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Chapter 53: Inferno


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“You’re home early,”

I am a hundred percent sure I would’ve tripped and crack my head open, if I hadn’t grabbed hold of the side bars.

Still, I just barely glance towards the door, finding Hailey lounging nearby, with her arms crossed.

She’s dressed in office wear, a blue button up paired with a white skirt.

What was she doing home?

“So are you-” I panted, refocusing on the wall in front of me as I continued running, the treadmill squeaking beneath my weight.

The clock on the wall, read 4PM.

“Did they let you off early today?”

“We were finally given a break.” She enters the room and stretch out her arms, head rear back into a yawn. “It couldn’t have come sooner either, I feel like hibernating for the next few weeks.”

An image of a bear pops into mind.

That, and Hailey’s drooling face.

I lowered the treadmill setting to a walking pace so I’m able to speak without my breath catching in my throat. “Did they run out of jobs to give you?”

“I wish,” She braces her forearms on the control board in front of me and blows out a huff of air. “The files in my office are bigger than my life.”

“Whatever keeps the money rolling right?”

She raises a finger and points it at me. “You’re just saying that because the club isn’t doing well.”

“Uh huh, you are, absolutely right.”

She and I both know the club was doing more than okay, Hailey was only being antsy because she was probably, hungry.


“Please.” She clasp her hands in front of her and shot me puppy eyes. “Get two, large.”

“I’ll make it four.”

“Can I marry you?”

I laughed, swiping a bead of sweat that fell down my nose from the running I’ve been doing.

“Hang on,” Pressing down on the stop button I quickly hop off and reached for a nearby towel on one of the racks. “I think I got my vows written somewhere-”

“Who cares about that, say; I do.”

“I do...?”

Before I know it, my best friend in all her glorious glory is running forward, hands outstretch, lips puckered.

“Nooo-” I move to duck her advances, screeching when I fail.

She’s pulled me into her embrace, giving me a wet sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Gross!” I attempted to push her off but my best friend is relentless. “Get off, Hales!”

I’m sweating and probably smelled, she didn’t give a shit.

Hailey continues to pepper the entirety of my face with slobbery kisses before I am unable to withstand her weight and we both fall to the floor, her on top of me.


“Is it me or are you getting thicker?”

Wheezing, I viewed the ceiling from the floor and let Hailey shuffle herself off, laughter in her movements.

“Did my love over power you?” She asks sweetly, laying face up by my side.

“Over power me-more like knocked me out.” Wincing at a probable bruise at the back of my head, I rubbed the sore spot and turn to look at her.

Her green eyes are sparkling with mirth, her expression light and glowing.

I am reminded in this moment that she’s so freaking beautiful.

That’s my best friend for you, pretty as a flower, sharper then a goddamn thorn if you pissed her off. The beating I got when I arrived back to New York, was terrible.

There had been a lot of tears, a lot of chasing each other around the apartment and a lot of hugging too.

But as we laid on the floor, silent and otherwise content, I can pretend its just the two of us against the world like the old days.

Who would’ve thought 2 and a half years would feel like a lifetime?

Its... weird.

When I look at the mirror, I recognize the girl staring back at me is Vanessa Vail. The only difference is that she no longer carried that young uncertainty, instead she’s stronger, less naive, thinks with her head instead of her heart.

God knows that’s always been my weakness.

Then again, I wasn’t the only one who changed, the others had too. Maybe it was because we were young adults who’ve seen and experienced too much.

“Hey Ness?” Hailey has an arm over her eyes when I raise an eyebrow in her direction.

“What’s up, Hales?”

She doesn’t reply right away. Instead, she slowly lowers her hand to her chest where she clutches at her blouse. “I have some... news.”

Her tone is too dull and serious to be joking.

I’m suspicious now. “What type of news?”

Her fingers fiddle at the buttons of her attire, teeth biting lip. “Graymoore, type-of-news.”


The kind of news I didn’t want to hear.

Lacing my hands below my head I closed my eyes shut. Maybe if I stayed quiet long enough she’d think I’ve fallen asleep.

Who am I kidding this is Hailey Williams we were talking about.

These days I don’t even acknowledge she’s working under that company, I choose to turn a blind eye towards it.

I’m probably the least knowledgeable on what’s happening out of all the others.

Ignorance is bliss.

Mason would smack himself in the face if he heard me say that out loud.

“Nessa?” She called, indicating she’d want a response sooner rather then later.

I peek an eye open and hastily closed it. “I don’t want to hear it.”

“Why not?” She props an arm up so she’s able to scrutinize my expression. “Don’t you want to know?”

“Does it look like I’m asking, Hales?” I snapped, retching my eyes open. “Don’t pour salt into the wound.”

“You’re keeping things bottled up,” She retorted, green eyes turned angry. “I’m not waiting for the day it blows up, not anymore.”

Not after Veronica.

Was her actual meaning.

I get it.

I messed up that time.

Because of it, the others all made a silent vow with one another to always have my back no matter what.

While I appreciate it, sometimes it gets over bearing.

But I’d rather they be concern then not at all.

It doesn’t help that I feel like exploding which is why I did my best to calm down, only succeeding in making my head spin.

“Look, all I want to do right now, is finish the job. I don’t want to focus on anything else but that.”

“That could take months, maybe even years-”

“Maybe,” I agree and even though her concerns are valid, I can’t find it in me to do what she wanted. “The days are starting to blend together-”

“I’m sure your therapist liked that.” She snorted, sarcastically.

“She was on the verge of pulling her hair out, actually.”

Hailey slap at my abdomen with her palm, making me jolt.


“Not funny.” She rolls her eyes, frustration and concern emitting from her aura.

I know she wants to argue, shout, throttle me... ultimately she doesn’t agree with my methods, but she never once tried to stop it either.

She’s been with me since the beginning, the one who witness both my highs and lows, the one who knows I need this.

I need this or it’ll be too easy to break all over again.

“I wished you didn’t have to make this so frustrating.”

“What, so not wanting to know what’s happening with my ex is a bad thing?”

“Vanessa.” Hailey’s gaze burned a hole right through the side of my head.

She was being serious, no more games, no more playing, no more messing around.

I fold my legs, hands resting on my lap, and glared at the floor. “Spit it out then, Hailey.”

Mason was the first one to say I shouldn’t avoid it, Hailey is the second, its only a matter of time before the others come and pester me, I might as well get it over with.

“What do you want to tell me?”

“I just-” She cuts herself off, feeling the rising tension in the air. “You think I want to hurt you, I don’t. Crap, sometimes I feel like life is so unfair to you, alright? I don’t want you hurting anymore, that’s all.”

Her declaration surprises me, makes the anger in my chest, nullify and turn void.

I must have sounded like such a bitch.

Since Ethan’s death, I’ve learned that if you needed help, ask for it, don’t sit and wait for the wound to rot. Its still something I’m trying to apply to my daily life.

“I’m sorry.” Taking a deep breath, I un-clench my fists and glance over to Hailey, trying my best to smile, so she knew I was okay.

I was far, from okay.

I was only pretending.

She saw right through it.

It never did, do, any good keeping things from her huh?

Maybe that’s why she came into the room in the first place, if not she’d never have said anything.

“You know... if you wanted my burdens so bad, I’ll lend you some.” I nudge her knee with my foot, keeping my tone playful.

“Come on Ness, don’t avoid the topic.” She scoffs, holding out her hands so her palms blocked the light. “Compare to me, you’re the one that’s been suffering more.”

Why would she say that? I’m glad she isn’t suffering, I’m glad she didn’t have to go through what I did. My mistakes shouldn’t be her worries, nor should it be anyone’s.

I won’t allow her to think it was her fault.

Certain things happen for a reason, this is just one of them.

“Hailey...” Sighing, I gather my hands onto my abdomen and frown up at the ceiling. “Whatever you want to tell me, just say it. I can handle whatever it is.”

I’ll try too at least.

No matter if its news that... the couple made it official.

There's only one couple I'm talking about.

Hailey bit her lip, clearly undecided, but when I squinted and leaned closer, wiggling my eyebrows, she finally caved.

“Before I say anything,” She sits up and hesitates to put her hand on my shoulder. “I just want to ask you one thing.”

Just one.

I can do this.

I can be honest.

I went to therapy for this.

“Would you end it with Thomas, if you saw him again?”

“Wait for me.”

Its his voice I hear.

Yet its Hailey that’s looking at me, staring deep into my expression, scrutinizing what my face entailed, preparing for the inevitable outcome no matter what it may be.

I’m frozen with abruptness, unprepared for the tidal wave.

Its like a tsunami of anxiety and fear is abruptly hovering at the back of my neck, threatening to spill over at her question.

“No matter what happens...”

My hands shook, both in sadness and pain.

“I... I have to right?” God, those words felt like poison and stung like poison. “He’s engaged and... there’s no way I’m going to be the other woman.”

Hailey reaches for my wrist and squeezes tight. “It was an arranged marriage, no matter how you look at it, Ziarah is the other woman.”

She has such optimism.

It nearly makes me cry.

“She’s the princess of Kenya, Hales, I come from a backwater town, arranged or not, he’s going to marry that woman-”

“Its the 21st century, who has arranged marriages anymore!?”

“I don’t know, him apparently!”

The tension between us crackle violently before ultimately diminishing into a cloud nothingness.

Yes, maybe he never wanted the marriage, maybe he tried so hard to avoid it, maybe he tried so hard to stop it.

Either way, what else is there to do now?

What hurt, wasn’t that he was getting married, it was that he never, told me.

He just left.

Perhaps, he thought he was sparing me, when really he’d twisted the knife in deep.

“Please, wait for me.”

He didn’t have to say those words.

He didn’t have to promise anything.

Then there’s Hailey, believing he’d come back, he’d fix the mess he left behind, everything will go back to normal and we can finally start anew.

I would have believed her if he had contacted me months ago, but he didn’t.

I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t get anything, I waited and waited and nothing happened.

Instead, I’d had to pick the others up, build the group all over again, hunt down Aitenev myself, make all the plans, control all the outcomes...

I was never suppose to do this alone.

A year has gone by and I still have no answers. I’m starting to believe I never will.

“Its not so bad...” My voice is a whisper. I can’t tell if I’m remorseful or on the verge of a breakdown. “People break up all the time right?”

When Hailey places her hands on my shoulders, urging me to look at her where I have no choice but to do so, I see the compassion in them.

She smiles, trying to ease the pain in both our hearts. Mine for feeling heartbroken and hers for being unable to help me.

“I just wanted you to be happy. That’s all I wanted for the both of us when we moved out here.”

And I, was, happy.

From the very beginning.

Even when Ethan’s Rink was going to be demolish, even when I was chosen in the Annually, the boys, King, everything... it wasn’t all so bad.

There were good times too.

Only thing left to do is move on.

I didn’t want to.

“God, my therapist would have a field day.” Swiping the edges of my eyes, I find no tears, but wiped them anyway, desperate to bring back my composure.

“I think she’d say you were making progress.” Hailey interluded, amused.

-Open your heart and mind, let people in.

That was my therapist’s advice and I just barely managed to keep myself from gagging when she said it.

Sniffling, I grab the towel around my neck and pointed accusingly at my best friend. “You know what, did she put you up to this?”

“Oh come on!” Hailey lets out an exasperated groan and pulls away. “That’s the last time I’m having a heart to heart-”

“I thought I was already in your heart Hales.” Placing a hand to my chest, I made a show of someone who’s heart had been shattered.

She was not laughing. “I want a divorce.”

“Right, you asked for it.” Lunging forward, I grab her arm and duck down to tickle her sides.

“No, wait stop!” She shrieked, laughter spilling from her lips as she fought me off. “Get off me, Ness, you ass!”

“In any other circumstances, this would be hot.”

Halting my actions, I turn towards the door to see Zanthus dressed in black denim. I spot the buckles on his lower waist and understand he’s already prepared.

“I didn’t know you swung the other way too, Vanessa.” He’s smiling slyly at the both of us, one finger wagging.

Rolling my eyes, I released Hailey and picked up the towel I drop before getting off the floor. “Ever heard of knocking Zanthus?”

“Don’t mind me, I was just enjoying the show.”

Horny prick.

Spending too much time with them came with a mix of bad and good perks. One of the bad things were; absolutely no privacy.

“Is it time, already?” Grabbing my water bottle from the treadmill, I collected the dumbbells and stacked them in the corner.

“Sun’s setting soon,” He informs, gesturing towards the living room where the sunset can be seen. “It’ll be dark by the time we get to Manhattan.”

“Shit, I must’ve lost track.”

“I don’t blame you.” He sighs dreamily.

Without a doubt, I knew he was imagining a scenario that involved Hailey and I.

Annoyed, I swung my towel at his face and hit home when the cloth slapped hard against his skin.


“Get those thoughts out of your head, Bridgeson.” I warned, tucking the towel around my neck. “Or I’ll tell Kale.”

Zanthus features paled as he spun on his heel, nervous. “I’ll wait in the living room, don’t mind me, ha-ha-”

I’ve never seen a full grown man exit himself out of a situation so fast before.

You would think Zanthus is the one who wears the pants in the relationship, given his background, but no, it was Kale.

Kale was the top.

Shaking my head at his behavior, I bent down to remove my running shoes, all the while muttering beneath my breath. “I could have gone on a vacation, disappear in the Bahamas or something-”

“Nessa?” Hailey stood up from her position and stares at me quietly, eyes filled with caution. “You going out?”

I stop what I was doing and stare at her, recognizing that look.

After I establish a role in the group as their leader, she never liked watching me leave with the boys. It meant I was going out to do something, something she did not need to be involved in.

It was my way of protecting her.

She understood, of course, but couldn’t help but worry.

What if something went wrong? She’d have no one to contact, the police isn’t supposed to know. What if I came back injured or worse, dead?

All those points were valid when she told me but... I couldn’t ignore my nature.

The others can’t either.

Not when we still got a job to finish.

“I need to see Marlen,” I try to comfort her, hoping she’d know I wasn’t going to do anything stupid. “Don’t wait up Hales.”

She nods, expression blank but filled with pain. “Just make sure to come back.”

I don’t respond to her as I leave because the both of us know anything can happen. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

In the current predicament we’re in, there’s no space for hesitance.

I’ll just try not to get hurt as much as possible.

Pushing my bedroom door open, I move quickly, gathering my clothes and wetting a towel so I could clean off.

When I was done with that, I slipped on my attire, consisting of; a black shirt, leather jacket, dark jeans and zipper boots. I opt to lace the buckles last so they’d be secure and I could tuck the empty knife holsters in.

I do this with precision and familiarity, everything coming second nature as my movements remain focused, accurate and paced.

A dark settling feeling has already begun to rest a top my shoulders.

Each time I prepare, each time I turn myself to Red Devil, the walls always feel like they were closing in on me. That wickedness that only comes out when the sun goes down, makes my fists clench in anticipation.

I’m so consume by my own thoughts I never stop to think about what Hailey wanted to tell me before.

I’ve put that at the back of my mind, locking it away for now.

What I’m doing is dangerous, what I’m doing is going to get me hurt, I got no time to put useless things in my head.

I pick up the mask hidden behind the dressing table and tuck it into my jacket. The mirror catches my eye just as I’m about to walk out the door.

Red Devil is staring back at me with her brown eyes and her cropped red hair, a new signature to my out look appearance.

Its made me look fiercer, sharper, deadlier.

There is no sign of fear nor hesitance, just a growing flame.

Its funny.

Aitenev was the one that started the fire.

I’m the one that will blaze the flame into an outright inferno.

[email protected]@~~~~

“This is Omega and that boy over there is Charlie.”

Omega is a tall guy.

He is dark skinned, with broad shoulders and jet black weaves, running down to his shoulders.

I’m jealous.

It looked flawless.

Charlie is shorter and less bulky but the veins lining his forearms tells me he is not someone to mess with. His hair is dyed bright purple with the roots slightly growing out.

They looked reliable but I couldn’t be sure.

“Where’d you pick them up?” Mason asks, his hands in his pockets.

Marlen, bit the end of his toothpick and crossed his arms over his chest. “Found Omega beating up some poor sucker for trying to assault a woman.”

My sponsor then pointed at the smaller male. “Charlie got in trouble with the FBI after hacking their severs.”

Law breakers.

Not necessarily the bad types either.

“Did you use a ghost print or a black hole?” Zanthus questioned from behind me, tone excited.

Charlie raises an eyebrow at Zanthus enthusiasm and seem to mull over whether he should answer before he eventually did.

“Neither. I went through the grey zone.” Came his voice.

“Holy shit, how close were you to getting caught?”

“Vi,” Mason held up his hand so the male could stop talking. Clearly, neither one of us wanted to spend our time talking about programming.

I’m already having trouble keeping up with Zanthus’s choice of words.

Then again, maybe that’s why he’s so good at what he does.

The only fault he had was how talkative he can get. I cannot begin to stress how many times he nearly blew his cover and the others.

We’ve only ever called each other by our Ring names, sometimes we don’t call each other at all, knowing exactly what to do without asking.

That’s how good my men were.

When Zanthus continues to pester Charlie, ignoring Mason’s words, I left them at it and walk towards the barricade.

Just beyond it, was the winding waters of New York’s Harbor.

A new Ring opened up there a couple months back, thanks to us.

It was a combination of both Downtown and Uppertown’s fighters. They banned together after Uppertown had their Ring raided, courtesy of a certain mole.


The sucker took the fall, just as we initially planned.

Everything went smoothly.

Now the Harbor was a place people come from all over to race and fight, with Matthew being one of the generous benefactors.

Apparently, he had been the Sponsor who got fake Red Devil to race with me.

To which I pointedly smack him in the face for attempting to cheat. His excuse was that it was fun to see what would happen.

I smacked him again.

He swore never to do it again.

“You don’t like em, Red?” Marlen approach me from the rear, footsteps quiet.

“I didn’t say that,” I clasp my hands together in front of me, elbows resting on the bars.

“Then what’s with that look in your eyes?”

Turning my head, I raised an eyebrow and can’t help but huff. “Just got a lot on my mind.”

“You tried sleepin’?”

Scoffing, I reach for the inside of Marlen’s coat and slip my fingers inside.

He rolls his eyes at my attempt in changing the subject but doesn’t move when I pull out a pack of chewing gum he always keeps tuck away in the corner of his jacket.

Marlen started buying them when I had trouble getting rid of my addiction to cigarettes.

“What’s the point? If I go to bed, I’ll end up thinking instead of sleeping. I’d rather be doing something while thinking.” Pulling out the pack, I unwrapped two sticks and put them in my mouth.

He shakes his head, exasperated. “I think you need to see that quack again.”

Great, what is it with people referring that I should see my therapist whenever I say something remotely, dumb?

“She’s a licensed therapist, Marlen.”

“A quack.”

"Licensed, therapist.”

“Still a quack.”

“Why do I even bother.” Crossing my arms over my chest, I turn around so my back is to the bars and I could view the guys as they converse with one another.

Mason is busy gathering information, asking questions without sounding too invasive, putting on a show of friendliness.

Sound familiar?

Well, it was the same thing he used on Malorie.

Mason was many things; an heir to a billion dollar company, a close partner to me, an underground user, but most importantly, he had the ability to charm.

Its good that he’s put that certain talent to use.

Our intention is to make Omega and Charlie lower their guard. They’ll think we’ll just a bunch of people that are inexperienced when in reality we’re putting on a show.

Once Mason is satisfied, he’ll come to me.

I’m just letting him do his part for now.

A cigarette sounds good.

“Damn,” Shaking my head, I held out my palm and felt my fingers tremble, knowing my body was having its usual tug of war internally against the addiction.

It always get worse when I’m working.

Chewing gum helps, but it isn’t enough.

Taking out another stick, I quickly shoved it in my mouth, hoping the large gum would discomfort my jaw into craving a cigarette.

“You should try nicotine patches, Red.” Marlen eyes my clear irritation with concern. “That’ll lay you off.”

I shake my head. “I’m fine,”

If I had nicotine back in my system, I can kiss my control goodbye, I’d be smoking two packets in eight hours.

“Just gotta get moving, that’s all.” Throwing the packet to him, I hid my hands in the insides of my leather jacket and grasp tight.

“Well looks like Fell’s just about finish there,” He gestured over to Mason who has begun to make eye contact with me, a sign he is ready to talk soon.

I nod. “If we catch these guys, chances are, they'll give us hell."

“Well at least they aren't dead yet." Marlen tells me, taking out the toothpick so it didn’t hinder his speech. “Can’t say if they’ll be alive tomorrow, however.”

No they won’t be.

As far as I can tell, with the information I’ve gathered, Aitenev, doesn’t have loose ends, they get rid of them.

Jonas is the man tasked to do this. The executioner.

He should have gotten rid of Marvin and the men guarding him that night but he didn’t.

Instead, he let the men live. A mistake that could potential cost him his life.

I wonder if the higher uppers in Aitenev, knew what Jonas was doing. He was practically disobeying orders.

In Jonas’s eyes, I was his obsession, something he needed returned to him.

He doesn’t know that when I do come back to him, its to put a bullet through his skull.

“Don’t worry,” Shifting the top of my hood, I arranged it in a way so my face remains covered. “We only need tonight.”

Our plan was to capture these guys, get them to talk into giving up who Aitenev’s connections were and where Jonas’s location is.

Marlen’s source said they were stashed somewhere in Manhattan which is why we were here, under the cover of nightfall. We’d gather just beneath the bridge, allowing the large looming structure to cast shadows on us.

If I squinted hard enough, I swear I can see Mazereen Apartments just beyond the waters.

It was fairly early, those that roam about the streets are simply minding their own business, going about their day totally oblivious to what we were discussing.

We wouldn’t be able to do this without Mason.

The perks of being an heir to a billion dollar company does have its uses.

If you got the money you can buy off officers, get rid of CCTV footage, find out information, the list goes on.

Mason played a big role here, especially with what we planned to do tonight.

“Well, boy?”

My Sponsor’s question gains my attention, causing me to raise my head in the heir of BourneFell’s direction as he makes his way over.

He must’ve finished up.

“What your nose tell you?”

“I don’t smell them you know, I converse.” Mason gritted out, green blue eyes sparkling with annoyance towards Marlen’s words.

It was a joke the old man had with him.

With Mason’s undeniable talent in getting people to do what he wanted just by charming them, he could also tell if they were trustworthy or not.

Unfortunately, that’s why Marlen insinuated Mason resembling a dog. Something about having a good nose.

“Same difference.” My Sponsor shrugs. “You got a sense don’t you? What your senses say, boy?”

Mason rolls his eyes and runs his hair down the back of his head.

The mask around his mouth slips down at the action and I quickly reach for it, gently pulling it back up in fear of people recognizing him.

“Its okay,” He grasp my wrist, using his other hand to secure the mask in place so I won’t bother with it. “We haven’t begin hunting yet, don’t go all protective on me.”

“Kinda hard not too, when one slip up and your face will be all over the news.” I retorted, sarcastically.

“Well its a good thing you don’t watch the news then.” He teases, laughing out right when I made a face.

“We ain’t got all night.” Marlen intervene, shooting both of us looks that more or less meant he was impatient.

Mason rolls his eyes at that, but answers anyway. “Omega’s rough around the edges, but I don’t sense anything wrong. Charlie’s a bit tough to figure out. I’m leaving Vi to keep an eye on him, just in case.”

I raised an eyebrow intrigued. “Do they know what we’re doing?”

“I told them we’re going to take down some of Aitenev’s men, they probably think we’re way over our heads.” He shrugs, hands in his coat, a smile in his eyes.

“Do you trust them?” My question is sharp and clear, leaving no room for mistakes.

I needed to hear it from Mason himself.

The heir of BourneFell frowns in concentration before he nods, once.

That’s more then enough for me.

“Right,” Slipping my hands out of my pockets, I tug on the leather gloves and by passed Mason, my shoulder brushing his. “Let’s tell them who they’re working for.”

Omega and Charlie is quick to notice my approach, something dutifully noted.

When Zanthus sees this, he understands what to do and steps away from their side to join me, expression wiped blank.

A stark contrast to the man who asked bouts of questions earlier.

I slowed my pace when Omega and Charlie glance at each other cautiously, choosing to remain where they are, stances defensive.

“Easy, boys.” I smile, keeping my head lowered. “I heard Marlen hand picked you, wouldn’t want you doing something that’ll make him regret doing so.”

“Yeah well, maybe that old man shouldn’t be pulling out anymore surprises then.” Omega speaks, his deep baritone voice echoing in the night.

I don’t blame them. I told Marlen to get reinforcements as soon as possible however way possible because the boys were all back at the Harbor handling the Ring with Matthew.

They couldn’t come out to help us.

If I knew controlling different assets of the Underground community would be so difficult, I would’n’t have stepped up.

“Sorry about the secrecy,” Tilting my head, I pulled the straps tighter around my wrist, letting the clasp, click.

“We don’t really want people to know what we’re doing.”

“You want to take out Aitenev’s men right?” Charlie dips his head in my direction, an action to peek at my hidden face. “What makes you think you can do it?”

“Sheer determination and will?” Shaking my head, I let out a loose chuckle. “I’m running a bit low on men, you’re my reinforcements.”

“First thing’s first.” Omega took a step forward, his large figure looming.

“Not a step.” Zanthus is suddenly in front of me, his figure partially placed in a way where he’s able to take the brunt of any hit, should there be.

All friendliness in his stance is gone, the man that was friendly towards Omega and Charlie is no where to be seen.

They are starting to realize it was all an act.

An act to get their guard down.

Omega frowns in confusion at Zanthus, then to Mason who is hovering nearby. Gone is the person that strike up a conversation, here was the man who’s words could kill.

Didn’t Malorie suffered through that?

“Who’s the man in charge here?” Omega demanded.

“Me,” I raise a pointed finger and flip my hood down, revealing my hair and mask. “You’re working for Red Devil,”

Neither moves from their position.

Neither moves, for a long time.

Charlie’s expression is an open book, he’s in disbelief and partially doubtful.

Omega is strong willed enough to steel his expression.

He’s staring at me with those serious eyes, searching for any hints of lie. I meet that glare with a smile, letting him understand I mean no harm, I just needed his help.

“You Red Devil?” He questions out loud, as though he hadn’t heard it right the first time.

I nod. “The very same.”

“You’re the one that took out the Danivels? Got Marvin killed?”

“News spread fast.” I muse, unable to stop the grin from spreading across my face. “I only just got rid of Marvin days ago.”

“Everybody knows about it,” Charlie, swipe under his nose, his gaze filling with suspicion. “You left the body in the alley, why?”

“Why don’t you tell me?” Sighing tiredly, I stretch out my hands and yawn. “I’ll give you a prize if you can figure it out.”

Omega’s silence stretches while Charlie shuffles his feet, hands tuck away in his pockets.

They hadn’t expect me to be so easy going, practically relaxed. The stories they hear couldn’t be compared to me right now, could they?

I enjoy the wary banter, liking that they fear me even without knowing who I am.

“Come on now, don’t be shy.” I tease the males, feeling their hesitance roll of them in waves.

Omega makes eye contact with Charlie and gestures at the male to answer.

Charlie shakes his head, lips thin. “You wanted people to know, that’s why you left the body behind.”


“Good job,” They were smart enough to understand. I didn’t need idiots on this job. “Look’s like you’ll make it out alive after all, unless... you’d rather walk away?”

They could forget Marlen brought them here, go on with their lives, doing whatever illegal shit they do, I wouldn’t stop them.

Every time we get reinforcements, I always allowed them a chance to leave because once you’re in you’re not getting out.

We’re making a stand against Aitenev, that’s practically a death wish. You’re signing up to die if you get caught.

“What’s in it for us?” Charlie clenches his fists showing the bulk of his hands.

“Experience?” Lopping a strand of my hair back up my ear, I shrug. “I’m sure they’ve made you mad more then once, this is your chance to take a bite out of them.”

Its not a secret that Aitenev was hated.

Omega and Charlie must be curious... They know Red Devil had been slowly dismantling Aitenev’s perfect web, a job that before, looked impossible.

But here I stand, unaffected, safe, but most importantly, not dead yet.

Deep down inside, I knew they crave that particular blood lust, something only I can give.

Omega is the first to loosen up, he’s cross his arms over his chest and exhaled. “What’d you need us to do boss?”

“Want me to hack into their data base?” Charlie raises an eyebrow, questioningly.

“We’re doing something much more simpler.” I smile, satisfied. “Breaking and entering... Oh and possibly several misdemeanors."

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