You can’t kill me! I’ve done no wrong!” Even though he struggles, flails, blood getting all over, I can’t find it in me to have pity.

“Oh Marvin...”

He stops at the soft tone of my voice, gaze hopeful.

“You were there when I tore Daniel’s heart out of his chest... I didn’t stop then, what makes you think I’ll stop now?”

Just like all the other people I’ve hurt, he’s starting to realize this was the end. His doom was approaching and, he, fears it.

“No, you can’t! You can’t do this!”

It was getting bothersome hearing his defenses. I could hardly bring myself to hear it.

We’ve done what we wanted tonight by revealing ourselves to him.

The men watching Marvin should know, I was coming for them next.

This whole point wasn’t about dismantling a trap.

It was to show power and who had the upper hand.

But that wasn’t why we did it.

We did it because we wanted to, we wanted to get our hands dirty, we wanted to do what we’ve always craved.

The lust for bloodshed.

Every single person in this alley way is a monster, all hidden, all kept in plain slight, all come alive when the time needs it be.

Back then, the others always had to hide it.


Well, why keep it hidden when I’ve shown mine so blatantly true? Why keep it hidden when its who we’ve always been?


The male pricks his ears in attention to my voice, gaze never leaving Marvin’s.

As I’ve said, he was waiting for instructions.

The instructions I, need to give, the commands I have to ensure, the orders I have to list.

Because that’s who I am.

I was their leader.

I was the fucking Queen.

“Break his hand.”

The male doesn’t hesitate.

He jabs his elbow into Marvin’s shoulder and with a twisted grip, rotates his palm, forcing the bone to break and pop out of its socket.

“NO!” Marvin bellows, fresh tears spilling down his eyes as both his hands laid useless and utterly defenseless against our assault.

Elios is smiling when I look at him.

Evan is humming a happy note when Jared breaks another bone on Marvin’s wrist.

Zanthus is winking back at Matthew when another scream penetrated the air.

Victor has his eyes shut as though what’s happening in front of him is music to his ears.

Mason is beside me throughout it all, the warmth emitting from his body true and there.

He’s staring solidly at Marvin’s slowly broken body, expression blank, yet I know he’s aware when I feel his fingers reach for me so our hands lace together.

Under the dim lighting of the moon, anyone that looked down on us now, would run in terror.

But did we care? No.

Did we want to care? No.

No point caring if you know they deserve it.

“That’s enough Jared,” I speak, watching Jared release himself from Marvin, shoulders heaving with hesitance due to the fact that he wanted to continue.

Zanthus is the only one holding him up now as Marvin panted, numb from the pain and delirious by all the broken pieces of his left limb.

Jared had done a number to him, taking my command as literally as I gave it.

Break his hand.

I didn’t specify how many fractures or how much I wanted it to hurt.

He was left to his own imagination.

Already I can see the purple and red bruises forming on the outer skin of Marvin’s flesh. The area is swollen as each finger had been popped backwards so the tip touch the back of his palm.

What a sight.

“Don’t hurt me anymore...” Marvin mutters, eyes squeezed shut. “I’ve done no wrong-”

“People would beg me to die at this point,” Raising an eyebrow, I let go of Mason’s hand and step forward, reaching for his lolling chin, so I could tip it backwards.

“But you haven’t begged, which means you’re still fighting for something. What is it?”

He shakes his head, absolute in not answering.

Then, Zanthus digs at the fractured bone popping out of Marvin’s arm, sending a fresh gush of red blood that makes him squirm, hissing.

“I've got a man waiting for me back home, I’d like to get back to him soon, so lets make this quick.” He warns.

Marvin doesn’t hesitate. “They said... I could come back. They said they’ll take me back... I had no idea... they used me.”

“And so?” Letting go of his chin, I folded my arms above my chest and scoff. “You’re still holding onto the hope that they’ll come for you now?”

They didn’t come for Travis, so why would they come for him?

He was nothing.

Just an errand boy that thought too highly of himself.

She... promised me.” He was mumbling, words a jumbled mess. “I just had to do what I was told-”

“You were told to drug me.” My snarl cut at the cold in the air, steaming with rage. “That, is what you did wrong. That, is what you’re paying for, now.”

When I step back, allowing the shadow from the opposite building to envelope me whole, the others know what is coming next.

My next order, the order they’ve been so impatiently waiting for.

The order that came so easily, perhaps, too easily.

“Shatter, every single bone in his body, make him bruise, make him bleed, make him... suffer.”

The scene whirls into a blur of figures and dark clothing.

Elios and Evan.

Victor next to Jared.

Matthew taking out a switch blade from the pocket of his blazer.

“No, no, don’t-” The rest of Marvin’s words are broken off when Victor punches him, flat in the face, blood spurting out everywhere.

Zanthus drops the male to the ground and lazily cracks his knuckles.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me, no!” Marvin vigorously shook in terror at the advancing shadows.

“I can help you-”

Elios kicks his abdomen, the impact causes him to bounce off the garbage bin and land back down.

Evan is on him in an instant, kneeing Marvin’s neck, pinning him flat on his back. “Pray tell, how you’d be able to help us?”

Marvin brings his fractured hand to the knee choking him and gasps for air, eyes turning bloodshot. “P-Please...”

“Not the answer I was looking for,” The younger Vinyl sigh, disappointed.

“Perhaps if we started cutting into him, he’ll make more sense.”

Matthew is playing with his glinting switchblade, spinning it around his fingers before accidentally dropping it.

The knife nicks Marvin’s leg, cutting through denim, sending a fearful shiver up the pinned down male.

“Oops,” The silver-haired male smiles apologetically. “Hope that didn’t scare you.

He squats on his dress shoes and picks up the knife, rotating the handle in between his fingers before ramming it against Marvin’s thigh.

Marvin roared.

“In my defense,” Matthew twisted the knife. “Its been a while since I last used this knife, so I may get a bit creative.”

“Why do you need creativity when you have brute force?” Zanthus forcefully drags the hand clawing at Evan’s knee to his side before slowly popping the fingers out of place, following the exact same pattern as Jared.

Marvin is screaming.

His hoarse voice echoing loud and clear.

Perhaps he thinks that he’ll be saved if he yells louder.

He doesn’t get it does he?

Once you’re marked, its game over.

No one is coming to save you.

There was something exhilaration about this, the darkness of it and the excitement.

My men were making do with my order, doing exactly as they were told without hesitance or an ounce of regret.

They wanted this.

Yes, this was horrifying.

Yes, this was terrible.

Yes... I loved it.

I’ve come a long way from that girl that stopped them from hurting others, that girl that didn’t want to kill anyone, the girl that hid in hopes that part inside her won’t come to life.

What a lie.

This is who I am, this is who the others are.

How far we’ve fallen, how far we’ve forgotten... perhaps... remembered?

How far we’ve risen.

“You think that sent a message?” Mason is the only one who joins me in the shadows, his fingers brushing the edge of my cheek.

“I hoped it did,” I stare at him, breathing in the manly scent of his cologne.

Its brought me peace since this all begun.

Its the only thing that’s kept me grounded.

“Its been a while since we all came out to play.”

He chuckles at that, letting his hand drop so he could grasp my hand. I feel his lips on the back of my palm as he places a chaste kiss.

“You always know what to do.” He tells me. “That’s why they follow you.”

It hadn’t been easy carrying the mantle however. The mantle of leading, this group.

His words brings back memories, some good, some bad, mostly memorable, all pointed back to a name;

Thomas Moore.

There was no explanation, no note, no contact, nothing.

We were all kept in the dark, we remained in the dark, still.

Mason himself only knew the bare details, he couldn’t give us much despite how hard he tried.

It was something Graymoore kept to themselves.

The theory was that they were going to expand their empire, possibly toppling BourneFell and finally claiming that number one spot of the largest corporation in the world.

I didn't care.

In the beginning, nobody did anything, we were all lost, with no idea what to do next.

On the third week, I got off my ass because I’ll be damned if I saw them slowly lose themselves.

They had no one to tell them what to do.

So I became that person.

“Why don’t you join them, Mase?” Lifting my hand, I ran it through the back of his hair, playfully tugging the strands.

He smiles at my action and shakes his head.

I knew better however... what he hid in those pretty green blue orbs of his.

Standing on tip toe, I lean on his shoulder and whispered in his ear. “I know you want too.”

His body stiffened at that, head already maneuvering to my direction. His gaze blazes with profound meaning, then, he lowers his head, kissing my mouth.

Its quick, practically a peck.

I barely feel it when he pulls away, gaze shinning with affection.

“You know all of us, too well.”

Mason leaves my side, bending down to pick up the wooden piece, Marvin dropped.

The man is laying wounded on the ground, the others having had their turns in breaking him down, bruising and bleeding every part of him that they could.

He’s twitching, words a garbled mess.

“About time, Mase.” Evan winks at Mason. “Was starting to think you had cold feet.”

He rolls his eyes, and throws the wooden piece in the air, catching it all at once, the scraggly end, pointed downwards.

“I saved the best for last.”

The blunt weapon went down on Marvin’s chest, piercing flesh and bone.

His already injured body, bucked even more as Mason slammed his fist over the back end of the weapon, forcing it through, pile driving it.

Blood gurgled out of Marvin’s mouth, nose, ears... he choked on it, bathed in it, suffered with it... before eventually he stopped moving altogether.

A cold silence swept down the alley way, that, mixed with the scent of blood and old rubbish.

“Right, anyone up for a burger?” Evan is the first to stand up, already swiping some of the blood splatter on his cheek.

“You’re always hungry.” Elios rolls his eyes.

“I’m feeling a bit hungry too.” Zanthus added, unhelpfully which made Jared narrow his slit eyes.


Matthew shook his head. “Taco Bell.”

“We’re getting Mcdonalds,” The Asian further entailed.

One by one they stood back up and removed their leather gloves before discarding it in the bin behind.

A closer look at most of their attire made me wince however as they haven’t been too clean in terms of hurting Marvin.

Its clear we’d all have to change after this.

Mason is the last to straighten up, the fingers that once held my hand, stained bloody with Marvin’s blood. He hadn’t worn gloves. “Get it delivered to Skuro, I need a damn drink.”

“Wow, what happened to the Mason that never cursed?” Zanthus raises an eyebrow, amused.

“I think he’s been spending too much time with Vanessa,” Matthew chided and held out his hands in surrender when Mason glared.

“I’m kidding, Masey don’t get too riled up-”

Victor shoves at the male, with his hand, instantly cutting the other off from saying anything else even as Matthew groans.

“Oh come on, you know I’m right.”

When they all turn to each other, conversing jokingly as though Marvin isn’t dead in the background, I realize something truly beautiful about this scene.

423 days.

That’s how long its been.

That’s how far we’ve come.

I’ve seen everyone’s bad and good sides, everyone’s habits, everyone’s choices and decisions.

I’ve come to a conclusion.

Thomas may have built this.

But I brought them together, I turned two groups to one, I will raise it, higher then anyone can reach, higher then anyone has gotten.

Nobody, will be able to stop us.

And as I glance down to my chest where I find my fingers have absentmindedly played with the necklace around my neck, the ring at the end of the chain, I quickly let go, feeling my fists clench.

No one will stop us.

Not even the King.

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