The Scot's Mate: Luke's Story

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Oakley McIntosh lived a normal live as an ER nurse in England until one night a patient sends her into the world of the supernatural.

Romance / Fantasy
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This book is getting worked on. It is finished, but needs work. Thanks for all the feedback ! :)


“BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!” My alarm sounded.

Damn, I forgot to turn down the volume to that thing. With a groan, I looked at my phone and slide the alarm off. 7:30 PM was flashing in my face. I rolled my eyes and sighed not wanting to wake up yet. Working nights was stressful but awesome at the same time. Working as an ER nurse had its perks and I never ran out of stories from it.

I had fallen asleep around 1 PM after teaching my tot classes ballet and tumbling. Dance was my entire life before I went into nursing. My whole 25 years of life, I was always dancing to something. I looked from my ceiling to my wall in front of me. There my degrees. Oakley McIntosh: Bachelors of Dance Education and the one below Oakley McIntosh: Masters of Nursing. School had always come to me as an escape. Turning my head, I reached for the picture frame on my nightstand and sighed a heavy sigh at the memory.

A picture of me and my mother came into my vision. We parted ways years ago, but my heart still thinks she’ll come back to me. I would imagine she would've remarried by now, moved across the world... who knows. I haven’t heard a word from her in five years.

Shrugging away the thoughts I placed the picture back on my nightstand, stretched and got out of bed and into the bathroom. I glanced at myself in the mirror. My untamed dark red hair fell around my face in a heap. I locked eyes with myself. My hazel eyes blankly staring back at me.

“Well, here we go again.”

I slid my phone open and turned on the tunes. Lost in my escape I began to get ready. I brushed and pulled my hair back into a high loose bun, put on light makeup, and grabbed my dark blue scrubs. Sliding them on and putting my feet into sneakers I was ready for my shift. Walking out to my kitchen I grabbed an iced coffee out of my fridge and an apple. I bit down on the apple and shut the fridge. Wrestling with my keys and bag, I managed to open my front door and out into the world I went. For a dancer with good balance, I certainly claim the clumsy title.

I reached my SUV, an all blacked out Volvo xc40. The winters here in London were harsh. My drive to work sucked less with my miracle of a vehicle. I slid in the driver’s side and took off out of my driveway. Pulling into the street I looked in my rear view mirror to my little cottage and smiled.

I had bought my house a little over a year ago when I started working at the ER. Most of my coworkers wanted me to room with them in the city, but I hated the city. Besides the mere 15 minutes more to my drive time wasn’t going to hurt, but city noise all day when you sleep all day; that I couldn’t stand.

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