The Mafia

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I was in rage no I was angry, how dare her talk to me like that me, Salvatore Levi de Luca the boss of the Italian mafia which all the world afraid of them, and here this fucking girl disrespect me-

"Salvatore calm down" Mason said. I shoot him a glare, he was getting on my nerves.

"Don Selena is here" Antonio said. "Okay you can go antonio"

"Baby I miss you" Selena said.

"Don't even dare touch me Selena" I said in a firm tone.

"Get out" Salvatore said, but she didn't get out and that make Salvatore more angry than he is.


Phone call


"Don he said that he will give the money in a few days".

"I have waited for along time now and i will not anymore do your job with him"

Back to Sophia

Luciana was very sad for her daughter she knew that her daughter is tired, she is sad that she doesn't think of herself, she only think for her (Luciana) and liam and that make her heart to halves.

"MOM"! yelled Sophia.

"I'm here mija no need to yell" Luciana said.

"Mom I will go meet jasmine" Luciana said.

"Okay mija eat breakfast and then go".

"Sorry mom but I will eat breakfast with her but I will eat with you lunch sì" Sophia said.

"Sì mija" Luciana said.

Sophia (POV)

I was getting ready to meet sarah, she is my best friend more like a sister. I wear white top with blue sky jeans.


"Bye mom" Sophia said.

"Bye mija" Luciana said.


"Jasmine I missed you" Sophia said.

"Me too Sophia" Jasmine said.

"Now tell me everything that happened to you" Jasmine said in a serious tone.

And she tell her everything, jasmine listened to every word sophia, she was angry when sophia told her about that prick but she was proud of her friend, when jasmine lost her mother in a car accident sophia was there for her, and that explain why jasmine is so protective over her, because sophia was like a mom to her, when shes ill or in pain or even happy sophia was there for her, she was her mother, sister she was her everything.


"Sophia lets go shopping" Jasmine said.

"I don't see why not, but we will not spend so much time in shopping" Sophia said in a firm tone.

"Okay let's go"Jasmine said.

"Let's go h&m i heard that they are doing sales" Jasmine said.

Sophia nodded.

Sophia (pov)

While I was walking with Jasmine I bumped in to hard wall, I was about to fall but a hand wrapped around my waist, all I could feel tingles all over my body, I looked up who wrapped his hand around me, I was shocked when I saw who is this, he was the same man at the park, I was feeling so angry when I saw him, I was about to say something but he spoke.

"Can't you see"? The stranger said Rudley.

I do all my best to not yell at him, I admit it was my fault but he has no right to talk to me with that tone.

"I'm sorry" Sophia said.

"What will sorry do, you spilled your fucking coffee on my suit".

"I said I'm sorry" Sophia said gritting her teeth.

"Let's go jasmine" Sophia said smiling.


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