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Lina, a 24 year old teacher, thought it would be a normal first day back to school. But it turns out, life has other plans If only Lina had know what would happen that day. She would have called in sick, or wore the best dress she has. Now she was stuck in her good old skinny jeans sitting across from a very intimidating and attractive man.

Romance / Drama
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The first day back

I think my alarm went off like 8 times before my best friend came storming into my bedroom. "For fuck sake Lina, the whole neighbourhood woke up because of that damn alarm. Get your lazy ass out of bed!"

"Sst. Stop screaming woman, I don't want to go to school." I whispered as Sandra went to my window to draw the curtains and let some air in. I sighed as I burried my head underneath my pillow. "If you don't go to school, who is going to teach those kids of yours? And do you really want to be late and look like a hobo on the first day?" She said as she continued to torture me by taking my pillow of my head.

"Why do you have to make my life miserable like this, just let me sleep." I cried. As she walked towards the door, she yelled: " I made bacon, better get up before it gets cold." If only she'd said that from the beginning.

As I walked into the huge highschool I felt the butterflies in my belly. Sure I loved the movie bad teacher and all my friends made fun of how a 24 year old like myself which had such a messed up life could be an example for kids, but this was what I lived for. And I was all ready for the new schoolyear to start. I wore my favorite blue skinny jeans, got a nice flowerjacket and to finish it off, the classic black high heel sandals.

"So, what was your weekend like?" James asked as I walked into work. I really don't like James.. "It was oke" I replied shortly as I did my best not to look him in the eyes. As I looked into the mirror in the teacherslounge I saw him staring at my ass while I walked away. Creep.

"Lina, just the person I was looking for!" The dean walks up to me with a serious look on his face. Why do all these people want to talk to me today, can't they just leave me alone. It's 8 in the morning, for heavenssake. But then I saw him, standing next to the dean. With his black curly hair, blue eyes staring at me. The butterflies in my belly that I felt earlier multiplied and went insane. Must have been that jawline, or maybe his full lips. Either way, I was staring unapologetically at this terrifyingly beautiful person and I couldn't stop my imagination from running wild. Untill I noticed the uniform...

"This is officer Daniels and he would like to have a talk with you before class starts." Oh shit.

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