The Mafia

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Hello beautiful readers I just want say happy New Year to all of you, I hope this year be good to all of you.

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I was so angry, when this old prick asked me to sleep with him I felt disgusted, but I taught him a lesson now he will not even think about treating a women like that ever again.

I arrived at the park, I saw children's playing, this is my favorite place when I'm angry I come here to calm down, sometimes I play with them and that makes my day a whole lot better.

I was sitting and thinking when I saw a small boy crying, I don't like when children cry it makes me sad so I go to him.

"What happened kiddo" Sophia asked while bending to his level. "I l-lwst my ucle" "Don't cry dear we will find your uncle come with me let's find him". The kid nodded.

We were searching for his uncle until he yelled.

"What happened dear" Sophia asked. "I saw ucle" the kid said. "Is it the one who is wearing all black" Sophia asked. The kid nodded. "Okay lets go to him".

We were an inch away from his uncle, I can hear him yelling from a distance, when he saw his nephew he glared at me but why, I have no idea.

He came to us and the kid ran to him, he gave the kid to the man beside him I believe he's his bodyguard.

"What were you doing with the kid?" The man asked. "He was crying because he lost his uncle so I helped him" I said casually. "Liar" He said glaring at me. " And why would I lie and stop glaring at me" I yelled the last part. He looked shocked even his bodyguard they were shocked but I don't give a flying fuck.

"How dare you to-" the man said but I cut him before he even complete what ever he was saying. "How dare me you fucking shit how dare you talk to me like that I was just helping your nephew now you got him that's it" I said.

"Do you know who I am women?" he said. "I don't give a flying fuck" with that said I go to my car not before see his shocking face.

I arrived home after I spend a very tiring day.

"MOM"! I yelled.

"I'm here mija" Luciana said.

"Mom why you are tiring yourself "I said. "It's nothing mija plus I'm bored". "Mom pl-" I was cut off by my little brother,"sissy I missed you", he while running to me, I smiled at him. "Me too dear, how are you?" I asked. "Fwe" I laugh at his cuteness.

"I will go rest a little mom" I said. "Okay mija" Luciana said.

"Do want to come with me Liam?"

He nodded saying yes. "Okay let's go".

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