The Mafia

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Sophia (POV)

Finding a job in new york is so hard now a days specially when you don't finish your college,but that doesn't mean that I don't know anything , I know how to work because I entered an institude and learned about business, My dream was always to be like my mother, She's the best thing that happened in my life, She always taught me how to be strong and independent and here I am just like her, Now you are thinking why I'm not talking about my father, well I hate him, He don't deserve anything and no he isn't alive, I hate him because he always makes my mother cry, Just thinking about that makes my blood boil in anger, He always wanted money from my mother or he treated her to take my baby brother from her and I hate him for that because he shouldn't treat a mother to take away her children, I hope he rot in hell.

I'm blabbering that I didn't introduce my self properly, My name is Sophia Smith, my height 5'4 (don't judge), I'm British well this from my so called father, That's it I think.

Shit I'm late.

Why I'm late?

Well I have an interview at 9 o'clock and now 9:30, finally I spotted the office, it's not so big neither small, I don't know but I feel uneasy.

I entered the building and spotted the reception.

"Hello Miss" Sophia said. "Yes how can I help you". She said in a adisgust voice, I tried control my anger and be polite. "I have an interview with Mr.william" Sophia said. "Name" reception girl said.

"Sophia Smith". "First role room 52". I just nodded.

Knock knock

"Come in"

When I entered the office I see an old man, some how I feel disgusted by him, but I ignored the feeling and sat on the chair.

We started the interview and he asked me some questions...

"Do you want this job" Mr.william said. What is this question is he dump or what.

"Yes sir" Sophia said. "You have to do something ms.smith". I want this job so that I can help my mother and I will do anything. "Anything sir" Sophia said.

"Sleep with me" mr.william said. Now this make my blood boil in anger, he was about to touch me but I grabbed his hand before he could, I held it so hard that he couldn't move it.

"How dare you" Sophia said. I slapped him so hard, I do not allow anyone to respect me less.

"You disgusting prick how dare you ask me something like that and touch me". I spit at him and exit his office not before I slapp him again.


Hello beautiful readers, this my first story I hope you guys support me and love this story.

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