The Verdict

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Vanessa Chantler a young, and bright lawyer, who comes from a famous, well-known, and well built English family of lawyers, is going through hell in her three years of marriage. As she's found out her not so soon to be ex-husband double-crossed their agreement on the divorce. She befriends a fellow Englishman who is part of another famous and well-known family of lawyers who are in partnership with the Chantler family that tried to help her with her divorce. ***WARNING ADULT CONTENT AND TRIGGING CONTENT BE WARNED***

Romance / Drama
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Why must it be such terrible weather on my anniversary? This is the worst. I really hope I can steal Robert away from his office, and all of his political business. I absolutely hate politics, but it’s what I work with, being the best Lawyer in Los Angeles, California. Born and Raised in London and by a headstrong, hard-working, and a stubborn English couple. My mother and father live in London to maintain the family law firm, Chantler Incorporated. It’s nice to have a loving family such as them and a devoted loving husband.

Which I am on my way to see right now to celebrate our third year anniversary. Standing tall and proud in the elevator, waiting to get to the top floor, listening to the awkward elevator music. When the elevator finally came to a stop and the doors opened. I walked out quickly in relieve to be out of that damned elevator. As expensive and high class this build is, that elevator has broken down more than five time in the past. Three of the five times I’ve gotten stuck on the damn thing.

Walking into the office I didn’t see anyone at their desk and medium-size grey cubicles. Not even the janitors, this doesn’t seem right at all. Walking by the cubucles to get to my husbands office I see that some workers have pictures with their families or vacations some from when they use to serve in the military. Sighing seeing no one was around, all computers were off and files were neatly put away. It is a Friday, so maybe he gave them half a day. He has been known to do that a lot lately. Shaking my head and thinking nothing of it, I walk to my husband’s office gym instead of the office he usually works out before coming home and spending time with me, he just might be today too. As I walk past his office I was about three doors down when I heard a loud thud. Raising an eyebrow, I think nothing of it and slowly turn back around to continue walking, but I hear another thud followed by a strange noise. Is there an intruder in the office? I sighed again and walked back toward the office.

No, no one is crazy enough to try and rob my husband. I smile and get to thinking maybe my husband bump his head on his desk again getting something off the floor. The clumsy man. Going to the door of my Husband’s Office. The door was a nice dark oak wood with silver trimming around it. Placing my hand on the door knob I froze a bit when I realized the windows were blocked, his blinds were closed. He never closed his blinds not even when having a private meeting. Maybe he was having a bad day? I breathed out and turn the nob and opened the door Smiling big and bright, just so my husband can see my cheery face.

“Honey, What are you doing in here” I say before opening the door fully. When the door was fully opened my smiled faded quickly from my face. I couldn’t believe my eyes and what I am seeing. My whole world just about crashed around me. Seeing my husband butt naked fucking his MUCH younger assistant. It took my brain a few seconds to realized what was going on in front of me. Three years, three fucking years to only find this. My husband has the girl by her thighs holding her up as she has her arms wrapped around his neck and her face buried in his chest. Seeing them like this enraged me. He never embraced me in that way. In fact, we haven’t had sex since our first year anniversary. My frown deepened and I could feel my body temperature rising like it was in boiling hot flames. “Robert!” I finally say my thick British accent sounding stern like I was parent about to punish a child. It got his attention though. He looked back at me and stopped thrusting into his assistant.

When he saw my face I could see him losing his color, he was embarrassed, but I was humiliated. “Vanessa, baby... I-”

“Shut up!” I scream cutting him off. “How dare you fuck this whore, and ruin our marriage! How dare you touch her the way you use to touch me?! You haven’t touched me in two years. And now I know why Because you want to fuck your interned assistant!” I shook my head and took my ring off. Robert cursed and pulled out of the girl and scrambling to get his things off the floor and heading over to me, leaving a trail of cum on the floor. “Wait, Nessa, Please,” Robert said reaching toward me. I stepped back seeing his appearance. Naked and holding his clothes in his left hand, messy hair and cum dripping from his erect penis. I scoff in disgust. “Fuck you asshole!” I said throwing the twenty thousand dollar ring at him.

I look back up at the girl who sat on his desk with her legs open his cum dripping from her. I looked back up into his eyes. “Enjoy your life with your little whore that’s only twenty years old, can’t pay her student loans!” I sneered storming off and heading for the elevator. Behind me, I could hear him scrambling to get his clothes on. By the time he started running after me. I was in the elevator. Going down slow, as usual, I know he will use the stairs to catch me so I got my keys out of my purse, they had a canister of pepper spray on them and I was ready to use it. I leaned back on the elevator wall and closed my eyes. Taking a breath I need to stay calm no need to go off the piss pot just yet Vanessa.

The elevator stops, I stand up straight and wipe my tears from face and walk out once the doors were open. As expected Robert beat me to the lobby. He had his shirt on but unbuttoned, his dress pants on but his fly unzipped and no belt, his shoes on but no socks, and his hair was a bloody mess. I scoffed and rolled my eyes walking past him. Hoping he would be wise not to approach me due to his receptionist staff still being in the lobby, but they were already looking at us due to his appearance and my attitude. Robert came after me calling my name and I brutally ignored him, I was about halfway to the door when he grabbed me with his filthy hands and pulled me to him. I get away from him by kneeing him in his crotch area bring him to his knees. He looked up at me and I didn’t want to see his face. So I used my pepper spray on him.

It left him screaming in pain and falling on his side. One hand on his crotch the other on his eyes. “Don’t touch me with those God Forsaken filthy hands, you filthy, lowlife, lustful, conniving son of a bitch. Don’t look at me with those eyes you use to look at the whore’s body. Don’t touch me with the hands you use to touch her... Matter of fact don’t come home tonight, tomorrow night, actually never! Cause you aren’t welcomed in my house!... I hope you’re happy with your whore!” I called him out on everything I just witnessed upstairs. Letting some of my anger out on him. Finally, after standing there for a few seconds seeing his receptionist recording everything out the corner of my eyes I sighed and started to act civilized.

“I want a divorce... When you find out where you are staying send me the address and I will send your shit to you...” I pushed my long brown hair back looked at the receptionist then left. Not wanting to be in that atmosphere anymore. My life and world will never be the same anymore. I will never forget this day, it’s forever burned in my memory seeing him like that with her and how passionate he was with her. This day is the start of my bitterness.

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