Unravel Him

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Chapter 6: Awake


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Someone was yelling at me.


But I’m underwater, my ears have gone dull.

Sparkling dots appear in my half opened lids. A shadow moves across my face, then everything goes dark.

"No, no, open your eyes. Open your damn eyes!"

I want to listen to it.

I try everything I can.

But it fades...

“Baby, open your eyes... please, open your eyes.”

Something searing began to burn across my stomach, filing in on my chest.

No more am I underwater. I’m in the nightmare.

The nightmare where fire once claimed me.

I release a cry, legs bucking.

Hot. Too hot.

“It... it hurts...” I managed those words. I don’t know if I said them or not. I can’t say anything else.

A hand brushes the hair off my face. “You’re burning up.”

It darkens again. The fire grows.

I let out another cry, tears spring free. “It hurts! It hurts!”

“Where does it hurt?”

I open my mouth, wanting to respond. I can’t.

No words come out.

But then it does. “Everywhere!”

My body is being inspected. Hands are brushing across my skin fervently.

It stops by my left hip as the towel is released.

There’s a stunned silence. A shaky breath is followed. “Oh Jesus Christ.”


The voice is scared.

It’s scared for me.

“I’m gonna pick you up alright? Try to relax-”

Arms are slipped around my body.

My hand goes flying to the wound.

It hurts too much. It hurts.

“No! Don’t! Please!” I cry out.

“Whatever you do, I want you to stay awake do you hear me?" The discarded towel is wrapped around me with precised fingers, a knot is tied. "This isn’t a request it’s an order.”

This time when I’m picked up, my moans of pain goes unheard.

Tears streak down my cheeks.

Hot breath warmed my neck. “Stay, awake.”

My bathroom shower is flipped off and my head dropped backwards as I’m carried out.

“Elios! Jared! Evan!?”

The voice is shouting.

“Thomas?” The familiar call of numerous people reverberated back.

Each movement jostles the wound and if it wasn’t for my nails digging onto something solid, I would’ve continued screaming.

“Get the car, we’re leaving, now!”

“What’s going on?”

“Please!” I can’t take it anymore. Too much movement. “No more... No more..."

Too much pain.

I’m in agony. “Don’t carry me, I beg of you, don’t hurt me.”

The raging fever continues to eat me alive and I twist and turn only injuring myself more.

In the background people are talking but I can’t hear them.

I can’t hear anything but snippets.

“I’m not losing her Mason!” Fear. So much fear.

“BourneFell hospital is about 10 miles from here.” A pair of keys being thrown, another being caught. “Matthew, Zanthus, Victor, get your stuff, we’re going.”

People move quickly around me, the movements are lost in my mind.

I’m reduced to low whimpers, head pressed up against the warm chest that carries me.

“Stay with me Ginger.”

I want to tell it that I’m okay.

I just need to sleep it off.

But the voice told me to stay awake.

I want to ignore it but another part of me is yelling not to fall asleep.

“Thomas, you can’t go to BourneFell hospital.”

“Never mind about that now."

There’s a ding, the elevators open.

“Thank, Christ.” More running. More hurried steps. “Jared, use my car, drive in front of us, clear a path. Mason get in the driver’s seat I’ll be at the back, the others, don’t get in the fucking way.”

Car doors are opened, engines are roared alive and then we’re moving against traffic.

Everything happened in less then five minutes yet it felt like a lifetime for me.

I twist, hands reaching around for something to latch onto. Something to make the pain go away.

“How bad is it?”

Someone pins my arms so I stop moving, but it only makes me squirm more for release.

Fingers gingerly brush against the towel to inspect the damage. “Bad, it’s fucking bad. The wound’s infected.”

Mason spat out a string of curse words. “How the hell did this happen?”

“I don’t know Mason. I don’t know.”

“Was it Karen?”

“No.” The response is quick. “The wound is weeks old. Karen didn’t do this.”

“Then who did?”

Bright orange flames dart out in my field of vision.

It's the nightmare.

It's not real.

Yet why I do I feel like it is?

Suddenly, I'm trapped, pinned on the ground.

It’s surging towards me and I scream.

“Shit, hold on baby. Hold on, we’re almost there.”

But the flames are relentless, they climb all over me, searing my skin and melting bone.

It's excruciating and the pounding in my head explodes to nerve-ending pain.

It's my tipping point.

I coughed, unable to make it stop.

Slowly, impeccably, gradually, it goes away.

I stop moving. I stop whimpering.

I grow silent and unmoving.

My head falls to the side and I don’t resist as sleep takes over.

“NO! Do not fall asleep, do you hear me?!”

The roar is thunderous. It demands to be heard. It demands to be obeyed.

“I told you to stay awake! So stay, awake!"

Nails dig into my arms, burying so deep I’m sure they’d leave bruises.

"Stay awake..." There’s a shaky exhale, followed by a sound.

A sound of pain.

A sob.


“I know, Thomas.”

Something wet slides down my neck.


“Oh god, just please... please..."

My heart cracked in half.

Don’t cry.

I want to tell it not to cry.

If you cry, I cry.

The next time the voice speaks, it’s husky and ruptured. Filled with emotions.

The warmth closed in over my face, nearing my ear.

“I told you earlier on that you may be afraid of telling me what you want but I’m not, because..."

It rings a bell.

The words.

I don't tell it in time.

The sounds finally mute themselves and my mind blurs out.

But I hear it.

A confession.

A calling to my soul.

“...because the truth is, I've already fallen for you."

The world goes by me in gusts of wind and flashes of white and black.

Sometimes it slows down.

When it slows down, I can hear voices.

Pieces of conversations.

“Give her to me,”

“Like hell-”

“Listen to me Thomas, you can’t be seen in there with her, your father will know! Give her to me!”

I can never tell what was happening.

I don’t even know where I was.

I was simply a passenger.

Hearing and feeling people as they past me.

Only waiting to wake up.

At one point the pain became clear again. The pain rose from the depths of my slumber and a groan escapes me, still, my eyes do not open.

“Blood poisoning.”

That’s what I manage to catch.

It’s followed by a heavy curse and mirrored with a startling crack.

“Sir, you just damaged hospital property!”

“Oh, bite me!”

I would’ve laughed if sleep didn’t take me again.

“What did you say?”

It must be a few days later when I resurfaced from the cooling darkness.

The voice is mad, pissed off and I don’t know why.

“He did it to protect me.”

“I heard you the first time, what I want to know, is why the hell did you agree to it?”

There’s a sigh, followed by a regrettable; “I was scared.”


A loud thud, chairs scrape hard against the floor.

A shocked gasp.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, to be scared?”

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to leave!”

More scuffling, more things toppling over.

“If you’re scared then you don’t deserve the title, Vi.”


I’ve heard that before.

Where have I heard it?

I go back under.

I realize I can move my toe.

My eyes still refuse to budge so for the time being I decided to just take what I can get.

It’s difficult, not being able to see.

Not being able to know what is happening.

My surroundings are oddly quiet.

It’s feels empty.

A door swings open, the creak loud.

A pair of footsteps approach where I laid and I waited on what would happen next.

There’s silence before eventually I feel a warm hand enclosed over mine.

The person doesn’t say anything. Just holds my hand for a long time.

It’s comforting.

We stay like this for hours, minutes, I don’t know.

“I’ll always be with you.”

The voice finally has a name.

It pops up in my mind, immediately.


He kisses my forehead and then he was gone.

“She’ll wake up in due time. It’s only been a week, Sir.”

“Thank you,”

The voice is not the same.

It’s different.

Smoother and much more kinder.

There’s a loud tired sigh before the person moves to sit beside where I laid.

“You got everybody worried Vanessa,” I put a face to the voice.


“Thomas especially. Would it kill if you wake up soon?”

I can’t reply. I try. I only fail.

“No, forget about it.” He leans forward and squeezes my wrist. “It’s best if you stay asleep. You don’t want to come back with things out of control right now.”

There’s a note to his voice that makes my heart squeeze. I want to ask what he means but he answers it for me.

“He’s been gone for several days. We think... we think he’s hunting down the people who hurt you.”

How can he know?

I want to yell at him.

To ask him what could Thomas know about my stab wound.

He wasn’t there. How could he-

I stop.

Because maybe, I do know.

Maybe they all know.

Who I was.

Who he was.

“You’re going to have to wake up at one point Nessa,” He gets up and moves out of the room. “King can’t last long without his Queen.”

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